Social Video Ads To Optimize Small Business

In the matter of marketing, there are many things entrepreneurs can do to optimize their small business. However, it is also important to choose the one that can boost business significantly and effectively. One of them is social video ads. It has been proved that the digital marketing has important role in the business industry. Now with how pandemic has been affecting business industry, digital marketing strategies are seen as the most effective ways to reach customers out.

Small Business

Optimizing your social video ads

There have been many reports showing how social video ads helping in raising the number of new customers for a brand. However, it is also important to know what kind of social video that needs to be used for marketing strategy because irrelevant content won’t result the same impact. 

First thing first, it is crucial for entrepreneur to know which social video type fits which platform. Also, it will be beneficial if you know what kind of video convert to use. Not to mention that no matter how good the content is, if it is not relevant to what the viewers then it won’t result positively. Social video ads look simple and effective. However, you still need to do preparation.

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Surely, big brands can do well in creating social video ads that looks fabulous and professional because usually they have the team and money. However, small business can also use quality social video ads to optimize their marketing. There are things you can pay attention to in order to deliver high quality social video ads on your platform. 

Relevancy is the first factor you need to consider when it is about social video ads no matter which platform you use. Make sure that you post social video ads that truly reflects the viewers already owns or are interested in. You can discuss first with your sales teams and customer service departments to know your target’s problems, behaviors, pain points, desires, etc. 

High quality social video ads are not always indicated by the length. The longer the video, the boring the viewers might be. Hence, always keep it simple and short but clear and to the point. What you have to pay more attention to is the relevancy and engagement of the content. Also, short videos are easier to digest than the longer ones. 

You can also split the videos into different categories. For example, the first category is for brand awareness, the second category is for product information, the next is for strategic offers. This kind of strategy can be effective to attract more new customers. This is also great in the matter of customizing audience as your target. 

Optimize your social video ads by using the right tools and implementing variety of important elements such as duration, call to action, informational hierarchy, sound effects and music, imagery, phrasings, style, etc. You can twist and tweak these elements to make sure that the content is high quality, engaging, relevant, and to the point.

Private Villa Ubud Unexpected Ways to Add its Values

Private Villa Ubud are seemingly amazing for its tranquil and serene environment. Its territory enclose to great nature ambiance and tourism attraction that will left its visitor amazed. Various type of visitor from local traveler, investor to a businessman are seeking the hidden value of its experience. For instance, Ubud property market, since the uprising trends in tourism and hospitality. We could see if the property market gonna have drawback in a long run. So its a time in a life to capture the moment and get the best value of private villa ubud.

Private Villa Ubud

Moreover, when it comes to sell a private unit, there are several consideration that everyone argue. Re-decorating kitchens and bathrooms are just common things. But theres other significant ways and unexpected to seemingly add value to the private villa ubud:

Outdoor Garden Area

Everybody can inform you that a pool in garden will add significant value to the villa. However, little things could also make a big impact. Arranging trees in the garden often increase a villas value, as similar as adding unique decoration around the fence of gardens.

Living with an outdoor garden that takes advantage of every square meter of your villa isnt just build a value. Instead it also raise the curb appeal. The more visitor attracted by the outdoor area, the more visitor will visit you frequently.

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Private Villa Ubud Storage

Developing more space to store things should be everyones concern in order to sell a property unit. Buyer are demanding a more storage than ever, as they want to implement their visualization to real life.

Private Villa Ubud

Seek for spaces that looks a little empty, and rather than just keeping it, its more wise to create a whole storage in it. Moreover, by adding shelves in laundry room and kitchen spaces, extra closets, or garage space are great to engage to potential buyer in terms of marketing. Furthermore, its easier for them to stash away any unneed object or storage.

Smart Living Facility

Perhaps one of the finest way to raise a private villa ubud valuation is to give it a smart touch. Exquisite to press utility costs or only for pure satisfaction, various of smart home devices could make the villa look astounding rather other one in the market. It can hold as your value proposition to compare with other option while negotiating with potential buyer.

