Travel Tendencies With Introverts

If you are extroverts planning to take on a vacation with introverts, you might want to prepare yourself with some considerations in mind. Well, travelling with people with different personalities is not so bad. It doesn’t mean you will keep having conflict throughout the trip. In fact, your travel might become more colorful and you will get to experience new things. It is worth to try travelling with people whose personalities are so different from yours. It will give you chance to see the world in different perspective. It will give you some life lesson you might not be able to find in other occasion. 

How introverts enjoy their travel

When you decide to travel with introverts while you are being an extroverts yourself, there is nothing to be worry about. What you need to do is be respectful and don’t judge. Here is what it feels like if you travel with introverts.

Travel Tendencies With Introverts

Less Talk

Since you are an extrovert, you must be used to talking to others. Making comments about this and that is what you are familiar with. However, more often than not, you will find yourself talking to yourself. Don’t be surprise because introverts are not really a fan of talking.  They may make some comments when they think necessary. However, remember not to pressure them to talk. The best thing about travelling with introvert is they are the best listener. 

What’s Inside Might Not Appear Outside

They may look passive and less enthusiastic when visiting places even if it’s such an amazing thing to experience. However, it doesn’t mean they are less excited about it than you. They just tend to be less expressive in letting out their emotions. Thus, don’t get disappointed easily if you find them with less enthusiastic expression on their face while you are screaming your lung out due to the excitement.

They’ll Help You to Stay Calm

Benefits of travelling with introvert is that they will help you to stay calm even when you are in trouble. You will feel a little less worry when bad things happen during travel because of their quite passive attitude to the problems. They won’t let you upset over minor mishaps. Strangely enough, you will learn how to be more tolerant toward unpleasant things during travel. 

They Don’t Get Easily Distracted

Somehow you will feel safer travelling with introvert because they don’t get easily distracted so they can keep watching you from behind. They are more observant and have better focus. Thus, you will feel safer throughout the travel because you can trust them. Disadvantage of being extrovert is to be oblivious sometimes and that can be dangerous during travel in unknown places. 

Personal Space

Travel with introvert means you also need to make plan to spend some times alone because they need ‘alone time’ to truly enjoy their moment be it to think, to reflect, or to relax themselves. You don’t have to feel bad about leaving them alone because they need it to enjoy their travel. On the other side, you will get benefit from travelling with them such as finding hidden gem with breathtaking beauty with less people so you can truly feel closer to nature.   

What Your Kids Will Learn at Surf Camps

Surfing combines every fun elements of summers; sunny beaches, rolling waves, and beach plays. It invites beach goers to get out to the nature, turning the world upside and down, exercise physical energy, and get challenged to ride the waves. This trilling water sport is open for all ages—everyone can surf as early as 6 years old. It goes without saying that kids, who naturally loves beach play, find surfing very enjoyable. Enrolling kids to surf camps could be a great idea to fill this summer. And it won’t be just surfing. Your kids will learn a lot of awesome things during their stay there, and here they are.

What Your Kids Will Learn at Surf Camps

First of All: What to do on a surfboard 

Assuming that your kids are confident swimmer (most surf camps required this), the first thing your kids will learn is the right position to stand on a surfboard. Their instructor will teach them how they should stretch their legs, how to bend their body, and how to maintain balance in a surf board even before they get into the water. They’ll also learn the correct position for paddling a surf board, how to submerge, and finally how to pop up to standing position on a wave. 

The Main Course of Kids Surf Camp Menu: Wave Riding

Obviously, the main objectives on kids surf camp is get them to ride the waves and make them love every second of it! Rest assured that most instructors on kids camp are surf professionals who actually know how to handle children. They know how to teach without being intimidating, how to encourage and grow their bravery, and most of all, how to keep them in fun and challenging environment. The kids will learn the right way to paddling themselves to the waves, how to notice the arrival of next wave, and how to catch unbroken waves.  

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A Deep Understanding of How the Ocean Works 

There’s no way you can be a good surfer if you don’t have enough knowledge about the ocean. They will get an introduction to the wave theory, learn how to ride the tides, the weather systems, and how they all influence the ocean swells on the coastline. In no time, they will be an expert of different types of waves and winds and how to handle it. Theories of all these ocean stuffs might be done in class. However, kids will have real-life experiences to apply what they have learned during the beach time and these are what they’ll remember for life. This way, your kids will also develop great understanding and respect to our the sustainable living of the ocean.

Social Skills

Surf camp is definitely a great place to get the kids being social. On the camp, they will find camaraderie, make friends, and learn how friendship works. It’s a good opportunity to develop important social skills, peer relations, be more active than they usually do. 

