A Couple of Things to Note for Your Komodo Sailing Trip

Traversing through Komodo Islands via water is a favorite trip that tourists usually go for. Whether it’s by a small boat or a luxurious cruise, sailing through the seas around Komodo Islands area is sure can bring an unforgettable experience. For your convenience, I’m going to share some info about taking Komodo sailing trip for those who have never done it before.

A Couple of Things to Note for Your Komodo Sailing Trip

Embarking on Komodo Sailing Trip needs extra preparations…

The trip duration varies, from a 1-day trip to 3 days and 2 nights and even longer depending on requests. The guest can choose to explore whether Komodo or Rinca island, you can actually choose to visit both but usually it takes longer than 3 days and therefore need special arrangements. Also, there’s no hotels or any place to stay the night at all throughout the Komodo islands so you are forced to sleep on the boat if your trip is longer than a day.

One thing that you should prepare before joining the Komodo Sailing Trip is your stamina and physique condition. There’s going to be a lot of outdoor activities like swimming, diving, exploring the island itself. Trekking the island especially can be really exhausting, and usually, the guide makes the guest go early in the morning to catch the sunrise. SO you should definitely get plenty of sleep before departing.

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Sailing in Komodo, under the yellow sun…

A Couple of Things to Note for Your Komodo Sailing Trip

There are numerous things that you should bring yourself while taking Komodo Sailing Trip, some of it is pretty obvious like extra clothes, swimsuit, trekking shoes, and a large backpack. And if you intend to join diving as well, you should bring your own gear. There is some trip charter that provides diving gear onboard but it usually costs a fortune.

Other things you should bring is camera, don’t want to move your feet for miles but can’t save it to your memories. Sunglasses and sunblock for protection, and bug spray to get rid of pesky bugs that might appear on the boat or on the island. Bring snacks and drinks if you wanted, since a minimarket won’t suddenly appear in the middle of nowhere.

Nothing beats Komodo Sailing Trip venturing the blue ocean…

And with that being said, I basically covers the basics of what you going to do and need to know when participating in Komodo Sailing Trip. Plan your adventure carefully and book your trip form a trusted party. Happy Holiday!

Wildlife Travel For Your Next Travel Plan

There are so many travel ideas you can come up with. There are so many places you can visit to fill in your holiday. You can decide the place based on your interest. If you have strong interest to the wildlife, might as well consider visiting national parks or sanctuaries. They are great place to explore. You can see many beautiful things that the nature present you. Various flora and fauna are there in their own habitat which make them look interesting. Not to mention that you can also enjoy scenic view that frame the place perfectly. Visiting national forest for example, allows you to experience different kind of travel. It makes you feel closer to the nature.

Wildlife Travel For Your Next Travel Plan

The idea of wildlife travel

There are so many things you can learn from the trip such as what you can do to preserve nature, or how animals live peacefully in the forest. However, it is also important to remember that it is different from any type of travel you might have experienced before. Here are what you need to know about wildlife travel.

It Must Be Planned. Thoroughly

Wildlife travel cannot be done spontaneously because you have to book a reservation in advance. During your reservation, you have to give detail information about how many people you bring with, what kind of travel you expect to, your health information, etc. Those are necessary especially if the place is national parks or conservation. There are rules you have to follow to make sure that you will have a safe trip without endangering the nature either. 

Does It Allow Visitor?

Wildlife Travel For Your Next Travel Plan

It is highly recommended to do your own research in advance to make sure the place you want to go to allows for visitors. There might be different rules from one place to another. Thus, you cannot just generalize them. Make sure you know what kind of danger and warning you should be aware of as visitors.

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It’s Not As Scary!

Wildlife travel is not as scary as you thought. You can see wild animals in their habitat walking leisurely. It is such a thrilling experience. Make sure that you don’t go into panic mode. As long as you follow the rules and led by the appointed guide, you will be safe throughout the trip. 

Know the Difference of Wildlife Travel

There are different type of wildlife travel from one place to another. Some places offer safari trip where you can explore the place by specialized car. Therefore, you will get to explore the place more thoroughly. You will get to visit a place where animals are flocking. But of course, you will be in safe distance as to not disturb the animals. Make sure to follow the rules while you are in the car. Do not get down the vehicle unless you are allowed to.

