How To Make Your Visit to Petra More Enjoyable

Petra is one of the most visited tourists attraction in the world and it makes sense because it is a majestic ancient archaeological site. It is even crowned as one of the Seven Wonders of the World. There are many viewpoints in Petra you can truly enjoy during your visit. Petra is located in Jordan and it’s pretty accessible. Therefore, it attract lots of international travelers. If you are into historical travel destination, Petra is a perfect choice. You can learn more about the historical values behind the stunning Treasury as well as admire the architectural points of it. 

Make your visit in Petra more enjoyable

Jordan is a safe place to visit in general. As for dangers and threats are not that different from other tourist attractions in the world. So here are some tips to optimize your visit in Petra and make it more enjoyable for you:

Pick the right timing

Choose the right time to visit Petra. It is highly recommended to visit Petra during spring which is around March-May. If you visit during summer, you will have to deal with the unbearable heat which can reach up to 36 degrees Celsius. You can also visit Petra in autumn which is around September-November. The temperature during spring or autumn are more bearable which is about 18-25 degrees Celsius. To explore the site, it is recommended to go during sunrise or sunset to witness the most stunning view from the lookout. The quality of lights during those times are perfect for taking stunning pictures. 

travel jordan

Go slow

To make your journey in exploring the site of Petra more enjoyable, choose a slower pace. Thus, you can truly appreciate every corner of the place. It also gives your body time to adjust with the surroundings. Walking throughout the site can take up to two hours or more. However, there is no need to go in a rush. You will be able to explore the whole site in a day. 

Bring food and drinks

It is highly possible to get thirsty and hungry during your tour in Petra. It is highly suggested to bring your own bottled water and snacks. There are restaurants at the Visitor Center if you forget to bring yourself snacks or drinks. However, the price can be very expensive so you’d better prepare your money in advance. 

Beware of persistent sellers

You might be bothered by the locals who try to sell many things to you. They are quite persistent. It is best to turn down the offers to avoid hassles. You can focus more on the tour. Do not look at anything if you don’t have plan to buy anything because the sellers might interpret you are interested to buy something from them. Reject them politely to avoid any confrontation. 


To make your journey in Petra more enjoyable, choose the right accommodation. There are various hotels you can book in advance. You can also choose a hotel located near Petra. There are plenty of accommodations within 10 minute walking distance from Petra if you choose to stay the night in Petra. Research the accommodation in advance to choose the best one that fit your budget and preference. 

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Bali Tattoo Prices: Why is Tattoo Deposit Important

What makes artists and studios charge a tattoo deposit? This is a question that’s always been frequently asked by many people. Why does your artist require one? How about the tattoo prices in Bali? Does Bali tattoo prices includes deposit? Do they charge one here? 

Just like in other places, where it’s back home or in places like Bangkok, tattooists will charge you a non-refundable deposit when you book your appointment with them. And the principle behind this practice is pretty universal wherever you’re getting your tattoo at. 

bali tattoo prices

Tattoo deposits is a measure to protect artists and studio 

There are plenty of work to be done by your artist before they get to ink your skin. You don’t just pay that deposit included in your Bali tattoo prices to book the scheduled time. There are hours spent for that fragment of deposit you paid them. Hours of sketching the design and drawing. And not to mention, the communication time your artist does back and forth with you during the designing and preparation time. 

Here are some of the most common things about tattoo deposits: 

  • Tattoo appointment can usually be cancelled before 72 hours of your scheduled time of appointment.
  • If you’re late; 15 minutes to 30 minutes depending on tattoo studios or artists, it will be considered that you’ve forfeit your appointment, and you won’t be able to claim your deposit. 
tattoo deposits in bali

Bali tattoo prices: Why are deposits non-refundable?

Let’s face it, there’s nothing that can guarantee a customer to show up. Your artist has already prepared everything before the promised appointment time. Too many times a client pulled up a no-show during their scheduled time. This makes all of the effort your tattoo artists have put into all of the designing and drawing they did before your scheduled time. You can consider it a drawing fee or a design fee, but really, if it really is, it would be much higher than the fragment of the deposit amount. It’s not a perfect system, but charging a tattoo deposit upfront helps get client to show up. 

