Seminyak Private Villa Bali, Boosts International Class Accommodation

Staying in an international standard hotel while on vacation is the dream of most people. Who does not want to enjoy luxury services and facilities? Nowadays tourists are very spoiled by the large selection of international class hotels. But there is something you must pay attention to, that is preparing a sufficient budget. If there is an international standard accommodation at a low price, which one will you choose? If you ask 10 people maybe 8 of them will answer choosing cheap accommodations with international facilities and services. Seminyak private villa Bali, one of the perfect accommodations for a vacation, whether for groups, families or honeymooners. It is very clear that the villa is known as a resting place for rich people. Bali as one of the world’s tourist destinations has many choices of cheap accommodations to exorbitant prices.

Seminyak Private Villa Bali

Seminyak Bali Private Villas and Benefits When Investing

The increasing construction of villas in Bali greatly affects the economy. In fact, there are still many tourists who do not want to bother and refuse to choose to stay in the villa, without knowing the benefits that can be obtained. But when they feel different atmosphere and nuance when staying in a villa, the hotel will automatically disappear from their list of accommodation options. Seminyak private villa Bali lately when booming and attractive to tourists, especially foreign tourists. Feel the pleasure of sunbathing or even seeing the sunset from the private pool in the villa will be very pleasant.

Later, more and more business people see the potential of the villa as the most desirable accommodation. No wonder so many lists of villa choices make it easier for tourists to choose according to their needs and budget. Don’t think that Seminyak villas investment can be enjoyed immediately. The consideration is, what is the price of land or maybe a second-hand villa? The next step is to determine whether you will sell again for a quick profit or manage it for rent. BEP return (break even point) is important when deciding to invest property.

The best way to get the maximum profit in investing property is after getting a BEP return. You can stay at Seminyak private villa Bali for you our family while vacation without spend a budget. As a vacation home, you can design as you wish. Investing in villas and renting them is boosting international standard accommodation in Bali. Who says you can’t enjoy international standard accommodation at low prices in Bali?

Improving The Happiness of Your Holiday

Every individual may have different criteria of what can make them feel happy. Some people consider travel as one of the things that can bring happiness in their life. However, not all people who go travelling return with happier mood. Some of them end up feeling more stress than before. There are many factors that can make your holiday goes wrong. It can be your destination is not what you expected, or it can be the people you met during travel. The thing is, you cannot just blame on others. What you can do is to improve the happiness of your holiday. 

How to effectively improve your holiday happiness?

Just because the last time you traveled you didn’t feel happier, doesn’t mean you should avoid travelling forever. Travel is good because it brings various benefits, physically and mentally. To bring the good of travel, you can improve the happiness. Here are several ways to improve your vacation happiness:

Let yourself anticipate what kind of adventure you want to experience. Daydreaming is not always bad. You can daydream about the adventure you want to have during your vacation later. It can help increasing the mood so you will feel motivated and excited with the plan. If you are lack of desire from the beginning, it will be harder for you to enjoy the travel once you experience it. 

Another way to improve your vacation happiness is by turning the moments into stories you can tell later to others. You can capture the best moments during your vacation by taking pictures. Your mind has anticipation of what to tell others once you return form your vacation. This makes you feel happier taking those moments because you have something to anticipate for. 

Take a chance of vacation to improve your well-being and fitness. If you are used to work in a place with less exposure to sunlight, use your vacation to get exposed better to it. If you are used to sit all day finishing your task, use your vacation a chance to walk and do more physical activities. If you are used to lack of sleep, use your time during vacation to get yourself a well-deserved rest. When your physical health is improved, your body will has less-toxic. It can improve your moods which result in more happiness you can feel during your holiday. 

Use your holiday to heal your mind and soul. Hectic soul and stress mind prohibits you from feeling happiness even if it is in front of your eyes. Thus, you can take opportunity during your vacation to visit places which can sooth your mind. You can also go to places to meditate or take a yoga retreat. However, you also need to spare time to interact with others. If you totally isolate yourself during travel especially when you are on family vacation, you may experience more stress than happiness because you feel lonelier. Talk with your friends or family more. You can discus mundane things and your mood will be improved. 

Scuba diving for beginners: Things You Should Expect

Each of us has different reasons for taking courses for scuba diving for beginners and it’s an excellent decision on your part if you do want to undertake. What can you expect before you get into your first scuba diving lessons? 

Scuba diving for beginners: How comfortable are you in the water? 

