How To Help Preserve Nature When Travelling

Tourism affect global economy positively especially since the index keeps increasing each year. However, there is a cost to pay for it. It is often that tourism cause many problems such as disrespecting the local customs, damaging public facilities, conducting misbehavior in public, and damaging the environment. Those are negative sides of tourism that difficult to overcome. Tourism has positive and negative impact to human. However, the environment is also the one that get affected the most, negatively. Therefore, lots of tourism campaign now encourages people to preserve the nature during a trip. Eco-travel is one of the most encouraging practice now. 

How To Help Preserve Nature When Travelling

Small things to do help preserve nature during your trip

Lots of people think that can leave common sense behind when travel. They end up offending the residents or damaging the environment both unconsciously and consciously. It is great to visit beautiful places when you can feel the nature is still preserved well. However, tourism can lead those places to get exploited. In fact, there are many endanger travel destinations around the world that need saving. Those places are planned to be closed from tourist activity to avoid further damage.

Do Not Litters or Urinate in Publics

There are many common habits tourists develop when travelling that can cause damage to the nature such as urinating in public, throwing rubbish in random places, and many more. Keep in mind that not many people have the privilege of unlimited resources to survive. Many poorer countries are tied up to the natural resources that are not even sustainable. They rely on the forest, minerals, as well as land that can be used for agriculture to survive. Thus, your misconduct during a trip can lead to exploiting their resource. Destroying wildlife habitats and beautiful nature can cause serious damage in the long term. 

Choose Destination that Encourages Ecotourism

How To Help Preserve Nature When Travelling

It is also such a good idea to choose a destination that encourages ecotourism. It is such a great way to conserve the local cultural and biological diversity, as well as promote sustainable use of resource. This way, it will be easier to remind yourself to behave well during your trip. Keep in mind that you can still enjoy the beautiful nature without exploiting it. There are many ways you can do to appreciate the nature without doing causing any damage. You don’t have to preserve nature by doing campaign. You can start from yourself by developing positive habits every time you travel. Let the other see how travel can be enjoyed without causing any trouble to the nature.

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Bring Your Own Bottles

There are many small things you can do to help protect the nature when travelling. For example, bring your own bottled water so you don’t excessively buy bottled water which are made of plastics. It helps prevent plastic waste that is hard to absorb by the soil. You can also be wiser in using mode of transport when travelling. If it is possible for you to walk then do it instead of hailing a cab. Strolling around the place to enjoy your surroundings can be more fun and beneficial to the environment.

What You’re Going to Learn at Surf Lessons Algarve

Algarve is one of the few place in the world where you can surf for all 365 days a year. The Algarve is filled up with surf towns and as the region face the Atlantic Ocean on its western and southern coast, Algarve enjoys good waves all year long. The Algarve has everything a surfer would enjoy; warm and clear blue water, pleasant weather, consistent waves, and laid-back locals that make up an amazing, authentic local experience. Algarve has so many surf camps offering surf lessons for beginners, intermediate, advanced, and even kids. Every year more surf enthusiast come to the region to get surf lessons—and if you plan to book one this holiday, this is what you are going to learn at Algarve. 

Surf lessons not only to learn the basic of surfing, but also to avoid unpleasant situations such as getting caught in the wave beyond your capability, behaving irresponsibly at surf lines, to handling unwanted accidents. 

What You’re Going to Learn at Surf Lessons Algarve

Get At Least Two Weeks of Surf Lessons Algarve

The surf lesson is not only all about the basic of surfing. You will learn other surf-related things that not necessarily oriented to your surfing progress. They will teach you to how to avoid unpleasant situations during the surf and the correct way to handle it. You’ll learn how to get out if you get caught in waves beyond your capability, how to handle unwanted accidents, and what kind of irresponsible behaviours that will annoy other surfers in the area. 

There’s just so much techniques and etiquettes to swallow when you first jump on surfing. To take a really solid comprehension of surfing, we really recommend you to take at least two weeks of surf lessons in Algarve. The more time you have, the more theories you can put into practice. And he more you practice, the more you can handle the surfboard, the waves, the winds, and everything else. 

