How to Enjoy Your Time at Surf School Portugal

Surfing in Portugal is probably one of greatest joy in earth. Portugal is famed as one of the finest surfing country in Europe—and worldwide. The rolling waves, the wine, and the relaxed seaside culture make Portugal as surfer’s favourite. And here, surfers from all levels are coming to surf school Portugal, either to learn from scratch or level up their surfing skills. While signing up to surf school is definitely one of the best way to spend your holiday, there are many ways to improve your experiences there. 

Stay at Unique Surf School Portugal

Do you know that unique arrangements in surf school Portugal could boost up the whole mood? Staying in surf camp with standard accommodation and poorly lit room would feel different than staying in a surf camp with thematic design. It adds positive experience!

Get to Surf Holiday with Friends

If you worried about adapting and learning by your own, take your friends with you! Having friends going to surf school will definitely result in amazing adventure. You can support each others, explore the town together, and do crazy things together! Good friends are sure recipe to ward off boredom.  

Try if You Can Visit the Ericeira

If you are learning surfing in Portugal, you’d definitely want to visit Ericeira. The only surf reserve in all Europe. The city has handful of surfing spots along Portugal’s western coast and are a popular summer destinations. It’s a must to see!

Choose Surf School Portugal that Offers Custom Itinerary 

Aside of surf classes, surf school in Portugal generally offers surf trip packages as well. On surf trip, the instructor will take to you to various surfing destination in Portugal that match your skill. This is a great opportunity to learn many kind of waves as well as seeing more charming sides of Portugal. While this is a great chance for exploration, it would be better if you could plan your own itinerary—especially if you have certain destination in mind. 

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Find Out other Activities in the Surf School

How to Enjoy Your Time at Surf School Portugal

Surf school is not just all about surfing, you know. Lots of them offers amusing side activities. Horse riding, kite surfing, roller skating, beach volley, or movie nights are just a few among loads of fun you can find there. Surf school in Portugal usually enlist their side activities in the website. Read carefully and pick the one that sparks your interest. It could add a whole different experience on your surf holiday. 

They Have Lessons in Your Language? Great!

A simple yet important tips to enjoy your surf holiday more. Choose a surf school in Portugal that offer lessons in your language. Not only it would be easier to understand, it also feels more comfortable speaking in a your own tongue!

Feed Your Adventurous Soul in Malang Indonesia

If you are into adventurous vacation, Malang is a great place to visit because it has everything you need to satisfy your adventurous soul. This second largest city in East Java is already popular travel destination among domestic tourists. It has also drawn attention from international travelers. It is not hard to like this old city. There are various things you can do so being bored is far from what you can expect if you spend your vacation in Malang. Aside from great tourist attractions, the foods, the architectures, the cultures, and the people are what make this city so special. 

Spend your vacation in Malang with great adventures

Here are most recommended things to do to feed your adventurous soul in Malang:

Mount Bromo

Explore Mount Bromo to hunt the best sunrise. Watching sunrise over the horizon can automatically lift your mood. It has special effect to make you start your day with positive energy. This volcanic mountain is popular for its scenic sunrise you can watch from a great sight spot. You can book a trip to Mount Bromo and the travel guide will take you to the mountain by jeep or motorbike. Aside from the sunrise, Mount Bromo is also famous for its Sea of Sand. It has been used as filming location for Indonesian box offices. 

Batu Night Spectacular

Spend your night in Malang in a unique way by visiting Batu Night Spectacular. Batu is one of the most visited travel destinations in Malang. Spend your night with so much joy by trying various rides in Batu Night Spectacular. This amusement park has fun and challenging rides you should try. This amusement park opens from until midnight. Prepare yourself to try out various rides that can spike your adrenaline. 

Jatim Park

Let your adventurous soul be free by visiting Jatim (Jawa Timur) Park. There are three of them; Jatim Park 1, 2 and 3. each offer different kinds of fun you can experience started from educational exhibitions, extreme rides, to dinosaur theme structures. Aside from feeding your adventurous soul, Jatim Park is a great place to educate yourself about many things in the world. 

