This How Summer Surf Camp Give Lasting Good Impacts

Summer surf camp is awesome. The mere idea of it give enough energy for us to get through schools and works. One of the best thing about spending holiday in these camps is meeting likeminded people and experiencing fun things together. It’s one of the best way to have great times—thinking nothing else but surfing the waves and spending day under the sun. For kids and teens, summer camp is a perfect medium to boost self-growth, confidence, learning new skills, and meeting new friends. As if we need more reasons to join the camp, here’s how summer surf camp benefit you in the long run!

This How Summer Surf Camp Give Lasting Good Impacts

Summer Surf Camp Expose You to Unique Interest 

Sure, you might initially come for the surf. It’s either your first time learning to ride on the waves or your third time for honing your wave riding skills. However, many surf camps offers loads of interesting side activities that you would like. Think about skateboarding, kite surfing, horse riding, to local crafting and horse riding! Most of them also promote healthy lifestyle like yoga and balanced diet. If you have any interest outside core school subjects or surf, joining a summer surf camp is a great way to kick the tires on a new interest. 

A Way to Eliminates Social Categories

When you go to school, you meet the same friends over and over for years. While this is good for bonding, unfortunately it lead to labelling. You will get stuck in a particular perception of someone while that person can actually have an entirely different side. On the camp, you will meet a whole other group of different people coming from different environment. It will broaden your perception about people for sure! In the same time, being exposed to new environment can stimulate the different side of you to come out!

A Total Workout for Body and Mind

We are just too familiar with summer brain drain. The slide. The time when your brain seemingly just stop working and entering a hibernate mode. All you want to do is just being a full-time couch potato, watching telly and playing video games. 

Summer surf camp can actually get you going both mentally and physically. You will be out in the water, paddling to the waves using every muscle in your body. On the morning, you will have exercise (or yoga) to get your body ready. You will constantly analysing the waves, the winds, and the movement of the water. And when you are not busy surfing, they will invite you for games or excursion. When it’s time for rest, you’ll definitely sleep like a log. It’s a well balanced life. 

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Summer Surf Camp Train Your Independence and Empowerment 

You don’t have your mom in summer surf camp waking you up in the morning and poring the cereals. With no mom and dad, you will make your own bed, brush your teeth without anyone telling to, and basically make your every decisions on your own. Surf camp allows you to experience what it takes to make a good decision. It’s a great chance to discover more of yourself in the process. It taught you to be independent and feel the sense of self-empowerment, which are essential for your development. You gonna need this to be a better person in the future. 

Best Places To Explore Surabaya More

Surabaya has irresistible tourism charms which makes it a perfect place for fun getaway. This city is the second largest in Indonesia. It also plays important tole for the trade especially with the existence of Suramadu Bridge connecting Surabaya and Madura. Surabaya is a great place for both business and shopping. This urban city also still have cultural and colonial touches here and there. You can find cultural villages, Chinese town, historical monuments, memorials, and beautiful nature. 

Highly recommended places to explore to know more Surabaya

Surabaya has reputation as business city. However, it also has tourism charms you cannot underestimate. There are interesting places scattered around the city which worth visiting for. Here are the most recommended places you should visit if you want to get to know Surabaya more:


Monkasel (Monumen Kapal Selam) Submarine is a Russian submarine which has been decommissioned. It is a popular attraction located in the heart of Surabaya, precisely on Pemuda Street. This submarine was given a service in the Indonesia navy only shortly after Indonesian Independence. However, visitors can still enter the submarine and take a tour to see the interior inside. The entrance ticket is very affordable which is only 15-20k per person. 

monkasel surabaya indonesia travel

Surabaya is an urban city and it’s not surprising that the city doesn’t sleep at all. At night, you still can feel the buzz of the city. You can still explore the city even when the sunset has come. There are various bars, restaurants, as well as nightclubs you can visit to spend your night. Bring your friends to hang out in those places and enjoy variety of foods and drinks. 