You might get surprised to find the kids changed in more positive way after the surf camp session has ended! 

How To Stay Safe When Travel In Chennai

Chennai, the capital city of Tamil Nadu is also known as the gate to South India. It is a great place for your travel destination. There are historical and cultural values you can learn during your visit. It is an old city formerly known as Madras. From being a trading post to the most metropolitan city in India, Chennai has played important role to the economic growth including in tourism. Chennai is also considered as the safest place to visit in India. Thus, choosing Chennai for your travel destination is not bad idea. 

Travelling safely in Chennai

No matter where your travel destination is, your safety should be your top priority. Heavy crimes such as kidnapping or mugging might be rare in Chennai, however, there are other threats you should always be aware of. Here are tips to stay safe during your visit in Chennai

Most petty crimes happen in Chennai include theft and pickpockets. It usually happens in a crowd. Therefore, you need to stand your guard when you are in the middle of a crowd. Keep our belonging next to you. Also, it is highly recommended to not bring too much money when you stroll down the street. Try to dress like a local so you won’t be easily targeted. Even though Chennai is considered a safe place for travelling, it is highly recommended to not go solo for women. It is better to travel in group. Also, avoid wandering around at night especially to suspicious alleys. 

Yes, Chennai is hot and humid. The climate can be very uncomfortable especially if you are not used to intense heat. You can do some research to find out more the best time to visit Chennai because the city can reach extreme heat with 42 degrees Celsius. To stay safe during your visit, always wear sunscreen, sunglasses and hat so you won’t get direct exposure to the heat. Also, avoid visiting beaches in mid-day. The locals usually drink coconut water to help them cool down from the extreme heat. During your visit, always carry your own water bottle to stay hydrated. 

Food travelling in Chennai is great and all. However, make sure to eat only in a clean vendor. Do not easily tempted by street foods if you are not really sure whether or not the foods are clean. If you are going to buy fresh vegetables or fruits, make sure to wash them with bottled water before eating them. You can choose local restaurants to taste various authentic foods in Chennai. There are many of them you can choose if you are unsure about street stalls. 

Travelling to Chennai can be a great idea especially when you are bored of mainstream destinations. Chennai will give you new experience for travel. You will also learn many things in different aspects such as their unique culture, architecture, and arts. Cholamandal Artist’ Village is highly recommended place to visit if you are art lover. It is where excellent, independent artists live and work in their houses, studios, or gallery. 

Optimize your Seminyak Villas Experience

For so many good reasons, staying in Seminyak villas will be a perfect choice for your holiday vacation. Seminyak is an area in North Kuta where everything is just excellent. It is home to many beautiful golden sand beaches which are ideal for surfing, enjoying the sunset, parasailing, scuba diving, snorkeling, and kayaking. Not only that, but Seminyak is also well known for the best spa in Bali, trendy hot spots and delicious food. That is exactly why you need to stay in Seminyak. And staying in Seminyak won’t be complete without renting a villa. It does not matter if you travel alone, with your partner, family or groups, Seminyak villas have all the options for every budget.

Seminyak villas

Leisure time in Seminyak Villas

Seminyak is surely the specialist for the utmost villa experience. These villas feature a tropical scene with their modern as well as traditional designs. Stretch your body and breath deeply to stimulate your mind in the morning. Make the most of your holiday with a relaxing morning in Seminyak private villa Bali. You can also throw a party at night with the facade of light reflection from the pool. You will never run out of ideas, there is always something splendid to do when staying in one of those charming villas in Seminyak.

Explore the surroundings

A few days of staying in Bali villas Seminyak surely is not enough to discover everything Seminyak has to offer. However, you can still occupy your precious time with so much fun things to fulfill. Seminyak provides you with the possibility to walk along the area and pay a visit to the attractive designer boutiques and shops you see on the way to the beach. There are also plenty of great restaurants to find along the street. When the night comes, it is time to experience the chic nightlife in Seminyak. Besides walking, you can also call a cab or hire a moped to move easily from one place to another.

Balinese identity in Seminyak

One of the most important things to see while in Bali is, of course, its cultural landmark. The 16th-century-old temple called Pura Petitenget is the signature and a must-see site when staying in Seminyak villas. The temple has the same name as the street where it is located and it can be casually translated as “magic box”. The locals believe that a temple like Pura Petitenget is a “chest” that imprison evil spirits. Pura Petitenget ought to be a good starter to get to know the culture of Bali.