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Pujon Kidul Village

Eat out your day at Pujon Kidul Village. This is where you will find cafe Sawah or Rice field cafe. It is just like its name, you will eat in the middle of the rice field. The dining tables and chairs are situated in the middle of rice fields. You will be surrounded by luscious greenery while enjoying your favorite dish. There are varieties of dishes you can order. However, it is highly recommended to try authentic local dishes such as Rawon, Ayam Kampung, and many more. You will get to enjoy your meal with fresh and clean air breezing around you. Bring your camera to capture yourself within beautiful scenery. 

pujon kidul village malang indonesia

Those are only few of many things you can do to feed your adventurous soul while you are in Malang. There are also other great place you should visit that will also give you the best experience ever of a perfect vacation.

Things to Do and See on Labuan Bajo Open Tour

Komodo island in Flores is a destination of pristine beaches and breathtaking landscapes. Going on a Labuan Bajo open tour is an excellent way to get to know this place. There are virtually endless options when it comes to experiencing nature here, in the wilderness and the untouched charm of Flores. What are some of the things you should check out in Flores? 

labuan bajo open tour

Going on a Labuan bajo open tour

Labuan Bajo is certainly not a place you’d spend time in for just one day. A harbor and a gateway to Flores, going on a several days open trip Labuan Bajo is an excellent way for you to get to know the place better. 

Some of the most iconic must-see in Komodo Flores: 

  • Komodo dragons. Duh. The Komodo National Park is a place where you’ll get to see these prehistoric animals in its natural habitats. Seeing the Komodo dragons in person is entirely unlike seeing mere pictures and footages. You’ll get to see these gorgeous ancient predators live and interact, and if you’re lucky, you’ll catch them in the midst of catching their prey. 
  • Diving, diving, and more diving. Renowned as one of the places where you can witness astonishing underwater marine life, the Komodo seas are a spectacle in and of itself. 
  • Snorkeling. Leave the heavy scuba diving equipment behind and go bare-skinned to explore the surface of the amazing waters of Komodo. Even when you’re just swimming and floating near the surface, the tropical waters hold so much to see.  
harbor labuan bajo

What to do on a one day trip Labuan Bajo 

There’s so much to do when it comes to day trips. You can visit the fish market early in the morning and taste some of the freshest seafood you could get, straight from the fishers’ boats. Some stalls offer seafood grilling, complete with the seasonings and all. Enjoying the fresh morsel on the spot could just be one of the highlights of your Labuan Bajo trip. 

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Go on a cruise for the maximum sea exploration 

Liveaboards have their very own charm. Living on the seas take you back to the time where sailors roam the seas for explorations and conquests. Going on a cruise is one of the favored means in Labuan Bajo open tour. It has a number of advantages compared to staying at a resort. 

sunset in labuan bajo flores

Maximize your opportunity for diving by going on a diving cruise. Joining a Sailing trip Labuan Bajo or a diving liveaboard would allow you to reach territories that are difficult to reach on a day trip Labuan Bajo otherwise. This option is perfect for underwater photographers and for divers whose primary concern is getting as much as dive time as possible. 

See the flying foxes on the Kalong Island 

kalong island flying foxes flores

The view of hundreds, if not thousands, of bats crowding the sky as you witness the sunset or sunrise in Flores atop a boat is truly a spectacle. Labuan Bajo open tour is an excellent way to experience this. The Kalong island is not inhibited by humans, making it one of the tiny islands in Komodo that stays pristine and largely untouched. 

What To Wear When Visiting Turkey

Turkey is a wonderful place to visit for your next travel plan. There are various friendly neighborhoods you can venture to. The majority of cities in the country are also safe. Thus, there is nothing to be worried about. Taking precautions, however, is still necessary because travel warning and alerts are always there regardless. Turkey is a great country especially because it’s different culture which is shown in their architecture, dish selections, and other aspects. Therefore, you will have a great time throughout your time spent for a vacation in this place. 