Being able to swim is a prerequisite to learning how to dive. Most people who can’t swim wouldn’t even think of diving as their sports of choice. However, if it’s been ages since you go swimming and you’re not particularly confident in your swimming skills, it’s likely time to brush up on it. 

scuba diving for beginners intermediate advenced

Regarding comfort in the waters, you’ll also need to be able to confidently open your eyes. One of the most important appeals of diving is the ability to take in the incredible marine life. So it’s time to learn to open your eyes underwater. Those who had made the effort of being more comfortable with their eyes open underwater are going to be less stressed out during their diving classes.

If you’re planning on taking the PADI course, do your research first to have a better understanding of their programs. Some things to expect for a PADI scuba diving course: 

  • You will have to swim 200 meters. 
  • You’ll need to be able to float in the water and/or tread for at least 10 minutes. 
  • Ideally, these should be done in the oceans. However, having a warmup in the pool is perfectly fine. 

Try a beginner diving class for a day before you commit 

Scuba diving lessons for beginners or intermediate or advanced are all not cheap. When first learning to dive, the best way to approach it is by opting for the most accessible option for you, both in terms of locations and affordability. Going on scuba diving holidays for beginners is certainly something ultimately tempting. But save that diving holiday plan once you’re sure that you love diving and are willing to travel to places just to dive. 

Planning your scuba diving holiday and start small 

Don’t book a plane ticket and diving classes in, say, Bali just yet! Scuba diving for beginners should start from the most accessible and the most affordable option for you. Especially if budget is among the top of your concerns, start your diving holiday in a place you’re familiar with—or at least, a place not so far from home. 

If you’re already comfortable with your diving regardless of your level, only then you should go looking for more committed diving experiences. This is when you can browse for things like best scuba diving in Bali for beginners or whichever exotic destination piques your interest.

scuba diving in bali indonesia


Pay serious attention to your health 

If you know you’re going to go diving the next day, don’t get drunk the previous day. Not only the experience would be physically unpleasant for you, but dangerous as well. A low immune system has a chance of getting you a decompression sickness. So make sure that you eat good food to energize you and have a good night’s sleep so that you’ll be at the top of your game once it’s time to dive!

Taking your time to explore and know what you want 

Not committing to any expensive or lengthy diving holiday is a way to avoid regrets when your first try at diving is apparently just not for you. Take affordable scuba diving vacations for beginners to explore more diverse diving sites, once you’re ready. 

How To Avoid Any Drama During a Family Holiday

Spending your holiday with family can be the happiest moment in your life especially if you are used to living separately from your family. When holidays come, you embrace the moment to spend quality time with them. However, it is also common to have an unenjoyable holiday when you spend it with family. It is also common for people to avoid family vacation at all cost because they don’t want to deal with any drama. Well, it may sound exaggerating but it happens from time to time.

Tips to avoid drama during a family holiday

If you are planning to travel to your hometown to spend your holiday with your family, then it is a great idea because you can spend quality time with people you missed the most. Or, you may plan a family trip to a particular place to spend your holiday instead. No matter what you choose, there is always the potential for a drama to happen when it comes to family. So here are several ways to deal with it:

–        Have your own time to separate from your family. Setting boundaries and giving spaces to each other is important to avoid unnecessary conflict. You can tell your family that you will not be able to join a particular family event. No matter how you missed your family and want to keep spending time with them during a holiday, separation is necessary even for few hours. Having your ‘me time’ is also good especially when you spend your holiday with a large group of family members. Surrounded constantly within large group can be overwhelming especially if you are used to live separately.

–        Holiday is the time when you are free from any responsibility at works or schools. That may be the time that you use to release all negative energy. All pent up frustration can trigger you to snap at your family. Or, you may become more sensitive than you usually are. Thus, try to control your turbulent emotions and keep them in check so if there is someone giving you cuff remarks you won’t get easily offended. Be more understanding that maybe the others are also experiencing similar state as you are.

–        Try to focus on positive things. You can think of something that can help lifting up your moods during your family holiday. For example, focus on doing activities you like with your families such as cooking together. It is also highly recommended to limit your alcohol. Drinking too much can low your inhibition which can result in losing control. It can make you to act aggressively or negatively which can ruin the mood of the holiday.

–        Be more focus on enjoying yourself and keep on positive thinking. Try to be grateful of every little moment you have with your family. This is the moment you can make of the most with your family. It is also nice to interact with family members in different ages. You can play with your little nieces, have conversation with the elders, or just take a walk with your parents.

