How Internet Is Changing Your Travel Preferences

Years ago when internet is not as fast as today and its infrastructure has not been as many as today, we have only some travel preferences in our mind. Surely that there have been many of travelers years ago that were traveling abroad to a different countries. Yet, the options won’t be as much as today.

You can barely count how many destinations in the world. Even in just a city, the destinations are vary and you should have the priority because if you want to experience all of them, it will take more times to the end.

We should admit that internet has been contributing to changing our travel preferences in choosing the destination, things to do, with whom do we need to travel, what to buy on vacation as souvenirs to bring home and many more.

Ways internet changing your travel preferences

Where would you spend the holiday this weekend? You may will hurry in get your phone and connected to the net while typing about the destinations to visit in a city or region you are possible to reach.

How possible internet changing travel preferences

You are searching information through internet and you will get ton of them for free. There is 99,99% that many of us will not use the travel agent as before to offering us about the destinations. It is as simple as taping your phone and you will choose wherever you go.

Moreover, travel agents today are used just to make sure that your itineraries are as what you have planned or if you have no ideas what to do in destinations. Or just simply by the flight and train ticket since many of the travel agents are also serving that even though you can also actually doing it online through your phone.

See? Everything you can do right now since the first time you are planning your vacation is depending on your phone. There where the information you can get.

You are using Google or login to your Instagram account and see what’s the travel trending around your area this week. That will be your next destination can be. Many have said that book is the window of the world. Nope! Show them how powerful the internet is. We can see the images, videos and even the live streaming of the destinations if we want. You can even choose to be displayed in 2D or even in 3D format to make your search be more interesting.

Another way you have changed by the internet in your traveling preferences is by using the hashtag or the social media as the whole to see where should you be next weekend. The more popular the hashtag about the destination, there will be higher chance that you will be there as soon as possible. So you can be at where everybody is going.

No wonder there is a term called as FoMO (Fear of Missing Out) where people around the world are keep on updating their social media accounts almost all the times especially related to the traveling world

They are even updating the images when they were in bathroom by doing many things. And so far, I am confusing whether internet is changing our traveling preferences or reveal who the real we are.

Budget 3 Bedroom Pool Villa at Central Seminyak

If you are on a budget vacation in Bali with family or friends but still need to stay in the 3 bedroom pool villa, then you can choose to be at Seminyak village where you are even possible to stay in its central area.

This is not a shame at all if you are traveling in a budget with your family. Even, that can be the smartest thing you have ever gave for those you love. The more affordable the vacation is, the better for many of us. And if you can get the quality and luxury accommodation with that, then why not? Why paying more for the traveling if you can get the same experience and all the same services and facilities in a cheaper way?

Budget 3 bedroom pool villa at Seminyak

If that sounds like an utopian dream for you, then you may have less knowledge about Bali and all the travel packages even though that will be understandable. But to ensure you that what you may have thought is not right, I will remind you that surely there is the more affordable 3 bedroom pool villa at Seminyak.

There’s no advantages for me to telling you the lie, so you may want to check it out if I will be wrong or not.

3 bedroom pool villa at the central of Seminyak for traveling in a budget

Let me ask you a question; how many 3 bedroom villa with its own pool at Seminyak that you have been heard before will giving you discount everyday? I can barely name 3 or 4 of the villas.

I don’t know why, but I think it is because of there are too many choices ever since Seminyak is seems to be the “capital” of villas in Bali. But to be honest, you can’t find many of affordable offers. Even if the villas are offering you the discount, the special one, that will only be valid for certain amount of time.

Thank’s God for having you here! There is actually one of my best recommended 3 bedroom villa Seminyak where you can stay in the center of the village or the other people are knowing it as Petitenget, facilitated with its own pool and you will be at the beach in short minutes walking. Maybe just takes 2 minutes.

To make you sure about that, feel free to search about the Hu’u Villas Bali. That will be the the villa management you have been looking for to get the affordable price for your luxury accommodation in Bali with your family.

And I will remind you again about the 3 bedroom pool villa that is gorgeous and really a perfect match for the tropical accommodation in Seminyak. A tasteful restaurant is even available in the area of your living and you can makes it as where to pamper yourself as well with a view.

The 3 bedroom pool villa itself is around US$500 per night/day and you can even bring around 5 people in. If you are traveling with friends, then each of you will just pay for US$100 per day. Be hurry so the villa won’t be taken by the others.

