Five Questions to Ask to Yourself Before Going to Surf Camp

It’s that time of the year when you finally can escape from your boring routine and head for exciting holiday. You might have decided that you want a seaside escapade. Somewhere with plenty of sun, pristine beaches, rolling waves, and days of slow living. Maybe you want to finally trying surf camp after seeing those cool surfers riding and manoeuvring in the big swells. You may have learned how to stand at surfboards a while ago, have already learned some tips and tricks, but still pretty much a beginner. Staying at surf camp this holiday could expose you to a whole new experience this holiday! Before you go, ask these questions to yourself to make sure you land on the best surfing camp for your liking.

Five Questions to Ask to Yourself Before Going to Surf Camp

Are You Looking for Gender-Specific Surf Camp?

There are a LOT of surf camp out there! Once you start browsing, you’ll find literally hundreds of surfing camps from all sorts on the list. Some are more focused on kids and teens, others are more general. Ask yourself; are you willing to stay in general surfing house or are you feeling more comfortable staying at gender-specific camp? Some surf camps are dedicated to female surfers to ensure a safe and comfortable stay. 

What is Your Current Level?

One of the most important aspect on choosing a surf camp is knowing your level. Are you a total beginner with little to zero experience? Have you learned basic surf before and intend to improve your skills? Or are you a seasoned surfers looking for some challenges? 

Where is Your Surfing Destination?

Five Questions to Ask to Yourself Before Going to Surf Camp

Some beginners don’t want to go too far from home to learn how to surf—not even going to the neighbouring country. Check if you can find local surfing spots and camps in your country. However, for some people surfing can be a great excuses to travel half of the world! Surf enthusiast would do just almost everything in sake of getting on the best waves. The Maldives, Thailand and Bali are great for beginners—with plenty of natural and cultural attraction available. Portugal and Spain would satisfy both beginners and professionals, depend on the season. These two countries are relatively close to those who live in Europe or America. While Bali is beginner-friendly, Indonesia has dozens other challenging spots like Mentawai and Sumba that would keep even the most advanced surfers busy for days. 

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Which One You Prefer: Sleepaway or Day Surf Camp

Do you want to actually sleep and stay at surf camp? Or do you prefer to stay at nearby villa and come to the camp only for the surfing lessons? The first option is great for those who want to mingle with likeminded surfers, feel the vibe of surf cultures, and save some money (they usually have room deals for surf lessons packages). The latter, however, is usually preferable for those who are travelling with family or non-surfer partners.

Do You Wants Adds-on Classes?

Some surf camps are totally focus on the surfing itself. They teach and facilitate nothing but surf and accommodation. This is perfect for aspiring surfers who don’t need anything else. However, you would find some other surfing camps offer additional classes like Yoga, which is very common and pretty advantageous for surfers! Other popular additional classes are kite surf, paddle boarding, zumba, skate boarding, and many more.

Must Travelling Activities When Travelling To Desert

A desert might be the most perfect place for a trip. The place is scorching during the days and freezing at nights. Dangerous reptiles are lurking around the desert freely. Not to mention that your body is easily drained due to dehydration. However, it is a perfect travel destination for adventurers. Desert is one of the most daunting places on Earth. People who seek for thrill must put desert in one of the top list places to visit. 

Convenience Things to Know Before Diving in Amed

Things to do during your adventure in desert

There are many things you can do to enjoy your trip in a desert. The wilderness can be your source for adventure and entertainment. It is a great travel playground for adventure seekers. If you love desert, here are most recommended places to visit and best activities to do.

Lahbab Desert

Lahbab Desert us located in United Arab Emirates. The most recommended activity during your visit to this desert is dune bashing. It is a perfect activity that creates adrenaline rush. Using a sturdy car, your driver will take you explore the majestic Lahbab Desert for thrilling adventure. Your stomach will be tested and you have to see everything with open eyes if you want to experience the fun. Make sure your stomach is not too full before taking the ride. 

Namib Desert

Convenience Things to Know Before Diving in Amed

Namib Desert is located in Namibia. The most recommended activity to try is horseback riding. Even if you are used to horse riding, the feeling will be different when you do it in a desert. Not to mention that this is one of the oldest desert region in the world. The thrills and fun are real. Through the rides, you will get to explore the savanna, canyons, oases, coastline, and the Hakos Mountains. If you are lucky, you will get to see the wildlife including mountain zebra, ostrich, oryx, desert warthogs, etc. 

