Familiarizing Yourself With Your New Surroundings During A Trip

Familiarizing Yourself With Your New Surroundings During A Trip

Travelling to a totally different place from your homeland can be daunting. You are faced with new culture, new people, new foods, and new surroundings in general. It can be confusing to your sense as well because everything is so new. Thus, it is necessary to spend time familiarizing yourself with your new surroundings for a smooth transition to get adapted. 

Getting to know your new surrounding during a trip

Being overwhelmed with your new surroundings once you arrive at your travel destination is not uncommon. The majority of people have experienced it. It is important to develop your own strategies to help get past that initial overwhelm and recenter yourself. Here are some tips you can consider to do so:

Do your research ahead of time

Do a research about your destination and its surroundings in advance so you have  big picture of what to expect. You will know if the places have everything you need to enjoy the trip. You can also mark places you want to get to know more for later exploration. 

Familiarizing Yourself With Your New Surroundings During A Trip

Stroll around

Once you arrive, spend time to stroll around at least the block from your hotel. To get you back from where you started, always turn right at each corner. You may discover many interesting places during your stroll that make you feel more familiar with your new surroundings such as cafes, laundromat, hidden bookshops, etc. It will feel like an accomplishment when you can walk one square block or two. It makes you more confident to enjoy the trip. 

Look up and look down from time to time

During your little exploration of your new surroundings, try to look up more from time to time. You will notice towers, skyscrapers, staircases, balconies, etc. You also need to look down every once in a while and get to know more about the local civilization from the type of pavement you are stepping on. You may see different beauties from each perspective but both offer you new knowledge and information to store in your mind. 

Look for portals

Portals can be in a form of doorways, arches, entrances, or gates. They have different charms but all are interested to get to know more about. Each type of portal may be carved with symbol or pattern that signify certain culture or tradition. Some portals are man-made and some others are naturally-formed. 

Explore the narrows

Foreign streets tend to be smaller, cozy, and more intimate which make them more interesting to explore. Hence, you can get to know more of your new surroundings through the narrows such as alleys, lanes, and passageways. You may also end up interacting with the locals and learn more about their way of living. 

Make sure to do it safely and avoid suspicious-looking narrows. Also, avoid doing this kind of exploration at night. If you are unsure of the place, trust your gut instinct and choose another route. It’s even better if you have someone to accompany your little exploration of your new surroundings. 

What to Look for in Resorts When Travelling to Bali with Kids

What to Look for When Travelling to Bali with Young Kids

When you come to Bali for a gateway with your young family, all you want is a nice, peaceful vacation in the sun, playing with the kids. But we know kids—sometimes it’s hard to keep them happy especially in a new surrounding. So if you are thinking about a family vacation in Bali, it’s best to stay at a family resorts in family-friendly neighborhood like the Benoa or Nusa Dua. 

We want to help moms and dads planning their best vacation in this tropical island. Be sure to bookmark this page, because a successful family vacation starts from choosing the best hotels and resorts for the kids.

Stay at Small Family Resorts in Quieter Area Like the Nusa Dua

When you’re looking for family-friendly, safe resorts in Nusa Dua, keep this in mind. When it comes to watching your kids closely, smaller is better.

Stay at Small Family Resorts in Quieter Area Like the Nusa Dua

Although large resort complexes may have more restaurants or amenities, getting around on them might be more difficult and take longer. When the resort is small, it’s simpler and quicker to travel anyplace you want to go. It means you can get to the restaurant quickly to feed the kids when they’re hungry. Finding something that has been left behind isn’t a big deal. It also eliminates the need for me to spend the first half of your trip studying the resort map in order to avoid getting lost repeatedly.

Why A Not-Too-Busy Area is Perfect for Young Families

When you were young and travelling to Bali, we bet you’ll love the big crowds. Trying the hippest café in Seminyak, going to party in the most-talked night club in Kayu Aya, riding a wild night in Kuta, or just seeing what’s the latest in Canggu. All the places that meant for fun!

But when you are travelling with young kids, you will want somewhere quieter—somewhere easy where you won’t worry that the busy roads and loud sounds upsetting your kids. This is why the Nusa Dua and Benoa are perfect for a peaceful family getaway in Bali. 