Wildlife travel is such a good idea to do for your next travel plan. It is not bad idea to have a wildlife travel. You can even bring your friends or families along to enjoy the trip together. Even if you are going to do it alone, you will still end up in a group of people.

The Life You Can Have on Labuan Bajo Cruise

The Komodo National Park is famous for its rugged beauty, but travelling there doesn’t exactly come in easy mode. You need to book a liveaboard tour which will essentially be your sailing hotel to take you to destinations within the park. But if you are drawn to the more luxurious side, you might want to try booking Labuan Bajo cruise ship instead of the regular Komodo liveaboard. And here’s the life you can get on this deluxe sailing ship. 

The Life You Can Have on Labuan Bajo Cruise

A Peaceful Journey with Likeminded Fellows on Labuan Bajo Cruise

On upscaled Labuan Bajo cruise, you will likely sail with 4 to 8 people at most. One of the biggest difference between cruise and budget liveaboard in Komodo is the amount of passengers. Budget liveaboard with shared cabins (and sometimes open deck as sleeping quarter) can take up to 15 – 20 passengers in one sailing. Medium-level liveaboard usually pick 8 – 12 passengers, depend on the size of the boat. In Labuan Bajo cruise, the passengers and crew ratio is almost 1:1 or higher, which means more exclusivity in terms of services and exclusivity. For more intimate journey, you can ever hire the cruise for charter if you want! 

Breakfast on the Seaside

While most hotels and villas charges very high price for breakfast lounge with ocean view, you can practically get it for free in Labuan Bajo cruise. This is one of the thing that we love in the cruise; the opportunity to have sumptuous breakfast right by the ocean. Just imagine yourself sipping a delicious morning coffee (or tea, if you like) while gazing to the Komodo’s marvellous landscape in the horizon. Such a great way to start the day. 

Sleeping in Floating Suites

The Life You Can Have on Labuan Bajo Cruise

Now, there are several sleeping arrangements in budget to medium Komodo liveaboard. The standards are shared cabins with twin beds or double bunkbeds. But in Labuan Bajo cruise, almost all cabins are suites with indoor bathrooms. You could either choose the deluxe suites, or if you feel like splurging, the Master cabin. The Master’s usually have these beautiful wraparound windows that allows you to indulge in Komodo’s panoramic landscape while you lie leisurely in the bed. All cabins in these luxury cruises have hot showers and ample storage spaces, so you can travel with ease even in this far-flung destination. 

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A Day Trek with Komodo Dragons

But what is Komodo holiday without walking with the majestic beasts themselves? The world-famous, prehistoric Komodo dragons can be found in two largest island in the park; the Komodo Island and Rinca Island. You could pick one of them to meet the dragons. You will have a ranger with their mysterious wooden stick accompany you during the dragon trip—to make sure you can come back alive!

Living the Slow Life in the Sundeck

Oh, yeah. The sundeck. That place in the boat when you can just lie down idly in the sun beds or topping up some summer tan. The only deck to have flooded with warm sun light in the morning—which is just perfect for a yoga session. Probably also the most romantic spot to catch beautiful sunsets with your other half. This is the place to totally get disconnected from the real world and just get immersed in the beauty of Komodo and all its simplicity. 

Preparation Before Having Outdoor Trip

Recreational activities in an open space is exciting because aside from the activities themselves, you get to enjoy fresh air and wonderful scenery. There are many activities you can do when you are travelling outdoor. For example, you can go hiking, climbing, or simply camping. It is a great activity to be done with a group of family or friends. The natural charms in your surroundings can give you a vibe of serenity and tranquility you may not find in other places especially in big cities. Travelling to a wildlife such as national parks, conservation, or sanctuaries will give you different experience. It is even going to be so much better when you can spend a few nights camping in the area. However, it is also important to keep your safety. 

Safety tips when you travel in open space

No matter what kind of trip you have, there is always possibility for mishaps. Preparing adequately is necessary to avoid problems that can be prevented. Not to mention that nature is quite unpredictable. Anything may happen when you are out in the open space with various animals that also living around the area. Here are safety tips you can follow for safer trip in an open space.