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Usaka Desert

Usaka Desert is located in Peru. The best activity to try during your visit is sandboarding. Desert might be the rarest terrains you can have to surf. There are many sandy slopes you can try to conquer using your precious sandboard. Make sure you are full of determination before trying. It might look easy but not really when you try it. The process of falling and standing backup can deplete your energy drastically. However, the fun and happiness once you succeed is worth it. 

Sonoran Desert

Convenience Things to Know Before Diving in Amed

Sonoran Desert is located in Arizona. Most recommended thing to try is hiking. Well, it sounds exhausting already but worth it. Besides, hiking is considered the least intense activity to try in the desert. There is a slow-paced trek you can explore through the desert. It allows you to enjoy your time while observing and appreciating every beautiful points. There are roadrunners, coyotes, mountain lizards, lions, and more. Choosing the level hikes that suit your stamina is highly recommended.

It is highly advised to bring your own water before exploring the desert regardless of the activity. As mentioned earlier that the place can drain your energy drastically from exhaustion and dehydration. 

Convenience Things to Know Before Diving in Amed Bali

Just like its neigboring Tulamben, Amed is home to one of the most prominent diving community in Bali. The seemingly humble fisherman village hides spectacular coral reefs and wonderful muck full of incredible critters underneath the clear water. Amed is also home to several coral restoration attempts, a manmade creations that turn into marvellous dive sites. Any divers coming to Bali need to have Amed on their diving bucket list. But before you go, know these things (please change the sentence). 

Convenience Things to Know Before Diving in Amed

It Takes Three Hours Drive from Kuta

Nestled between the sea and the mountain, Amed diving site is located in the northeast coast of Bali. It takes two to three hours of drive from the Denpasar airport or Kuta area. You might need to stop for lunch by the way, which might make the journey a bit longer. However, once you arrive at Amed, you will instantly understand why this is such a divers’ bliss. This village is empty from worldly glitz and glam, away from the hustles and bustles of the buzzing cities on southern Bali. The seemingly sleepy Amed offer tranquility, inner peace of mind, and secludedness which is essential for an enjoyable dive holiday. This is just the place to live a simpler life, soaking in the magic of Balinese culture, and get immersed to the wonderful marine life. 

Amed is Perfect for Easy and Relaxing Diving in Bali 

Just like what’s on the above, the underwater situation of Amed diving Bali is just so calm and relaxing. The water is clear with light to almost no currents at all. The visibility could range from 15 to 25 meters. It’s quite warm, so you only need your 3mm dive suits or just the shortie. Amed is just a perfect dive site for beginners or someone who just want to enjoy an easy diving. 

Amed is Known Best for Macro and Muck Diving in Bali 

Amed is Known Best for Macro and Muck Diving in Bali

Macro Diving and Muck Diving are probably the best feature of Amed. This village sits very close to the Mount Agung volcano, and it results on black sands beaches which create an unusual contrast to the bright corals and colourful critters. The Japanese Wreck, Batu Niti, Seraya Secret and Melasti of Amed are some of the best site for macro diving in Bali.

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Amed is Quite Secluded and Have Minimum Urban Facilities

One charming thing about Amed: this place is not too touristy neither too overdeveloped like Kuta and Seminyak areas. They have some convenient market, but they are not as big as in the southern Bali. That means you need to bring all your travel essentials to Amed. You might find difficulties to find certain sunscreen lotion, tampons, or even certain brands of shampoo. If you think your products will be difficult to find in remote areas like Amed, make sure to bring enough of them.

Why Shanghai Is A City Worth Travelling For

Shanghai is one of the most intriguing cities in the world. It is where the past, the present and the future meets in perfect blend and harmony. This is a city where you can experience riding the faster commercial train in the world. It is also a place where you can find the most iconic snack, ‘stinky tofu’. all in all, Shanghai is a great city to explore. Thus, choosing Shanghai as your destination for your next travel plan is such as wonderful idea. 