Getting the First Surf Lessons Algarve at the Beach 

What You’re Going to Learn at Surf Lessons Algarve

Your first surf lessons at Algarve surf camp wouldn’t happen at the sea. The first surf lessons will always take place on the beach—or even at the classroom back at the surf camp. Before you jump to the water, the instructor will take an adequate time to explain everything about the swells, tides, currents, winds, down to how the waves are formed. Basically everything about ocean a surfer need to know. When you have understand how the waves work, you will figure out how to read a wave, how to distinguish which is left and which is right, when and where the waves break, and how you can catch it.

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Choosing the Surfboard

It’s best to not rushing to buy a surfboard before you come to surf lessons Algarve. Chance is, you buy it wrong. The surf camp will teach you how to choose the right surf board which size and shape largely depends on your skills and the surf spot. As a beginner, you will likely get bigger surfboard, the one with soft-top (to protect your torso, wide volume for flotation, and rocker. The first lessons at the beach will also cover the right positioning at the surf boards, maintaining a proper stance, and how to pop up on your surf board and standing at your feet. 

The Surf Class at the Water 

Your first surf lessons at Algarve water will be fully accompanied by the surf instructor. They will shot their tips and pointers while you are paddling in the water. You will have the first lessons at knee high water—and only when you have master the balance, it will progressed further to deeper area.  

Possible Hazards During Outdoor Trip

Travelling can be fun and all until someone get injured or involved in an accident. There are many possible hazards during a trip depending on the destination. Hazards are varied from one place to another. However, it doesn’t mean you should feel discouraged to take an outdoor travel. There will always be dangerous circumstances you possibly encounter during an outdoor trip. What you can do is to make sure that you do general safety measure in advance. Keep in mind that there is always safety measure for any type of hazard. There is also remedy for every ailment you may suffer during the trip. 

Be aware of hazards during outdoor travel

Always make sure that you do precaution such as informing people at home of where you are going to with the trip. Also, always maintain effective communication with them to make sure you will get immediate help during emergency situation. There are various hazards you possibly encounter that caused by the nature or human. Here are several of them:

Hazards due to the circumstances of the nature are highly possible to encounter especially when your destination is an open space or wilderness. Some places are more prone to natural disasters such as tornado, floods, earthquake, lightning, or sandstorm. Thus, make sure to research in advance about your destination. However, they may also appear unpredictably. Thus, make sure you do the precautions well.

There are also hazards caused by dangerous terrains. You may plan an outdoor trip to do various extreme and strenuous activities for example hiking through a mountain with difficult trails. The area can be dangerous and can cause you injury from minor to severe. For example, it is highly possible to slip due to wet or slippery rocks/logs. It is also possible to slip when you cross the river, streams, etc. The possibility to slip is higher when you do the activity after dark. Lack of visibility can make it worse. Passing through glacier can also cause various injuries.

There is also possibility to get drown during an outdoor trip. It is one of the most common accidents during an outdoor trip. It can happen due to various reasons such as slips, or crossing unreliable bridges. It is also possible to get washed away by the tides during your trip to the beaches. Make sure to stay alert during your outdoor trip regardless of how safe it looks at the time. 

There are also possible hazards caused by human interactions. The people you encounter during outdoor trip don’t always be helpful or friendly. There are those who take advantage of your situations. Possible hazardous bystanders including attacks, sexual assault, robbery, etc. Thus, it is highly recommended t bring companion if you plan to take an outdoor trip. It is safer that way because most criminals don’t target group travelers. They often target solo travelers most of the times. Therefore, it is important to use your instinct as well to notice possible threats from people you encounter during your outdoor trip.

Overcoming Possible Problems During Outdoor Trip

Outdoor trip is fun and benefits you in many ways. Through outdoor activities during the the trip, you will get to learn more about the wildlife and how to preserve them. You will also learn how importance their existence to the world. Not to mention that doing physical activities every once in awhile in outdoor spaces is good for your body. It can help increase your physical strength. Not to mention that it is a good stress-reliever as well. It is highly recommended to go for outdoor trip in group not all alone. It is safer that way to make sure you have someone you can rely on during emergency. Not to mention that having outdoor trip in group is much more fun. 

Overcoming Possible Problems During Outdoor Trip

Possible problems during outdoor trip and how to overcome them

Even if you have chosen safe place for your outdoor trip destination, it is still possible for various problems to come. The wildlife is unexpected anyway. Aside from making necessary precautions, You can also learn more about the possible problems and how to overcome them. 