Consider Rooms at the First Floor

There are various things to think about when searching for family resorts in Nusa Dua. Do you like a room with a view of the ocean, a garden, the pool, or the beach? The resort will often provide two queen-size beds, but always ask if there is a cot, pull-out bed, or crib that can be used to accommodate children and infants.

If you have young children or a baby in a stroller, think about booking a room on the first level so that climbing stairs won’t be a problem.

Opt for Family Suites if You’re Travelling with Multiple Kids

If you are travelling with a toddler, one room with a baby crib or extra bed is enough. After all, you want to stay as close to your baby as possible in case they need anything, anytime. However, if you are travelling with two or more kids—especially if they’re no longer a toddler—you might want to have a room for yourself. Try to look for family suites, so both parents and the kids can have their own space. 

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Things You Don’t Really Need For Your Trip

Any In-Room Entertainments ? 

Many resorts provide kids’ entertainment earlier in the day so they can participate fully on stage. This is ideal for earlier bedtimes and gives parents something to do.

Check out the resort’s wifi options to discover what’s available. When it’s time to wind down, you’ll need a safe internet connection to watch anything on your child’s tablet. Some resorts provide free wifi throughout the property, while others charge per hour and occasionally just provide it in the lobby.

See If There’s Any Amenities for Kids

ee If There’s Any Amenities for Kids

A lot of Bali family resorts offer fantastic attractions for kids, such as playgrounds or water parks. Kids in toddler, preschool, and school age will find this to be very helpful. We find this Nusa Dua family friendly resort even prepare special toiletries for babies and giving away milk carton, colouring pencils, and activity book for kids at the receptions! They also have playstations and games to keep the kids happy during the stay.

It is more likely that this kind resort is welcoming and enjoyable for families if there are numerous children’s activities listed for that resort. Additionally, it’s much less likely to be packed with smokers and young people since those groups typically don’t appreciate the presence of a lot of young children.

Check Out the Daycare/ Kids Club

Leave the kids with the resort’s kids club for a few hours. In order to give Mom and Dad a respite while on the vacation as well, this is something to look for in a resort. In the end, a trip isn’t truly a vacation if you don’t get some time away from the kids!

The kids’ club is essentially a playground/classroom where they frequently offer toys, art and craft materials, video games and movies, and other fascinating kid-related items that young children might like. They frequently have a planned schedule of activities for kids based on their age.

Beach at the Backyard

We value the beach greatly as a family. I frequently research the beach area before I book a resort because we enjoy hanging out there more than we do anywhere else on the property. I try to assess the sand’s cleanliness and how simple it is to locate shaded spots. When the shore area is regarded as smooth and secure, I also find it to be lot more tranquil. Another thing I learned to read into was the ocean’s waviness. In the past, we’ve visited a few places where the ocean was so rough that we were unable to let our kids swim there.

Food for the Kids

When reading or watching reviews of resort meals, if you think adults are picky, you had better assume that your child will be the worst critic while you’re there.

Make certain there are numerous family-friendly choices available. Your youngster will feel completely at home while you’re away if you provide them with simple foods like oatmeal, toast, cereal, and miniature mouse pancakes.

How To Stay Safe During Your Full-Time Travel

How To Stay Safe During Your Full-Time Travel
Traveler in Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park, Indonesia

Being a full time traveler means you are not just travelling for holiday because you are not returning home for an indefinite period. It is exciting to be able to travel around the world without any time limit. However, not many people are ready to make this kind of decision. And one of the reason is safety. Being on the road for a very long time may expose you to variety of danger and risks. Also, losing something important such as travel documents will put you in difficult situation with your plan. 

Tips to stay safe for full-time travelers

It is true that travel can be unpredictable that you make mistakes or get involved in emergency situation even though you have been very prepared with your travel plan. And it is even riskier when you plan for a full-time travel where you don’t get to return to home anytime soon to take a breather. You need to take precautions to ensure your safety and how to be self-reliant. 

Consider double up on credit cards

Losing credit card or get it stolen by thieves is possible. In fact, many travelers have experienced it. If you lose your credit card while moving around a lot, it will be difficult to get a replacement card mailed to you. The process tend to be long and painful. Thus, it is recommended to travel with at least two credit cards with you. Place them in different or separate wallets so you still have a backup if one of them is compromised. 