What makes Shanghai an interesting travel destination

There are many reasons why Shanghai is a great destination to venture to. Here are seevral of them:

Almost everything is accessible and reachable. There is nothing impossible in Shanghai. As mentioned earlier, you can ride the world’s fastest commercial train in this city to reach various places. Plus, everything delivers in Shanghai. If you have lazy day during your visit in Shanghai, everything you need will be ready in front of your door. Not to mention that they come in rather amazing speed. You don’t have to wait for too long to receive your order, no matter what it is. 

Muslim friendly is also a reason why Shanghai is accessible for everyone. It is often that Muslim travelers are limited to choose travel destination especially because some countries don’t make Muslim friendly foods or provide Muslim friendly facilities. In Shanghai, there is Muslim noodle shops which guarantee Muslim travelers to have halal foods. The noodles are created right in front of you. It is not only interesting but also fascinating to experience. 

Everything is possible and available in Shanghai including community karaoke. You can find it in the Fuxing Park where you can enjoy not only the park main interesting points but also the entertainment side which is the karaoke spot. That’s where you can find a group of retired folks gather around in the mid-afternoon and happily belting out Chinese tunes on microphone. They use a laptop to scan the lyrics of the songs. They like to liven up the performance to entertain the audience. 

Another great reason to travel to Shanghai is its affordability. Shanghai is a great destination even for budget travelers. You can have affordable grooming to have fresh look. The foods are also affordable, satisfying, and most importantly, delicious. There are various things you can afford to buy such as life-sized teddy bears on the street especially in the middle of the night. 

Shanghai is also a great place for free work out. There is no reason for you to neglect your work out regime even when you are travelling. In Shanghai, you can do it for free. Almost every park in Shanghai has Crayola-colored equipment. They are simple machines from what you find in regular gyms but work just fine to help you stay in shape. Chin-up bars, ropes, elliptical trainers, leg and ab isolators, and more are there to use for free for everyone.

Must Things To Do When Visiting Malaysia

Malaysia is an interesting travel destination especially for those who are seeking for adventure. The natural beauty is the strongest charm Malaysia has for their visitors. Malaysia is where you can find the oldest rainforest in the world. Not to mention that they have very extensive cave system as well as beautiful mangrove forests. Everything is full of wonder when it comes to Malaysia. Therefore, it is not a bad idea to plan your trip and book your accommodation. 

Interesting things to do when visiting Malaysia

A trip in Malaysia will be full of interesting experience. If you are planning to pay a visit to Malaysia, might as well listing things to do when you get there. Here are the most recommended ones.

Pahang National Park

Must Things To Do When Visiting Malaysia

Visiting Pahang National Park is not an option. It is a must especially if you want to have overnight observation over fauna from the safety huts. Pahang National Park is where the oldest rainforest exists. Then, you can also head to Kuala Gandah where you get to accompany orphaned elephants. You can watch or join their daily baths at the National Elephant Conservation Centre. Remember to not as for a ride. 

Whitewater rafting

Try whitewater rafting during your visit in Malaysia. This is a fun activity you should try because it can also feed your adrenaline. Malaysia has charming intricate networks of rivers ready to be explored. They have various rapids and level of difficulty. There are different class of rapids started from 1 to 5. For the beginner rafters, class 1-4 are recommended. Meanwhile, more experienced rafters should definitely try tackling class 5 rapids. If you are expert rafter and seeking for more thrill, try the class 6 rapids instead.

Authentic village experience

Must Things To Do When Visiting Malaysia

Try authentic village experience in Malaysia. There is special Malaysian homestay program where you can stay with the locals hosts. You can also stay in one of the traditional long houses. They are located in peninsular Malaysia, Sabah, and Sarawak. You will get to join the village activities on daily basis. You can help preparing local meals, learn Malaysian games, feed the livestock, or fishing. 

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Underwater of Malaysia

Explore the underwater of Malaysia. It is already known that Malaysia is home of one of the most beautiful marine life. Exploring Malaysian underwater is fun because the water is clear so you can see everything in high definition. Malaysia is also where you will get to try few of the world’s best dives sites. Explore the underwater and get ready to meet various sea creatures. Most recommended places to explore the marine life include Layang-Layang island, Langkawi island, Redang island, Perhentian island, and many more. 