Encounter Wild Animals

Encounter wild animals during outdoor trip is highly possible especially when you are venturing national park or sanctuary. As for precaution, avoid areas with signs of wild animals on them. Always carry bear spray in your bag for emergency. If you already see them, do not panic and do not run. Assess the situation first. If the animals have not noticed you, return silently to the place where you came from.

Unpredictable Bad Weather

It is possible for you to encounter bad weather regardless of how diligent you are checking on the forecast beforehand. Stay alerts of your surroundings during the trip. Check the signs of the weather by looking at the clouds, or feeling how the winds pick up. If there are signs for the storms, retreat to your camping site or find a safe shelter if your camping site is too far to reach. 

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Danger in Lightning

Lightning is also possible danger you encounter during your outdoor trip. It can be dangerous especially when you are in an open space. So many people got injured by lightning during outdoor activities such as camping, fishing, hiking, or climbing. Avoid high terrain, body of waters, as well as golf courses. Also, avoid isolated trees. It is better to run into the forest where trees are. Avoid pitching your tent near the tallest tree as well to minimize the risk of electric storms.

Getting Lost in the Wild

Getting lost is also one of the most common problems during outdoor trip. Make sure to always carry a map when you are about to venture the wildlife. If it happens to you, do not panic. And assess your surroundings. Try to related all to your location on a map. Use your map and compass diligently if you still cannot figure out where you are and where to go. If you are injured or it’s already dark, stay put. The last thing you can do is follow the stream downhill or a drainage. They usually lead you to a road or trail.

Things to Know to Make Your Komodo Liveaboard Budget Trip Better

If you have planned to see the last of the dragons in Komodo National Park this holiday, you will find a lot of liveaboard selection to sail the Komodo. From high luxury to budget, you will always find something that suits your wallet. If you are not keen to splurge on extravagant decoration and rolled sushi for lunch, you might want to check out budget liveaboard Komodo. It’s like the middle class of liveaboard—you get everything basic things you need at bargain price. Budget liveaboard become traveler favourite not only for its friendly cost but also the atmosphere. The crews, while staying professionals at their job, will treat you just like a friend and give you many valuable insider insights of the Komodo. Passengers on budget liveaboard tend to be more grounded and diverse; a mix of newbie and seasonal passengers who are ready to share exciting stories with you. 

While Komodo liveaboard budget is just as awesome as it is, there are several extra preparation to make your sailing trip even better. 

Things to Know to Make Your Komodo Liveaboard Budget Trip Better

What to Wear in the Liveaboard? 

Komodo budget liveaboard doesn’t call for complex piece of clothing. This is not a sailing trip with a cruise where you will attend a fine dining on one of the night with appropriate clothes. There will be no formal night, so pack all of your summer clothes! Komodo liveaboard call for adventurous activities and you’ll be doing fine with your most casual clothes. Just remember to pack one light jacket and some sun cover up for women. Like anywhere in Indonesia, you might be required to cover up your bikini in public places. 

How Do You Get Best Deals on Komodo Liveaboard Budget? 

Ssst, here’s a secret. Most Komodo liveaboard budget have secret best deals they don’t put on the website. So here’s our tips. Starts doing online research about budget boats in Komodo. Make your shortlist based on price, facilities, or other criteria. Mark the calendar for times you are willing/free to go to Komodo. Follow the boats’ social media and subscribe for the newsletter. We’ve seen ships announce discounts, special price, and even giveaway on their social media and newsletter!

Things to Know to Make Your Komodo Liveaboard Budget Trip Better

Do Could You Entertain the Kids in Komodo Liveaboard Budget?

Every adventurous parents who’ve been taking their kids to vacation can relate. In a sailing boat where there won’t be any signals, playstation, PC, and even convenience market nearby, travelling with kids can be quite tacky. They can get bored very fast! Our best suggestion is check in with your boat operator. See if they have some board and fun games such as UNO, stacks, ludo, card decks, or other more. It’s also a good idea to pack things that stimulate children’s imagination such as binocular. This is very appropriate for Komodo’s Jurassic-looking landscape and it will keep them busy for few hours.

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How to Choose A Cabin for Seasickness Prone People? 