Have Companion for the Trip

Preparation Before Having Outdoor Trip

It is high recommended to have companion for the trip. Travelling solo to regular tourist attraction such as amusement park, monument, beach, or lake is safe. However, it is not recommended when your travel destination is a mountain o forest since it is considered remote areas. You don’t want to be alone when emergency happens. There is possibility of you getting hurt in the middle of the trip. It will be dangerous if you are all alone. Thus, it is much better to travel in group if you are going to spend your trip outdoor. 

Check Your Physics

Make sure you are in good condition before you go especially if you plan for strenuous activities such as climbing or hiking. You have to handle your medical issue by preparing the your medication and discuss it first with your health care provider. It is also important to have skills you can use during the trip such as reading compass or maps, building a tent, or giving first aid. You can prepare your physique before the trip. 

Bring All the Necessities

Preparation Before Having Outdoor Trip

Pack necessities you are going to need based on the season and the length of your trip. You may also need to bring particular equipment. Check on them to make sure they work just fine before the trip. Do not bring equipment that no longer working. It will only give you more problems when you are on the trip. 

Check Weather Forecast and Everything

Prepare everything including checking the weather forecast. Every place has different characteristic so it is highly recommended to research the place you are going to visit in advance. If there are signs of approaching storms, avoid having a trip on that date. If you are currently on the trip while the signs of storms show up, find the right shelter. Avoid dangerous places such as lone trees, exposed places, and streams. 

How To Help Preserve Nature When Travelling

Tourism affect global economy positively especially since the index keeps increasing each year. However, there is a cost to pay for it. It is often that tourism cause many problems such as disrespecting the local customs, damaging public facilities, conducting misbehavior in public, and damaging the environment. Those are negative sides of tourism that difficult to overcome. Tourism has positive and negative impact to human. However, the environment is also the one that get affected the most, negatively. Therefore, lots of tourism campaign now encourages people to preserve the nature during a trip. Eco-travel is one of the most encouraging practice now. 

How To Help Preserve Nature When Travelling

Small things to do help preserve nature during your trip

Lots of people think that can leave common sense behind when travel. They end up offending the residents or damaging the environment both unconsciously and consciously. It is great to visit beautiful places when you can feel the nature is still preserved well. However, tourism can lead those places to get exploited. In fact, there are many endanger travel destinations around the world that need saving. Those places are planned to be closed from tourist activity to avoid further damage.

Do Not Litters or Urinate in Publics

There are many common habits tourists develop when travelling that can cause damage to the nature such as urinating in public, throwing rubbish in random places, and many more. Keep in mind that not many people have the privilege of unlimited resources to survive. Many poorer countries are tied up to the natural resources that are not even sustainable. They rely on the forest, minerals, as well as land that can be used for agriculture to survive. Thus, your misconduct during a trip can lead to exploiting their resource. Destroying wildlife habitats and beautiful nature can cause serious damage in the long term. 

Choose Destination that Encourages Ecotourism

How To Help Preserve Nature When Travelling

It is also such a good idea to choose a destination that encourages ecotourism. It is such a great way to conserve the local cultural and biological diversity, as well as promote sustainable use of resource. This way, it will be easier to remind yourself to behave well during your trip. Keep in mind that you can still enjoy the beautiful nature without exploiting it. There are many ways you can do to appreciate the nature without doing causing any damage. You don’t have to preserve nature by doing campaign. You can start from yourself by developing positive habits every time you travel. Let the other see how travel can be enjoyed without causing any trouble to the nature.

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Bring Your Own Bottles

There are many small things you can do to help protect the nature when travelling. For example, bring your own bottled water so you don’t excessively buy bottled water which are made of plastics. It helps prevent plastic waste that is hard to absorb by the soil. You can also be wiser in using mode of transport when travelling. If it is possible for you to walk then do it instead of hailing a cab. Strolling around the place to enjoy your surroundings can be more fun and beneficial to the environment.

What You’re Going to Learn at Surf Lessons Algarve

Algarve is one of the few place in the world where you can surf for all 365 days a year. The Algarve is filled up with surf towns and as the region face the Atlantic Ocean on its western and southern coast, Algarve enjoys good waves all year long. The Algarve has everything a surfer would enjoy; warm and clear blue water, pleasant weather, consistent waves, and laid-back locals that make up an amazing, authentic local experience. Algarve has so many surf camps offering surf lessons for beginners, intermediate, advanced, and even kids. Every year more surf enthusiast come to the region to get surf lessons—and if you plan to book one this holiday, this is what you are going to learn at Algarve. 