Bukit Kapur Sekapuk

Bukit Kapur Sekapuk is truly iconic place. It is where you can see majestic white pillars made of active chalk mines. It is the results of years of sculpting by the miners. You can explore the caves, hallways, as well as giant white pillars. This place will remind you of ancient Greece. This place is quite far from the center of Surabaya but truly worth visiting for. 

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Ghost House

Rumah Hantu Dharmo is a great place to test your bravery. This place is said to be haunted so it’s a perfect spot to feed your spooky adventure soul. According to the locals, the house was belong to a family who was perished in a fire that burnt the entire house. Now, it is only a rundown structures which often get visited by those who are curious to see if it’s truly haunted. If you are brave enough, visit this place when the night comes. 

Surabaya Night Market

Kodam Brawijaya Night Market is also popular place in Surabaya worth visiting for. This is where you can enjoy the night with fun. There are varieties of Indonesian street foods you should try including Ayam Penyet, Batagor, Bakso Malang, and many more. Not to mention that there are also numerous bizarre food stalls too to feed your adventurous soul. This place is situated on Raden Wijaya Street. It’s open from 6pm to 9pm.

Fun Things To Do When Exploring Mount Bromo

Mount Bromo is popular travel destination located in Indonesia. It is famous for its beautiful nature presenting majestic views. If you are planning to spend your vacation in Malang, might as well visit Mount Bromo as well because it’s truly worth travelling for even though it is not located exactly in Malang. Mount Bromo is about 4 hours drive away from Surabaya, the capital city of East Java Province. It is also part of Bromo-Tengger-Semeru National Park stand on 800 square km area. 

What to do when visit Mount Bromo

Mount Bromo is volcanic mountain so you will see that this mount is surrounded by the sea of sand. it makes this place even looks more magical and mystical. Mount Bromo is also a house for sub-ethnic group who still preserve their old tradition as well as way of life until now. This is why Mount Bromo is also a great place to learn more about the local culture and traditions. If you are lucky, you might get a chance to witness their special rituals or ceremonies. 

The best to do to explore Mount Bromo is hiking to hunt majestic sunrise. It is highly recommended because it could be your unforgettable vacation ever. Mount Bromo has safe hiking trails to help you reach the peak. However, it is highly suggested to book travel agent that will take you to the parking point by jeep or motorbike. From then, you will get to hike the trails. The sun rises around 05.30 a.m so you should prepare yourself to wake very early if you want to catch the sunrise. You can watch the sunrise from the vantage point on the nearby Mount Pananjakan. The atmosphere you will get to feel during sunrise is magical. 

Adventure at Sea of Sands by Jeep. It is one of the most loved activities by tourists in Mount Bromo to do. Jeep adventure at the Sea of Sands will give you great experience. The desert-like-sand-sea stretches around Mount Bromo. You can book travel agent to let you enjoy Jeep adventure throughout the Sea of Sands. The terrains are quite difficult but you can let it be handled by your operators. You will just sit and enjoy the ride. Aside from Jeep adventure, you can also explore the Sea of Sand by horse riding. You will be guided with the horse guide throughout the ride so you don’t have to worry about how to handle the horse safely. 

Enjoying your time in Mount Bromo can also involve hot coffees and mystical scenery. After adventure, time to let yourself relax by enjoying hot coffee in front of majestic view of your surroundings. Javanese coffee along with delicious local snacks will taste better when you enjoy it this way. End your day with a picnic at beautiful Savannah. Picnic during sunset at the Savannah will give you a great sensation of relaxation and tranquility. Lie down and enjoy the fresh air surrounded by beautiful views. What a beautiful way to end your day at Mount Bromo.

How To Make Your Visit to Petra More Enjoyable

Petra is one of the most visited tourists attraction in the world and it makes sense because it is a majestic ancient archaeological site. It is even crowned as one of the Seven Wonders of the World. There are many viewpoints in Petra you can truly enjoy during your visit. Petra is located in Jordan and it’s pretty accessible. Therefore, it attract lots of international travelers. If you are into historical travel destination, Petra is a perfect choice. You can learn more about the historical values behind the stunning Treasury as well as admire the architectural points of it. 