Private Villa Ubud

Ranging from video doorbells that include safety and security, and also smart thermostats which can reduce any heating costs. These kind of items are a small move of investment for the return payment you can achieve for future.

Selling a private villa ubud could be a tricky task, but these unexpected ways can help to boost the valuation of property. It also make you feel more comfortable when asking the amount of price to the buyer. So, if you willing to seek a villa for investment with this unexpected ways, head to the real estate listing. Theres unlimited of offer and deal designed only for the type of buyer like you. Dont miss the November deal as this is an ideal time for investment.

Discover Belgium, Your Next Travel Festination in Europe!

Belgium is one of the smaller countries in the European region, it has many interesting things, which make tourists feel at home when visiting the country. Call it the very famous chocolate delicacy. In addition, this constitutional monarchy is also known as a medieval city, with its Renaissance drawings well preserved to this day. In addition, the country that has been named the capital of the European Union, precisely in the city of Mons, has various interesting tourist attractions that you should visit, if you have the opportunity. What is interesting about this country is that it uses 2 languages for daily conversations, namely French and Dutch, but some people also use German.

Visit Le Petit Julien

One of the most famous tourist attractions in Belgium is Le Petit Julien or also known as Pis Mannequin. It is located in the capital of Belgium, Brussels, at the intersection of Rue du Chêne and Rue de l’étuve. This mannequin is so called because it is a statue of a boy urinating in a swimming pool. This statue itself was made in 1619 by Hieronymus Duquesnoy Elder. This statue is only 61 cm high and is made of bronze. It is one of the emblematic statues of the Belgian capital. The reason why this statue was made is quite unique and heroic. How could it not be, the little boy accidentally peed on a bomb, so that the bomb did not explode.

The Park of the Fiftieth Anniversary

This place is not just any garden, but a park that serves to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the independence of the Belgian state. Built around 1880, during the reign of King Leopold II, this park is located in the city of Brussels, more precisely at the end of the European quarter.


One of the tourist attractions in Belgium that is quite famous in Belgium. In fact, this building could be a landmark for the country of Belgium. This place is easy to visit because it is located in Brussels, which is none other than the capital of Belgium. It was built in 1959 when an exhibition called Brussels World’s Fair was held. There are 9 giant atoms, using a brilliant white color, 5 of which are open to tourists. Inside these atoms, there are exhibition halls, public spaces and also a catering area.

Miniature of Europe

There are about 350 miniatures, there are some at this place. All of them are different types of famous buildings scattered in 80 cities of Europe. The different buildings in question include the Colosseum in Spain, the Eifel in France, the Tower of Pisa in Italy, the Berlin Wall in Germany, and many others. Voila!

Flores Komodo Tour to Historic Sites

Flores Komodo Tour

As one of the fantastic places on this planet, the island of Flores offers plenty of natural wonders. Flores is no doubt one of the world’s remarkable destinations. Nowadays, travelers are signing up for Flores Komodo Tour every day to enjoy the white sandy beaches, smoldering volcanoes, deserted islands, soft-shaped hilly landscapes with beautiful rice field vistas, interspersed with mountainous areas. However, travelers not much know that Flores has more than the famous Komodo, beautiful beach, the mountain and the hills. There is something unique in this place, where centuries-old heritage, culture, languages, and history are still preserved as part and parcel of the locals’ lifestyle. There are many amazing places to enjoy the beauty of Flores culture, and one of them is visiting the Historic Sites. Here is the list that you won’t miss while having Flores on your holiday that you can read below.

Wae Rebo Village

Wae Rebo is a small and the famous Manggarai’s traditional village. Its located in Manggarai, East Nusatenggara. Local people in Wae Rebo comes from Modo Tribe. This exotic and cultural villages ever got a reward from UNESCO for the conservation of culture heritage. The residents in Wae Rebo still defend the culture from generation to generation No wonder it’s on everybody’s must see in Flores Komodo Tour list. You have to stay one day night for make Wae Rebo an adventure to visit. There is a ceremony in Wae Rebo Village to welcoming the traveler and this will be done by the leader of tribe. The leader of the tribe will welcome and pray for your goodness and safety during your visit to this amazing place.