One thing you should note is that each tattoo studio in Bali have different pricing and deposit policies, so make sure that you consult with the tattoo place or the tattoo artist first and foremost regarding their tattoo deposit policies.

What should you do if you really can’t show up?

bali tattoo aftercare

if you really can’t go during the tattoo appointment, then please inform your tattoo studio or your tattoo artist. Don’t just pull off a no-show on them. 

  • Do this 2 days to a minimum of 24 hour before the promised time. Or really, just give them a call at a sensible time to notify you and communicate your problems with them. If you’re going to be late, call them. Artists and studios are often very accommodating to their clients’ needs. But don’t throw a fit if you showed up one hour after the scheduled meeting time and your deposit has been forfeit and your tattoo artist is fully booked for the day.
  • Reschedule your appointment. Make sure that you cleared your schedule for real this time. If things are making it impossible for you to make appointment anytime soon, talk it out with your tattoo artists. Chances are, once you had a discussion with them, you’ll work out the best scenario that will work out for you both. 
tattoo drawing fee

Always consult Bali tattoo prices with your studio 

This is the most straightforward way to know how much a tattoo of your chosen design would cost, and how much you should pay for a deposit for that particular tattoo. Remember that deposits may go up depending on the design of your tattoo. 

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Reasons Why Solo Travelling Is Not Bad Idea for Women

Solo travel is not new in tourism. Lots of people have done it occasionally and even routinely. It is not only for men to enjoy but women have equal opportunities to do the same. Of course, there is safety issue which often caused by women being in more vulnerable situation when they are alone. However, it should not change the fact that women can also go travelling solo as they want. There are safe places on earth where women can travel solo comfortably and safely.

Why traveling solo is also good for women

There are solo female travelers out there who have proven themselves they can do it freely. Of course, you should not ignore safety matters because some places make women travelers more vulnerable to attacks and other threats. That’s why preparation is necessary. Choosing safe places for travel destination is also a must especially if it’s the first experience for solo traveling.

Solo travel is good for women because it can bring out new potential. When you travel solo, you face problems arise during the travel by yourself. It means you will have to solve it yourself. Instead of worrying, you should be positive in knowing this because every problem has a solution and you will grow to become a more experienced person after solving variety of problems on your own. It also increase your independency.

Traveling solo doesn’t mean you will always be alone all the time. It also doesn’t mean you will feel constantly lonely throughout the journey. The world is full of wonderful people you can meet. You can even meet other female solo travelers during your vacation. You can share stories and exchange advice. Sometimes, you can even find flexible travel companions temporarily. It can give color to your journey.

Traveling solo is not as terrifying as it sounds. It can be nerve-wrecking, yes. However, it mostly feels like that in the initial phase. When you feel extremely scared and nervous for solo traveling, remember what you can gain when you arrive in your destinations. You will gain love and freedom. You will realize that it is not as scary as it looks to travel solo.

Solo travel is not a bad idea even for women because you can trust your instinct. You can listen to your instinct when you have to make a decision during your travel. For example, you can remove yourself from a situation if you don’t feel safe or uneasy. If you have the urge to change the plan spontaneously then you can just follow your feelings. Remember that solo traveling allows you to make your own decision.

Solo travel is a good outlet for you to balance your caution with curiosity. Sometimes, you are too cautious always thought people approaching you as bad people. However, you can trust your intuition and judgment to let you decide what can make you stay safe. When you balance your caution with a dose of curiosity, you will experience new things which will be valuable for your life.

Tips To Find Bali Real Estate For Sale By Owner

Bali real estate for sale by owner is cheaper than buying from a property agent? This is natural. When property agents make offers, of course, their goal is to benefit from sales. Conditions, sometimes property owners do not want to bother when selling property, especially those who want to sell quickly. Sometimes they do not know for certain the selling price of the property on the market so that they need the services of a real estate agent. Which one is better? Looking for Bali real estate for sale by owner or through a property agent?