Bangkok Floating Markets Worth Travelling For

Thailand is a country with distinctive culture. This country has various charms you can enjoy during your visit. One of the most visited places in Thailand is Bangkok. This capital city is popular for many things but the most distinctive one is the floating markets. They have been part of tourism in Thailand. They have attracted tourists both local and especially international ones. If you haven’t tried exploring floating markets in your life, you should try it at least once during your visit in Thailand. It gives you different experience worthy of your time. 

Floating markets spots in Bangkok

During your visit to floating market, there are many things you can buy including flowers, foods, fruits, conical hats, etc. The most selling-item is the hats. Well, it is a must to wear a hat during your travel in Thailand due to the heat and exposure of the sun. However, it is highly recommended to buy Thailand souvenirs in other places because the prices are quite high if you do it in the floating markets. 

Bangkok Floating Markets Worth Travelling For

The Taling Chan Floating Marke, Khlong Lat Mayom

It is quite small but closer to Bangkok so it is more accessible. This is a great place if you look for a nice time exploring the market without constant buzz and noise like in any other floating markets. 

Damnoen Saduak Floating Market

It’s considered the most popular one in Bangkok. Located in Ratchaburin, this market is often flooded with tourists. Travelers are usually collected early in the morning to be pooled together and driven out. You need to be more selective in choosing the boat though because there are more traps here than any other floating markets since this is the most touristy one. 

Amphawa Floating Market

Only 20 minutes away from the Damnoen Saduak market, this is considered as the second popular floating market in Bangkok. It has less touristy vibe than Damnoen Saduak market. It also has different structures. Instead of buy things from boats, you can get in and out out of the boat as well as walk through much of the market because the shops are set up in wooden homes along the river instead. 

Bang Nam Pheung Floating Market

This market is rather smaller than other touristy markets. It is situated in a sharp bend of the Chao Phraya River named Bangkok’s Green Lung. There are more markets on land than on the water though. But you can still experience the fun of exploring floating market. This place has more relaxed atmosphere so it’s a great place if you don’t like to deal with the crowd. 

Bang Khla Floating Market, Bang Pakong River

It is actually a weekend market so you cannot visit this market on weekdays. It is considered smaller than other floating markets but bring more pleasant atmosphere. The busiest day in this market is on Saturday because it’s mostly flocked by Thais. However, this market produces better foods than other markets so it’s a great place for food travel. 

Here’s Why Surf Camp Spain Is Cool to Have This Summer

There’s nothing like catching cool waves in a bright day at sunny country. Across all Europe, Spain is one of the best country to enjoy a surfing holiday. Spain is blessed with beautiful sceneries, delicious delights, and long coastline boasting stunning beach breaks, shallow reefs, and long barrelling points. Surfing is a huge culture in Spain, where surf shops line up its popular beaches and surfing camps flourish along the coastline. If you are picturing some beach time and rolling waves to fill this summer, joining a surf camp in Spain could be a brilliant idea, and this is why. 

Here’s Why Surf Camp Spain Is Cool to Have This Summer

Surf Camp in Spain Actually Get You Into Surfing

How many times have you see yourself riding rolling waves? The truth is, maintaining balance on surfing board against leaping waves is not as cool as it seems. It requires a lot of hard works, skills, techniques, and in-depth knowledge of how the ocean works. Trying to surf by yourself doesn’t only potentially embarrass yourself in front of visitors of the whole beach, but also cause harms to yourself. At surf camp Spain, everybody is a learner and nobody will laugh at you if you flipped from your board. They will teach you all the basics, show you step-by-step examples, and guide you all the way. 

An Easy Mode of Surfing Holiday

Want to have a surfing holiday in Spain but too lazy to set up all the accommodations and other arrangements? Surf camp is the answer. No matter whether you are a total rookie or a skilled recreational surfer, surf camp can be your easy solution to enjoy surfing holiday. What you need to do is just booking the flight, pick which surf camp at which Spain beach you like, and you’re good to go. They will take care of your rooms, meals, best itinerary, airport pickup and even delivery to beaches with best breaking waves. They also provides surfboards, which is great cause it saves you a lot of hassles and money. If you have inseparable bonds with your surf board, you’ll be happy to find that most surf camps provides guest boards storage with proper care. 

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Get In Depth with New Skills

If you think surf camps are only for beginners, you are missing a lot of things. A lot of surf camp in Spain open their doors for intermediate to advanced surfers who are looking for more challenging surf skills to learn. You might find new insight on more efficient bottom turn and top turn, how to do safe cutbacks, how to perform duck dive, and many others. It’s a great place to hone your surfing skills and acquire a better wave-riding. Also, surf camps usually has many engaging side-activities that’s fun to learn. Expect to find yoga, beach cleanup, Spanish language class, and even cooking Spanish authentic cuisine!