Beware of various scams

Regardless of your travel destination, there is always risk of getting scammed especially when you are very obvious of being a tourist. It is important to do some research about your destination in advance so you know how to avoid them and stay safe. Also, try to blend in with the locals as much as possible so you won’t stick like a sore thumb and become a target. 

Avoid dangerous areas

It is understandable that you feel like you are invincible and have a freedom to do whatever you like during a trip. However, you always put your safety first and avoid risking it. Do your own research in advance to learn if there are dangerous areas you need to avoid in your destination. If you are not sure about the area and your gut feels funny, it is better to avoid that area and look for safer route. 

Get travel insurance

It is a must to get an insurance is if you plan on full-time travel. At least get your health insurance that will help cover your medical bills if you get injured or sick during your trip. In fact, it is highly likely that you get sick with how long you are on the road. 

To stay safe during the duration of your full-time travel, be flexible for some changes and always be willing to learn about the places you are visiting. Spend your first few days observing new place to learn safety ropes.  

8 Types of Property in Bali You Should Know Before Investing

Vacation rental properties are short term rental properties that many people use for vacationing in when they are at a spot away from home. It is basically renting out an apartment or other space, such as a house, condo or resort area to those that are visiting the area for a short period of time that need the space. They generally come fully-furnished with everything that a visitor would need during their stay. It is a great alternative to a hotel and it is also usually more upscale and private. Starting a vacation rental business is an investment that many consider undertaking, as the vacation rental can provide income year after year.

Types of Property in Bali You Need to Know

So you are interested in investing a property in the Island of God. Much than what you think, there are more types of properties in Bali to invest in than just a villa or vacant land. There are numerous varieties of holiday rental homes available in the market. There is no predetermined standard for what “kind” of vacation property you can invest in and then rent out because many of them are expanding across a broad variety of types. 

Regular and Luxurious Bali Villas

A holiday villa is one of the last categories of vacation residences. These homes can accommodate medium-sized gatherings of roughly 5-8 people, which would be both private and opulent. There are a sizable number of bedrooms and bathrooms in the villas. Private pools, gardens, large rooms, and other noteworthy features are also available. Vacation villa is the most popular type of property to own in Bali. 

Beachfront Villas

Beachfront Villas in Bali

The more premium version of villas in Bali is the beachfront villa. It could be quite expensive, but this type of property is always quick to sell. A beachfront villa in Bali is the embodiment of a tropical dream; savoring the cool summer air and taking in the magnificent panorama of golden-hued sand, vibrant blue sky, and crashing waves.

There are many beach property alternatives available at various price points to match any budget, whether you’re searching for an opulent beach home or a stunning coastal condominium. They provide seclusion, a plethora of opulent amenities, and proximity to the ocean, which families and couples may utilize to enjoy various activities and just relax and unwind amidst lovely nature.

Vacation Apartments

Vacation Apartments

Studio apartments are often smaller, but they may be quite beneficial for someone wishing to stay for a shorter amount of time because they are made in a highly practical and efficient fashion. Their room-like design gives you a feeling of having a “home away from home” and allows you just enough room for some “me time,” as well as the option of relaxing in the common area where you can socialize with other residents.

Additionally, serviced studio apartments include all-inclusive rent, a coin-operated laundry facility you can use anytime you need it, and a fully functional kitchen where you can prepare quick, wholesome meals. A bonus is having access to the rooftop, where you may relax and take in the scenery.

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The most common and smallest types of vacation rentals are thought to be condos. There are typically two types of bedrooms in condos available for vacation rentals. Condominium is perfect if you are looking to market it to smaller parties as well as couples looking for a more private stay.

City Townhomes

Consider renting a city townhome if you want a rental home with all the amenities of a full-sized house but don’t want to spend a lot of money. Townhomes are compact but fully furnished, share side walls with the townhomes next to them, and typically (but not always) have numerous stories. They may include a number of bathrooms and bedrooms depending on the floor layout, which makes them especially practical for families.