Make your visit in Petra more enjoyable

Jordan is a safe place to visit in general. As for dangers and threats are not that different from other tourist attractions in the world. So here are some tips to optimize your visit in Petra and make it more enjoyable for you:

Pick the right timing

Choose the right time to visit Petra. It is highly recommended to visit Petra during spring which is around March-May. If you visit during summer, you will have to deal with the unbearable heat which can reach up to 36 degrees Celsius. You can also visit Petra in autumn which is around September-November. The temperature during spring or autumn are more bearable which is about 18-25 degrees Celsius. To explore the site, it is recommended to go during sunrise or sunset to witness the most stunning view from the lookout. The quality of lights during those times are perfect for taking stunning pictures. 

travel jordan

Go slow

To make your journey in exploring the site of Petra more enjoyable, choose a slower pace. Thus, you can truly appreciate every corner of the place. It also gives your body time to adjust with the surroundings. Walking throughout the site can take up to two hours or more. However, there is no need to go in a rush. You will be able to explore the whole site in a day. 

Bring food and drinks

It is highly possible to get thirsty and hungry during your tour in Petra. It is highly suggested to bring your own bottled water and snacks. There are restaurants at the Visitor Center if you forget to bring yourself snacks or drinks. However, the price can be very expensive so you’d better prepare your money in advance. 

Beware of persistent sellers

You might be bothered by the locals who try to sell many things to you. They are quite persistent. It is best to turn down the offers to avoid hassles. You can focus more on the tour. Do not look at anything if you don’t have plan to buy anything because the sellers might interpret you are interested to buy something from them. Reject them politely to avoid any confrontation. 


To make your journey in Petra more enjoyable, choose the right accommodation. There are various hotels you can book in advance. You can also choose a hotel located near Petra. There are plenty of accommodations within 10 minute walking distance from Petra if you choose to stay the night in Petra. Research the accommodation in advance to choose the best one that fit your budget and preference. 

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Bali Tattoo Prices: Why is Tattoo Deposit Important

What makes artists and studios charge a tattoo deposit? This is a question that’s always been frequently asked by many people. Why does your artist require one? How about the tattoo prices in Bali? Does Bali tattoo prices includes deposit? Do they charge one here? 

Just like in other places, where it’s back home or in places like Bangkok, tattooists will charge you a non-refundable deposit when you book your appointment with them. And the principle behind this practice is pretty universal wherever you’re getting your tattoo at. 

bali tattoo prices

Tattoo deposits is a measure to protect artists and studio 

There are plenty of work to be done by your artist before they get to ink your skin. You don’t just pay that deposit included in your Bali tattoo prices to book the scheduled time. There are hours spent for that fragment of deposit you paid them. Hours of sketching the design and drawing. And not to mention, the communication time your artist does back and forth with you during the designing and preparation time. 

Here are some of the most common things about tattoo deposits: 

  • Tattoo appointment can usually be cancelled before 72 hours of your scheduled time of appointment.
  • If you’re late; 15 minutes to 30 minutes depending on tattoo studios or artists, it will be considered that you’ve forfeit your appointment, and you won’t be able to claim your deposit. 
tattoo deposits in bali

Bali tattoo prices: Why are deposits non-refundable?

Let’s face it, there’s nothing that can guarantee a customer to show up. Your artist has already prepared everything before the promised appointment time. Too many times a client pulled up a no-show during their scheduled time. This makes all of the effort your tattoo artists have put into all of the designing and drawing they did before your scheduled time. You can consider it a drawing fee or a design fee, but really, if it really is, it would be much higher than the fragment of the deposit amount. It’s not a perfect system, but charging a tattoo deposit upfront helps get client to show up. 

One thing you should note is that each tattoo studio in Bali have different pricing and deposit policies, so make sure that you consult with the tattoo place or the tattoo artist first and foremost regarding their tattoo deposit policies.