Have you put Spain to your next surfing destination? 

Creating Positive Vacation To Reduce Stress

Lots of people take a vacation once in a while to reduce stress from work or mundane life. It is true that vacation or any type of travel can help you release some stress out of your body and mind. However, it doesn’t always work for some people. There are many who return with more exhausted body and stressed mind from their vacation. Of course, there are factors causing those to happen. The point, is, travel can help reduce stress but you have to know what kind of vacation that is. 

How to create positive vacation to reduce your stress

The reasons why vacation can be more stressing maybe due to poor preparation, and stressful factors such as overcrowd, delayed flights, etc. When you take a vacation with poor preparation, you will not be ready to face a hassle later even if it is such a minor thing. However, excessive preparation can also cause you to suffer more stress. So, what should you do to have positive vacation?

Do not hesitate to ask for help when necessary

Planning a trip can be stressful especially when it is in short notice or last minutes. Planning accommodation, booking transportation, and many details can stress you out. Instead of dwelling on the stressful details, you can ask for help from reliable travel agent instead. They are professional who are always willing to help travelers have the best vacation with their service. It doesn’t matter if you spend extra money if it is worth it at the end and you have positive impact from your vacation. 

If it is possible, plan your trip a month prior. This may sound exaggerated but a good trip needs good a good plan. You need to make your itinerary so you can anticipate possible hassles of the trip later. Last minute travel always leave travelers t not truly enjoy the moments because everything feels in a rush. Therefore, it is better to take time in preparing your trip. This also allow you to make some necessary arrangement and adjustment so you won’t miss anything necessary. 

Choose the right location

If it is possible, choose somewhere far away from home. It is better if you travel abroad for a few days. Of course, staycation can be fun as well. However, you will get more positive vibe when you travel to somewhere far from home because you totally feel disconnected to something that stress you such as pile of works. You will also get to experience new things and meet new people with different culture, language, or beliefs which can help open your mind. 

One of the reasons why you don’t get positive impact of vacation is due to stress of being unsafe. You are worry too much from the beginning and let the excitement die down instead. To overcome this, you should try meeting up with people who visited the same place as you are going to. Or at least, talk to someone who is knowledgeable about the place. This can make you feel safer because you know what you should anticipate to. 

Less Touristy Cities in Europe To Visit

Europe is certainly one of the most popular places to visit for travelling. There are many cities you can go to with their beauty you can enjoy to the fullest. Europe also has that kind of classical vibe to it, making you feel more relaxed somehow. However, you are not the only one who love Europe. There are other people around the world who choose Europe as their travel destinations as well every year. Some cities are even more crowded by tourists than other. If you want to feel the calming and relaxing vibe during your travel in Europe, might as well visit less touristy cities. 

Travel to less touristy cities in Europe

There are many wonderful places in Europe that attract fewer tourists. It doesn’t mean the spots are not travel-worthy. They might not be as popular as others due to various reasons. Amsterdam, Paris, and Venice are already so mainstream today. So why not travelling to less tourist cities instead for a change. Who knows you will experience something greater instead. 

Norwich is located in England. This is a great place where you can find the most stunning medieval architecture in England. You can visit some pubs during your visit or even admiring Norwich cathedral with stunning architecture. There are many other spots you can visit to enjoy the most picturesque sites. Also, not to mention that you can also visit the oldest pub in the country, the Adam and Eve Pub. It was established back then in 1249.

The Hague is located in Netherlands. See, Amsterdam is already crowded with tourists and travelers alike. If you want to get some peace, this spot is highly recommended because hardly any tourists here. You still can feel the Netherlands’s architecture along with pretty network canals, as well as museum. The best part about this city is the location which is only 15 minutes away from Scheveningen beach resort. 

Pristina is the capital city of Kosovo. This place might not be as popular as other cities in Europe in regard of its tourism. However, this city has undergone major transformation that can put you in awe. You will get to enjoy the stunning buildings with beautiful designs. The most recommended spot to visit is Emin Gjiku Ethnographic Museum. It is the national museum of Kosovo. You can also have a leisure walk in Germia Park.

Abardeen is located in Scotland. This place is straight out of a fairytale because of its beautiful scenery.  This city is also called Granite City and you will find amazing building in every turn. You can also anticipate the reopening of Abardeen’s main art gallery this November. Explore the city more to nearby Speyside to experience more the local culture. This place is great to empty your minds and just simply relax. 

There are many travel destinations in the world to visit. You don’t always have to follow where most tourists go. You can choose your own destination that fits your preference and mood instead. Thus, the travel will be truly worth it. 