Sometimes, someone in the party can’t really stomach sailing trip. Maybe it’s your husband, one of your child, your friend, or even yourself—who need to constantly stay near to the toilet while the boat is moving. Our best tips is to choose the top cabin or the one in the mid-deck. Luckily, they mostly features stunning view of the landscape aside of being the most stable cabin. Unluckily, they might cost more—so prepare extra budget if you want to purchase these comforts. 

Sharpen Your Photography Skills Through A Wildlife Trip

Taking a journey to a wildlife is exciting. It can make you feel closer to the nature as well as every living things within. Having a trip to a wildlife doesn’t mean you should explore everything in an extreme way such as climbing, kayaking, skydiving, etc. You can just enjoy the nature on your way, on your own pace. You can also make your journey more memorable by doing what you really like or something you are most passionate about. One of the best ways to enjoy the trip to wildlife is photography. Taking pictures of the nature, flora, fauna, and everything you see beautiful is great experience during a trip to a wildlife. For example, it can feel exhilarating to take a picture of lion lounging around in the middle of the Sahara.

Indulge your passion in photography during a wildlife trip

Wildlife photography is one of the most loved subject. It is because they usually consists of wild animals naturally posing in their natural habitat. The pictures look more interesting and alive. If you have passion in wildlife photography, you can always sharpen your skills through travelling. Here are things you should consider in doing so.

Choose the right camera you can always bring for a travel.

The camera should be high quality and light enough to carry everywhere. Not to mention that it should be waterproof. Having a trip to a wildlife makes you face the unexpected. Your camera can be in risky situation when it involves waters. Therefore, make sure to choose the right camera and its protector. 

Keep your safety first

In your attempt to take the most dramatic pictures of animals, make sure to keep your own safety as well. Remember the safe distance. Instead endangering your safety by getting too close with the animals, you can choose the right lens that can help you capture quality pictures even from distance. It might be more expensive but it’s worth your life. You can get into action without getting any harm. 

Do not just wait for the animals to be in particular position or pose

Sharpen Your Photography Skills Through A Wildlife Trip

Instead, focus on the angle of how you take pictures. Also, it is best to have your camera on silent mode while you are in action. You don’t want to disturb the wildlife because then you won’t get the best pictures. It is also great to practice your angle in taking pictures. Your trip to a wildlife will provide you this opportunity. You can take any picture of any object to make you used to the feeling of taking the right angle. 

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Do not hesitate to look for references

It is fine to search for inspiration of how to take the best pictures of the wildlife. Before your trip, you can scroll down Instagram to see how professional took their pictures. What you can learn from them include lighting, behavior, distance, and scene. You can practising those aspect during your wildlife trip. Then, you will see yourself making progress throughout the trip.

Three Sites to See in Tulamben Diving Other Than Wrecks

Tulamben used to be an unknown little village in remote east coast of Bali and now it grows into one of the busiest diving hub in the island. The Tulamben was totally off the radar before the discovery of USAT Liberty shipwreck, a sunken military ship from the World War Ii era. The shipwreck settled on a sloping seabed in 3 m depth that goes down to 30 m below, making it as the most accessible shipwreck in the world. Tulamben diving is popular for beginners who just make their first dive in Bali due to it’s low currents, high visibility, and easy entrance. despite of being one of the most well known dive destination in Bali, Tulamben remains as a humble little village—the diver crowds don’t turn it into a packed little town like Kuta, Seminyak, or Canggu. 

The wreck might still be the largest attraction to divers who come in Bali, but Tulamben is actually a lot more than just a shipwreck. for you who want to explore Tulamben even deeper, here’s our suggestions:

Tulamben Diving Alamanda

Three Sites to See in Tulamben Diving Other Than Wrecks

If you have familiar with Tulamben diving, you must have been familiar with the Drop Off. The spectacular wall dive site that famously accessible by shore dive. Embark on just 5 minutes from the Drop Off site and you’ll get to Alamanda. Get off from the boat and you will arrive on a site where pinnacles and coral slopes beautifully cover the seabeds. You will soon find yourself be surrounded by thousands school of fishes. Below, you will see crabs, shrimps, seahorses, and nudibranchs call the corals home. Alamanda diving in Tulamben will be super perfect for macro lovers. However, you might get a pleasant surprise from appearances of sharks, barracuda, or napoleon wrasse. Alamanda has almost no currents which make it suitable for divers of all levels. 