Bali Real Estate For Sale By Owner

Bali Real Estate For Sale By Owner

Buying property for sale by owner is considered easier to negotiate. The owner or buyer does not need to give commissions to intermediaries or property agents. But there is much to consider before deciding to buy Bali real estate for sale by owner. Prospective buyers must carefully examine, not only the physical property but also the permission to build buildings, land certificates, and others.

If you have no experience in, you should seek help to do all the checking of land titles, permits, or whether the property you are buying is on the list of disputes or problems. If you get a problematic property it will certainly harm and waste your time.

If you are diligent in looking for Bali real estate for sale by owner through the internet or newspapers, you will always be found to be sold quickly. Especially in Bali, it will be very possible to get real estate for sale by owner at a low price because of the possibility of the owner having to move abroad or to another city.

Buy Property Through Agency

Certainly you have to spend more money. As an intermediary, property agents are certainly looking for profits for the property they sell. Are there other advantages when buying through a property agent? Security guarantees for land certificates, building construction papers and others. You don’t need to worry about a house or land dispute because the property agent has ensured that everything offered is not problematic.

Are there property agents who sell Bali real estate for sale by owner without raising prices? There certainly is. Usually, real estate agents like this get a fee from the owner so they no longer raise the selling price to the buyer. Automatically, you can buy property at prices that are in accordance with the prices the owner want. Assuming you buy Bali real estate for sale by the owner without giving a commission to the intermediary. Isn’t it profitable? Who doesn’t want to buy real estate for sale by owner with multiple benefits?

Best Things To Do for Thrill Seeker Travelers

There are many types of travelers in the world. Some of them like to have relaxing activities such as visiting secluded places to isolate themselves from the bustle of the crowd. Some others like to challenges themselves with extreme activities because they find pleasure and satisfaction from them. However, you can do any type of travel and not to box yourself into certain type of traveler. You can take relaxing trip this month and take more thrilling trip next. 

Thrill seekers travel activities

If you are thrill seeker type of travelers, challenges are what make you feel alive during a trip or vacation. There’s a rush of adrenaline you seek from those extreme activities. Challenging yourself to do those types of activities can also make memorable experience you can share later. Here are recommended extreme activities you can try to for your next travel plan.

Best Things To Do for Thrill Seeker Travelers

Surfing down a volcano in Nicaragua

This is a great place for thrill seeker. A volcano is not a common thing you can use to surf down. In addition, you are not going to surf using a board but more like a wooden plank. However, this is what will make it more thrilling. The raw experience is what you will get. It is not the same as when you surf in the ocean. Don’t expect to stay clean after surfing down the volcano. Also, expect some bruises and cuts if you fall off the plank. This activity is often called ash boarding and it can be learnt if you are interested to do it more in the future so you can do it smoothly later.

Bungee jumping off the Macau Tower

You must have heard of Macau Tower. It is one of the tallest buildings in the world at 764 feet. It is one of the most exhilarating bungee in the world. Of course, the process of being plummeted down the tower must be terrifying. However, it is totally worth it because the adrenaline rush will make you feel more awake. Besides, you will get to enjoy a great view of the city and the open water. 

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Cage diving

Cage diving is also considered an extreme activity especially when you are surrounded by the great white sharks. Being that close to white sharks will be an unforgettable memory for you. The way the predators watch you when you are inside the cage will make you goosebumps. There are many destinations where you can try cage diving such as Isla Guadalupe, or South Africa. 


Skydiving from 30,000 feet is such an extreme activity to try worth travelling for. You can try High-Altitude, Low Opening skydiving. This way, you will be able to enjoy the view from above. To do this extreme activity safely, you will need to be equipped by oxygen tank and mask especially because the thin air which will make it hard for you to breathe properly without using them. If you are a vivid thrill seeker, you should try this at least once in a lifetime. 