Surf lessons not only to learn the basic of surfing, but also to avoid unpleasant situations such as getting caught in the wave beyond your capability, behaving irresponsibly at surf lines, to handling unwanted accidents. 

What You’re Going to Learn at Surf Lessons Algarve

Get At Least Two Weeks of Surf Lessons Algarve

The surf lesson is not only all about the basic of surfing. You will learn other surf-related things that not necessarily oriented to your surfing progress. They will teach you to how to avoid unpleasant situations during the surf and the correct way to handle it. You’ll learn how to get out if you get caught in waves beyond your capability, how to handle unwanted accidents, and what kind of irresponsible behaviours that will annoy other surfers in the area. 

There’s just so much techniques and etiquettes to swallow when you first jump on surfing. To take a really solid comprehension of surfing, we really recommend you to take at least two weeks of surf lessons in Algarve. The more time you have, the more theories you can put into practice. And he more you practice, the more you can handle the surfboard, the waves, the winds, and everything else. 

Getting the First Surf Lessons Algarve at the Beach 

What You’re Going to Learn at Surf Lessons Algarve

Your first surf lessons at Algarve surf camp wouldn’t happen at the sea. The first surf lessons will always take place on the beach—or even at the classroom back at the surf camp. Before you jump to the water, the instructor will take an adequate time to explain everything about the swells, tides, currents, winds, down to how the waves are formed. Basically everything about ocean a surfer need to know. When you have understand how the waves work, you will figure out how to read a wave, how to distinguish which is left and which is right, when and where the waves break, and how you can catch it.

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Choosing the Surfboard

It’s best to not rushing to buy a surfboard before you come to surf lessons Algarve. Chance is, you buy it wrong. The surf camp will teach you how to choose the right surf board which size and shape largely depends on your skills and the surf spot. As a beginner, you will likely get bigger surfboard, the one with soft-top (to protect your torso, wide volume for flotation, and rocker. The first lessons at the beach will also cover the right positioning at the surf boards, maintaining a proper stance, and how to pop up on your surf board and standing at your feet. 

The Surf Class at the Water 

Your first surf lessons at Algarve water will be fully accompanied by the surf instructor. They will shot their tips and pointers while you are paddling in the water. You will have the first lessons at knee high water—and only when you have master the balance, it will progressed further to deeper area.  

Possible Hazards During Outdoor Trip

Travelling can be fun and all until someone get injured or involved in an accident. There are many possible hazards during a trip depending on the destination. Hazards are varied from one place to another. However, it doesn’t mean you should feel discouraged to take an outdoor travel. There will always be dangerous circumstances you possibly encounter during an outdoor trip. What you can do is to make sure that you do general safety measure in advance. Keep in mind that there is always safety measure for any type of hazard. There is also remedy for every ailment you may suffer during the trip. 

Be aware of hazards during outdoor travel

Always make sure that you do precaution such as informing people at home of where you are going to with the trip. Also, always maintain effective communication with them to make sure you will get immediate help during emergency situation. There are various hazards you possibly encounter that caused by the nature or human. Here are several of them:

Hazards due to the circumstances of the nature are highly possible to encounter especially when your destination is an open space or wilderness. Some places are more prone to natural disasters such as tornado, floods, earthquake, lightning, or sandstorm. Thus, make sure to research in advance about your destination. However, they may also appear unpredictably. Thus, make sure you do the precautions well.

There are also hazards caused by dangerous terrains. You may plan an outdoor trip to do various extreme and strenuous activities for example hiking through a mountain with difficult trails. The area can be dangerous and can cause you injury from minor to severe. For example, it is highly possible to slip due to wet or slippery rocks/logs. It is also possible to slip when you cross the river, streams, etc. The possibility to slip is higher when you do the activity after dark. Lack of visibility can make it worse. Passing through glacier can also cause various injuries.