The Boga Shipwreck

Three Sites to See in Tulamben Diving Other Than Wrecks

Do you know that Tulamben diving actually have more than one wreck site? Head to the “Boga” Kubu shipwreck, a new sunken ship just 5 minutes away from the USAT Liberty. The Boga was previously a 40 m, 150 tonne cargo ship which wreck was purchased by Kubu Hotel Bali and donated to Karangasem Regency to create a new diving attraction. And so it does. The ship, which has initially sunken on purpose in 2012 has been slowly transforming into a new marine oasis. It’s body provides new surfaces for corals, algae, and sponges to grow on. The empty ship is now as shelter for damselfish, fusiliers, surgeounfish, travellies, and other fishes who’re interested to call this ship home. On lucky day, you can even see whitetip and blacktop reef sharks patrolling the area. 

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Seraya Secret

Three Sites to See in Tulamben Diving Other Than Wrecks

If you are looking for the best macro and muck diving site in Bali, the Seraya Secret is your answer.  Going down to just 10 m depth of black sandy bottom, you will see the seabed is full with strange small creatures hiding all over the places. You will spend hours photographing boxer shrimps, harlequin shrimps, stargazers, octopus, leopard moray eels, lion fish, scorpion fish, and many more. Seri secret totally a heaven for macro lovers! To reach this Tulamben diving site, you just need to drive 10 minutes from Tulamben and access the site from the shore of Seraya beach. 

Looking For Out Of The Box Souvenirs From Travelling

Buying souvenirs from the place you travel to is almost like obligation because they are sort of like memories for you to cherish after you leave the place. Therefore, you will still have something to remember even when you return to your home. Souvenirs are also proof that you visited the place. You can buy souvenirs to indulge yourself or to give to others. There is also no specific rules of what kind of souvenirs you should buy from particular cities or countries. You can buy whatever you want that catch your attention. Most people choose souvenirs that can remind them of the place the most. For example, travelers often buy key chains with mini Eiffel Tower when they visit Paris. 

Not-so ordinary souvenirs to buy when travelling

For those who travel quite frequent, buying souvenir can be a little bit boring especially when they are running out of idea of what kind of souvenirs they should buy. If you are travelling to different places and see the same kind of souvenirs over and over again, it’s not surprising if you choose to not buy at all. So here are quite peculiar souvenirs you can buy when travelling:

Natural souvenir is such a great idea especially when you visit a place that has a great nature. There is wide variety of natural souvenirs you can buy such as jar of sands, jar of stones, etc. They are easy to find though. You can even customize the jar on your own from home. You don’t have to buy the sands even. You can just bring the sands from the place you visit and store them in plastic bags. At home, you can store them into a decorated jars. Name the jars with the place you visit. They can be a great decoration for your home, you can also give them to your friends or families as souvenirs. 

Instead of buying souvenirs that will only be a decoration, you can also buy the ones that can serve more purpose such as kitchenware or cooking appliances. Every country must have their own culture which influences their type of cooking or kitchenware design. You can buy unique bowls when visit Korea or Japan, pretty mugs from western countries, place mat from India, wooden chopping board from Iceland, or unique pan from Indonesia. 

Memory box with transparent display is also a great idea for a souvenir you can buy from travel. You may visit the same place several times. Therefore, you buy different souvenirs for every visit. This makes you have a collection of souvenirs from the same place. You can place and organized them neatly in a memory box. You can choose your own favorite memory box. Even if you don’t have plan to visit the place again in the near future, You can still buy the memory box since they are useful for other purposes. You can place memory boxes you collected as decoration in your home. Those look unique and more personalized.

Things To Prepare Before Travel

Travelling is more than just moving your body and going to your destination. It is essentials to be prepared when it comes to travel because it can be unpredictable. Of course, you can’t also predict everything that might happen during your trip. However, being prepared can make you feel safer and more comfortable even when you are faced with some hassles. Preparation before travel can be overwhelming especially when it is a trip to foreign countries and it’s your first time. 

What to pay attention to for smooth travel

Even though it looks complicated to prepare a trip, it is not daunting as it looks. Sometimes, it is only the nerves that makes you feel extra anxious. As for preparation, you can do it smoothly without so much hassles as long as you know the important points.