Flores Komodo Tour to Belaraghi Village 

Belaraghi village is an extraordinary village and you should spend the night here for the Flores trip. It’s located near Aimere, you can get there by trekking from Paukate village for around 1 hours. There are sixteen beautiful traditional houses standing in two parallel rows in a secluded hill. Local people will give you a warm welcome. Visiting this place is a chance to experience the life of the natives in a remote mountain village.

Bung Karno Exile Home

Flores doesn’t only offer fantastic natural scenery, but also historical tourism. You can visit Bung Karno’s Exile Home for historical locations that you can visit while on holiday.  This place is located in Ende. You have the chance to see many historical objects belonging to Bung Karno that are still well maintained, such as sticks, paintings and beds belong to Bung Karno.

Flores Komodo tour

Bena Traditional Village

Bena village is a hallmark of the Ngada Regency, Flores. It is located on top of the valley at 2245 meters above sea level. Visiting Bena Village is like a journey turn back in time. The local people are kind and thought to have resided in this valley for some 1,200 year. This traditional village is inhabited by older women and men selling famous ikat fabrics and wooden statues. The houses at Bena Village are arranged on terraced land, with some spaces in the center and square shape.

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Watublapi Weaving Village is must see in Flores Komodo Tour list

Watublapi Weaving Village is located in Watublapi, Flores, Indonesia. Visiting this village is a true one-of-a-kind experience. Local people will give you a warm welcome with traditional music and dances. You will even be able to join and watch the Ikat weaving process from step to step!

Labuan Bajo Tour Package for Honeymoon

Labuan Bajo Tour Package

Labuan Bajo is a perfect place for a honeymoon to peace and serenity and an escape from the chaotic city life. In recent years, this town gradually turned into a busy spot because of the divers and the increased number of Labuan Bajo visitors. You can experience a memorable honeymoon by reserve Labuan Bajo Tour Package.  This package is a tour package to visit all the most visiting places around the Labuan Bajo area. Several activities to do in the Labuan Bajo can be seen from the tour package program, but you should get a glimpse of what to do while traveling here to pick the right tour packet for your honeymoon trip. There are many choices of places that you can include in your tour package.  Below are the must-visit spots and fun to do in Labuan Bajo

What places should be included in the Labuan Bajo Tour Package?

Rinca Island is located in the west part of Flores Island. The favorite activity for the traveler visiting this island is an exciting trekking adventure through the island to explore the island in discovering the Komodo dragon, other wildlife. Rinca Island has beautiful beaches and some hills. The beaches are spectacular, the water is stunning and warm, and there are some colorful small corals. With these nuances, you can have a great honeymoon here.

Explore Padar Island should be included on your list. The main highlight of Padar Island is its panorama. Padar island is formed by rolling hills that stretch out facing the blue sea. The favorite thing to do here is to climb the mountain on Padar Island to enjoy the panorama from the hill’s top.

Romantic Pink Beach is located in the west of Flores island in East Nusa Tenggara. Pink Beach is uninhabited; it becomes a nice place to relax. If you like the ocean, beaches, swimming, and nature, you should consider adding the pink beach to your Labuan Bajo Tour Package. Take a moment to appreciate majestic beauty beach views of turquoise seas, green rolling hills, blue skies, and fascinatingly pink sands.

Labuan Bajo Tour Package

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What is the thing you should not miss out on during your honeymoon?

Taking a liveaboard for a honeymoon trip is a must! Hello, Flores Komodo Liveaboard will give you unrivaled experience and take you to faraway lands that seem to fall from heaven itself. Once you have booked your liveaboard, tell the crew that you celebrate your honeymoon and request romantic decor for your cabin. Your honeymoon trip should be more than just an average holiday! You need to make it memorable, enjoyable, and full of love. Book now your next trip to Labuan Bajo with Hello Flores!