They can be found near the city’s center or in the outskirts, which is where they are frequently seen. They have all the amenities found in a typical single-family home, only they are much more affordable to reside in.

Residential House

Residential House

Houses are standard residential structures with one or more stories. They may be in cities, rural areas, suburbs, farmland, or even right on the ocean. While vacation villa in Bali are usually located in touristy area, a regular house are usually build in the residential towns. They might come just like a regular house without swimming pools or any fun amenities. It’s a good investment alternative especially if you plan to live like a local. 

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“Villa” Bungalows

“Villa” Bungalows

There are numerous varieties of holiday rental homes available. There is no predetermined standard for what “kind” of vacation property you can invest in and then rent out because many of them are expanding across a broad variety of types.

Other Property Unique to Bali

Other Property Unique to Bali

Sometimes, you want to look for the “it” factor when looking for property investment. You can now also make an alternate property investment through special houses that’s unique to Bali. There are some truly bizarre options available that offer visitors the most strange but enjoyable stay. Some of the most popular ‘unique houses” in Bali includes the bamboo house, “glamping—glamour camping” semi permanent tent house, yacht house, container house, and more! When investing in vacation rental properties, the sky is the limit.

6 Most Recommended Travel Destinations In Indonesia

Indonesia is one of the most wonderful places in the world with its stunning nature and diverse culture. Now wonder it has become one of the most favorite places to go to for various type of travel and vacation alike. There are numerous destinations waiting to be explored. However, there are so many already popular destinations that have become worldwide favorites. If you are still figuring out here to travel to, here are 6 most recommended travel destinations in Indonesia worth visiting for:

Labuan Bajo, East Nusa Tenggara 

Labuan Bajo, East Nusa tenggara

Labuan Bajo is a heaven-like destination with stunning elements gifted from nature. This place is also well-known as a gateway to the Komodo Dragon’s habitat in Komodo Island. Labuan Bajo sits on the westernmost tip of Flores island, which is the harbor city of Labuan Bajo. This amazing place is known for its gorgeous sunset with magical twilight from every angle. Most popular tourists attractions here include Rangko Cave, Mirror Cave, Cunca Wulang Waterfalls, and Cunca Rami.

Komodo National Park, East Nusa Tenggara

Komodo National Park, East Nusa Tenggara

Of course you cannot skip this one from the list of popular travel destinations in Indonesia. This place consists of three main larger islands. You can take a boat ride from Labuan Bajo to reach this place. This is such a beautiful place that is also home to Komodo Dragons, the biggest lizard on earth that are dangerous. Aside from seeing the Komodo Dragon, you can also stroll around the Pink Beach and enjoy the otherworldly scenery. 

Borobudur, Jogjakarta

Borobudur, Jogjakarta

Borobudur Temple was built around AD 780 and 840 in Magelang city. This was used to one of the seven wonders in the world. There are around 2,672 relief panels you can explore and hundreds of Buddha statues depicting the history of Syailendra dynasty. Enjoy your visit in Jogjakarta by dining local cuisine, buying local souvenirs, as well as trying the iconic Kopi Luwak. 

Bandung, West Java

Bandung, West Java

This is also a popular travel destinations in Indonesia especially for those who aim for relaxing getaway. This place is known for its soothing cool breeze air and romantic natural attractions. Some of the most recommended things to do in Bandung include visiting Rancabali Lakeside Glamping, strolling around Cikole orchid forest, as well as enjoying cultural entertainment at Saung Angklung Mang Udjo. 

Raja Ampat, West Papua

Raja Ampat, West Papua

This is such a majestic place adored by international travelers because of its rare beauty of nature. Located on the easternmost part of Indonesia. Raja Ampat is the best place to have full marine experience. This is where you get to enjoy colorful coral reef under pristine water. Not to mention there are many small islands you can explore such as Wayag, Piaynemo, and Arborek. 



This is definitely the most popular travel destination in Indonesia loved by both local and international visitors. This paradise-like island is rich in culture and tradition which gives you authentic experience throughout your stay. There are many places to give you cultural experience while being accommodated to the best of your interest. 

Sanur Guide: Villa to Stay & What to Do Around!

Sanur Guide: Villa to Stay & What to Do Around!