What you should and should not wear in Turkey

Turkey is considered a liberal Muslim country. However, it is still Muslim country with their own traditions. Therefore, being respectful during your visit is a must, including pay attention to what to wear. Basically, you can wear any clothes as long as they are not too revealing such as the one that shows your cleavage. You can wear t-short and shorts especially in touristy places such as in the beaches. However, it is highly recommended to not wear tank top or too revealing clothes in central and eastern Turkey as the Muslims locals are more conservative there. Wear comfortable clothes made from breathable fabrics during summer. 

It is fine to wear shorts and t-shirts when you are in touristy places since you are a tourist. However, it is different when you visit a mosque. You should not wear too revealing clothes such as sleeveless shirts or tank tops. Women should wear a veil to cover their heads even if it is not fully. It is highly recommended to wear long pants and sleeved shirts. 

Entering mosque usually requires you to take off your footwear. Basically, the way you dress to visit mosque is like when you dress when visiting a church. Dress neatly and modestly. As for footwear, you can opt for anything you feel most comfortable with. Shoes, sandals, and flip-flops are common footwear worn by both the locals and tourists. What you have to prepare is knowledge about Mosque Etiquette which you can learn in advance so you know what to do and what not to do if you enter one of the mosques in Turkey. 

You can also dress based on the season you visit the country. For example, it is best to pack jacket and warm clothes if you visit during Spring and Autumn which is around April-May and October-November. The weather at night can be chilly but comfortable during the day. However, you might need to prepare winter-outfits if you plan to visit Northeastern and Eastern turkey since during those seasons, the temperature is almost like in winter. 

During summer which is around September-December, it is highly recommended to wear sunblock before going out. The day can be hot but not in an extreme way unless you plan to visit the Southeast because the weather can be extra hot. As for winter around December-March, you should wear warm clothes and pack rain gear in your luggage. 

Tips To Explore Petra Smoothly and Safely

Petra is located in Jordan and it is understandable for some people to feel a bit nervous about visiting the ancient archaeological site. The main cause is its location and its neighbor countries. However, it is not as daunting as you thought. It is relatively safe city to visit. However, it is highly recommended to not travel alone especially if you are female traveler. As for the facilities around the sites are pretty sufficient. There are toilets, restaurants and other main facilities to keep you comfortable throughout your trip. 

Exploring Petra smoothly and safely

Exploring Petra can be one of the most unforgettable moment in your life because you will be presented with the most stunning archaeological site in the world. Aside from the excitement though, you still have to be aware of your safety and convenience. Here are tips to keep you safe and comfortable during your exploration in Petra:

Book a tour

It is highly recommended to book a tour travel if you want a smooth trip to Petra. They usually provide you everything you need started from accommodation, transport, and foods. You might have to prepare your budget more because it is relatively costly. However, it is worth it if you want a smooth journey without so much hassles. You don’t have to think about the ticket entrance, lunch, and transport. Almost everything is handled by your tour travel. Choose the one with high reputation to avoid getting scammed. 

Tourist ride

For some people, touring by walking is not their cup of tea. However, how could you explore Petra without walking? Is it possible? It is possible for you to explore Petra without walking. Some locals often offer tourists a ride using a horse and carriage, camel, or donkey. You might have to bargain the price before agreeing for the ride because it can be costly. It can cost from 20JOD to 40 JOD for a ride started from the entrance to the main basin area. If you are fit enough, it is highly recommended to walk because there are many things you can discover. You can use a slow pace so you don’t miss anything. Give yourself a time for breaks so you don’t put your health at risk. 

Wear something comfortable

For your comfort, make sure to wear comfortable clothes since the weather in Jordan can be extremely hot. Don’t forget to wear sunblock anywhere you go and reapply every two hours. It is recommended to cover up yourself even though there is no particular rule about how you should dress. Also, make sure to wear comfortable shoes that can keep you comfortable for walking. Avoid wearing sandals. 