Indulge Your Shopping Desire in Singapore Special Districts

When it comes to vacation, Singapore is one of the most recommended place to go because it has everything you need for memorable travel experience. You can go solo or with a group.

One of the must-do activities while traveling in Singapore is of course shopping. Even though Singapore is often described as expensive city, it doesn’t discourage visitors from shopping especially when there’s so many options available and places to do so.

It is said that Singapore is bets for food traveling, if it’s so, then shopping is the second to it.

Best places for shopping while traveling in Singapore

Orchard Road as one of the recommneded places to shopping in Singapore while traveling

When you travel in Singapore, don’t miss a chance to buy interesting items is some special districts. Now, get your credit card and shoes ready for your shopping agenda because here are recommended hot spots in Singapore to do it:

  • Holland Village is one of the most popular places for shopping. The name may remind you of other countries. However, this is located in Singapore. This is where you can find the old and new. This district is where Holland Road Shopping Center is. It houses to some popular shops including Lim’s Art and Crafts. Thus, you can browse or buy glassware, high quality linen, antiques, crafts, teakwood furniture, tribal artifacts, and many more. Some shops also provide shipping service so you don’t have to worry about taking too many things. Aside from shopping, you can also find dining options to enjoy delicious and less expensive foods.
  • Chinatown is one of the most iconic places in Singapore. This is where you can feel the vibe of Chinese the most. This is where you can find shop houses selling various things such as crafts, Chinese medicines, souvenirs, jewelry, fruits, and various wares. You will also find large shopping malls in this district selling old and new goods.
  • Little India is where you can feel the vibe of Singapore’s Indian the most. This is where you can buy Indian foods, saris, arts, and jewelry. There are various shops in various sizes selling various goods. Two of the most popular shopping hot spots are the 24-hour Mustafa Centre and the Tekka Centre, in Tekka Centre, you can buy meats, vegetables, flowers, spices, paraphernalia, saris, hardware, etc. in the 24-hour Mustafa Centre, you can buy a wide assortment of wares. You can find cheap electronics, gold, and even spices in this narrow shopping spot.
  • Orchard Road is next popular shopping spot you can visit during your holiday in Singapore. This place is where you can find shopping malls offering high-end retail items (mostly). If you want to find popular and high-end brands such as Zara, Mango, Guess, or Kinokuniya, visit the Japanese department store Takashimaya. Within this district, you can also visit the oldest department store in Singapore called Tangs. This is where you will find Asian lifestyle outlets selling the world’s exclusive fashion labels and brands. Other shopping hot spots in Orchard Road include Wisma Atria, The Heeren, and Paragon Shopping Centre.

How A Business Can Optimize Its Graphic Design Assets?

Graphic design aspect is taking an important role in business. But many cases, businessmen don’t even bother to think about how important it is nor to know ways how to optimize the designs they have got for the business.

If you are so familiar with a Pepsi product, you know, a drink that has been a rival for Coca-Cola for years, back to 2008 ago, it had been redesigned its logo for $1 million. You read it right, no typo in it. That’s exactly how much did it cost for redesigning the logo.

How a business can optimize the graphic design assets?
Recent Pepsi logo on its drinking canned packages.

The question remain, who doesn’t know the brand? Even the elementary school students have been familiar with that. Yet, why the company have decided to redesigned the logo? What’s for? $1 million? That must be insane! But, that’s the true. And today, it still be one of the “monster” in the industry. Your coffee can be its rival. They want everyone of us are drinking theirs. That’s how the industry works.

Now, don’t you think that even the Pepsi’s company itself is thinking that they have to make use of all aspects of their business which in this case is the logo as part of their own business.

For the long time now, a logo is seems to be the representative of the “face,” an icon of the whole business. We can debate about it, but surely there won’t be an end. You may don’t known whose own the Pepsi or what is the story behinds it, but surely that you are so familiar with it. Different with the McD where you know the face of Mr. Sanders as well as familiar to its iconic logo.

Now, why your brand can be identified through the graphic design resources you have had? Should your business run for a hundreds year first just like Pepsi or you may have missed something to do?

The very first reason for that can be your business’s graphic design resources (logo, packages, letter head, E-mail signature, etc) may not really representing your business and made randomly without any concept.

I do understand that you are in love and have a good relationship with colors, but it doesn’t have to be combining them all in a logo with so many confusing colors. That’s the amateur have done long before and you don’t have to repeat the same mistake.