Sanur is known for being the underdog in Bali, but it is well worth a visit if you want a more laid-back experience in Indonesia. Sanur features a five-kilometer-long sandy beach, as well as abundance of (cheap) lodging, and is only 30 minutes from Kuta and 40 minutes from Ubud. After visiting other parts of Bali, such as Seminyak or Kuta, a trip to Sanur will undoubtedly offer you with some much-needed fresh air. I hope that after spending seven months in Sanur, I have persuaded you to visit Sanur while travelling through Bali, Indonesia. This Sanur Bali travel guide provides information on where to find villa Sanur Bali to stay, what to see and do, where to stay, where to dine, nightlife, and other fascinating tidbits.

A Little Relaxing Seaside Town

Sanur is a small seaside town with few attractions, although it does boast magnificent beaches, restaurants, and bars. Tourists in Sanur have a greater average age than those in other parts of Bali. Sanur is not the place to go if you’re looking for a party, but as a laid-back resort, it’s a great spot to unwind and learn about Balinese culture. Unlike in busy Kuta or Seminyak, time goes slower here in Sanur.

Choosing Villa in Sanur Bali for the Stay

When you begin your investigation, you may discover that Sanur has two unique areas and locations to stay. Locals and visitors alike recommend When you begin your investigation, you may discover that Sanur has two unique areas and locations to stay. Locals and visitors alike recommend staying in either the southern or northern parts of Sanur. There are even debates about which part of Sanur is “better,” the north or the south. In your search for the top villa in Sanur Bali, like with most things in life, it depends on your viewpoint, likes and dislikes, and what you want from your next trip or vacation. Then there’s the decision of whether or not to stay in Sanur on the beach. The area between the By-pass Road and Sanur Beach is referred to as beachside. The western side of By-pass Ngurah Rai is also dotted with hundreds of private villa Sanur to choose, from the cheap old ones to modern luxury houses. 

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What to Do in Sanur

Amidst the quiet ambience and tranquility, there are wonderful things to do in Sanur which you will not find in any other place on the island. 

Relax at Sanur Beach

Relax at Sanur Beach

Sanur is more tranquil than Kuta, Canggu, and Seminyak. There are less people in the area and on the beach. This provides a wonderful opportunity to unwind and take in the breathtaking views of the sea. In Sanur, there are a few beaches to select from, so you may find one that best meets your needs.

Watch Sunrise and then Have Morning Walk Along the Paved Coastline

Sanur is located on the east coast, where the sun rises early in the morning, so if you are an early riser, take advantage of this and go to the beach. The 5km paved beachside route is a beautiful scenic way to start the day for joggers or cyclists. Bikes can be rented, but make sure you examine them well before getting on your bike.

Pay Respect to the Pura Blanjong Sanur

Pura Blanjong is a modest Hindu temple in Sanur’s southern district, located on Jalan Danau Poso street. The Blanjong pillar is one of the earliest relics in Balinese history. The pillar is normally covered with a fabric and is placed in a glass inclosure.

Go for Some Golf

Go for Some Golf

The Grand Bali Beach Hotel and Resort is home to the Bali Beach Golf Course. It’s a nine-hole course featuring seven par fours, one par five, and one par three. Okay, you won’t see Tiger Woods here, but it’s a great place for a relaxed game in the sun. There is a night driving range as well as lessons for both adults and children if you wish to improve your game.

Try the Vegan Food in Genius Cafe

Genius Cafe, by far one of the greatest venues in Sanur to eat vegetarian food, has the perfect ambience to get you in the festive spirit. Salad bowls, soups, pizzas, burgers, drinks, smoothies, tacos, quesadillas, falafels, guacamole, mocktails, juices, fruit platters, desserts, and so on are all available at the cafe. There’s also a vegan and gluten-free menu with appetisers, main courses, and desserts.

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Have A Drink in Bamboo Bar

The Bamboo Bar is a charming café on Sanur Beach. During the day, you can participate in yoga courses and other activities, and in the evening, there are plenty of beverages to choose from.

Try the Famous Sanur Watersport!

Try the Famous Sanur Watersport!

Sanur Beach is ideal for stand-up paddle boarding, windsurfing, kayaking, tube riding, parasailing, and jet skiing because it is protected by islands and reefs.

