How To Enjoy Your Visit To Budapest During Winter

Budapest is one of must visit travel destinations in Europe especially during winter. This place can make even the coldest weather feel warmer. This capital city of Hungary is especially lively during winter. If you want to have a perfect winter getaway, Budapest is a perfect destination. This is where you get to enjoy cozy winter atmosphere with classic and romantic architectural creations in almost every corner of the streets. When you see Budapest during winter, it is like watching a classic Christmas movie. 

things to do in budapest winter

Why Budapest is perfect for winter getaway 

Budapest is a place in which you can truly feel the richness of the culture and how steep their tradition is. Winter charms draw people all around the world to visit Budapest every year. Magical winter can be felt strongly in this place. Here are things you can do during your winter vacation in Budapest:

Christmas market

Exploring Christmas markets is a must during your visit in Budapest. There are many things to enjoy during your visit to the Christmas markets including traditional dishes, Mulled wine, beautiful crafts and arts, and more. The Christmas markets in Budapest take place in November to January every winter. During those times, the number of visitors are significantly increased. There are many Christmas markets you can visit in Budapest. One of the most recommended is The Vorosmarty Square market hosting over 120 stalls. 

City Park Ice Ring

Enjoy your time at Budapest’s City Park Ice Rink. This is where you can go skating to the fullest in Budapest during winter. It is one of the most famous skating destinations in Hungary. This rink is also one of the oldest and largest in Europe since it was opened in 1870. during summer, the rink is filled with water and used as boating lake. During winter, this is a perfect place for skating. Admission fee is varied by age. 

Spoil yourself in spas

Spas and thermal baths are a must when it comes to travelling around Budapest. This city itself is dubbed as the City of Spas. There are about 118 natural thermal springs scattered throughout the city. The baths are beautiful and renowned for their relaxing effects and medicinal benefits. There are many thermal baths you can choose in Budapest. During winter, they are often full with visitors. One of the most recommended thermal baths is Szechenyi that owns 10 indoor pools. 

Christmas light tram

Christmas light tram is a must try when you visit Budapest during winter. Budapest has Fenyvillamos that is put into operation during winter with 3,9000 lights covering its body. It operates from 5.p.m throughout December and January. It is a 50-yeard-old Ganz UV tram which operates across the city and lighten up the atmosphere. 

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Buda Castle and Varkert Bazar are very iconic spots in Budapest. You can visit them during winter since they offer magical vibe and atmosphere. Buda Castle is imposing yet beautiful while overlooking the city. Varkert Bazar is the Castle Garden offering beautiful nature and art. It is also where you can spot bars, restaurants, and outdoor spaces for special events.

Komodo Tour is Closed in 2020 – What Should You Do?

The Indonesian government has announced since early last year that the Komodo island is closing down for their wildlife maintenance – for a whole year! Oh but wait, the statement had been retracted in the months following the announcement; is the closure cancelled? We really aren’t sure, but at the time of this writing Komodo tour is still ongoing and the island is not on an effective closedown yet. However, there aren’t any guarantee that it won’t be closed in the future. The government is worried about the smuggling of Komodo dragons that were allegedly sold abroad and they don’t want that to happen again. The closure is really for the good of the wildlife. But what should you do if Komodo island tour is listed on your bucket list? 

Komodo tour closing in 2020

Is it worth the wait? What if the island maintenance takes more than an entire year? The Komodo dragons are native to the island and Komodo National Park is really the only place in this earth where you can see them in the wild. Komodo that aren’t in their natural habitat existed of course, but the experience of seeing them being free in the wild versus behind a bar in some zoo is worlds away. 

komodo tour package

Seeing the these beautiful ancient dragons in its natural habitat is not an experience you could trade for anything. And I’d say the Komodo island closing for a period of time would do the destination good. It’s definitely worth the wait. So rather than settling for any Komodo experience in Indonesia, invest on a quality Komodo island tour in the right time. 

Where can you see the Komodo outside Komodo Island? 

komodo tour
Also known as Komodo Monitors (Varanus komodoensis) these fierce animals seem to be dancing.

