Less Touristy Cities in Europe To Visit

Europe is certainly one of the most popular places to visit for travelling. There are many cities you can go to with their beauty you can enjoy to the fullest. Europe also has that kind of classical vibe to it, making you feel more relaxed somehow. However, you are not the only one who love Europe. There are other people around the world who choose Europe as their travel destinations as well every year. Some cities are even more crowded by tourists than other. If you want to feel the calming and relaxing vibe during your travel in Europe, might as well visit less touristy cities. 

Travel to less touristy cities in Europe

There are many wonderful places in Europe that attract fewer tourists. It doesn’t mean the spots are not travel-worthy. They might not be as popular as others due to various reasons. Amsterdam, Paris, and Venice are already so mainstream today. So why not travelling to less tourist cities instead for a change. Who knows you will experience something greater instead. 

Norwich is located in England. This is a great place where you can find the most stunning medieval architecture in England. You can visit some pubs during your visit or even admiring Norwich cathedral with stunning architecture. There are many other spots you can visit to enjoy the most picturesque sites. Also, not to mention that you can also visit the oldest pub in the country, the Adam and Eve Pub. It was established back then in 1249.

The Hague is located in Netherlands. See, Amsterdam is already crowded with tourists and travelers alike. If you want to get some peace, this spot is highly recommended because hardly any tourists here. You still can feel the Netherlands’s architecture along with pretty network canals, as well as museum. The best part about this city is the location which is only 15 minutes away from Scheveningen beach resort. 

Pristina is the capital city of Kosovo. This place might not be as popular as other cities in Europe in regard of its tourism. However, this city has undergone major transformation that can put you in awe. You will get to enjoy the stunning buildings with beautiful designs. The most recommended spot to visit is Emin Gjiku Ethnographic Museum. It is the national museum of Kosovo. You can also have a leisure walk in Germia Park.

Abardeen is located in Scotland. This place is straight out of a fairytale because of its beautiful scenery.  This city is also called Granite City and you will find amazing building in every turn. You can also anticipate the reopening of Abardeen’s main art gallery this November. Explore the city more to nearby Speyside to experience more the local culture. This place is great to empty your minds and just simply relax. 

There are many travel destinations in the world to visit. You don’t always have to follow where most tourists go. You can choose your own destination that fits your preference and mood instead. Thus, the travel will be truly worth it. 

How Travel Can Help Improving The Way Your Brain Works

Travel is always unpredictable no matter how meticulous you are with the preparation. However, the unexpected is not always bad thing. Sometimes, it can be something good for yourself. Through travel, you can improve your personality development to the better. Through travel as well, you can get to know a person better because people tend to reveal their true colors when they are exposed to new things. There is a lot of benefits when it comes to travel. It is more than spending your money to stay at the secluded cabin in a private island or enjoying expensive, authentic foods. Travel can also change the way your brain works somehow. 

Travel improve the way your brain works

Changing your brain work through travelling

Every individual has different passion and desire to explore things. Some of them indulge their desire to explore by travelling to places they want to visit. However, some of them are unable to do so due to some factors such as financial situation, health condition, or lack of motivation. However, travel is good for you because it gives particular impact to your life. How?

Your brain never stops working. It is a hardworking part of your body so it deserves a reward once in a while. You cannot let your brain to be filled with stress only. Thus, you need to feed it fresh air once in a while. Fresh air is good for your brain to switch off negativity from your brain. Instead of taking drugs, travelling can be more effective to remove negative psychological ailments in your brain. During your travel, you walk more and do more physical activities which can lift up your mood as well. It is good activity to fight against psychological illnesses and stress related troubles. 

Travel can help changing the way your brain works for the better because you will be exposed to new things throughout the journey. You will face the unexpected which force your brain to think creatively. It is even better when you switch off your phone and find the solution of the problems you face without using it. It can help increasing your creativity which impact on your problem-solving skills. It is also one of the reasons why people who are in a rut of finding new inspiration go travelling. Travel lead you to new challenges so you have chances to finding solution. Lots of travelers found their creative epiphanies through their journey. 