On Sanur beach, you can hire a local fisherman to take you fishing, and if you enjoy scuba diving, Sanur diving may be for you, as there are numerous adjacent reefs. If you dive all year, you might see the elusive Mola Mola or Sunfish, but the best time to observe them is from July to October. A day excursion to the islands would be excellent for you if you are not a diver but enjoy snorkelling in Sanur.

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Stroll Around Bali Orchid Garden

The Bali Orchid Garden is a must-see for all flower enthusiasts. It’s also the only facility of its kind that offers a public tour. You’ll see a lot of fresh and vibrant flowers as soon as you approach the garden. The majority of the species on display are orchids, but other tropical plants such as heliconia, anthuriums, and the famed rafflesia can also be found.

We cannot cover every amazing things and hidden gem of Sanur, but hope this mini guide helps!

Pointless Items Many Travelers Pack In Their Luggage

Pointless Items Many Travelers Pack In Their Luggage

Packing is one of the most annoying things to do regarding to travel. However, it is one of the most important things to do because you need proper logistic that last your trip. There are many travel items you are going to need whether or not you like them, in contrast, there are also items you want to bring even though you know they are pretty useless or pointless. Packing properly is important to help you travel more comfortably.

Travel items that are often pointless to pack

Many seasoned travelers suggest to pack light. It means you only pack items you are going to need and leave those valuable items at home. However, it is often for travelers to also pack pointless instead that bring no use for their trip. Here are some of the most common items considered pointless for travel:

Travel clothes for leisure trip

You will absolutely need travel clothes that can help protect your body from harsh weather, mosquito bites, and and those environmental hazards if you are planning for outdoor travel that include adventurous activities such as climbing to the mount Everest or exploring inside the jungle. However, these kind of clothes is unnecessary if you are planning for leisure trip where your destination is mostly indoor. In fact, it is best to pack the most comfortable clothes for this kind of trip. 

Money belt

Money belt

Many travelers like wearing money belt during their trip. It is of course useful in some senses such as for keeping your money close to you. However, it is also such an easy thing to be noticed by thieves and pickpockets. It is very obvious that people who wear money belt put their money and other valuable things inside. Almost everyone knows what it is and what is inside. It is easier for you to be targeted. 

Passport wallet

It is useful thing in a way. You can keep your passport and important documents inside during travel. However, it is such an inefficient item to bring for travel because when you need to take them out at the custom, it takes longer time for you to do it. You need manoeuvre the passport in and out of the case. It is not practical especially when you need to do to it quickly due to the long line. 

A bunch of toiletries

Toiletries are necessities for your trip. However, you don’t really have to pack a bunch of them. You don’t need your 10 step skincare products either. Also, if you book a hotel for your accommodation then you don’t really need to bring much. Soap, shampoos, toothpaste and even toothbrush are already prepared by the hotel for every guest. 

Travel clock

The point of having a clock is to let you know the time. However for the trip, you don’t really have to bring travel clock. You have got your phone to tell you the time and any other information. It is useful but not so much for more efficient trip. 

Scuba Diving Essentials for Beginner Girls!

Scuba Diving Essentials for Beginner Girls

Many beginners didn’t know what to expect when they first have scuba diving. It’s a new thing to do in a completely new world! Especially for women, who needs to figure out a lot of things in this once male-dominated sport. Things like how to keep your hair from tangled after some dives, how to keep you warm, and other things. So, whether it’s your first dive or you’ve been diving for a long time, these are some of the gear that we believe are essential for everyone going on a dive adventure:

Essential Scuba Diving Gears for Beginners

Find Great BCD for Women

In terms of comfort, safety, and practicality, BCs have come a long way since their inception. Manufacturers have dedicated special attention in recent years to making them more comfortable for ladies. We no longer have to put up with a BC riding up over our ears since it’s cut for a straight up-and-down body shape, or a horribly fitting men’s x-small with imbalanced weight pockets (owing to our bigger hips). Many modern women’s BCDs have been created with us in mind. This is a great scuba diving investment for beginners especially if you see diving in the long haul.