How to Get Best Deal on Komodo Liveaboard Budget

The far flung and rugged Komodo National Park of Flores, Indonesia, rise as traveler’s newest hype destination and that’s for amazing reasons. Being utterly isolated in frontier just make saring trip across this mini archipelago better. Right, sailing trip is one of the best way to explore strings of islands that make up the national park—as well as the KNP’s best feature that make trips to this destination so phenomenal. However, trip with liveaboard could be quite costly—especially if you want to sail in a quality liveaboard. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Here we’re going to share secret cheats to get good quality Komodo liveaboard on budget. 

How to Get Best Deal on Komodo Liveaboard Budget

Look Out for Budget Komodo Liveaboard in the Market

Before you fly to Labuan Bajo, Komodo, the first thing you need to do is researching all kinds of Komodo liveaboard on the market. A lot of liveaboard boats have their own websites where they put all the prices, packages, and inquiry form. You could also find liveaboard listings on many websites where you can see liveaboard of all levels. There, you will get complete information about each liveaboard’s facility, prices, and packages. It’s easy to get lost in the sea of tempting liveaboard boats, so always remember to stick into your purpose! Forget all tempting cruises, yachts, and finer liveaboard that out of your budget. 

Check Out for All Inclusive Packages

Sometimes, checking budget liveaboard to Komodo can be tricky. Some liveaboard operators claim to be the cheapest, only to find out that they exclude all additional packages. A liveaboard that seems like more expensive than other budget boats might turn out the cheapest as they include prices of services, park’s entry fees, and other ‘hidden’ cost on their price. In other words, don’t get easily fooled by cheap price on screen.

Seek Out Last Minute Deals

Some liveaboard boats offer a very worthy last minutes deals if you’re aware of it! This is great for travelers who are flexible with timing. Especially if you plan to go alone or in a small group of 24 people. A lot of Komodo liveaboard offer last minute spots that haven’t been taken in bargain prices. Anytime you’re eyeing a particular liveaboard, watch its departure schedule. If it’s near, you can always try this method. 

Follow Komodo Liveaboard Budget Operator on Social Media

On some occasion, some liveaboard operators in Komodo announce discounts and deals that they don’t publish at the website. Instead, they publish it on social media—sometimes even in short time-frame medium like Facebook’s or Instagram’s story! Keep close with the liveaboard you’ve been eyeing by following their social media. You don’t want to skip on these limited deals. 

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Arrange A Group Trip

One way to get a cheaper rate of Komodo budget liveaboard is by arranging a group tour. If you are booking the whole liveaboard for large group of people, sometimes they will give you a free spot! There are two way to take the advantage. First, you can charge everyone with the normal price and get the free spot for yourself. Two, you can spit the free spot discount with all your friends and everyone can get cheaper booking rate.

Don’t Go on High Season

It’s a common recipe in the world of travelling. Just like any other accommodations and transportations, liveaboard’s prices usually surge up nearing and during high season. Shoulder and low seasons are, obviously, the best time to get best Komodo liveaboard deals. 

How To Stay Safe When Travel In Chennai

Chennai, the capital city of Tamil Nadu is also known as the gate to South India. It is a great place for your travel destination. There are historical and cultural values you can learn during your visit. It is an old city formerly known as Madras. From being a trading post to the most metropolitan city in India, Chennai has played important role to the economic growth including in tourism. Chennai is also considered as the safest place to visit in India. Thus, choosing Chennai for your travel destination is not bad idea. 

Travelling safely in Chennai

No matter where your travel destination is, your safety should be your top priority. Heavy crimes such as kidnapping or mugging might be rare in Chennai, however, there are other threats you should always be aware of. Here are tips to stay safe during your visit in Chennai

Most petty crimes happen in Chennai include theft and pickpockets. It usually happens in a crowd. Therefore, you need to stand your guard when you are in the middle of a crowd. Keep our belonging next to you. Also, it is highly recommended to not bring too much money when you stroll down the street. Try to dress like a local so you won’t be easily targeted. Even though Chennai is considered a safe place for travelling, it is highly recommended to not go solo for women. It is better to travel in group. Also, avoid wandering around at night especially to suspicious alleys. 