Ever since graphic design resources have their own means, so do the colors, shapes, elements, and more. Your business logo design should never been taken as only the formality the business should has. It is beyond of that and can even valuable than your own business in the eyes of your customers.

Thinking about you are a big fan of Pepsi, do you think that you will keep on falling into it when its logo will be changed using the same font and curve as the Coco-Cola did? I believe that you will be in a sorrow if that will be happening.

All what I have been talking on above is just an example how important does the design for the business where I–consciously was choosing logo as the study case. But to be exact, the purpose is to show you that your business needs to optimize all of the graphic design aspects and resources you have got.

Just like what the Pepsi did, they are redesigning the logo every some years and so does the Coca-Cola and the other big international companies. If you have just started a new business and don’t know to whom to talk about its graphic design or want to redesign what your business have got before, you can get in touch with the professional graphic design Bali services if you want.

Redesign a logo–as what the Pepsi had been done years ago is only one thing you can also do to optimize your business’s graphic design assets and there are still some other important things you can do about it.

The Important of “Things to Do” in Your Traveling

For most of the travel operators, “things to do” is so much important to inform their customers about the services that are possible to be experienced. So do for the travelers themselves that will needs it to know whether they are interesting about the things they will do or not.

But as what I have thought, I am not actually interesting about what the “things to do” is that I have seen becoming services for most of the travel operators. For example, when the tour operators are offering to visit an island at Maldives, are you sure you will be enough seeing the island while taking some selfies? I mean, what actually the “things to do” over there. I know that seeing an island can be the attraction for some travelers, but I think that it should never included into “things to do” in the tour operator’s itinerary.

Different between the attraction and things to do when traveling

If you are making traveling as your business and offering services or packages, you’d better make it crystal clear about the things that your customers can do. Not just as simple as seeing the things.

Seriously, what is actually the things to do mean to you

Let me get this simple! For me, it is about being active at the destination. Siting while seeing the beautiful panorama is great, but it surely will not be experiencing at most of the destinations you have taken your customers. Bring them more than that! Tell them what they actually can do there.

Even if the things that are possible to do have to rent items or gears, tell them where they can get them all and try to also informing them about the estimate prices.

You have to realize and differentiate what the tourist attraction is and what the “things to do.” For that purpose, let me give you simple examples for the various cases below.

Tourism attractions:

  • Viewing the scenery
  • Watching the dolphin
  • New statue in town

Things to do based on above attractions:

  • Lunch at the restaurant on the hill
  • Swimming around with the dolphin or taking images
  • Learning about what and why there is a statue, what for, etc.

See? It is really different to know what the attraction your travel operator is offering and how you are telling your guests about what the things they can do over the destinations that will be visited.

I am telling you this ever since many of the destinations have becoming the selfie spots for many of us. There are not actually things we can do rather than photographing the objects or locations. We get less things to do than before since selfie is taking over your things.

Why don’t we just planting seed of tree when visiting the beautiful hill than just talking about many things with your guide? Or what if there will be volunteering thing when you are visiting a village in your trip? That’s what I mean about “things to do” that you have to actually do, literally. Am I telling you this the right way?

Good Reasons to Organize Group Travel in Bali

Organizing a travel is not something easy for many of us. Even, we need times for that that can take days or even weeks. Now, what if there will be a time you are thinking about visiting Bali in a group, don’t you think that organizing such thing can be more challenged than your solo trip?

How to organizing the group of travel business in Bali

I don’t even know how many troubles you’ll face by organizing it, how many times will it takes and others, but I do believe that the harder the thing we can get, the better result we can experience. That’s why you will never want to ask those people who are traveling in a group. Because they are safe, comfort, and enjoy all the togetherness all the time. Not to mention the other benefits it may has.

Knowing that many of people are also need to travel in a group, means that it can also be one of the market segments for the tour operators. How about creating the travel packages that will only can be experienced by those in a certain group for limited person as minimal? Ah, that will be a trip inspiration for a new business.

Opportunity for a new segmented group travelers in Bali still be a good reason for business

What I have been thought and observed before about the tourism in Bali is that, there is some important things you can do to make your travel business comes true. It is you need to make the itineraries especially for a group of travelers.

You need to make a plan about what they have to do in Bali that can be the unique and beautiful experiences as well as supporting the activities for the group members. It will be good if you know some things to do for the group traveler to enjoy things together, not personally.