Fireflies hunting

Fireflies hunting is also highly recommended when you are planning to visit Malaysia. It is fun activity where you use boat to hunt. Using a boat that glides along a mangrove-lined river, you will be spying hundreds of fireflies. There are flickering mostly around the trees. In Malaysia, the locals call fireflies as Kelip-Kelip. Most visited locations for fireflies hunting include Kuala Selangor, Kampung Cherating, Kuala Sepetang, Sandakan, Kuching, and Kota Kinabalu. 

This Is How Kids Surf Camp Run Their Lessons

You might have long thinking about enrolling your kids on a surf camp for summer—or even it’s the kiddos who are begging for it! However, for some reasons you are not totally sure with the ideas. Maybe it’s the safety reasons. It’s hard to imagine those little feet and little hands battling in crashing waves. Surfing, for kids, might looks like challenging the danger—especially if you are not coming from surfing background. You might need a little convincing and these insight about how kids surf camp actually run their lessons could help. 

Your Kids Can Stay At Sleepaway Surf Camp or Go Home Daily 

This Is How Kids Surf Camp Run Their Lessons

Not everyone need to stay the night at the surf camp! Yes, some surf camps do have a slipway programme for kids age 12 years old and up, which is similar to regular summer camps. However, if you don’t think your little peanuts are not ready for a sleepaway, you can always pick a day course. That means the kids will go home every afternoon and back to the camp on the next day. 

Each Surf Lessons Are Held in Waist-Deep Water

Now, one of the primary requirements for everyone, kids and adult, to enrol in a surf camp is swimming skills. But rest assured that the surf school is not taking any kids to surf in water deeper than the waist. The kids can stand up easily when they fall, and there are absolutely no sharks lurking around in the shallow water. 

Fun Pre-Surf Lessons for Kids

The instructor will start every lessons with fun warm-ups. This highly varied, but most kids surf camp will employ games and yoga-based surf exercise. Games will ‘wake up’ the kids and get them closer to their peers, while yoga movements is very beneficial to promote flexibility and balance on the board. 

Child-Sized Soft Surfboards and Long Leashes

This Is How Kids Surf Camp Run Their Lessons

For beginner kids, they will use child-sized soft surfboards with soft fins. This type of board is perfect to prevent injury. If your child fall off and hit the surfboard, they won’t get hurt or wounded. Also, they use long leashes for the kids for extra room and comfort. Again, if they fall off, they won’t get dragged by the board and have extra time to protect the body.

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Safety is Priority for Kids at Surf Camp

The best kids surf camp prioritise in safety. The kids will closely watched by professional, certified  instructors who will be ready for any mishaps and accident. They are also lifeguards, so you can count on them if the worst thing happen. 

Small Groups Courses

Kids thrive the best when placed on small groups learning. They have enough peers to learn this new thing together as well as cheering and helping each other. Having friends on their side build enough motivation than learning to surf alone. However, the group is small enough to prevent fierce competition to happen. It’s the perfect environment to learn how to surf!

Plan Your Family Getaways For Winter

Summer is not the only the most ideal time to have a family getaway. In fact, winter is the coolest season to enjoy various kind of family trip you can enjoy. There are many great destinations you can choose for your family getaway. Thus, you and your family don’t have to stay at home throughout the season just because the temperature is much lower. You will still have your fun during winter getaway with your family. December, January, and February will be the season of winter and you can make the most out of it. 

Plan Your Family Getaways For Winter

Recommended ideas to have family getaway for winter

There are many places you can choose as your family getaway destination during winter season. You can also choose either outdoor or indoor spaces. It depends on what your family prefer. If you want to indulge your kids, choose outdoor spaces since they most likely love the idea of being in the open space regardless of the weather. If you want to keep them warm and safe, choose indoor space that provide entertainment and fun activities your kids can enjoy to the fullest. 

School Breaks at Local Resorts

For the starter, you can have a relaxed time staying at family-friendly resort during your kids’ school breaks. It is a great time for bonding and start your getaway plan. You don’t really have to go overseas as soon as the school break starts. Booking a room in a resort can be a good idea since it can help relax and release some stress without strenuous activities. You can try activities recommended by the resort staff to loosen up. 