Travel can change the way your brain work because it helps increasing your open-mindedness as well as intelligence. During travel, you are exposed to new experiences, new people, and new environment. Travel will force yourself to survive in new environment. That’s why you are eager to learn new language so you can blend in with the locals. You also try different things you may have never experienced before in your life which can drive your brain to work differently. Learning something new to adapt can help improving your intelligence. A simple thing such as learning new language can boost your brain.

How to Truly Appreciate Your Komodo Boat Trip

After all the hassle of booking, now you are finally going to your dream Komodo boat trip to cruise the wild and wonderful Komodo National Park. Everything has been prepared. The only thing you need to do is waiting for departure and embracing wild possibilities in this isolated destination. Don’t think too much. Here’s some simple way to enjoy your time in a boat trip across the national park. 

A Komodo boat trip under pink sky

Things Could Change in Komodo Boat Trip. Be As Flexible as You Could

You gonna need a lot of patience and flexibility when it comes to sailing in a remote frontier. If you are used to have things precisely your way and don’t have any room for a slight change, you gonna have a bad time. Be prepared to have things changes on Komodo boat trip, sometimes even on last minutes. The sea might suddenly get too rough too pass. Some dive site might experience changes in currents—which get too dangerous to dive in. You might come during Komodo Dragons’ mating season, and get lesser spotting of these beasts than what you have pictured in mind. Maybe the breakfast doesn’t come as what you usually have at home. If you want to truly enjoy a trip to Komodo, don’t bring too much emotional baggage. Have a big heart and you’ll be okay. 

The World is So Big, So Open Your Mind!

Unless you book a whole Komodo boat charter, you are going to have an open trip with other travelers. That means you are going to share the boat with people from all over the world. Don’t be offended if a couple of the passengers (or the crew) is not talking in English! Also, respect their personal beliefs, custom, and tradition that they may bring to the boat. Between the limited space of Komodo boat and the laid-back life, there’s no room for intolerance!

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Take A Quiet Break Between Excursions for Yourself

The Komodo liveaboard boat trip would definitely take you to breathtaking places. The rugged rugged habitat of wild Komodo Dragons, the scenic Padar Island, the rare and charming pink beach, and other beautiful islands under and above the water. While all the diving and islands excursions are definitely satisfying, they could quickly drain your energy. Make time between the trip to have a moment of solitude. Find a quiet place on the Komodo boat to just read a book, watch passing sceneries, or sipping drink to replenish your inner energy. 

Have A Talk with Komodo Boat Trip Crews

Want to have deep insider insight about the mysterious Komodo? Go to talk with the crews! Spending time with the locals are one of the best way to have authentic, memorable experience at a new place. While most places on Komodo national park is devoid of local residents, the closest thing you can do is having some chit chat with the boat crews. Talk about local Indonesian dish you have on the boat, some local customs in Komodo, or the nature of Komodo waters—if you are a keen diver. Who knows, maybe they could offer rare stories that you’ve never heard in official guides!

How To Know If Travel Is Good For You

Travel is not something new. In fact, it is already part of lifestyle. There are so many blogs about travels, as well as books, Vlog, journals, and many more. Lots of people say that travel is good for you physically and mentally. However, it might be personal from one person to another because even though you go through the same trip, you may experience different thing. That is what’s so special about travel. You experience your own journey through your own perspectives. For some travelers, a certain might be boring but that doesn’t mean you will feel the same. 

Travel is good for you in so many ways

Deciding destination for your travel plan is essential because you need to know what kind pf place you are going to visit. Besides, you also need to ensure your own safety. Reading travel blogs or channels can be good for you so you know what to expect and what to prepare. Preparation aside, how to know if travel is good for you? Here are the reasons why travel is good for you and you must consider it.