What should you do if you really can’t show up?

bali tattoo aftercare

if you really can’t go during the tattoo appointment, then please inform your tattoo studio or your tattoo artist. Don’t just pull off a no-show on them. 

  • Do this 2 days to a minimum of 24 hour before the promised time. Or really, just give them a call at a sensible time to notify you and communicate your problems with them. If you’re going to be late, call them. Artists and studios are often very accommodating to their clients’ needs. But don’t throw a fit if you showed up one hour after the scheduled meeting time and your deposit has been forfeit and your tattoo artist is fully booked for the day.
  • Reschedule your appointment. Make sure that you cleared your schedule for real this time. If things are making it impossible for you to make appointment anytime soon, talk it out with your tattoo artists. Chances are, once you had a discussion with them, you’ll work out the best scenario that will work out for you both. 
tattoo drawing fee

Always consult Bali tattoo prices with your studio 

This is the most straightforward way to know how much a tattoo of your chosen design would cost, and how much you should pay for a deposit for that particular tattoo. Remember that deposits may go up depending on the design of your tattoo. 

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Uncovering Your Purpose through Travel

Travelling gives you many benefits physically and mentally. As for physical benefits, your body will get more exposure to sunlight which means you will get enough vitamin D. during travel, you also explore various places by foot so your fitness will be improved eventually. As for mental benefits, you can heal your soul by travelling. Visiting places with soothing effect can help reducing stress in your head. Travel can also bring more happiness to you because you get to visit new places, meet new interesting people, and taste new foods. Experiencing something new is exciting which in the end can level up your index of happiness. 

Finding your purpose through travel

Another benefit of travel is to find purpose. Finding something you really want might be easy for others but not for you. Feeling stuck in a situation which leaves you in more confusion can be daunting. To help you uncovering your purpose in life such as career path or relationship, travel can be good tool. How?

Travelling girl in a lake

Understand what is normal

Travel, no matter how well you take precautions can be unpredictable. It is highly possible for the unexpected to happen. While this can be nerve-wrecking, this can be good thing for you because through travel, you learn to makes you ok with uncertainty. Through travel, you will learn that uncertainty is normal. It makes you feel alright to be uncertain or less confident until you are ready. 

Travel can help you to slow down your pace

With the way people live today in rapid pace, it is hard for you to calmly sit down and think. How can you find your purpose if you keep bouncing here and there. Instead, you can go slow travelling. It is when you travel in a slow pace to truly enjoy every detail of the place you visit. By slow travelling, you have time to truly think what’s best for you and what purpose you need to pursue. 

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Uncover things inside the self

Through travel, you will get the chance to uncover hidden talent or desires. Travel exposes you to new experience which means you are forced to learn something new and solve different problems. These help changes in your brain somehow which result in surprising output. If you want to truly uncover your purpose, you need to experience new insight. However, it can only come from new environments and new people. Travel allows your brain to face a hard time in predicting what will happen which benefits your way of thinking. 

Rediscovering what you truly loves

Travel also reveals what you truly loves. During travel, you decide what activities to stay happy such as choosing the spots that can make you feel comfortable the most or choosing coffee shops that can make you feel happy to meet the locals. During travel, you will think that you only have one chance so you must pick something that will never make you regret. You will choose something that makes you happy the most. In the end, you will go to things you love. This can be a way to uncover your purpose in life. 

Improving The Happiness of Your Holiday

Every individual may have different criteria of what can make them feel happy. Some people consider travel as one of the things that can bring happiness in their life. However, not all people who go travelling return with happier mood. Some of them end up feeling more stress than before. There are many factors that can make your holiday goes wrong. It can be your destination is not what you expected, or it can be the people you met during travel. The thing is, you cannot just blame on others. What you can do is to improve the happiness of your holiday. 

How to effectively improve your holiday happiness?

Just because the last time you traveled you didn’t feel happier, doesn’t mean you should avoid travelling forever. Travel is good because it brings various benefits, physically and mentally. To bring the good of travel, you can improve the happiness. Here are several ways to improve your vacation happiness:

Let yourself anticipate what kind of adventure you want to experience. Daydreaming is not always bad. You can daydream about the adventure you want to have during your vacation later. It can help increasing the mood so you will feel motivated and excited with the plan. If you are lack of desire from the beginning, it will be harder for you to enjoy the travel once you experience it. 