Come early

It is highly recommended to come as early as possible to avoid the crowd. Lots of bog tour groups flock around the site the later you come. Early visit allows you to enjoy the tour more because you will not get stuck into large crowds. Visiting The Lost City of Petra during rainy days is not recommended because some valleys are more prone to flooding and it can risk your safety. 

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Dive trips Bali: How to dive sustainably?

Dive trips Bali? Is that really worth trying? I heard that there are a lot of ocean rubbish in Bali. Well, if you think so, then you need some ecotourism guidance here. Plastic pollution is one of the biggest global problems to face. One cannot avoid this problem but must try to solve it. Since a few years ago, environmental issues are getting more and more attention. As someone who really loves to dive or just beginning to become one, there are a lot you can do to fight this problem and together with other divers you can conserve the ocean. 

Clean the ocean during dive trips Bali

There is a famous saying in Indonesian that goes like this: “sambil menyelam minum air”. This saying literally means “diving while drinking water”. However, there is an English proverb that can perfectly match that and worded as follows: “kill two birds with one stone”. The meaning of both proverbs is doing two things at the same time. This is exactly what an eco-friendly diver like you must do when having dive trips in Bali. As diving with rubbish will so much bother you, why not diving to clean the ocean? In fact, it is one good little thing to do and will be so much fun when doing it with other fellow divers. Imagine you can do your hobby while contributing to the environment at the same time. Isn’t that perfect?

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Educate the local communities

Who does not want to do good things? The answer: people who do not know that the thing is good and people who do not know what the good things are. If you know some good steps to conserve the ocean, why don’t you share the knowledge to the local communities during your dive trips Bali? Come on, everyone can contribute and try to solve this complex global problem together. It is perhaps a cliché thing to say but it is indeed true that one person can change the world. And this one person can be you! Try to start a conversation with local people and direct the topic into this environmental issue. Or else, you can attract their attention by start collecting rubbish on the shore, for example. There are three possibilities to see as the result: first, somebody will come to you and offer to help; second, nobody will approach you, but it will inspire somebody to do it someday and somewhere; and third, they will stare at you, just like the habit of many Indonesian, but it shows that you can attract their attention anyway. 

Reasons Why Solo Travelling Is Not Bad Idea for Women

Solo travel is not new in tourism. Lots of people have done it occasionally and even routinely. It is not only for men to enjoy but women have equal opportunities to do the same. Of course, there is safety issue which often caused by women being in more vulnerable situation when they are alone. However, it should not change the fact that women can also go travelling solo as they want. There are safe places on earth where women can travel solo comfortably and safely.

Why traveling solo is also good for women

There are solo female travelers out there who have proven themselves they can do it freely. Of course, you should not ignore safety matters because some places make women travelers more vulnerable to attacks and other threats. That’s why preparation is necessary. Choosing safe places for travel destination is also a must especially if it’s the first experience for solo traveling.

Solo travel is good for women because it can bring out new potential. When you travel solo, you face problems arise during the travel by yourself. It means you will have to solve it yourself. Instead of worrying, you should be positive in knowing this because every problem has a solution and you will grow to become a more experienced person after solving variety of problems on your own. It also increase your independency.

Traveling solo doesn’t mean you will always be alone all the time. It also doesn’t mean you will feel constantly lonely throughout the journey. The world is full of wonderful people you can meet. You can even meet other female solo travelers during your vacation. You can share stories and exchange advice. Sometimes, you can even find flexible travel companions temporarily. It can give color to your journey.

Traveling solo is not as terrifying as it sounds. It can be nerve-wrecking, yes. However, it mostly feels like that in the initial phase. When you feel extremely scared and nervous for solo traveling, remember what you can gain when you arrive in your destinations. You will gain love and freedom. You will realize that it is not as scary as it looks to travel solo.

Solo travel is not a bad idea even for women because you can trust your instinct. You can listen to your instinct when you have to make a decision during your travel. For example, you can remove yourself from a situation if you don’t feel safe or uneasy. If you have the urge to change the plan spontaneously then you can just follow your feelings. Remember that solo traveling allows you to make your own decision.