How To Know If Travel Is Good For You

By leaving your home and visiting new places, your sense of adventure is boost. Thus, it will also highlight your other senses such as sense of direction. It is good for your body to leave your safe zone for once in a while. You don’t have to go for such a long-term travel. You can just travel for a few days. You will be back with fresher mind and more motivation.

Improve your independence and self-confidence is why travel is good for you. If after travel you feel less dependent to others and feel better about yourself then you did well. Travel can bring out the best of people. While travelling, you will face various obstacles you may have never experienced before. It will require you to think differently and solve the problems independently. This can help improving your personality development somehow because you get more and more creative and reliable throughout the trip.

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Travel is good for you because you will get to experience new things such as language, foods, cultures, social behavior, and many more. When you are more exposed to variety of things, you will be far from being narrow-minded because you learn many things in different perspectives throughout the journey. You also meet new people with different cultures, personalities, and beliefs. This will help improving your tolerance towards differences. 

Travelling can make you a more interesting person. Why? Because you have tons of stories to tell to others about your experiences. You will never run out of stories when you interact with people. You don’t have to try to be funny. However, your stories might inspire others to do what they like as well. The more you travel, you meet new people and get to interact. Your social communication will improve eventually. You will be more confident in socializing with new people because you are getting used to it and your confidence is increased. 

Scuba diving for beginners: Things You Should Expect

Each of us has different reasons for taking courses for scuba diving for beginners and it’s an excellent decision on your part if you do want to undertake. What can you expect before you get into your first scuba diving lessons? 

Scuba diving for beginners: How comfortable are you in the water? 

Being able to swim is a prerequisite to learning how to dive. Most people who can’t swim wouldn’t even think of diving as their sports of choice. However, if it’s been ages since you go swimming and you’re not particularly confident in your swimming skills, it’s likely time to brush up on it. 

scuba diving for beginners intermediate advenced

Regarding comfort in the waters, you’ll also need to be able to confidently open your eyes. One of the most important appeals of diving is the ability to take in the incredible marine life. So it’s time to learn to open your eyes underwater. Those who had made the effort of being more comfortable with their eyes open underwater are going to be less stressed out during their diving classes.

If you’re planning on taking the PADI course, do your research first to have a better understanding of their programs. Some things to expect for a PADI scuba diving course: 

  • You will have to swim 200 meters. 
  • You’ll need to be able to float in the water and/or tread for at least 10 minutes. 
  • Ideally, these should be done in the oceans. However, having a warmup in the pool is perfectly fine. 

Try a beginner diving class for a day before you commit 

Scuba diving lessons for beginners or intermediate or advanced are all not cheap. When first learning to dive, the best way to approach it is by opting for the most accessible option for you, both in terms of locations and affordability. Going on scuba diving holidays for beginners is certainly something ultimately tempting. But save that diving holiday plan once you’re sure that you love diving and are willing to travel to places just to dive. 

Planning your scuba diving holiday and start small 

Don’t book a plane ticket and diving classes in, say, Bali just yet! Scuba diving for beginners should start from the most accessible and the most affordable option for you. Especially if budget is among the top of your concerns, start your diving holiday in a place you’re familiar with—or at least, a place not so far from home. 

If you’re already comfortable with your diving regardless of your level, only then you should go looking for more committed diving experiences. This is when you can browse for things like best scuba diving in Bali for beginners or whichever exotic destination piques your interest.

scuba diving in bali indonesia


Pay serious attention to your health 

If you know you’re going to go diving the next day, don’t get drunk the previous day. Not only the experience would be physically unpleasant for you, but dangerous as well. A low immune system has a chance of getting you a decompression sickness. So make sure that you eat good food to energize you and have a good night’s sleep so that you’ll be at the top of your game once it’s time to dive!