Rent Canggu Villas Near Echo Beach

For surfers, echo beach is a must-visit destination. As one of the most popular surfing destinations in Bali, it is never empty of tourist visits. Having a local name “Mejan Beach” is close to the Canggu row of villas with rice field views. If you are a facilitator, staying at Canggu is the best idea where you can quickly reach echo beach and conquer the waves at the right time.

Canggu Villas

The Canggu villas area can be reached in 45 minutes from Airport International through high-end areas and paddy fields that are maintained by local residents. Various choices of Canggu Bali villa rentals make it easy for you to choose as needed. Starting from the choice of the number of bedrooms to private pool facilities offering you a luxurious and enjoyable holiday.

Canggu Villas, The Best Choice of Accommodation for Travelers

The Canggu area is the most talked about and sought after by tourists who are on holiday in Bali. Areas with views of rice fields, cool air and away from the crowds offer a different holiday atmosphere. Canggu Bali villas are designed to provide a calm atmosphere, especially for those of you who want to rest and stay away from the crowds.

Echo beach is not the only best destination in the Canggu area. There are many other destinations that are easily accessible, both those who want to enjoy the sunset or sunbathe. Very interesting. Many Canggu villas are built as residences during vacations and even long term residences for expatriates.

Canggu villas really spoil tourists with the most relaxed and calm atmosphere. Not surprising if there are many foreign tourists, whether they are honeymooners, family vacations or surfers. There are many finds in Canggu Bali villa rentals, ranging from looking at surfing the internet to looking for reviews of previous villa guests. This is technological sophistication, where everyone can do a villa comparison, starting from the price, facilities, services, and location of the villa closest to echo beach.

Canggu villas are also best if you are a digital nomad. There are many nomad digital communities in the Canggu area where you can take part in regular events and various knowledge and increase networking. Decided to rent Canggu villas, giving many opportunities to do many things. No matter whether you are on vacation or working, living in Canggu Bali villa rentals are perfect for everyone. Work hard, play hard at Canggu Villas and its surrounds.

Visit The Happiest Countries In The World

One of the reasons for traveling around the world is to have fun and gain happiness. Traveling can be one’s happiest moment because that’s when you can let out all frustration and stress. You can do whatever you want without worrying too much about your job or problems. You will get to enjoy fresh air of freedom and make the most of it. Happiness is contagious. Thus, you can feel happiness in a place surrounded by happiness. There are several places in the world that claimed to be the happiest spots to travel to.

travel to the happiest countries on earth

Happiest places to travel to

There are countries with high level of happiness. Visiting those countries can be a good idea for your next travel plan especially if you are looking for something to lift up your moods. There are various factors to measure a country’s index of happiness such as currency, political situation, population growth, and many more. Without further ado, here are happiest countries you can travel to:

Canada – Actually, this country dropped two places since previous year. However, it still places on one of the top countries with high level of happiness. There are many places you can go to during your visit to this country. If you are looking for peaceful moments, this country is a good choice because it is not as busy as other countries in U.S. You won’t have to get stuck in such a large crowd while exploring the town.

traveling the world

Switzerland – This country is also included into one of the happiest countries in the world. You can put it into your bucket list. The place is also considered one of the safest travel destinations for solo and female travelers. If you are also into art and architecture, this is a good place to enjoy those aspects. The happiness of the locals is contagious that you can feel it when you are interacting with them. Thus, do not be afraid to interact with the locals or hang out in the local café and restaurants.

Iceland – This is one of the cleanest places in the world. Another good news is that it is also one of the happiest countries on Earth. With tiny population and clean environment, this place is perfect for a vacation especially when you want to release all negative energy from your body and mind. The landscapes are also stunning. It is like you are transported into the Middle Earth because they are so raw and magnificent. This country is also a great travel destination for solo female travelers.

Norway – This country is also included into one of the happiest places on Earth worth traveling for. It is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe so it just makes sense for it to draw more tourists and visitors alike. You will find happiness by lazily strolling down the street or visiting one of the cafes to sip your favorite coffee. Besides, the landscapes are totally worth seeing. If you are into photography, you will get a bunch of album-worthy pictures to take home.