Regulator for Women

Women’s-specific regulators with brighter colors are increasingly available in the gear sector. To aid alleviate jaw fatigue, the regs usually include a smaller, lighter initial stage and second stage. Not only that, you can also make your regulator colorful. Most dive shops sell affordable hose covers, so if you really want everything to be pink — or any color in the rainbow — you can do it.

Find Fins for Women

Fins that fit properly are also an important feature of any diving gears for beginners. Fins that are too small might irritate the skin, while fins that are too large can slip off or create cramping. Because women’s usually have smaller and thinner feet, finding the right fin can be quite a task on itself.

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Nice Supporting Items for Diving

Quick Dry Towel

Quick Dry Towel for scuba diving beginners

A quick dry towel is a small gear that would be very helpful. See, you’ll be getting in and out of the water all the time, and it can be chilly if there’s a breeze. You’ll be toasty again if you wrap yourself in a quick-drying towel.

Reef-Friendly Sunblock

We can get a great sun tan or a nasty burn by spending lengthy periods of time on boats moving between dive sites and swimming at shallow depths. As a result, sunscreen is one of the most crucial scuba diving necessities. Despite the fact that most divers wear wetsuits, your arms, neck, face, and legs are still exposed to the sun. Sunblock is essential for anyone participating in water-based activities since it protects your skin from the sun’s rays, making your time in the water much more enjoyable.

Rehydration Salt

Not many divers especially beginners are thinking about this. When you dive all day, water won’t be enough! Diving can be a thirsty sport because you can be submerged for up to an hour without drinking. Now imagine if you’re diving three or four times a day on a liveaboard! Take rehydration salts in addition to drinking plenty of fresh water. These provide you with a boost of energy in between dives and help me feel more refreshed and renewed afterwards.

If these aren’t available and you’re near a store or food stall, drink coconut water with lime or an electrolyte drink to stay hydrated.

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Hair Care

Hair Band

Hair Band

Nothing is more aggravating than having your mask leak because your hair has gotten into it. Even when you keep your hair in braid, it can still getting mess up in the end! Bring a hair band with you to wear on your forehead to keep the hair out of the way of the mask.

Strap for Scuba Mask

When a mask becomes twisted in your hair and you spend what seems like hours carefully unraveling it from the straps, it may be aggravating. The industry has taken notice of our problems and has developed a solution for those of us who have long hair. It’s the mask strap! The mask strap will provide you with additional comfort!

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Hair Tangler

Another thing for long-haired ladies. Please bring a tangle teezer and hair conditioner. After scuba diving, many diver ladies find their hair became extremely tangled, and spent hours attempting to brush it.

How To Maintain Your Health With Limited Resources

How To Maintain Your Health With Limited Resources

Maintaining health is something you need to do every day. However, there are times when the resources are limited due to various reasons, for example, during the pandemic, people are forced to stay at home to reduce the risk of contracting covid-19. Hence, they are not able to go to the gym, having regular check-up with doctor, etc. Meanwhile, health is something need regular maintenance. 

How to stay healthy even with limited resources

The key to healthy life is not to have access to expensive facilities. It is more about habits that you build. For example, there are many alternatives you can choose to keep your body in shape without going to the gym. You can use everything you have at home and maintain that ideal body of yours. And here are some tips to maintain your health even with limited resources:

Do regular exercises at home about 30 minutes a day

You don’t have to own equipment you usually use at the gym to do some exercises. You can even do some exercise without using any supporting tools. You can walk around while you read or answer emails. Or, you can do some leg lifts, knee lifts, toe curls, standing push-ups, etc. If you are too busy with works or something with taking care of family, you can do those exercising while taking care of your business. You can even do push-ups while watching your baby. 

Exercise in the nature

Exercise in the nature

If you cannot go to the gym because you don’t have money or the place is too far to reach. You can just go running or taking a walk in the morning. To speed up your heart rate, walk faster. Do some exercise in the park near your home so you get to breathe in fresh air instead of the AC. If your neighborhood has lake, forest, or river, you can go to those places regularly to exercise, do some yoga, or meditate. 

Watch video to help guide you

If you cannot meet your trainer  to help you do your regime, you can watch video that offer guide or tutorials. Or, you can also join online class for activities you like. This can help a lot to keep you motivated with your regime even when your resource or time is limited due to many reasons. 