Taking your time to explore and know what you want 

Not committing to any expensive or lengthy diving holiday is a way to avoid regrets when your first try at diving is apparently just not for you. Take affordable scuba diving vacations for beginners to explore more diverse diving sites, once you’re ready. 

Visit The Happiest Countries In The World

One of the reasons for traveling around the world is to have fun and gain happiness. Traveling can be one’s happiest moment because that’s when you can let out all frustration and stress. You can do whatever you want without worrying too much about your job or problems. You will get to enjoy fresh air of freedom and make the most of it. Happiness is contagious. Thus, you can feel happiness in a place surrounded by happiness. There are several places in the world that claimed to be the happiest spots to travel to.

travel to the happiest countries on earth

Happiest places to travel to

There are countries with high level of happiness. Visiting those countries can be a good idea for your next travel plan especially if you are looking for something to lift up your moods. There are various factors to measure a country’s index of happiness such as currency, political situation, population growth, and many more. Without further ado, here are happiest countries you can travel to:

Canada – Actually, this country dropped two places since previous year. However, it still places on one of the top countries with high level of happiness. There are many places you can go to during your visit to this country. If you are looking for peaceful moments, this country is a good choice because it is not as busy as other countries in U.S. You won’t have to get stuck in such a large crowd while exploring the town.

traveling the world

Switzerland – This country is also included into one of the happiest countries in the world. You can put it into your bucket list. The place is also considered one of the safest travel destinations for solo and female travelers. If you are also into art and architecture, this is a good place to enjoy those aspects. The happiness of the locals is contagious that you can feel it when you are interacting with them. Thus, do not be afraid to interact with the locals or hang out in the local café and restaurants.

Iceland – This is one of the cleanest places in the world. Another good news is that it is also one of the happiest countries on Earth. With tiny population and clean environment, this place is perfect for a vacation especially when you want to release all negative energy from your body and mind. The landscapes are also stunning. It is like you are transported into the Middle Earth because they are so raw and magnificent. This country is also a great travel destination for solo female travelers.

Norway – This country is also included into one of the happiest places on Earth worth traveling for. It is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe so it just makes sense for it to draw more tourists and visitors alike. You will find happiness by lazily strolling down the street or visiting one of the cafes to sip your favorite coffee. Besides, the landscapes are totally worth seeing. If you are into photography, you will get a bunch of album-worthy pictures to take home.

Tips to Organize Travel With A Large Group

If you think travelling solo is too lonely, you can go for group travel. It is fun and you won’t run out of the ideas to enjoy the trip. However, organizing a travel with a large group can be challenging because it means you needs extra work with the preparation. It can be frustrating to travel with a large group of friends and conflict arise. Therefore, planning and organizing is truly necessary. Just imagine if you do group travelling spontaneously. Yes it can be fun but it generates more chance for conflict and clashes. 

Organize Travel

Organizing group travel efficiently

Travelling with a large group of friends or families can be frustrating sometimes especially when everyone wants different thing. Even if the group consist of adults, it doesn’t decrease the chance of problems. So here are some hacks to have smooth and fun group travels:

  • Pay attention on booking the accommodation. If you want to travel smoothly, you need the right accommodation. It is not only about the availability of rooms. You also need to make sure that the place you book have sufficient amenities such as bathrooms or showers. If you want to save money from excessive accommodation expense, you can rent a house to accommodate all the members of your group travel. Bathrooms and showers are important because you don’t want to waste time by being stuck in a line just to have your turn. 
  • It is more fun to have thematic clothing for your group travel. This may seem unnecessary but it will help you to have smooth travel in many ways. For example, you can easily spot your travel mates in the crowd so you don’t get to panic when someone is missing. Besides, it can make your group look cool during the trip. If not customized t-short, you can choose to have matching accessories such as hats, or bracelets. 
  • Agree to disagree. It means, you don’t have to be over possessive with your travel mates. If you or the others want to split up for a while then it is ok. Splitting up for a while into smaller group travel is not bad idea. It can make the travel less boring. It can avoid unnecessary conflict, and you will get to experience more. 
  • It is highly recommended to book restaurants or bars ahead because not all places have sufficient spaces to accommodate a large group of people. This can also help preventing from arguments you have planned it ahead which means everyone agreed. However, it is also fine to make different reservation if one or some of your travel mates have different preference in foods. For example, you can split up meet enthusiasts and vegetarian. 
  • Plan group activities to strengthen the bond of your group. You see, it is easy to have misunderstanding that can lead to unnecessary fight and arguments, however, remember that you travel to have fun. Through fun group activities, you can help lifting up the moods. You can play a game, watersport activities, and many more. 