Choosing Japanese Food Catering for Your Events

Sushi upon sushi trays Japanese food catering for all occasions—sushi is undoubtedly one of the most popular options for events of any kind. Japanese cuisine is often said to be incomplete without the appearance of sushi or sashimi. The presence of sushi in the midst of your celebration gives it an authentic Japanese taste. It’s a very versatile food that can be served for both a formal occasion and a casual get-together. Sushi catering is definitely a solid choice for any events. Do some digging to find a specialty catering nearest to you, ask what Japanese wedding food catering menu they have and see whether it’s going to suit your upcoming event. 

Japanese food catering for celebrations

Japanese food catering: have some okonomiyaki!

The savory Okonomiyaki is originally a dish created to use up all kinds of leftovers. This makes okonomiyaki one of the most versatile food that you can cook up using many kinds of ingredients. The Kansai style okonomiyaki (Osaka) is the type of dish that’s most popular. Having a counter with a diner-style with chefs preparing the food immediately in front of the customers is also an excellent way to entertain your guests. 

delicious okonomiyaki japanese cuisine

Savor some takoyaki to take it easy 

This ball-shaped dish is easy to enjoy as you stand and move around. Thanks to this, takoyaki is an excellent choice for your guests to enjoy during snack time. The dish is also a great choice for an all-day catering menu. It’s delightful to munch on and thanks to the ingredients, it could be very filling. Give your Japanese food catering a call and ask whether they serve takoyaki as one of their menus. 

Japanese food catering: Winding down with some sake 

Sake is undoubtedly obligatory for some people when it comes to celebrating events of all kind. The Japanese always celebrate with their sakes. So make sure to have some if you’re organizing a Japanese-themed event. Along with the usual sake, some other alcoholic beverages much-beloved in Japan are soju (popular in Japan but of Korean cuisine origin), yuzushu (this can be considered as a type of sake), and the Suntory whiskey. 

japanese sake for special occasion and events

Enjoy some kakigori for that summer vibe 

Kakigori is a type of dessert made of shaved ice. People of all age loved having their cups of shaved ice resembling a mountain, with syrup and some sweetener as a flavoring. This is also a type of “festival food”, but it can be found everywhere in Japan during the summer months. The texture of the ice is fluffy and lighter compared to the common shaved ice. For a Japanese food catering in events, the kakigori is usually served in a fancy manner; slices of fresh or frozen fruits are used mixed with the ice or on the surface. 

Tips to Organize Travel With A Large Group

If you think travelling solo is too lonely, you can go for group travel. It is fun and you won’t run out of the ideas to enjoy the trip. However, organizing a travel with a large group can be challenging because it means you needs extra work with the preparation. It can be frustrating to travel with a large group of friends and conflict arise. Therefore, planning and organizing is truly necessary. Just imagine if you do group travelling spontaneously. Yes it can be fun but it generates more chance for conflict and clashes. 

Organize Travel

Organizing group travel efficiently

Travelling with a large group of friends or families can be frustrating sometimes especially when everyone wants different thing. Even if the group consist of adults, it doesn’t decrease the chance of problems. So here are some hacks to have smooth and fun group travels:

  • Pay attention on booking the accommodation. If you want to travel smoothly, you need the right accommodation. It is not only about the availability of rooms. You also need to make sure that the place you book have sufficient amenities such as bathrooms or showers. If you want to save money from excessive accommodation expense, you can rent a house to accommodate all the members of your group travel. Bathrooms and showers are important because you don’t want to waste time by being stuck in a line just to have your turn. 
  • It is more fun to have thematic clothing for your group travel. This may seem unnecessary but it will help you to have smooth travel in many ways. For example, you can easily spot your travel mates in the crowd so you don’t get to panic when someone is missing. Besides, it can make your group look cool during the trip. If not customized t-short, you can choose to have matching accessories such as hats, or bracelets. 
  • Agree to disagree. It means, you don’t have to be over possessive with your travel mates. If you or the others want to split up for a while then it is ok. Splitting up for a while into smaller group travel is not bad idea. It can make the travel less boring. It can avoid unnecessary conflict, and you will get to experience more. 
  • It is highly recommended to book restaurants or bars ahead because not all places have sufficient spaces to accommodate a large group of people. This can also help preventing from arguments you have planned it ahead which means everyone agreed. However, it is also fine to make different reservation if one or some of your travel mates have different preference in foods. For example, you can split up meet enthusiasts and vegetarian. 
  • Plan group activities to strengthen the bond of your group. You see, it is easy to have misunderstanding that can lead to unnecessary fight and arguments, however, remember that you travel to have fun. Through fun group activities, you can help lifting up the moods. You can play a game, watersport activities, and many more. 