Thinking about where they are going to sleep (accommodation) won’t also be a troublesome since the options will even getting smaller to choose. There are some seriously good and luxury accommodations in Bali that can be stayed by those who are traveling in a group. You won’t even thinking about reserving hotel room in this but the others such as villas and condos. For the best location and accommodation, I am suggesting you to find and collaborate with the villa’s managements that can even enough for those who are requiring to have the 8 bedroom villa Seminyak or even more bedrooms than that.

Let’s assume that the itineraries and accommodation have been prepared, the next thing you have to include for this new business model that is targeting a group of traveler is that to know which transportation to use.

Now, find yourself the transportation providers and managements that can help you with that and will like to collaborating with your business. For this, I am suggesting you to list the car rentals and buses since you may have to organizing more of the group travelers.

Other than those, knowing the route to the destinations should also never been forgot about places or restaurants to eat while on the road. It is important that you will have a distribution map about the restaurants that can be helpful to pampering your guests.

And more other things that you need to prepare, but not actually so many since this kind of business itself can actually be done by 2 or 3 person. You can try this to only targeting the group of travelers and offering the travel packages for only a group, not personal.

This can also be a good move for developing the business since the travel package for group traveler itself will mostly affordable than the others. So, have you been prepared yourself to make such business in Bali? Anyway, organizing group of traveler can be easier than being a guide for one person that sometimes thinking that he or she can ask you for anything.

How Possible Is That To Be The Travel Guide?

Everyone is actually possible to be the travel guide as long as we know how to describe the destinations, attractions, and the most important is that we should actually know how to serve the visitors.

But we aren’t going to talk about the possibility for everyone to become the travel guide. I think, we should talk more further than that where becoming the guide can also supporting your financial and later on can support your life as well.

Yes, there should be at least a way for that since there may people who have such a dream. Moreover, what if you can be the travel guide at your own hometown or city you were born? Then it won’t lead you to start learning more since you are actually have been knowing much things around.

How you can be a successful travel guide

Do you know how you can earn money while becoming the travel guide at your own city?

Ways to be a travel guide

One of the best thing you can get when you are being the travel guide is that you are traveling around while getting paid. Surely you will have to responsible directly to your own guests but no matter what the risks are, become the guide somehow is the job with minimal risks.

You will only prepare the stories to tell, your energy and all the related things that may required by the guests who are hiring you to accompany them while exploring the surround environment.

But, as it can be a good business as it sounds, you will still need the preparations so you can really make yourself ready while finding the ways to marketing your services. That’s why I am presenting this for you.

1. Offer the hidden gem spots along with the popular destinations

One obvious thing we keep on getting from the travel managements or operators is we are recommended to visit the popular destinations all the time. It is not a fault at all if you are interesting about them, too. But, think differently when you are the businessman.

When you have something that the other travel operators didn’t do, you can really then make a differentiation about your services. And you can always starting it by offering something unique or never been offered before just like the special of virgin spot to be visited by your customers.

By doing this, customers may are thinking that you are really knowing more about the area than the others and that may the cause why your services as the travel guide will be hired.

2. Build a website to market your travel services as the guide

No matter how best your services are, most of the businessmen in the world are keep on trying to find the best formula that works to market their businesses. So do you with your travel services as the guide.

The main question is that, how you can reach the potential travellers as your customers?

Today, it is almost impossible for running businesses without making use of the website since it can be really effective in reaching more customers on internet.

You can also do the same thing even if you are only the local guide.

By building a site for those who need the travel guide services, you can also build your own brand (business and personal brand) through website that can help you reaching more travellers and surely the brands are possible to increase your travel guide fee.

3. Collaborate with the other related businesses

Can you really get customers anytime through a website? Yes, you can. But the thing is that, it is also takes time so you need more strategies so there will be more people are knowing that you are offering the travel guide services.

One of strategy you can use is that to collaborate with the other related businesses such as hotels and the other accommodations, travel managements, ticketing operators, rented transportation business and many more.

For example, let say that there will be an old lady in a hotel that will need a travel guide in a sudden for some reasons but surely that the hotel employee won’t do much things about her. Then, the manager may are thinking about you since you have been propose your services before and he was agreed to collaborate with you. Don’t you think this can be good for your business as well?

Or what if the travellers are asking you to providing them a car that can be rented, you can get an extra earning from the rented transportation services, can’t you?