If you’re keen to go to Indonesia and have a peek at the Komodo dragons despite the fact that the island is closed, then you have a few alternatives. Like what we’ve mentioned, don’t expect these alternatives to ever compare to seeing free, roaming Komodo dragons in the wild. But if you’d like to see them anyway, some zoos in Bali display them. Very small ones though (we only saw one baby-sized Komodo during our trip in Bali and they’re nothing like a gigantic lizard we saw at the Komodo National Park). A few established zoos in Java also display them. Though as always with zoos; remember that they’re created for humans first and foremost rather than for the animals. That’s why we won’t mention any zoos here; be wise when choosing to visit such establishments. 

What’s the best way to go explore Komodo National Park? 

Go on a liveaboard of course! At least, that’s our preferred way of exploring the absolute wonders that is Komodo National Park. We could already hear the budget travelers out there shouting that not everyone could afford a liveaboard. Here’s what we think; Komodo island and its surrounding Flores seas are not a budget destination and a Komodo tour on a budget is just not practical. The Indonesian government had made this clear with the fees and everything else that you need to prepare for just to visit the island. 

komodo national park indonesia

Flores is a remote island even within Indonesia as a country; it’s certainly much less developed than Bali and Java, and say, compared to other islands like Sumatra and Kalimantan. This is part of the reason why the marine life in Flores is so pristine – it’s largely untouched by humans. You won’t be able to reach many diving and snorkeling destinations as well as some islands without the means of a boat. 

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So rather than going on a half-hearted Komodo island trip and settle for a less than stellar experience, take your time to save up and invest on a liveaboard experience. Some of the best Komodo island tours from Labuan Bajo are indeed best experienced with ultimate leisure on a boat. 

Things To Enjoy During Your Visit To Budapest

Budapest is underrated travel destination in Europe. This city is full of wonder from its history. This is a classic city where you can learn more about its history and culture. Budapest is the capital city of Hungary with many beautiful streets to venture to. It is not hard to find restaurants, thermal spas, and even breathtaking views in Budapest. This city is even a more perfect destination to spend with during your winter getaway. The transportation in Budapest is also so sufficient. You can explore the city via the cog railway or Zugliget chairlift. 

Things worth exploring for when you visit Budapest

Budapest is home to 1.7 millions residents. This city is so lively yet peaceful at the same time. If you are looking for urban getaway, Budapest is a perfect destination to visit during cold or warm weather. Here are things you can enjoy during your visit:

The Danube is a must visit spot when you are in Budapest. It runs basically through the center of Budapest. The hilly Buda is on the west and the flat pest is on the east. It is highly recommended to take a walk along the banks. There are beautiful sights you can enjoy during the stroll such as the Buda Castle, The Neo-Gothic Parliament, Shoes on the Danube, and Gellert Hill. Aside from taking a walk, you can also explore the spot via tourist boat rides. 

Franz Liszt Academy of Music is a concert hall and music academy in Hungary. It was founded in 1875 by Franz Liszt, a Hungarian composer. It is considered as the most prestigious music school in the country. You don’t have to attend a concert to know what’s inside the hall. You can go and take a peek inside to see beautiful Zsolnay tiles, crystal chandeliers, murals, and mosaic. It is a perfect destination for music and art lovers. The classic vibe inside the building is worth visiting for. 

Margaret Island is a must visit spot in Budapest. It is a Danube isle between Buda and Pest where you can enjoy the most scenic park in Budapest. Not to mention that the park owns two swimming pool complexes, a petting zoo, a padded jogging path, a musical fountain, an open-air theater, restaurant, and many spots for picnic. The location of this beautiful park is between Margaret Bridge and Arpad Bridge. It is not hard to spot this park. 

Heroes’ Square is located between the Museum of Fine Arts and Mucsarnok on either side. The building of Heroes’ Square and the Millennium Monument was built to commemorate the millennium of the Magyars. You can also see statues of Hungarian historical figures when you visit these places. Not too far from the Heroes’ Square, you can visit the City Park which considered as the largest park in the city. There are many spots to explore in this park such as the Circus, the Zoo, Thermal Baths, a pond, and the Museum of Agriculture. 