What to Pack for Slow Train Travel

Having slow train travel is a great plan because it is when you can enjoy your ‘free time’ to the fullest. Train travel is interesting because it has its own perks. You need to buy the ticket for the seat you will feel the most comfortable with. Most train for slow travel provide spacious cars so that you won’t feel like suffocated throughout the trip. What you have to do is enjoy the ride. It is even better if you can spend a night or two for your train travel so you can truly enjoy the ride during the nighttime. 

Packing for train travel

Packing is important for travelling so that you will be more prepared to enjoy your trip. The essentials you need to pack are basically the same as when you plan for a trip by plane or travel in general. However, you can go easy with packing for train travel though. You don’t necessarily need to pack many things especially if you don’t plan to stay the night. Here are basic necessities you will need for a slow train travel.

What to Pack for Slow Train Travel

Comfy Clothes

Wear comfortable clothes for the trip. If you plan to stay a night or two, it is highly advised to pack sweatshirt or blanket. The night on the train tend to be cool so you’d better be more prepared for that. Packing up a pair or two socks is also good idea so you stay warm during frigid conditions. Most trains are equipped with air conditioning and sometimes they set it high so it is just possible for you to feel like freezing at night.

Pack Toiletries on the Go 

Pack your toiletries because your hygiene is priority. You can wash up in the bathroom in the train. However, you also need basic necessities to stay fresh and clean. Pack toothbrush, toothpaste as well as soap. You may also need to pack your own skin care products to maintain your skin health. If shower is not in your plan during the travel, you need to pack wet tissue and toilet paper. Wet tissue is a great saver when you start feeling uncomfortable with the state of your skin. 

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Ready to Eat Foods

Pack some foods from home so you are sure that what you eat are healthy. Of course, you can also order some foods form the dining cars in the train. However, you don’t know whether or not the foods fit your preference and taste. At least, you can pack some healthy snacks just in case the trains cannot provide the meals on time. 

Handy Entertainments

Pack your own source of entertainment so you won’t grow bored throughout long ride. You can bring your own iPod or other entertainments to keep you entertained. However, it is highly advised to leave work-related stuffs behind and truly enjoy your ride. Train travel is a great concept of slow travel where you can fully enjoy and appreciate every little things in your surroundings including the people in your neighbor seats, the scenery outside, and the overall vibe during the ride. 

What If You Want to Learn Surfing But the Beach Has No Waves?

It almost impossible to talk about surfing without thinking about the beach with waves. One of the challenge right before start your surfing lesson is that, the beach that is close to you may have no waves at all. I mean, it is always pretty much calming the whole year and the required beach you have in mind is far than you think.

So, will you keep on doing surfing? Will you keep on motivating to start to learn about it ever since one of the most important thing in surfing is the waves?

Through this post, I will let you know why beach with no waves won’t be an issue for your surfing learning process and how you can still start your own lesson and practice no matter there will be a single wave or not.

1. Start practicing paddling with your surfboard

So, you have been got your surfboard before, right? And if the beach can’t really be your favorite one because of the wave, then you can start your paddling lesson. At least, it will be your way how to practice balancing your body on the surfboard and it will also brings the good benefits for yourself.