Visit National Park

Plan Your Family Getaways For Winter

Next idea for family getaway during winter is visit a national park. The best part of visiting a national park during winter is that you will be free from the crowd and the heat. You can have a fun tour to the wildlife that your family must love. There are many national parks recommended to fill in your winter family getaway. You can choose the one in your country or choose to pay a visit to the one located in foreign country. Zion National Park for example, is recommended because it is the loveliest during winter. It is located in southwest Utah. There are many things to see and visit such as colossal cliffs, high plateaus, the Virgin River, cottonwood, Ash trees, and deep canyons. 

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Go to Maui

Maui is also highly recommended destination for your family getaway during winter. This place is already famous for its beautiful beaches, paddle sports, as well as dormant volcano. Maui or often called the Valley Isle is great to visit during winter because you can see whales breed, calve, and nurse their young. This kind of interaction of the wildlife must make your family happy. It is such a fantastic experience. You can also take your family to the Maui Ocean Center to let them learn more. Or, take your kids can try a helicopter ride where they will get to see lush landscape and beautiful waterfalls. There is also an eco tour you can book to venture the Haleakala National Park.

Ultimate Guide to Be Good Guest in Komodo Diving Liveaboard

When the sun is out and all the works are done, it’s time to embark on a secluded diving holiday in the remote Komodo, Flores, Indonesia. The country is one of few countries in the world to make up the world’s Coral Triangle, and Komodo is just one of the best dive spot in Indonesia with incredibility rich ocean landscapes and brimming marine animals. And if you are into ocean exploration, the Komodo diving liveaboard would eventually come on the list. There’s no better way to enjoy Komodo diving holiday. No hassles of moving hotel rooms, finding restaurants around deserted islands, getting transports, and whatsoever. You will essentially be in a floating hotel that not only get you around best dive sites in Komodo, but also cater all the equipments you need for diving as well as providing the dive instructors. 

Ultimate Guide to Be Good Guest in Komodo Diving Liveaboard

Komodo diving liveaboard might be the best option you have for having the best of Komodo’s underwater. While most diving liveaboard passengers are descent, we have seen some divers that are just…not so cool. Some guests seemingly just forgot how to behave on dive liveaboard and cause discomfort to other people. Here we are giving some simple tips on being a good guest on liveaboard and having all the benefits of being one. Afterall, the vastness of the ocean should humbled you and help you become a better person. 

Say Enough Thank You to Komodo Diving Liveaboard Crews

Many divers and holiday makers alike nowadays feel entitled just because they pay for the vacation. Remember; you are paying for their service, not buying them as persons. Each crews in the Komodo diving liveaboard—the dive masters, captain, managers, chefs, and waiters are all sharing responsibility to give the best for you. They are often under appreciated as guest are taking their services for granted. One of the best thing you can do is showing your gratitude by saying thank you often. Have you said it to the guy who prepare your oxygen tank? Do you thank the staffs who attend you? Have you been appreciative to the efforts made on your behalf? 

There’s No Reasons to Be Abusive to Liveaboard Staff

Once again. Just because you pay for the diving liveaboard trip, doesn’t mean you own the crews. There’s no reason to yell or get nasty to get what you want. Be as humane as possible to the crews. They are the reason why you can see that cute pygmy pink seahorses or those majestic Manta Rays gliding on the ocean. 

Remember the Crews Are Working Long Hours 

Ultimate Guide to Be Good Guest in Komodo Diving Liveaboard

Once again, the crews of the Komodo diving liveaboard you are in are working long hours to give you great experiences. Another reason to give them the respect they deserve. 

Seek the Authority When You Have Issues on Komodo Diving Liveaboard

If you have a serious issues or complain, seek someone who has the authoritative to fix your problem. State your issues factually. There’s no need to put on a drama or accusing someone to blame.

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Ask Help Politely When You Need It

Being a diver in an unfamiliar dive site, you will obviously need help. And there will be a time you might get frustrated for staying in a confined space like Komodo diving liveaboard for an extended period of time. Restraint yourself from getting easily upset or yelling. Instead, tell the crews in calm calm manner if you need their help. Sometimes they’ll likely go out of their way to help—or even doing amazing things—to nice guest divers on the liveaboard. 