Solo travel is a good outlet for you to balance your caution with curiosity. Sometimes, you are too cautious always thought people approaching you as bad people. However, you can trust your intuition and judgment to let you decide what can make you stay safe. When you balance your caution with a dose of curiosity, you will experience new things which will be valuable for your life.

Best Things To Do for Thrill Seeker Travelers

There are many types of travelers in the world. Some of them like to have relaxing activities such as visiting secluded places to isolate themselves from the bustle of the crowd. Some others like to challenges themselves with extreme activities because they find pleasure and satisfaction from them. However, you can do any type of travel and not to box yourself into certain type of traveler. You can take relaxing trip this month and take more thrilling trip next. 

Thrill seekers travel activities

If you are thrill seeker type of travelers, challenges are what make you feel alive during a trip or vacation. There’s a rush of adrenaline you seek from those extreme activities. Challenging yourself to do those types of activities can also make memorable experience you can share later. Here are recommended extreme activities you can try to for your next travel plan.

Best Things To Do for Thrill Seeker Travelers

Surfing down a volcano in Nicaragua

This is a great place for thrill seeker. A volcano is not a common thing you can use to surf down. In addition, you are not going to surf using a board but more like a wooden plank. However, this is what will make it more thrilling. The raw experience is what you will get. It is not the same as when you surf in the ocean. Don’t expect to stay clean after surfing down the volcano. Also, expect some bruises and cuts if you fall off the plank. This activity is often called ash boarding and it can be learnt if you are interested to do it more in the future so you can do it smoothly later.

Bungee jumping off the Macau Tower

You must have heard of Macau Tower. It is one of the tallest buildings in the world at 764 feet. It is one of the most exhilarating bungee in the world. Of course, the process of being plummeted down the tower must be terrifying. However, it is totally worth it because the adrenaline rush will make you feel more awake. Besides, you will get to enjoy a great view of the city and the open water. 

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Cage diving

Cage diving is also considered an extreme activity especially when you are surrounded by the great white sharks. Being that close to white sharks will be an unforgettable memory for you. The way the predators watch you when you are inside the cage will make you goosebumps. There are many destinations where you can try cage diving such as Isla Guadalupe, or South Africa. 


Skydiving from 30,000 feet is such an extreme activity to try worth travelling for. You can try High-Altitude, Low Opening skydiving. This way, you will be able to enjoy the view from above. To do this extreme activity safely, you will need to be equipped by oxygen tank and mask especially because the thin air which will make it hard for you to breathe properly without using them. If you are a vivid thrill seeker, you should try this at least once in a lifetime. 

How to Get Best Deal on Komodo Liveaboard Budget

The far flung and rugged Komodo National Park of Flores, Indonesia, rise as traveler’s newest hype destination and that’s for amazing reasons. Being utterly isolated in frontier just make saring trip across this mini archipelago better. Right, sailing trip is one of the best way to explore strings of islands that make up the national park—as well as the KNP’s best feature that make trips to this destination so phenomenal. However, trip with liveaboard could be quite costly—especially if you want to sail in a quality liveaboard. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Here we’re going to share secret cheats to get good quality Komodo liveaboard on budget. 

How to Get Best Deal on Komodo Liveaboard Budget

Look Out for Budget Komodo Liveaboard in the Market

Before you fly to Labuan Bajo, Komodo, the first thing you need to do is researching all kinds of Komodo liveaboard on the market. A lot of liveaboard boats have their own websites where they put all the prices, packages, and inquiry form. You could also find liveaboard listings on many websites where you can see liveaboard of all levels. There, you will get complete information about each liveaboard’s facility, prices, and packages. It’s easy to get lost in the sea of tempting liveaboard boats, so always remember to stick into your purpose! Forget all tempting cruises, yachts, and finer liveaboard that out of your budget. 

Check Out for All Inclusive Packages

Sometimes, checking budget liveaboard to Komodo can be tricky. Some liveaboard operators claim to be the cheapest, only to find out that they exclude all additional packages. A liveaboard that seems like more expensive than other budget boats might turn out the cheapest as they include prices of services, park’s entry fees, and other ‘hidden’ cost on their price. In other words, don’t get easily fooled by cheap price on screen.