Villa Seminyak for Wonderful Holiday

Seminyak is the best tourist destination in Bali. When to the Seminyak area, you will see many foreign tourists passing by enjoying the atmosphere. There is a lot they can see and do in Seminyak area. The best way is to walk around Seminyak villas. A Seminyak vacation is definitely a type of vacation that refreshes the body and mind and soul. You can enjoy culinary experiences from various countries in the villa Seminyak area. Souvenir sellers, famous batik boutiques await customers in every corner of the Seminyak area. If less satisfied, the nightlife that makes Seminyak famous is ready to bring a memorable night experience.

villa Seminyak, with a private pool and lazy chairs, pampering you to enjoy holiday

Walking around the Seminyak villa

There will be many offers for transportation when you arrive at the airport or at the villa Seminyak. Because, it is difficult to find public transportation in Bali, you automatically have to rent a car or motorcycle. But when staying in Seminyak area, the best way to get around is on foot. Walking in the Seminyak area will really save time and you will see many interesting sides in Seminyak.

Dining tour

Culinary lovers, dining tours are the best and the perfect experience of tasting various foods from various countries. Find restaurants with awards from national and international you can also find. In Seminyak villa area, local food culinary experiences can be seen on every street. You can find “suckling pig” filled with rice, pork, and vegetables typical of Bali. Suckling pig is a great recommendation for travelers visiting Bali. Or, you can enjoy Padang rice which is very famous for beef rendang. One food that is popular and very popular with tourists is “nasi goreng”. Especially in the late afternoon, there are many carts in various corners of Seminyak that sell “nasi goreng”.

Beach tour

Don’t be afraid of running out of the best beaches in the villa Seminyak area. Seminyak Beach has a fairly long stretch, but not as crowded and crowded as Kuta. You can enjoy the sunset on any beach or can enter several beachside cafes while enjoying a meal and a star beer. Enjoying the view of the sunset and with a bottle of cold beer is the best experience that many domestic and foreign tourists want.

Nightlife Tour

Who does not know that Seminyak is very popular with its nightlife? Just walk to the Seminyak area, the bar and club offer to enjoy your evening in Seminyak. On the border of Seminyak and Legian, you can visit the Dyana Pura area and enjoy the best bars. You can find a quality bar with the crowds and the best atmosphere. Well, Seminyak villas are perfect for finding the best atmosphere and place.

Best Dishes To Try When Food Travel In Argentina

Argentina is a beautiful country that has gained travelers from all over the world. It has charms that can bewitch every visitor from beautiful landscapes to lively cities. Argentina is also a must destination for adventure seekers. Patagonia, Andes, Tierra del Fuego are only the examples of places you can enjoy during your visit to this country. However, Argentina is also a great destination for food travel. For foodies, there is wide selection of delicacies in Argentina to explore. 

Homemade Stuffed Chicken Empanadas on a Background

Recommended dishes in Argentina to try for travelers 

In Argentina, you can practically find and enjoy everything you expect from a travel destination such as beautiful nature, arts, distinctive cultures, as well as delicious and authentic cuisines. Beef might be the highlight of Argentina’s cuisine scene but there are other dishes worth trying. And here are dishes you absolutely have to try when you visit Argentina:

Pizza might be the last thing you want to eat when travelling. However, visiting Argentina without trying out their pizza is such a shame. They have inch-crust pizza with tomato sauce and Argentinian-style mozzarella cheese. The garnishes include oregano, green olives, or dried chili flakes. There are different version of Argentinian pizzas you should try such as una muzza or faina. 

Empanadas is Argentinian street food with particular flavor. This is actually stuffed dough that comes fried or baked. There are veggie and carnivorous version of empanadas you can choose. There is also wide selection of fillings including beef, cheese and ham, chicken, blue cheese, or sweetcorn. Chopped or sliced beef is often the most preferred filling. Meanwhile, the seasoning is also varied in different regions. It can be spring onion, cumin, boiled eggs, or potato. 

Provoleta is a unique Argentinian food worth trying. Basically, this is a soft, round, provolone cheese. The taste is bland. It is made from cow’s milk that turns into gooey texture. it is served in various methods. However, grilled Provoleta is the most favorite. It is usually grilled in a sized skillet or simple foil dish. Then, it is topped with oregano. The melted texture in the outside and crispness on the outside is what makes Argentinians addicted to this particular food. 