That’s what the collaboration I am talking about. You will only need to think about how your proposal as the travel guide will also add the advantages for the other related businesses.

Keep on trying to find the other ways how you can be a travel guide at where you are living, while earning money where I think it will be the great inspirations for the others that also want to be the travel guide.

Hammock Camping VS Tent: the Never-ending Debate

Hammock camping compared to the more conventional tent camping has been gaining popularity—and even a fanatic cult following—among outdoors enthusiasts.

And with good reasons.

Never ending debate between hammock and tent camping

Whether you’re a hardcore hammock camper or an occasional hammock user, these are some of the points that often resonate with people in the hammock community when it comes to the hammock vs tent comparison. 

The comfort of a hammock is nothing short of life-changing 

Hammock camping has long been referred to as the revolutionary means of camping.

In the recent decade, it has gained massive popularity and even gained its very own fanbase. For those who had committed themselves to hammocks, they would tell you that hammocks have changed their lives.

And it was through a myriad of ways.

Thanks to the avid community, hammock camping has also allowed people who share the same interests to meet each other and share their passion for nature and outdoor.

This sense of belonging is what made hammocking special for those who are members of the community, that is, aside from a number of technical advantages hammocks have over tents, such as:

You will be able to set up your hammock regardless of ground surface 

Whether it’s rocky hills or wet terrains, as long as there are trees that are decently spaced you will be able to setup your hammock everywhere.

Ground surfaces with a lot of sharp rocks is one of those places that make tent camping next to impossible. However, hammocks made all of this irrelevant. 

Extremely lightweight compared to tents 

Hammocks even with all of the accessories you can possibly imagine with a full-coverage, 4-season tarps, are likely to be so much lighter compared to a full setup tent.

Even the lightest setup tent is going to set you back quite a lot on weight compared to a fully equipped hammock setup.

This is also very beneficial for saving money on luggage when you’re backpacking and camping to other countries. In the long run, having the super lightweight setup is going to save you a lot of money. 

Changing to hammocks from tent is a learning experience 

The change to hammock from the conventional tent is always menacing.

It’s exciting to many, but there’s always that trickle of uncertainty; am I going to fail my hammock camping? Will I survive it? To succeed in hammocking, you need to be willing to go through trial and error 

Just like any other learning experience, including the experience of camping itself! Camping in a hammock is giving up the familiarity of a tent-camping.

And more often than not, giving up that familiarity is the issue to so many people.

And that’s okay. If you’re willing to give hammock camping a go, then be sure to.

If you’re thinking that everyone says hammock camping is so comfortable and therefore your first time hammocking is going to be stellar, then you’re gravely mistaken.

You need to take the time to get along with your hammock. Your first night sleeping in a hammock is probably going to suck.

Going Solo for Your Next Travel Plan Safely

Solo travelling is exciting both for women and men. Of course, women are at higher risk when it comes to safety matters. However, women can also enjoy travelling solo safely as long as they choose safe place and stay on guard throughout their trip.

Safe solo traveling tips

Solo travelling has become more and more popular throughout the years. For first-timers, going solo on a trip is like a religious experience.

Sometimes the excitement is hard to conceal for the first-timers. However, there are also other things solo travellers should aware such as loneliness and safety concern. 

Safe solo trip with these tips

Solo travelling is a must thing to do at least once in your lifetime. That is when you feel the real freedom of being alone on your own.

You don’t have to think about what your companion will think during the trip or how you share the rooms with others.

You can make your own decision and be responsible for that. It is the moment where you can learn of who you are and what you capable of. However, you also need to pay attention to your own safety and here are the tips:

  • Without companion during your trip, you are more exposed and vulnerable because nobody watching your back. The first rule for your safety during your trip is to blend in with the people around. When your existence screams ‘tourist’ so loud it brings the attention not only from good people but mostly from the bad ones. You can easily become a target of crime acts. Thus, make sure not to draw unnecessary attention to the public eyes.
  • It is highly recommended to book a 24-hour front desk hotel. This is safe type of accommodation for you. Thus, you don’t have to risk sleeping in a car even if you arrive late to the hotel.
  • It is also recommended to trust your gut feelings during your solo travel. Women are known for being good at their intuition. However, men can also use intuition during solo travelling. This intuition can help your conscious to become more aware of your surroundings. You will become more aware of dangerous situation. If you feel uncomfortable at one place, remove yourself immediately instead of holding back.
  • It is highly suggested to carry your identification in more than one place so when you lost it, you are not completely off guard. It is also best to stay at open and public places. Avoid wandering around secluded area since it has higher risk to put your safety at stake.
  • It is fine for you to interact with the locals. However, make sure to not reveal yourself too much. You can hang out with new friends during your trip. However, don’t trust them fully. You cannot just ask them to hold your bag or money even if you intend to leave it for a little while. Be open-minded during your travel but don’t let your guard down even a second so that you stay safe.