Another way to improve your vacation happiness is by turning the moments into stories you can tell later to others. You can capture the best moments during your vacation by taking pictures. Your mind has anticipation of what to tell others once you return form your vacation. This makes you feel happier taking those moments because you have something to anticipate for. 

Take a chance of vacation to improve your well-being and fitness. If you are used to work in a place with less exposure to sunlight, use your vacation to get exposed better to it. If you are used to sit all day finishing your task, use your vacation a chance to walk and do more physical activities. If you are used to lack of sleep, use your time during vacation to get yourself a well-deserved rest. When your physical health is improved, your body will has less-toxic. It can improve your moods which result in more happiness you can feel during your holiday. 

Use your holiday to heal your mind and soul. Hectic soul and stress mind prohibits you from feeling happiness even if it is in front of your eyes. Thus, you can take opportunity during your vacation to visit places which can sooth your mind. You can also go to places to meditate or take a yoga retreat. However, you also need to spare time to interact with others. If you totally isolate yourself during travel especially when you are on family vacation, you may experience more stress than happiness because you feel lonelier. Talk with your friends or family more. You can discus mundane things and your mood will be improved. 

How To Avoid Any Drama During a Family Holiday

Spending your holiday with family can be the happiest moment in your life especially if you are used to living separately from your family. When holidays come, you embrace the moment to spend quality time with them. However, it is also common to have an unenjoyable holiday when you spend it with family. It is also common for people to avoid family vacation at all cost because they don’t want to deal with any drama. Well, it may sound exaggerating but it happens from time to time.

Tips to avoid drama during a family holiday

If you are planning to travel to your hometown to spend your holiday with your family, then it is a great idea because you can spend quality time with people you missed the most. Or, you may plan a family trip to a particular place to spend your holiday instead. No matter what you choose, there is always the potential for a drama to happen when it comes to family. So here are several ways to deal with it:

–        Have your own time to separate from your family. Setting boundaries and giving spaces to each other is important to avoid unnecessary conflict. You can tell your family that you will not be able to join a particular family event. No matter how you missed your family and want to keep spending time with them during a holiday, separation is necessary even for few hours. Having your ‘me time’ is also good especially when you spend your holiday with a large group of family members. Surrounded constantly within large group can be overwhelming especially if you are used to live separately.

–        Holiday is the time when you are free from any responsibility at works or schools. That may be the time that you use to release all negative energy. All pent up frustration can trigger you to snap at your family. Or, you may become more sensitive than you usually are. Thus, try to control your turbulent emotions and keep them in check so if there is someone giving you cuff remarks you won’t get easily offended. Be more understanding that maybe the others are also experiencing similar state as you are.

–        Try to focus on positive things. You can think of something that can help lifting up your moods during your family holiday. For example, focus on doing activities you like with your families such as cooking together. It is also highly recommended to limit your alcohol. Drinking too much can low your inhibition which can result in losing control. It can make you to act aggressively or negatively which can ruin the mood of the holiday.

–        Be more focus on enjoying yourself and keep on positive thinking. Try to be grateful of every little moment you have with your family. This is the moment you can make of the most with your family. It is also nice to interact with family members in different ages. You can play with your little nieces, have conversation with the elders, or just take a walk with your parents.

Rent Canggu Villas Near Echo Beach

For surfers, echo beach is a must-visit destination. As one of the most popular surfing destinations in Bali, it is never empty of tourist visits. Having a local name “Mejan Beach” is close to the Canggu row of villas with rice field views. If you are a facilitator, staying at Canggu is the best idea where you can quickly reach echo beach and conquer the waves at the right time.

Canggu Villas

The Canggu villas area can be reached in 45 minutes from Airport International through high-end areas and paddy fields that are maintained by local residents. Various choices of Canggu Bali villa rentals make it easy for you to choose as needed. Starting from the choice of the number of bedrooms to private pool facilities offering you a luxurious and enjoyable holiday.