Llama steak is highly recommended food to try when you visit Argentina. It is not just a name of a dish. This food truly has a slice of llama. It is said that eating llama steak is like a norm in Argentina’s northwest. It is quite hard to describe the flavor but it has rustic vibe to it. It has lower fat levels than beef so it can be your healthy alternative. 

Choripan is a sausage sandwich in Argentina and considered as popular street food. It is usually a starter dish of Argentinian barbecue. The sausage can be wrapped in a pan or bread. You can eat it as it is or slather it in a spicy sauce called chimichurri. The sauce is made of garlic, parsley, oregano, chili flakes, red wine vinegar, tomato, onion, and red bell pepper. 

Villas in Seminyak Give You Easy Access to These Locations!

Seminyak is an area located north of Kuta and can be considered a quieter version of it, despite having similar atmospheres. There are many high-end places in Seminyak, such as branded stores and fancy eateries. That’s why many villas in Seminyak are also quite sophisticated to complement the area, accommodation in Seminyak is also quite high compared to other places in Bali.

Villas in Seminyak with a private pool

Seminyak being a popular luxury vacation area, there are many interesting places that you can find around the area to satisfy your desires. Here are some of them:

The Magnificent Villas in Seminyak

Starting out, let’s talk about the villa first. Just like how the surrounding area filled with glamorous life, villas in Seminyak tend to be more high class and targeted towards wealthy people. Some of the villas even look like a mansion with its size and the facilities that you get while staying,

But you always get something worth that you spend on, for these villas are wonderfully built without sparing expenses. From the garden, swimming pool, living area, and the outdoor lounge are there to accommodate you and your companion.

The Shopping Area

Jl. Raya Seminyak is filled with fashion and designer stores in every corner of the street. Kind of similar to Malioboro in Jogja but more up class. The street is often crowded though, so I suggest park your bike or car somewhere close by and start walking to browse every single store there. From suits to jewelry, you can find many apparels collection to spice up your looks.   

The Art Galleries

Although not as great as Ubud, Seminyak also offers a nice selection of art galleries around. Most of them are made by the local artists, and some even came from Ubud to sell their pieces in here to avoid huge competition. Folk Art Gallery and Kebbath Studio are one of the few nice examples of art galleries in Seminyak. Interestingly though, most of the artworks in Seminyak have Buddhist designs as opposed to traditional Balinese Hinduism.

Spa and Massages

Now, this is probably the one Seminyak famous for some people. The spa and massage area in Seminyak is one of the best in Bali if not Indonesia. Foreigners often say that the service there can be compared to where they are coming from but with way less cost. The cheapest spa in Seminyak is around IDR 300.000 and can go up to IDR 1 million depending on the service quality and place.

Every hotels and villas around Seminyak is already facilitated with spa service. For hotels, you can just go to the spa room, while in the villa you can contact one of the masseurs assigned to each villa and they will provide you with everything that you need.

Is it Worth it?

Pretty much if you wanted to experience a luxurious life in Bali while still enjoying the beach and the culture. There’s also an iconic bar/restaurant called Ku De Ta which is famous worldwide for a place to party, only a few minutes away from villas in Seminyak if you do decide to stay there.

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Must Travelling Activities When Travelling To Desert

A desert might be the most perfect place for a trip. The place is scorching during the days and freezing at nights. Dangerous reptiles are lurking around the desert freely. Not to mention that your body is easily drained due to dehydration. However, it is a perfect travel destination for adventurers. Desert is one of the most daunting places on Earth. People who seek for thrill must put desert in one of the top list places to visit. 

Convenience Things to Know Before Diving in Amed

Things to do during your adventure in desert

There are many things you can do to enjoy your trip in a desert. The wilderness can be your source for adventure and entertainment. It is a great travel playground for adventure seekers. If you love desert, here are most recommended places to visit and best activities to do.

Lahbab Desert

Lahbab Desert us located in United Arab Emirates. The most recommended activity during your visit to this desert is dune bashing. It is a perfect activity that creates adrenaline rush. Using a sturdy car, your driver will take you explore the majestic Lahbab Desert for thrilling adventure. Your stomach will be tested and you have to see everything with open eyes if you want to experience the fun. Make sure your stomach is not too full before taking the ride. 