Paddling will be strengthening your muscles especially the back strength and the shoulders while it will also helpful in controlling your body on the surfboard as it is important in surfing.

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This will also a way for surfing itself to be enjoyed by the others even though they will only start to learn about it at the lake or big river with no stream. Because surfing itself should never be at the beach forever.

2. Bodyboarding is also important in surfing and is interesting to try

Bodyboard as way to start learn surfing at the beach with no waves

If surfing will mostly allow the surfers to balance their self on the surfboard, bodyboarding is allowing them to lay their body down and toward the board while searching the perfect curl waves that are carrying the surfers to the shore.

Bodyboarding itself perhaps the oldest form of surf riding and you will love it because you will get more things you can do while being at the beach with perfect waves one day. And just the same with paddling, bodyboarding is also the alternatives when you want to experience more fun exercises on your board.

The different of bodyboarding at the flat beach with no wave is, you will only try to swim around while waving your hands back and forth as well as your legs if possible to working out your hands and legs and make you ready for surfing since it all totally body workout.

3. Learn to balancing yourself on a surfboard

I have said that before that paddling can be helpful in balancing your body on the surfboard. But now, you are going to do it without any paddle. Simply just you and your board to test and learn how to balance.

Doing this is important ever since keep you stand on the surfboard when there will be the waves is even get more challenging. So, why not starting controlling yourself at the beach with no waves first?

Sport Holiday Package: Surf Camp Trip for Small Group Travelers

Thinking about the sport as a holiday package may have never been your concern before. In other hands, traveling is one of the investment for your health both physically and mentally. A surf camp trip is a travel package that will boost your body and mind where it is going to be more fun too especially when you are with the other small group of people.

It is usually interesting to travel with the others as a small group especially when you are going with your best friends. And when the destinations are at the pleasant beaches, learning to surf with your friends can be the unforgettable trip idea you have ever got.

Sport holiday package through surf camp trip for small group

Surf camp as it is how travelers and tour companies in the world are calling it is one of the surfing training program both for non-surfers and surfers in the world. It is a class at the beach with surfing lessons brought out by the professional and experienced surf instructors.

So, if you are thinking about learning to surf with your friends or other small group of travelers, there will always a camp for that. And as it is a sport travel package, you don’t always to exercising all the time at the beach even though it will keep on interesting, but there are more itineraries are waiting for you.

Be healthy exercising through surf sport holiday camp

Even though I am suggesting you to experience the healthy sport package through a surf camp, if you are requiring to be there alone, that will also be fine. There is not an obligation that you must doing it with your friends or family.

But if you are care with them, you can always suggesting the surf camp trip as their next idea to spend the holidays. It is because started from the 1st or at least the 2nd grade of children up to more than 50 years parents or grand parents are possible to be taught about surfing.

While surfing is challenging, being in a surf camp is also the better way to experience the safe and fun way to surf. For the children themselves, it will be a sport that will help them growing, close to nature, and surely will be fun. And for the grand parents, did you know that surfing itself can be everyone’s therapy method? Not to mention that doing it with the grand children will also a gift for both of them.

Today, investing on more healthier travel package should have been an important thing to consider instead of just playing around while getting more and more selfies through your phone. And now you have got at least an option on how to achieve the leisure at the beach while exercising along or with your small group travelers.

As a sport, you will know that surfing is take sometimes especially for the total beginners. Therefore, some sport packages are offered for days or at least a week to 10 days.

Knowing this, you should be grateful that you and all of your group members will keep on exercising while the bonds through togetherness for those days will be strengthen your friendship. And surely, you are actually increasing the chance to be more healthier in the future.

Through all of the lessons you will get from the first surf camp trip, you may also thinking about to takes the sport furthermore. The next time you will need a lonely moment in life, you can always go to the beach with your surfboard while enjoy the sunrise or sunset. And the next time you are mastering the surfing skills, it could be the reason for you to travel the world and searching for the waves at different countries.