How to Make Your Family Vacation in Bali More Memorable

If there will be one of recommended place to spend the family vacation, then Bali can also be great for that. Any types of travellers are welcomed in Bali including when you are bringing along all of your family members.

As one of the world popular destination, Bali is perfect for everyone to spend the holidays at tropical island enriched by the cultures.

Tips for family vacation in Bali

There is differences between traveling alone or with some friends and traveling with our own family. The older one that is responsible for all the family members should make sure that all the required preparations have been ready and there won’t any important things left behind when traveling to Bali.

Especially when it comes to talk about the comfort and safety side of a travel. Not only when visiting Bali with family, but when you are also planning to the other destinations, safeness is always the number one priority for everyone.

But, you should also think about the ways to make your family vacation in Bali being more memorable. Traveling is actually gaining more beautiful memories and experiences, so that, you should make sure that all of the family members are getting it all together.

But if you are confusing how to achieve them all, that’s when this post can be so much beneficial for all of you.

Tips to maximise your family vacation in Bali

Planning about the vacation itself is important no matter where you are heading. So that, you have to know which parts that become the most important things to plan about and get rid off the others that your family really don’t need them.

Here I will guide and give you hands to make sure that your family holidays are as beautiful as what you have been planned before. So, here are some of the tips you should know so your vacation with all the members won’t be disappointed.

1. Choosing where your family will stay in Bali

There are to main things that are related one another for this part. Both are knowing where the exact location your family to stay and to know which family’s accommodation will be used.

For the location itself, I am recommending you to finds one popular destination in Bali and take your family there. It is because you will save more money to access various interesting spots at the popular destination while you can get various experiences as well.

Or at least, finds the location where you can’t only stay there but you are also have been provided with several tourism spots or attractions so you can even experience them all for free.

Family vacation is spending more money since there will be more people are coming along whether you are coming to Bali or not. So that, choosing the location is getting more important to not breaking your bank while traveling in Bali.

My own recommendation for the location is the Seminyak village where it has been popular among the tourists and the area is crowded enough and comfortable to move here and there.

The next thing is the accommodation where this is actually the first important thing to think about. I won’t talk too much about this but I will recommending you to find only the villas located at Seminyak as the recommended place I’ve just told you about.

If there will be more people are coming along in your family, think about if all of the members can be fit when staying in a 4 bedroom villa Seminyak.

For your information, Seminyak is a village that has beaches so I think this will be the perfect location for your family to stay in Bali.

2. Rent a car or install the online transportation services on your phone

Regarding to the accessibility, you won’t move to another places in Bali comfortably by using the public transport. You can even considering that it is like there’s not the public transport at all in Bali.

Not only because the fleets are out of number, but you will lost much times when waiting for them. So, it is really not recommended to include the public transportation in your plan when you are spending vacation in Bali with the family.

So that, there are two things you can decide whether you can to rent the car or using the online transportation services that you can order through the apps on your phone.

There are 3 popular apps you can try to use which are the Grab, Go-Jek and Uber. The first two apps are really recommended since you can choose to be delivered by the motorbike or the car.

Surrounding Bali is also important to explore more of what your family can do during the trip in Bali, so that, the transportation will help you much in that.

You are also possible to rent the car since the online transportations are limited by the distance for certain kilometres and there are also the tourist spots in Bali that aren’t allowing the online transportation services operated on the destinations.

3. Think about getting the tour package

Tour packages will mostly accommodate most of what your family will need when traveling in Bali. It will included with the accommodation, things to do and destinations to visit along with the interesting attractions or what’s so called as the itineraries.

In your trip to Bali with your family, you can even get 2 tour packages such as the accommodation and the traveling package itself that are separated one another.

And so on.

All of the 3 tips above aren’t all what you can do to make to make your family vacation in Bali more memorable with beautiful experiences, but I think you will need to think about all of them since they are beneficial and can also help you save the budget.