Bali Villas Seminyak And How To Choose

Want to enjoy a small paradise with all the comforts, serenity and luxury? The Island of the Gods is not as big as Thailand, the Philippines, or even America. But every tourist who visits knows exactly the purpose of their vacation on this island. Accommodation on this island is infinite. No doubt if the development of accommodation both resorts, hotels or villas is getting higher. The holidays in Bali are in fact not only soaking on the beach enjoying the sun or playing in the sand. Bali villas Seminyak that are very visible in its development. Rural areas that offer tranquility and peace to those who want to rest during the holidays. Another fact is that most villas are perfect for taking pictures.

Bali Villas Seminyak

How To Choose Bali Villas Seminyak

Most tourists hold that cheap accommodation has limited services and facilities. During high season, prices for 4-star hotels will range in the price above $ 100. Imagine how much budget you need to prepare if you want luxury accommodation for your family vacation. Scary! Not infrequently many people fail vacation due to the large budget that must be prepared during a vacation. especially the accommodation budget. Did you know that you can get affordable accommodation with the best facilities and services?

It is common knowledge that the Seminyak area is popular among tourists. Vacationing and living in the Seminyak area at least increases prestige considering Seminyak is considered a luxurious and classy destination. No wonder tourists love the Seminyak area so much. Although popular as an expensive area, it is possible to get Bali villas Seminyak that fit your holiday budget. The solution that is widely used is vacationing during low season. Automatic all prices when the low season will be cheap compared to high season. What if time requires you to vacation during high season?

Finding information on cheap villas via the internet is the usual way for many tourists. Usually, they do it long before the holidays so that when they arrive in Bali, all holiday needs are available. Early bookings allow cheaper accommodation prices and really help save your holiday budget and enjoy Seminyak private villa Bali.

When many people are lulled by images of the website regarding the villa to be booked, not a few are fooled into seeing images from the internet. To prevent you from getting inappropriate accommodations, see previous guest reviews. You can see how satisfied the guests are with villa facilities and services of Bali Villas Seminyak. Guest satisfaction determines the appropriateness value of Seminyak villas as accommodation.

What to Pack for Slow Train Travel

Having slow train travel is a great plan because it is when you can enjoy your ‘free time’ to the fullest. Train travel is interesting because it has its own perks. You need to buy the ticket for the seat you will feel the most comfortable with. Most train for slow travel provide spacious cars so that you won’t feel like suffocated throughout the trip. What you have to do is enjoy the ride. It is even better if you can spend a night or two for your train travel so you can truly enjoy the ride during the nighttime. 

Packing for train travel

Packing is important for travelling so that you will be more prepared to enjoy your trip. The essentials you need to pack are basically the same as when you plan for a trip by plane or travel in general. However, you can go easy with packing for train travel though. You don’t necessarily need to pack many things especially if you don’t plan to stay the night. Here are basic necessities you will need for a slow train travel.

What to Pack for Slow Train Travel

Comfy Clothes

Wear comfortable clothes for the trip. If you plan to stay a night or two, it is highly advised to pack sweatshirt or blanket. The night on the train tend to be cool so you’d better be more prepared for that. Packing up a pair or two socks is also good idea so you stay warm during frigid conditions. Most trains are equipped with air conditioning and sometimes they set it high so it is just possible for you to feel like freezing at night.

Pack Toiletries on the Go 

Pack your toiletries because your hygiene is priority. You can wash up in the bathroom in the train. However, you also need basic necessities to stay fresh and clean. Pack toothbrush, toothpaste as well as soap. You may also need to pack your own skin care products to maintain your skin health. If shower is not in your plan during the travel, you need to pack wet tissue and toilet paper. Wet tissue is a great saver when you start feeling uncomfortable with the state of your skin. 

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Ready to Eat Foods

Pack some foods from home so you are sure that what you eat are healthy. Of course, you can also order some foods form the dining cars in the train. However, you don’t know whether or not the foods fit your preference and taste. At least, you can pack some healthy snacks just in case the trains cannot provide the meals on time. 

Handy Entertainments

Pack your own source of entertainment so you won’t grow bored throughout long ride. You can bring your own iPod or other entertainments to keep you entertained. However, it is highly advised to leave work-related stuffs behind and truly enjoy your ride. Train travel is a great concept of slow travel where you can fully enjoy and appreciate every little things in your surroundings including the people in your neighbor seats, the scenery outside, and the overall vibe during the ride.