What To Prepare To Visit Japan Post Pandemic

Japan is one of the busiest travel destinations especially before the global pandemic. It is one of the most iconic destinations because travelers can enjoy many things from beautiful landmarks to authentic foods. The global pandemic has limit travel industry in many ways. However, Japan plans to reopen their country and lift entry bans for tourists in 2021. As you may have known that the Tokyo Summer Olympics 2020 was postponed due to the covid-19. However, Japan will hold the event in July 2021 regardless of the situation of the global pandemic. Is it good news for you?

Planning your trip to Japan in 2021

The postponement of the event has helped in containing the spread of the covid-19. The situation now is getting better in japan and many other countries, hence the plan to reopen in mid 2021. However, the procedures and rules will be different to adapt with the post-pandemic reality.

The government of Japan plan to reopen their country without risking the spread of the covid-19. as of now, they are still carrying investigations into how and when they will fully lift the entry bans for The Tokyo Summer Olympics. This month, they already lifted the entry ban to non-citizen foreign residents as a start. Meanwhile, reopening the country to foreign tourists still need thorough precautions and considerations.

The plan is, the government will have coronavirus countermeasures set up for international tourists in January 2021. Then, it will be a trial basis to lift the entry ban for foreign tourists in April 2021. the situation will continuously be monitored in Japan and overseas so they can make the proper protocols accordingly.

If you plan to have a trip to japan next year, expect at least three steps of a journey as tourists which include arrival, stay, and departure. It is said that tourists will have to download a health management app that is now in the works. The government is also working on a ‘fever centre’. of course, foreign tourists who can enter the country should have a negative coronavirus test.

If foreign tourist is negative of coronavirus, quarantine in hotel is not necessary anymore. Meanwhile, those who are positive with coronavirus will have to take out private medical insurance. Tourists who are in Japan will have to keep reporting their health status on the app for 14 days since entering Japan. Furthermore, ‘Fever Centre’ is planned to be situated in Tokyo as s consultation support centre for foreign tourist hence the Japanese health system will not be too overwhelmed.

The government of Japan also said that they will continue the safety measures even after the Olympic ends as a way to revive safe, and healthy international tourism in the country. If you are planning to visit Tokyo for the Olympics, make sure to follow their procedures and rules for your and others’ safety. Always practice good hygiene and minimize contacting with other people. Wearing mask and frequently was your hands are still essentials even after the pandemic ends.

Best Places to Visit in Papua Trip

Papua Trip

Papua, one of the most popular tourist destinations, has to be one of the most beautiful islands in the world. It is located far away from central Indonesia like Java. Papua is covered in acres of the gorgeous rainforest as well as tinkling rivers and gushing waterfalls. Papua island is a home of Indonesia’s rich natural resources and offers a lot of beauty for each person to discover.  A journey to Papua island involves a very magical experience. The journey of Papua Trip provides a fascinating landscape, crazily clean water, a variation of wildlife, and beautiful treks in the mountains. Papua is also an important spot in terms of indigenous cultures, and you can get a glimpse at the amazing tribal art here in the form of ancient cave paintings that still exist in some spots. Here are the best places to complete the remote adventure to Papua island.

Papua Trip

A Papua trip to Raja Ampat is a must.

Raja Ampat is located in West Papua. The site is famous worldwide for its splendid marine biodiversity, which waits to be discovered by fantastic adventure. Not only for an underwater lover, for a traveler who prefers to explore the jungle by trekking to see the beautiful view, but Raja Ampat will also give you a wonderful experience. One thing you can’t miss on this Papua trip is to explore this island with a liveaboard. It is one of the best options to see as much of Raja Ampat as for a fantastic holiday.

Pulau Biak

Pulau Biak is one of Papua’s biggest offshore islands; it is covered in historical points of interest. You will find a friendly place with good snorkeling and diving options. Another place not to miss in Biak is exploring Cenderawasih Museum. Don’t forget to visit Taman Burung and Taman Anggrek to see the birds. You can also explore the other side of the island to take in Urdu and Samber’s stunning rock formations.