Namib Desert

Convenience Things to Know Before Diving in Amed

Namib Desert is located in Namibia. The most recommended activity to try is horseback riding. Even if you are used to horse riding, the feeling will be different when you do it in a desert. Not to mention that this is one of the oldest desert region in the world. The thrills and fun are real. Through the rides, you will get to explore the savanna, canyons, oases, coastline, and the Hakos Mountains. If you are lucky, you will get to see the wildlife including mountain zebra, ostrich, oryx, desert warthogs, etc. 

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Usaka Desert

Usaka Desert is located in Peru. The best activity to try during your visit is sandboarding. Desert might be the rarest terrains you can have to surf. There are many sandy slopes you can try to conquer using your precious sandboard. Make sure you are full of determination before trying. It might look easy but not really when you try it. The process of falling and standing backup can deplete your energy drastically. However, the fun and happiness once you succeed is worth it. 

Sonoran Desert

Convenience Things to Know Before Diving in Amed

Sonoran Desert is located in Arizona. Most recommended thing to try is hiking. Well, it sounds exhausting already but worth it. Besides, hiking is considered the least intense activity to try in the desert. There is a slow-paced trek you can explore through the desert. It allows you to enjoy your time while observing and appreciating every beautiful points. There are roadrunners, coyotes, mountain lizards, lions, and more. Choosing the level hikes that suit your stamina is highly recommended.

It is highly advised to bring your own water before exploring the desert regardless of the activity. As mentioned earlier that the place can drain your energy drastically from exhaustion and dehydration. 

Convenience Things to Know Before Diving in Amed Bali

Just like its neigboring Tulamben, Amed is home to one of the most prominent diving community in Bali. The seemingly humble fisherman village hides spectacular coral reefs and wonderful muck full of incredible critters underneath the clear water. Amed is also home to several coral restoration attempts, a manmade creations that turn into marvellous dive sites. Any divers coming to Bali need to have Amed on their diving bucket list. But before you go, know these things (please change the sentence). 

Convenience Things to Know Before Diving in Amed

It Takes Three Hours Drive from Kuta

Nestled between the sea and the mountain, Amed diving site is located in the northeast coast of Bali. It takes two to three hours of drive from the Denpasar airport or Kuta area. You might need to stop for lunch by the way, which might make the journey a bit longer. However, once you arrive at Amed, you will instantly understand why this is such a divers’ bliss. This village is empty from worldly glitz and glam, away from the hustles and bustles of the buzzing cities on southern Bali. The seemingly sleepy Amed offer tranquility, inner peace of mind, and secludedness which is essential for an enjoyable dive holiday. This is just the place to live a simpler life, soaking in the magic of Balinese culture, and get immersed to the wonderful marine life. 

Amed is Perfect for Easy and Relaxing Diving in Bali 

Just like what’s on the above, the underwater situation of Amed diving Bali is just so calm and relaxing. The water is clear with light to almost no currents at all. The visibility could range from 15 to 25 meters. It’s quite warm, so you only need your 3mm dive suits or just the shortie. Amed is just a perfect dive site for beginners or someone who just want to enjoy an easy diving. 

Amed is Known Best for Macro and Muck Diving in Bali 

Amed is Known Best for Macro and Muck Diving in Bali

Macro Diving and Muck Diving are probably the best feature of Amed. This village sits very close to the Mount Agung volcano, and it results on black sands beaches which create an unusual contrast to the bright corals and colourful critters. The Japanese Wreck, Batu Niti, Seraya Secret and Melasti of Amed are some of the best site for macro diving in Bali.

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Amed is Quite Secluded and Have Minimum Urban Facilities

One charming thing about Amed: this place is not too touristy neither too overdeveloped like Kuta and Seminyak areas. They have some convenient market, but they are not as big as in the southern Bali. That means you need to bring all your travel essentials to Amed. You might find difficulties to find certain sunscreen lotion, tampons, or even certain brands of shampoo. If you think your products will be difficult to find in remote areas like Amed, make sure to bring enough of them.