There is also possibility to get drown during an outdoor trip. It is one of the most common accidents during an outdoor trip. It can happen due to various reasons such as slips, or crossing unreliable bridges. It is also possible to get washed away by the tides during your trip to the beaches. Make sure to stay alert during your outdoor trip regardless of how safe it looks at the time. 

There are also possible hazards caused by human interactions. The people you encounter during outdoor trip don’t always be helpful or friendly. There are those who take advantage of your situations. Possible hazardous bystanders including attacks, sexual assault, robbery, etc. Thus, it is highly recommended t bring companion if you plan to take an outdoor trip. It is safer that way because most criminals don’t target group travelers. They often target solo travelers most of the times. Therefore, it is important to use your instinct as well to notice possible threats from people you encounter during your outdoor trip.

Overcoming Possible Problems During Outdoor Trip

Outdoor trip is fun and benefits you in many ways. Through outdoor activities during the the trip, you will get to learn more about the wildlife and how to preserve them. You will also learn how importance their existence to the world. Not to mention that doing physical activities every once in awhile in outdoor spaces is good for your body. It can help increase your physical strength. Not to mention that it is a good stress-reliever as well. It is highly recommended to go for outdoor trip in group not all alone. It is safer that way to make sure you have someone you can rely on during emergency. Not to mention that having outdoor trip in group is much more fun. 

Overcoming Possible Problems During Outdoor Trip

Possible problems during outdoor trip and how to overcome them

Even if you have chosen safe place for your outdoor trip destination, it is still possible for various problems to come. The wildlife is unexpected anyway. Aside from making necessary precautions, You can also learn more about the possible problems and how to overcome them. 

Encounter Wild Animals

Encounter wild animals during outdoor trip is highly possible especially when you are venturing national park or sanctuary. As for precaution, avoid areas with signs of wild animals on them. Always carry bear spray in your bag for emergency. If you already see them, do not panic and do not run. Assess the situation first. If the animals have not noticed you, return silently to the place where you came from.

Unpredictable Bad Weather

It is possible for you to encounter bad weather regardless of how diligent you are checking on the forecast beforehand. Stay alerts of your surroundings during the trip. Check the signs of the weather by looking at the clouds, or feeling how the winds pick up. If there are signs for the storms, retreat to your camping site or find a safe shelter if your camping site is too far to reach. 

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Danger in Lightning

Lightning is also possible danger you encounter during your outdoor trip. It can be dangerous especially when you are in an open space. So many people got injured by lightning during outdoor activities such as camping, fishing, hiking, or climbing. Avoid high terrain, body of waters, as well as golf courses. Also, avoid isolated trees. It is better to run into the forest where trees are. Avoid pitching your tent near the tallest tree as well to minimize the risk of electric storms.

Getting Lost in the Wild

Getting lost is also one of the most common problems during outdoor trip. Make sure to always carry a map when you are about to venture the wildlife. If it happens to you, do not panic. And assess your surroundings. Try to related all to your location on a map. Use your map and compass diligently if you still cannot figure out where you are and where to go. If you are injured or it’s already dark, stay put. The last thing you can do is follow the stream downhill or a drainage. They usually lead you to a road or trail.

Things to Know to Make Your Komodo Liveaboard Budget Trip Better

If you have planned to see the last of the dragons in Komodo National Park this holiday, you will find a lot of liveaboard selection to sail the Komodo. From high luxury to budget, you will always find something that suits your wallet. If you are not keen to splurge on extravagant decoration and rolled sushi for lunch, you might want to check out budget liveaboard Komodo. It’s like the middle class of liveaboard—you get everything basic things you need at bargain price. Budget liveaboard become traveler favourite not only for its friendly cost but also the atmosphere. The crews, while staying professionals at their job, will treat you just like a friend and give you many valuable insider insights of the Komodo. Passengers on budget liveaboard tend to be more grounded and diverse; a mix of newbie and seasonal passengers who are ready to share exciting stories with you. 

While Komodo liveaboard budget is just as awesome as it is, there are several extra preparation to make your sailing trip even better. 

Things to Know to Make Your Komodo Liveaboard Budget Trip Better

What to Wear in the Liveaboard? 