Keep your healthy eating habit

To stay fit, pay attention more of what you eat. It is important to eat nourishing foods. However, keep in mind that nourishing foods don’t equal expensive price. If your city doesn’t have much resources of fresh produce, you can take supplement  so you won’t lack of important nutrients. If you have limited access to healthy snacks, make your own snack with ingredients you have at home. 

It is also important to nurture your mental health by keeping your stress level in check. Also, do activities that keep your mood happy such as watching comedy movies, listening to your favorite musician, reading your favorite books, or cooking your favorite meals. 

Travelling with Kids in Family Resorts Benoa Bali: 7 Lifesaver Hacks!

Travelling with Kids in Family Resorts Benoa Bali: 7 Lifesaver Hacks for Parents!

It’s always a parent’s delight to be able to take their babies to a sunny family holiday in Bali. However, traveling with your family is always an adventure. Even if you decide to stay in the most family-friendly resorts in Nusa Dua, Bali. 

If you’re going on a long trip and will be spending a lot of time in a hotel room, there are a lot of ways to make the most of having the family in a small area while maintaining your sanity. From finding ways to keep kids engaged in the room to whip up quick and delicious meals in hotel room without kitchen. Here’s every simple hacks of staying with kids in family resort that will save your vacation. 

Choose A Family Suite with Kids Room or Connecting Family Room in Your Nusa Dua Family Resorts

Choose A Family Suite with Kids Room or Connecting Family Room in Your Nusa Dua Family Resorts
A kids room inside family suite in Holiday Inn Nusa Dua family resort

Most children require enough room to spread out and sleep properly. When looking for resorts in Nusa Dua, it’s better to opt for a suite with a separate room with bunk beds, particularly if you’re traveling with more than two children. Kids room inside a family suite is perfect for young kids who might not be easy to sleep far from their parents but need their own space to play, stretch, and nap. Meanwhile, the connecting room is great for families with teen kids or multiple children. They can maintain their own privacy while still getting connected with the parent’s room. 

Ask for Baby Items Ahead

Make arrangements for baby items ahead of time. You don’t have to bring everything from home, because many hotels have some of the larger stuff you might require. Most family-friendly hotels and resorts around Nusa Dua and Bali in general frequently have cots, baby baths, dust mite covers, and even blinds. So, before your vacation, phone the hotel to see what you can obtain.

Pack Kids’ Bathing Suite in Your Carry On

When you’re packing for change of clothes for the kids, pack their bathing suite in your carry on, their own bag, or on top stack inside the suitcase. Therefore, the kids can jump immediately into the pool when you arrive at the resort! It’s also a great way to spend time if you come before your room is ready.

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Make Use of Ironing Board as Dining Table for Kids

A desk or a huge table is not available in every hotel room. Not to mention that there is frequently just one armchair or desk chair, which will not accommodate everyone’s thighs. Using the hotel room’s ironing board at the foot or side of the bed as a makeshift dinner table is a simple and convenient solution. This is a terrific alternative for having a perfect, child-height surface for meals and/or playtime because the ironing board height is changeable.

Bring Activity Books for the Kids

Bring Activity Books for the Kids

Activity books are the hero of every travelling moms and dads. These quiet activities keep your children occupied and stimulate their imaginations emerge. There’s something for everyone in these range of travel-friendly activity books: coloring, stickers, games, and more.

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Keep the Coloring Pencils in A Drinking Cups

Aside of gaming gadgets, bringing a sketchpad or coloring books to the hotel room is a fun way to pass the time. Use drinking mugs as holders to keep pens, markers, colored pencils, and other creative tools from rolling off the desk (or makeshift ironing board table). This also makes it much easier for the kids to see and select the colors they require for their fantastic vacation crafts.

Make A Play Space for Your Children

Because hotel furniture isn’t fixed to the floor, you may move it around to give it a more homey feel. To create a separate play place for the youngsters, Gorman suggests rearranging chairs, tables, and even sofas. An extra bed sheet can even be used as a baby’s play mat. You can create a quiet space by turning a chair away from the room if you’re nursing. You may also use pillows to create a natural border in your children’s shared bed.