Yes, Chennai is hot and humid. The climate can be very uncomfortable especially if you are not used to intense heat. You can do some research to find out more the best time to visit Chennai because the city can reach extreme heat with 42 degrees Celsius. To stay safe during your visit, always wear sunscreen, sunglasses and hat so you won’t get direct exposure to the heat. Also, avoid visiting beaches in mid-day. The locals usually drink coconut water to help them cool down from the extreme heat. During your visit, always carry your own water bottle to stay hydrated. 

Food travelling in Chennai is great and all. However, make sure to eat only in a clean vendor. Do not easily tempted by street foods if you are not really sure whether or not the foods are clean. If you are going to buy fresh vegetables or fruits, make sure to wash them with bottled water before eating them. You can choose local restaurants to taste various authentic foods in Chennai. There are many of them you can choose if you are unsure about street stalls. 

Travelling to Chennai can be a great idea especially when you are bored of mainstream destinations. Chennai will give you new experience for travel. You will also learn many things in different aspects such as their unique culture, architecture, and arts. Cholamandal Artist’ Village is highly recommended place to visit if you are art lover. It is where excellent, independent artists live and work in their houses, studios, or gallery. 

Optimize your Seminyak Villas Experience

For so many good reasons, staying in Seminyak villas will be a perfect choice for your holiday vacation. Seminyak is an area in North Kuta where everything is just excellent. It is home to many beautiful golden sand beaches which are ideal for surfing, enjoying the sunset, parasailing, scuba diving, snorkeling, and kayaking. Not only that, but Seminyak is also well known for the best spa in Bali, trendy hot spots and delicious food. That is exactly why you need to stay in Seminyak. And staying in Seminyak won’t be complete without renting a villa. It does not matter if you travel alone, with your partner, family or groups, Seminyak villas have all the options for every budget.

Seminyak villas

Leisure time in Seminyak Villas

Seminyak is surely the specialist for the utmost villa experience. These villas feature a tropical scene with their modern as well as traditional designs. Stretch your body and breath deeply to stimulate your mind in the morning. Make the most of your holiday with a relaxing morning in Seminyak private villa Bali. You can also throw a party at night with the facade of light reflection from the pool. You will never run out of ideas, there is always something splendid to do when staying in one of those charming villas in Seminyak.

Explore the surroundings

A few days of staying in Bali villas Seminyak surely is not enough to discover everything Seminyak has to offer. However, you can still occupy your precious time with so much fun things to fulfill. Seminyak provides you with the possibility to walk along the area and pay a visit to the attractive designer boutiques and shops you see on the way to the beach. There are also plenty of great restaurants to find along the street. When the night comes, it is time to experience the chic nightlife in Seminyak. Besides walking, you can also call a cab or hire a moped to move easily from one place to another.

Balinese identity in Seminyak

One of the most important things to see while in Bali is, of course, its cultural landmark. The 16th-century-old temple called Pura Petitenget is the signature and a must-see site when staying in Seminyak villas. The temple has the same name as the street where it is located and it can be casually translated as “magic box”. The locals believe that a temple like Pura Petitenget is a “chest” that imprison evil spirits. Pura Petitenget ought to be a good starter to get to know the culture of Bali.

Creating Positive Vacation To Reduce Stress

Lots of people take a vacation once in a while to reduce stress from work or mundane life. It is true that vacation or any type of travel can help you release some stress out of your body and mind. However, it doesn’t always work for some people. There are many who return with more exhausted body and stressed mind from their vacation. Of course, there are factors causing those to happen. The point, is, travel can help reduce stress but you have to know what kind of vacation that is. 

How to create positive vacation to reduce your stress

The reasons why vacation can be more stressing maybe due to poor preparation, and stressful factors such as overcrowd, delayed flights, etc. When you take a vacation with poor preparation, you will not be ready to face a hassle later even if it is such a minor thing. However, excessive preparation can also cause you to suffer more stress. So, what should you do to have positive vacation?

Do not hesitate to ask for help when necessary

Planning a trip can be stressful especially when it is in short notice or last minutes. Planning accommodation, booking transportation, and many details can stress you out. Instead of dwelling on the stressful details, you can ask for help from reliable travel agent instead. They are professional who are always willing to help travelers have the best vacation with their service. It doesn’t matter if you spend extra money if it is worth it at the end and you have positive impact from your vacation. 