Travel danger and warning of your destination

When you decide to travel to particular place, country, or city, it is a must for you to find out about their travel warnings and dangers so you know what to expect. Every country may have different regulations about foreign visitors so you need to be knowledgeable enough of the information to avoid getting into unnecessary trouble. 

Where to stay

You must have a plan of how long you are going to stay in your travel destination. Therefore, you should think of what kind of accommodation you need so you will stay comfortably. You don’t really have to worry about accommodation because most of the countries around the world have hotels you can cook in advance. Unless, if you are planning to travel to very secluded destinations. You may need a local guide to book accommodation. 

Things to see and do during your travel

Things To Prepare Before Travel

Travelling will be such a waste if you stay in the hotel room all day long because the world has so many amazing things to explore. You won’t get meaningful experience in doing so. Therefore, you should plan where to see and what to do in advance. So you know how to enjoy your trip throughout the day. Do your own research of interesting places you can go to. Do not only look for the most popular site or attractions. Less touristy sites can be fun to visit as well. 

Where to eat

You cannot just travel around your destination without having a meal. More importantly, every country may have different tendencies in making or serving foods. It is recommended to research in advance. It will be very helpful for travelers who have certain food allergies or something. It is always highly advised to be more careful in buying street foods. Make sure you buy street foods that are cooked and served with hygiene. 

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Money-saving tricks

If you are budget traveler, you can look for money-saving tricks before travelling. Travelling is not always expensive. There are many tricks you can do to avoid excessive travel expense without putting your health and security in jeopardy. You can make some adjustment to accommodations and foods choices to save some money. 

Interesting Things to Do in Malang, Indonesia

Located in East Java of Indonesia, Malang is a popular travel destination among local travelers. However, it has started to gain attention from international tourists as well. It is something to be expected because there are many interesting points of Malang which makes it worth travelling for. This second largest city in East Java has historical significance which blend perfectly well with the city’s modern urbanity. Not to mention that there are particular spots with strong colonial vibes you can explore to. 

Unique, interesting things to do when travelling in Malang

Travelling in Malang won’t allow you to feel bored. In fact, you will think that you don’t have enough time to explore all interesting places in a day. Therefore, spend few days of your holiday in Malang to get around the city and do many interesting activities. Here are interesting things you can do when visit Malang.

Wake Early for Fresh Air

It is highly recommended to wake early when you are in Malang. Enjoying fresh morning air is a great thing to start your day. When you are ready, take a walking tour of the Dutch colonial-style houses in the neighborhoods around Ijen street. This is where you can see unique, beautiful colonial structures. It is a great place to take memorable pictures. 

The Antique Pedicab Tour

Interesting Things to Do in Malang, Indonesia

Malang is also a great place to get around with by Becak (pedicab). You can take a tour this old city during evening and enjoy the lively buzz of the locals. You can take a tour to Alun-Alun or the central town square of Malang. Then continue to the Jalan Basuki Rahmat. It is a quite busy street where you can see the locals mingling around especially on Sunday evening. 

Local Market!

If you want to know more about the local culture, visit the local market or local bird market. You will see various birds and pets in the market. Most people there speak Javanese or Bahasa so might as well hire a tour guide if you want to interact more with the locals or learn a thing or two about the culture. 

Magical Sunrise at Mount Bromo

Interesting Things to Do in Malang, Indonesia

If you are into physical, outdoor activities, it is highly recommended to visit Mount Bromo, one of the most iconic travel destinations in Malang. You can take a ‘sunrise tour’ but it is highly suggested that you book it beforehand. The tour guide will guide you to visit the best part of Mount Bromo such as the sunrise and the Sea of Sand. If you feel adventurous, you can also rent a bike to drive through the roads leading to Mount Bromo and its main sights. However, it is not recommended for inexperienced motorbike drivers especially to drive before sunrise due to limit of visibility. 

Awesome Volunteering Experience

Another interesting thing to do in Malang that you may not find in another place is volunteering in ProFauna Indonesia Organization. You will be assigned to tasks that suits your skills and experiences. This wildlife conservation is a great place to visit and volunteer. You will get to witness the beautiful nature while learning more about Indonesian cultures.