Seek Out Last Minute Deals

Some liveaboard boats offer a very worthy last minutes deals if you’re aware of it! This is great for travelers who are flexible with timing. Especially if you plan to go alone or in a small group of 24 people. A lot of Komodo liveaboard offer last minute spots that haven’t been taken in bargain prices. Anytime you’re eyeing a particular liveaboard, watch its departure schedule. If it’s near, you can always try this method. 

Follow Komodo Liveaboard Budget Operator on Social Media

On some occasion, some liveaboard operators in Komodo announce discounts and deals that they don’t publish at the website. Instead, they publish it on social media—sometimes even in short time-frame medium like Facebook’s or Instagram’s story! Keep close with the liveaboard you’ve been eyeing by following their social media. You don’t want to skip on these limited deals. 

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Arrange A Group Trip

One way to get a cheaper rate of Komodo budget liveaboard is by arranging a group tour. If you are booking the whole liveaboard for large group of people, sometimes they will give you a free spot! There are two way to take the advantage. First, you can charge everyone with the normal price and get the free spot for yourself. Two, you can spit the free spot discount with all your friends and everyone can get cheaper booking rate.

Don’t Go on High Season

It’s a common recipe in the world of travelling. Just like any other accommodations and transportations, liveaboard’s prices usually surge up nearing and during high season. Shoulder and low seasons are, obviously, the best time to get best Komodo liveaboard deals. 

Travel Tendencies With Introverts

If you are extroverts planning to take on a vacation with introverts, you might want to prepare yourself with some considerations in mind. Well, travelling with people with different personalities is not so bad. It doesn’t mean you will keep having conflict throughout the trip. In fact, your travel might become more colorful and you will get to experience new things. It is worth to try travelling with people whose personalities are so different from yours. It will give you chance to see the world in different perspective. It will give you some life lesson you might not be able to find in other occasion. 

How introverts enjoy their travel

When you decide to travel with introverts while you are being an extroverts yourself, there is nothing to be worry about. What you need to do is be respectful and don’t judge. Here is what it feels like if you travel with introverts.

Travel Tendencies With Introverts

Less Talk

Since you are an extrovert, you must be used to talking to others. Making comments about this and that is what you are familiar with. However, more often than not, you will find yourself talking to yourself. Don’t be surprise because introverts are not really a fan of talking.  They may make some comments when they think necessary. However, remember not to pressure them to talk. The best thing about travelling with introvert is they are the best listener. 

What’s Inside Might Not Appear Outside

They may look passive and less enthusiastic when visiting places even if it’s such an amazing thing to experience. However, it doesn’t mean they are less excited about it than you. They just tend to be less expressive in letting out their emotions. Thus, don’t get disappointed easily if you find them with less enthusiastic expression on their face while you are screaming your lung out due to the excitement.

They’ll Help You to Stay Calm

Benefits of travelling with introvert is that they will help you to stay calm even when you are in trouble. You will feel a little less worry when bad things happen during travel because of their quite passive attitude to the problems. They won’t let you upset over minor mishaps. Strangely enough, you will learn how to be more tolerant toward unpleasant things during travel. 

They Don’t Get Easily Distracted

Somehow you will feel safer travelling with introvert because they don’t get easily distracted so they can keep watching you from behind. They are more observant and have better focus. Thus, you will feel safer throughout the travel because you can trust them. Disadvantage of being extrovert is to be oblivious sometimes and that can be dangerous during travel in unknown places. 

Personal Space

Travel with introvert means you also need to make plan to spend some times alone because they need ‘alone time’ to truly enjoy their moment be it to think, to reflect, or to relax themselves. You don’t have to feel bad about leaving them alone because they need it to enjoy their travel. On the other side, you will get benefit from travelling with them such as finding hidden gem with breathtaking beauty with less people so you can truly feel closer to nature.