Lorentz National Park

Lorentz National Park is one of South East Asia’s largest protected areas but open to travelers to visit. This place is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Indonesia and the home of a famous mountain called The Carstensz Pyramid. There are hundreds of species of flora and fauna. You can also see there are hundreds of birds in the park. Travelers can also enjoy trekking and climbing up The Carstensz Pyramid, and then this is a place you need to visit.

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Manokwari for Papua Trip

Manokwari is a coastal town located right on the top of the Bird’s Head Peninsula and is of historical significance. This town merits a visit mainly for the natural attractions in the surrounding area, notably the Pegunungan Arfak. Close to this town you will find sunny Lemon Island where you can snorkeling and swimming.


If you want to get out and Papua, then consider a trip to Aikima. This place is the home of the Werapak Elosak Mummy. You can see a preserved corpse here. The preserved corpse dates from 300 years ago and is the body of an old chief smoked to prevent his body from decomposing.

Financial Planning Tips During Crisis

Many business are suffering due to the pandemic that has caused economic downturn in global scale. The pandemic has brought the realization of a long-term business. You don’t know what will hit you tomorrow if you are not prepared in advance. Without long term plan especially in the financial aspect, business will get it hard when it hit with such unprecedented times. Financial and legal planning are crucial for business to survive and keep growing during crisis. 

The right financial plan for business to face crisis

Many business are now trying to fortify their their plans for covid-19. meanwhile, some others might be struggling to develop them. It doesn’t matter in what stage you are in now, you have to plan right for your finance so your business can still thrive even during crisis. Also, your business should be ready to face the post-pandemic reality. Here are some tips to hitch the best financial plan:

Gather your team to discuss important things. You can consult with your financial and legal team first to see what you can plan. It is even better if you have an ideal consisted of financial advisor, legal counsel, payroll expert, as well as accountant. If you don’t have a team ready, then you can start building one. You can your business partners to recommended you the right people to be in your team.

financial planning

Try to avoid being in a panic mode especially during crisis. If you fall into that state, it is easier for you to lose focus. Also, it will bring negative energy to the overall people involved in your business such as employees. Instead of panicking, you can try your best to communicate openly and transparently with your team. Thus, any questions and confusions can be cleared. Having confidence during crisis is not easy. However, you can do it if you trust yourself and your team to plan the right strategy. 

Building reserve from the beginning is necessary. It will be your live safe when you face unexpected things such as this pandemic. When you have reserves, your business will be more flexible in facing difficult times because cash offer more solutions. At least, your business will stay afloat while waiting for the situation to get better. 

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Calculate lowest operating cost so you already have more accurate numbers on hand. When making plan for your business especially for its finance, always plan something to face the worst scenario. Thus, you know what to do and what you need to survive when crisis hits you. The plan based on the worst scenario can be better developed and executed well since you know what you really need for your business to survive. 

If you have already a plan made based on worst scenario, what you need to do when facing crisis is to review them more thoroughly since you already have all necessary documents ready. Then, do not skip to review your exit plans or revise them if necessary. Be ready to develop a plan to avoid severe financial loss.

Bali Property For Sale Which Sell The Most

Huge demand covering bali property for sale, as the industry currently in peak season. Moreover, tourist are gathered in Bali from all around the world. The property and villa sector are in mass development to match the number of sales happening in Bali. Its undoubtedly that we will see this chart going bullish for few years ahead.

Bali Property For Sale

Align with the new construction of property and villas, the sales in market brings attention to the industry’s stakeholders. The total sales and property price index are constantly increasing from 2010 until this day. Unfortunately, last period was a turning point of property industry amid covid 19 pandemic as all sales, price index and inflation are going opposite. Perhaps, we will see a correction and recovery soon within the new normal period.

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What Sell in Bali Property For Sale

Its too broad to discuss the factor that mostly sell for a property unit. Theres a lot of aspect and factor going in and affect the markets. Furthermore, each of region provide an unique characteristic, behaviour which differentiate one to another.