Why Shanghai Is A City Worth Travelling For

Shanghai is one of the most intriguing cities in the world. It is where the past, the present and the future meets in perfect blend and harmony. This is a city where you can experience riding the faster commercial train in the world. It is also a place where you can find the most iconic snack, ‘stinky tofu’. all in all, Shanghai is a great city to explore. Thus, choosing Shanghai as your destination for your next travel plan is such as wonderful idea. 

What makes Shanghai an interesting travel destination

There are many reasons why Shanghai is a great destination to venture to. Here are seevral of them:

Almost everything is accessible and reachable. There is nothing impossible in Shanghai. As mentioned earlier, you can ride the world’s fastest commercial train in this city to reach various places. Plus, everything delivers in Shanghai. If you have lazy day during your visit in Shanghai, everything you need will be ready in front of your door. Not to mention that they come in rather amazing speed. You don’t have to wait for too long to receive your order, no matter what it is. 

Muslim friendly is also a reason why Shanghai is accessible for everyone. It is often that Muslim travelers are limited to choose travel destination especially because some countries don’t make Muslim friendly foods or provide Muslim friendly facilities. In Shanghai, there is Muslim noodle shops which guarantee Muslim travelers to have halal foods. The noodles are created right in front of you. It is not only interesting but also fascinating to experience. 

Everything is possible and available in Shanghai including community karaoke. You can find it in the Fuxing Park where you can enjoy not only the park main interesting points but also the entertainment side which is the karaoke spot. That’s where you can find a group of retired folks gather around in the mid-afternoon and happily belting out Chinese tunes on microphone. They use a laptop to scan the lyrics of the songs. They like to liven up the performance to entertain the audience. 

Another great reason to travel to Shanghai is its affordability. Shanghai is a great destination even for budget travelers. You can have affordable grooming to have fresh look. The foods are also affordable, satisfying, and most importantly, delicious. There are various things you can afford to buy such as life-sized teddy bears on the street especially in the middle of the night. 

Shanghai is also a great place for free work out. There is no reason for you to neglect your work out regime even when you are travelling. In Shanghai, you can do it for free. Almost every park in Shanghai has Crayola-colored equipment. They are simple machines from what you find in regular gyms but work just fine to help you stay in shape. Chin-up bars, ropes, elliptical trainers, leg and ab isolators, and more are there to use for free for everyone.

The Growth of Luxury Bali Villas, is it Good?

Have you ever been to Bali? Guaranteed most of you already have the experience visiting at least once. The land of culture and gods, Bali offers tons of beautiful beaches and forests spreading across the island. With the increasing number of visitors each year, the tourism business has become the fastest growing economy in Bali. One of the examples is the villas, many luxury Bali villas are built to accommodate tourists for their holiday.

a luxury bali villas with a remarkable swimming pool

One can find luxury Bali Villas even in remote areas…

When you visit Bali, did you book a hotel to stay the night? If you did, then you missed out on an opportunity to enjoy Bali’s finest accommodation. You might be wondering why staying in a villa is way better than a hotel in Bali. That’s because Bali has such a beautiful environment and unique architecture so with a villa you can experience the authentic Bali residence. Some luxury Bali villas can be found near beaches or public area for easy access.

Villas in Bali can be rented or bought. There is also some real estate who develops a villa and invites people to invest in it. Day by day, Villa business is slowly overtaking any other residence in Bali especially on vacation areas such as Canggu or Ubud.

Bali Villas can be a double edged sword…

This phenomenon is not without side effects though; many locals live around the area voices their opinion against the growth of villa business. Their complaints are varying, from the unsettling noise from the guest to disrupt the local business around the area. Granted, some of the villa owners tend to build their villa close to local’s residence.

With that being said, what we can learn is that luxury Bali villas can be a huge market for tourists around the world but we must also be considerate towards nearby locals as well. Aside from the paperwork required, make sure we also cooperate with the locals to avoid unnecessary conflict that may happen in the future.

That’s probably covers everything that I need to share. So, in conclusion, luxury Bali villas is a great growing business and can bring positive effects as long as the owner be able to cooperate with the local inhabitants. Tourism business may be the hots in Bali, but that doesn’t mean it may trample other businesses. Who knows maybe local businesses like food stalls or small art galleries can be beneficial as well to villa guests.