Indulging Your Kids During The Trip To Tokyo

Tokyo is like a paradise for kids to spend their holiday. There are so many things to see and spots to visit during a trip to Tokyo. Bringing your kids will only bring more joy to them. Japan is already a popular travel destination for any kind of travelers of all ages. Tokyo especially has everything you need to indulge your kids during the trip. From excellent robots to yummy foods, there won’t be a day you spend with boredom. The city itself is so vibrant and lively. It is a great city to spark the excitement of a journey. 

Where to bring your kids in Tokyo

Tokyo is a great family trip destination because there are various family-friendly things to enjoy. It is also a great city to let your kids learn more about modern life and traditional cultures on one setting. Not to mention that Tokyo is a great destination for your kids who are also a tech savvy enthusiasts.

Robot Restaurant is a great spot to visit where you can bring your kids. It is a family-friendly restaurant located in Shinjuku. It has stadium seating in a basement for the guests who visit. The most interesting part is the robots that roam around the place freely. They dance to a variety of music blazing through the sound system. There are varieties of foods and drinks your kids will enjoy including sushi bento boxes. The entertainment is the main attention here. 

If your kids prefer nature, it is recommended to visit Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden. It is not surprising that access to nature is so easy when it comes to Tokyo regardless of its label as an urban city. This green space is full of towering trees, winding paths, wildlife, as well as three vast gardens. Each garden has a different concept. There are English Garden, French Garden and of course, Japanese Garden. You and your kids can have a relaxing time by laying down in the grass. 

The Harajuku District is also highly recommended especially if your kids are fashion lovers. This is a place to indulge your kids’ fashion sense. There are colorful makeup, clothing, unique fashion items, and more. Not to mention that you can treat your kids to some interesting sweets. There are various shops and eateries you can visit during your exploration in the district. Not to mention that there is the Harajuku Bridge you and your families should visit as well. 

Tokyo is a great place to introduce your kids to Japanese culture. There are many things they can learn during the trip which can make them understand more about the concept of diversity and tolerance. It is highly recommended to visit the Imperial Palace which is only 10 minutes away from the Tokyo Station. The palace is the residence of the Emperor of Japan. Aside from the main residence, there are also the private ones used for the Imperial family. There are also museum, the Kyoko Gaien National Garden, the East Garden, and Kitanomaru Park you can visit.

A Couple of Things to Note for Your Komodo Sailing Trip

Traversing through Komodo Islands via water is a favorite trip that tourists usually go for. Whether it’s by a small boat or a luxurious cruise, sailing through the seas around Komodo Islands area is sure can bring an unforgettable experience. For your convenience, I’m going to share some info about taking Komodo sailing trip for those who have never done it before.

A Couple of Things to Note for Your Komodo Sailing Trip

Embarking on Komodo Sailing Trip needs extra preparations…

The trip duration varies, from a 1-day trip to 3 days and 2 nights and even longer depending on requests. The guest can choose to explore whether Komodo or Rinca island, you can actually choose to visit both but usually it takes longer than 3 days and therefore need special arrangements. Also, there’s no hotels or any place to stay the night at all throughout the Komodo islands so you are forced to sleep on the boat if your trip is longer than a day.

One thing that you should prepare before joining the Komodo Sailing Trip is your stamina and physique condition. There’s going to be a lot of outdoor activities like swimming, diving, exploring the island itself. Trekking the island especially can be really exhausting, and usually, the guide makes the guest go early in the morning to catch the sunrise. SO you should definitely get plenty of sleep before departing.

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Sailing in Komodo, under the yellow sun…

A Couple of Things to Note for Your Komodo Sailing Trip

There are numerous things that you should bring yourself while taking Komodo Sailing Trip, some of it is pretty obvious like extra clothes, swimsuit, trekking shoes, and a large backpack. And if you intend to join diving as well, you should bring your own gear. There is some trip charter that provides diving gear onboard but it usually costs a fortune.

Other things you should bring is camera, don’t want to move your feet for miles but can’t save it to your memories. Sunglasses and sunblock for protection, and bug spray to get rid of pesky bugs that might appear on the boat or on the island. Bring snacks and drinks if you wanted, since a minimarket won’t suddenly appear in the middle of nowhere.

Nothing beats Komodo Sailing Trip venturing the blue ocean…

And with that being said, I basically covers the basics of what you going to do and need to know when participating in Komodo Sailing Trip. Plan your adventure carefully and book your trip form a trusted party. Happy Holiday!