Canggu Villas, The Best Choice of Accommodation for Travelers

The Canggu area is the most talked about and sought after by tourists who are on holiday in Bali. Areas with views of rice fields, cool air and away from the crowds offer a different holiday atmosphere. Canggu Bali villas are designed to provide a calm atmosphere, especially for those of you who want to rest and stay away from the crowds.

Echo beach is not the only best destination in the Canggu area. There are many other destinations that are easily accessible, both those who want to enjoy the sunset or sunbathe. Very interesting. Many Canggu villas are built as residences during vacations and even long term residences for expatriates.

Canggu villas really spoil tourists with the most relaxed and calm atmosphere. Not surprising if there are many foreign tourists, whether they are honeymooners, family vacations or surfers. There are many finds in Canggu Bali villa rentals, ranging from looking at surfing the internet to looking for reviews of previous villa guests. This is technological sophistication, where everyone can do a villa comparison, starting from the price, facilities, services, and location of the villa closest to echo beach.

Canggu villas are also best if you are a digital nomad. There are many nomad digital communities in the Canggu area where you can take part in regular events and various knowledge and increase networking. Decided to rent Canggu villas, giving many opportunities to do many things. No matter whether you are on vacation or working, living in Canggu Bali villa rentals are perfect for everyone. Work hard, play hard at Canggu Villas and its surrounds.

Everything You Need to Know About Bali Piercing Prices

Bali has obviously no shortages of places to get piercing done. Whether it’s for a small piercing on the ear or more complex body piercing, the island is rich in professionals to do the job. But how much do you need to pay for getting a piercing in Bali? What should you consider upon looking on Bali piercing prices? Don’t fret! Here’s our answers to ensure the cost of piercing in Bali match your wallet. 

Finding the Best Bali Piercing Prices

Look for Displayed Piercing Prices

Above everything else, you must have know how much Bali piercing prices would cost you. You don’t want to pay more than you get. It’s important to get to know the actual price of the piercing you are about to get before actually pierce the skin. Do some research. The tattoo and piercing parlour should list their prices on their website or social media page. If you can’t find any, call them. You could also physically visit the store and ask for their Bali piercing prices before making any appointment. 

Average Bali Piercing Prices

Just like in any other part in the world, cost of piercing Bali varies depend on the location of the body that’s being pierced. But you could divide them into three general parts. The earlobes, ear cartilage, and cheeks usually cost the cheapest. They cost around USD 100 to 150. Second most-popular body part to get pierced such as the eyebrow, nose, navel, and nipples cost medium prices. They might charge you around USD 250. Finally, the highest prices are charged at more complex part of the body, such as the upper of the lips (the medusa), tongue, and the surface of the body, such as the nape of the neck. The price could cost start from USD 320 and higher. 

Should You Negotiate the Bali Piercing Prices? 

Can you haggle for a lower price for piercing Bali? Well, it depends. Most shops who list their piercing prices do not open a room for negotiation. Their prices are fixed. However, they may make an exception if you are a returning customers. Some parlours have a membership cards where you can get a free or discounted service on certain returns. They might also give you a discount for your next visit if you sent some friends to them on your recommendations. Some studios also offer discounts on multiple piercings and group appointments. 

It doesn’t hurt to ask! We suggest you to look for a room to negotiate, but don’t push it if you can’t find any. If you think the price is way out of your budget, just smile and say thank you before walking away. 

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On Tipping the Piercers

Tipping the piercers is one of the basic etiquette on piercing. Unless they are working on their own studio, piercers usually give some percentages of every piercing they do to the studio. The norms of tipping is about 15% – 20% of the actual price. You could tip more if your piercer did an amazing job!

The Cost of Jewelries

Most prices of piercing has include a basic body jewellery that you don’t need to pay separately. However, you need to pay extra for special jewellery, such as po-allergenic jewels, or upgraded jewellery.