If it is possible, plan your trip a month prior. This may sound exaggerated but a good trip needs good a good plan. You need to make your itinerary so you can anticipate possible hassles of the trip later. Last minute travel always leave travelers t not truly enjoy the moments because everything feels in a rush. Therefore, it is better to take time in preparing your trip. This also allow you to make some necessary arrangement and adjustment so you won’t miss anything necessary. 

Choose the right location

If it is possible, choose somewhere far away from home. It is better if you travel abroad for a few days. Of course, staycation can be fun as well. However, you will get more positive vibe when you travel to somewhere far from home because you totally feel disconnected to something that stress you such as pile of works. You will also get to experience new things and meet new people with different culture, language, or beliefs which can help open your mind. 

One of the reasons why you don’t get positive impact of vacation is due to stress of being unsafe. You are worry too much from the beginning and let the excitement die down instead. To overcome this, you should try meeting up with people who visited the same place as you are going to. Or at least, talk to someone who is knowledgeable about the place. This can make you feel safer because you know what you should anticipate to. 

Why Your Wedding Catering Services Can Make or Break Your Event

Your wedding reception is coming and there’s just a lot to plan and organize, and there are so many things to do. Wedding catering services is an integral part of your big day. Here are some of the reasons why research and effort put to find the best catering in Bali would pay off. 

Food is the one agenda that everyone looks forward to 

It’s obvious that food is going to be one of the most important aspects of your event. And while you can’t have the perfect menu that would please every single one of your guests, you can always have well-thought menu and delicious food. Do an in-depth search on several Bali professional caterer service until you come up with a shortlisted catering services that you can consult with. 

wedding catering services

Regardless of what type of food you’d like to have in your menu, the best thing to do is to brainstorm as soon as possible. Find some references by browsing what caterers near you provide. Here are some of the things you can do when you’re looking for inspiration for your catering menu: 

  • Browse for menu in image board sites like Pinterest, WeHeartIt, etc. Image-heavy social media sites like Tumblr and Instagram are also great for inspiration. 
  • Do a web search of wedding catering near you. Shortlist the ones that catch your eyes. 
  • Adjust the data you’ve gathered so far and see which ones will satisfy your needs and your vision. 

Wedding catering service is more than just food 

A catering service in your event is all about the service. Sure, you shouldn’t settle for sub-par food; dishes and desserts that are mass-prepared are often the downfall for many events, yes. Taste tasting and hiring a reputable catering company dedicated to bringing you high quality food and beverages for your wedding; be it a clifftop wedding, a beachfront wedding, or whatever venue you’ve chosen. 

bali wedding catering services

Some wedding venue has already included catering service. So it’s worth finding out what kind of package they’re offering when you’re surveying for venues. If you prefer a more specialized food and beverage (for particular cuisines like Japanese or Italian, for instance), then choosing a dedicated catering service for wedding in Bali is going to be your best bet. 

Services matters 

Don’t compromise on service and hospitality. Caterer staff plays a huge role in interacting with guests and keeping your event go smoothly and steadily. Don’t hesitate to have a lengthy, repeat consultation with your chosen catering services in Bali. Arrange phone or video calls that are convenient for both parties if you’re not currently in Bali.

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The help of staffing ready to assist you when there’s a bump 

Catering staff likely make up for the largest number of people working to ensure your event would go smoothly. It’s extremely important that you don’t compromise on service exactly for this matter. Trained staff would be able to handle crisis well and ensure that guests would still have an enjoyable experience at your event. The best catering in Bali will be able to give you insights based on the catering experiences they’ve done over the years. 

Presentation and consistency of your events 

Hiring professional caterers would ensure that your food not only taste good, but also looks superb. Many caterers also handle event decoration, particularly table decors. Ask your Bali catering services if this is something that’s included in the price or if you have to pay extra. Having a consistent look throughout your event is something essential in the overall visual of your special occasion.