How Travel Can Help Improving The Way Your Brain Works

Travel is always unpredictable no matter how meticulous you are with the preparation. However, the unexpected is not always bad thing. Sometimes, it can be something good for yourself. Through travel, you can improve your personality development to the better. Through travel as well, you can get to know a person better because people tend to reveal their true colors when they are exposed to new things. There is a lot of benefits when it comes to travel. It is more than spending your money to stay at the secluded cabin in a private island or enjoying expensive, authentic foods. Travel can also change the way your brain works somehow. 

Travel improve the way your brain works

Changing your brain work through travelling

Every individual has different passion and desire to explore things. Some of them indulge their desire to explore by travelling to places they want to visit. However, some of them are unable to do so due to some factors such as financial situation, health condition, or lack of motivation. However, travel is good for you because it gives particular impact to your life. How?

Your brain never stops working. It is a hardworking part of your body so it deserves a reward once in a while. You cannot let your brain to be filled with stress only. Thus, you need to feed it fresh air once in a while. Fresh air is good for your brain to switch off negativity from your brain. Instead of taking drugs, travelling can be more effective to remove negative psychological ailments in your brain. During your travel, you walk more and do more physical activities which can lift up your mood as well. It is good activity to fight against psychological illnesses and stress related troubles. 

Travel can help changing the way your brain works for the better because you will be exposed to new things throughout the journey. You will face the unexpected which force your brain to think creatively. It is even better when you switch off your phone and find the solution of the problems you face without using it. It can help increasing your creativity which impact on your problem-solving skills. It is also one of the reasons why people who are in a rut of finding new inspiration go travelling. Travel lead you to new challenges so you have chances to finding solution. Lots of travelers found their creative epiphanies through their journey. 

Travel can change the way your brain work because it helps increasing your open-mindedness as well as intelligence. During travel, you are exposed to new experiences, new people, and new environment. Travel will force yourself to survive in new environment. That’s why you are eager to learn new language so you can blend in with the locals. You also try different things you may have never experienced before in your life which can drive your brain to work differently. Learning something new to adapt can help improving your intelligence. A simple thing such as learning new language can boost your brain.

How to Truly Appreciate Your Komodo Boat Trip

After all the hassle of booking, now you are finally going to your dream Komodo boat trip to cruise the wild and wonderful Komodo National Park. Everything has been prepared. The only thing you need to do is waiting for departure and embracing wild possibilities in this isolated destination. Don’t think too much. Here’s some simple way to enjoy your time in a boat trip across the national park. 

A Komodo boat trip under pink sky

Things Could Change in Komodo Boat Trip. Be As Flexible as You Could

You gonna need a lot of patience and flexibility when it comes to sailing in a remote frontier. If you are used to have things precisely your way and don’t have any room for a slight change, you gonna have a bad time. Be prepared to have things changes on Komodo boat trip, sometimes even on last minutes. The sea might suddenly get too rough too pass. Some dive site might experience changes in currents—which get too dangerous to dive in. You might come during Komodo Dragons’ mating season, and get lesser spotting of these beasts than what you have pictured in mind. Maybe the breakfast doesn’t come as what you usually have at home. If you want to truly enjoy a trip to Komodo, don’t bring too much emotional baggage. Have a big heart and you’ll be okay. 

The World is So Big, So Open Your Mind!

Unless you book a whole Komodo boat charter, you are going to have an open trip with other travelers. That means you are going to share the boat with people from all over the world. Don’t be offended if a couple of the passengers (or the crew) is not talking in English! Also, respect their personal beliefs, custom, and tradition that they may bring to the boat. Between the limited space of Komodo boat and the laid-back life, there’s no room for intolerance!

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Take A Quiet Break Between Excursions for Yourself

The Komodo liveaboard boat trip would definitely take you to breathtaking places. The rugged rugged habitat of wild Komodo Dragons, the scenic Padar Island, the rare and charming pink beach, and other beautiful islands under and above the water. While all the diving and islands excursions are definitely satisfying, they could quickly drain your energy. Make time between the trip to have a moment of solitude. Find a quiet place on the Komodo boat to just read a book, watch passing sceneries, or sipping drink to replenish your inner energy. 

Have A Talk with Komodo Boat Trip Crews

Want to have deep insider insight about the mysterious Komodo? Go to talk with the crews! Spending time with the locals are one of the best way to have authentic, memorable experience at a new place. While most places on Komodo national park is devoid of local residents, the closest thing you can do is having some chit chat with the boat crews. Talk about local Indonesian dish you have on the boat, some local customs in Komodo, or the nature of Komodo waters—if you are a keen diver. Who knows, maybe they could offer rare stories that you’ve never heard in official guides!