For instance, here in Bali popular with the ambience and beautiful scenery of its nature. So each Bali property for sale that provide this value will add a significant sell factor to the market, since the demand are shaping to a more serene-luxury living.

Bali Property For Sale | Pool

More of the same, an independent organization surveyed various factors which sells for Bali property for sale. The result says that buyers are mostly consider the factor of local neighbourhood for up to 65%. Also a well presented garden and spacious exterior remain a favourite for 61%. Meanwhile local crime figures stand in 3rd position with 51%. Moreover the remaining factors are long term property’s potential, fast broadband and the strength of mobile signal.

How Is This Relevant?

It is believe that Bali property will make the most out of this when these factors are met. By the buyers point of view, these factors adds a significant value to external aspect of the property, which they are ready to pay more.

Bali Property For Sale | Kitchen

With the more shaping market towards behaviour and purchase intention, a property would not sell for only just a building. The external factor which now become a major aspect will affect the buyer intention. Further, the market of bali property for sale.

Property With Complete Selling Factor

To be honest its very easy to find a great property or villa in Bali, but to match the complete factor could be a tricky one. A more research must be taken into consideration before finally purchase the unit, otherwise a recommendation would be a good start.

For instance, like this stunning leasehold villa in the heart of echo beach. Cover with serene and peaceful 4 bedroom and 4 bathrom, provide the utmost comfortable and stylish living. Worth to mention, the great local neighbourhood, low crime rate and spacious exterior makes this villa more complete.

Inviting ambience in size of 257 sqm with total land of 3.3 are. Built in the highest quality standards with complete facility of 3x9m swimming pool, full set kitchen, lounge room, parking area, spacious garden and garage. Inquire this villa now for the best selling point you could find in Bali property

Best Destinations for Horror Fans

Even if horror films and books are scary, many people still find pleasure from them. The thrill and spooky sensation is what makes people addicted to anything horror. Hence, there are even places built to indulge horror fans. Of course, there are also places that are naturally spooky such as haunted houses or graveyard. However, there are many places around the world built with the intention to deliver thrilling and horror sensation to the visitors. If you are into this stuff, might as well check out some of the spookiest travel destinations around the world.

Recommended travel destinations for horror fans

The places below are linked and associated with horror movies or novels. Thus, it helps build the expectation because visitors may have known the stories of them. These types of destinations help horror fans to feel like they are entering the real horror from the movies and books themselves.

Bran Castle is located in Transylvania. It is a place where you can get thrilling sensation associated with vampire or Dracula. This place I truly related to Dracula history in the 14th Century. It is said that there was Vlad the Impaler, known as vicious Romanian ruler who inspired Bram Stoker’s blood-sucking Dracula. The castle has medieval style which fits perfectly to be associated with a house of a vampire. Not to mention its background view of Carpathian Mountain, giving off gloomy vibe. Inside the castle, you will find secret stone tunnels and torture equipment.

Stanley Hotel is the next recommended destination for horror fans to visit. It is located in Colorado. It is where the nightmare setting of The Shining take inspiration from. This building was established in 1909 and until now, it still has ominous feel. Many guests who have stayed in the hotel claimed they have seen ghosts from past eras. They said the ghosts were often found wandering around the halls. There is also a cursed room with the number 217 if you are brave enough to stay the night and experience the horror yourself.

Catacombe dei Cappuccini is only for the bravest. Weak soul has no chance to visit this place. This place is located in Southern Italy. This place is home to desiccated bodies clothed in tattered robes hanging from the walls. You will also find them crammed in shelves. There are about 8,000 corpses and over 1,200 mummies preserved in this place. They were from between 16th to early 20th Century. The corpses appear in different postures. Some of them have their arms stretched out while others are grinning. It will be a thrilling and chilling experience to walk among the dead.

Sedlec Ossuary is another spooky place where you can see the trace of humans. There are more than 40,000 human skeleton in this chapel. Even the chandeliers are made from strings of bones. You will also find skulls decorating the altar. This place was established in 13th Century. The bodies filled this chapel were from the Black Plague and Hussite Wars. This place has inspired many horror works.