Komodo budget liveaboard doesn’t call for complex piece of clothing. This is not a sailing trip with a cruise where you will attend a fine dining on one of the night with appropriate clothes. There will be no formal night, so pack all of your summer clothes! Komodo liveaboard call for adventurous activities and you’ll be doing fine with your most casual clothes. Just remember to pack one light jacket and some sun cover up for women. Like anywhere in Indonesia, you might be required to cover up your bikini in public places. 

How Do You Get Best Deals on Komodo Liveaboard Budget? 

Ssst, here’s a secret. Most Komodo liveaboard budget have secret best deals they don’t put on the website. So here’s our tips. Starts doing online research about budget boats in Komodo. Make your shortlist based on price, facilities, or other criteria. Mark the calendar for times you are willing/free to go to Komodo. Follow the boats’ social media and subscribe for the newsletter. We’ve seen ships announce discounts, special price, and even giveaway on their social media and newsletter!

Things to Know to Make Your Komodo Liveaboard Budget Trip Better

Do Could You Entertain the Kids in Komodo Liveaboard Budget?

Every adventurous parents who’ve been taking their kids to vacation can relate. In a sailing boat where there won’t be any signals, playstation, PC, and even convenience market nearby, travelling with kids can be quite tacky. They can get bored very fast! Our best suggestion is check in with your boat operator. See if they have some board and fun games such as UNO, stacks, ludo, card decks, or other more. It’s also a good idea to pack things that stimulate children’s imagination such as binocular. This is very appropriate for Komodo’s Jurassic-looking landscape and it will keep them busy for few hours.

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How to Choose A Cabin for Seasickness Prone People? 

Sometimes, someone in the party can’t really stomach sailing trip. Maybe it’s your husband, one of your child, your friend, or even yourself—who need to constantly stay near to the toilet while the boat is moving. Our best tips is to choose the top cabin or the one in the mid-deck. Luckily, they mostly features stunning view of the landscape aside of being the most stable cabin. Unluckily, they might cost more—so prepare extra budget if you want to purchase these comforts. 

Sharpen Your Photography Skills Through A Wildlife Trip

Taking a journey to a wildlife is exciting. It can make you feel closer to the nature as well as every living things within. Having a trip to a wildlife doesn’t mean you should explore everything in an extreme way such as climbing, kayaking, skydiving, etc. You can just enjoy the nature on your way, on your own pace. You can also make your journey more memorable by doing what you really like or something you are most passionate about. One of the best ways to enjoy the trip to wildlife is photography. Taking pictures of the nature, flora, fauna, and everything you see beautiful is great experience during a trip to a wildlife. For example, it can feel exhilarating to take a picture of lion lounging around in the middle of the Sahara.

Indulge your passion in photography during a wildlife trip

Wildlife photography is one of the most loved subject. It is because they usually consists of wild animals naturally posing in their natural habitat. The pictures look more interesting and alive. If you have passion in wildlife photography, you can always sharpen your skills through travelling. Here are things you should consider in doing so.

Choose the right camera you can always bring for a travel.

The camera should be high quality and light enough to carry everywhere. Not to mention that it should be waterproof. Having a trip to a wildlife makes you face the unexpected. Your camera can be in risky situation when it involves waters. Therefore, make sure to choose the right camera and its protector. 

Keep your safety first

In your attempt to take the most dramatic pictures of animals, make sure to keep your own safety as well. Remember the safe distance. Instead endangering your safety by getting too close with the animals, you can choose the right lens that can help you capture quality pictures even from distance. It might be more expensive but it’s worth your life. You can get into action without getting any harm. 

Do not just wait for the animals to be in particular position or pose

Sharpen Your Photography Skills Through A Wildlife Trip

Instead, focus on the angle of how you take pictures. Also, it is best to have your camera on silent mode while you are in action. You don’t want to disturb the wildlife because then you won’t get the best pictures. It is also great to practice your angle in taking pictures. Your trip to a wildlife will provide you this opportunity. You can take any picture of any object to make you used to the feeling of taking the right angle. 

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Do not hesitate to look for references

It is fine to search for inspiration of how to take the best pictures of the wildlife. Before your trip, you can scroll down Instagram to see how professional took their pictures. What you can learn from them include lighting, behavior, distance, and scene. You can practising those aspect during your wildlife trip. Then, you will see yourself making progress throughout the trip.