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    Safety Tips For Travelling With Newborn

    There have been many question regarding to the safety of travelling with newborn. Many ask whether or not it is safe for newborn to travel either by car, train, or plane. In generals, doctors recommend parents wait to fly until the baby’s immune system is better developed. Anywhere between three and six months is considered the safest for newborn to start travelling. However,it is different for babies with certain condition such as born premature who usually have lung problems so travelling is not encouraged. Travelling safely with newborn The best thing to do to know if it is safe to travel with newborn is talk to your pediatrician. Also, keep…

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    What to Expect on a Dunia Baru Liveaboard Adventure

    Are you planning your first liveaboard trip to Wakatobi? Congratulations! Wakatobi island is a remote treasure chest of unspoiled pristine beauty. The best way to experience Wakatobi is by Dunia Baru liveaboard. Dunia Baru is a majestic boat with plenty of old-world charm, with perfect attention paid to every detail.  This liveaboard combines modern amenities and sophisticated touches you’d expect from a luxury yacht. Like any other holiday, there’s plenty of things that you need to know before you go. You’ve probably got a few thousand questions when it comes to what you should expect on an onboard adventure. Packing for a Dunia Baru liveaboard Liveaboard holiday offers lots of…

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    Considerations To Travel By Plane With Your Kids During Pandemic

    Parents around the world have the same concern right now regarding to their kids health and safety following the situation on coronavirus infection. travelling with kids sound so scary while kids are hoping for a summer vacation. There is not clear-cut answer whether or not now it is truly safe to travel with your kids. The risks and threats are still there even if in some places the case is decreasing. Some precautions still need to be taken to stay safe.  Things to Consider when Decide to Fly with Your Kids Now Here are things you need as consideration regarding to taking a flight with your kids in the middle…

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    What to Look For in A Komodo Cruise Agent in the COVID-19

    You might have planned an escape gateway to the wonderful Komodo National Park this year—but that’s before the pandemic invade. It’s definitely a bummer, but at least you can always re-planned the vacation until this pandemic situation is getting better. But when cruises return to the ocean after the COVID-19 pandemic, you will likely to find that much has changed. Travelling post the pandemic would be more complicated; even when you are an avid travelers. More things should be put into careful considerations. Travelling in a whim is no longer wise. This is our guide on what to look for in Komodo cruise agents for your next sailing trip.  Look…

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    New York, A Metropolitan City Full of History

    Tourism is a vital industry for New York City, which has seen an increase in the combined number of international and domestic tourists, recording an eighth consecutive annual record with approximately 62.8 million visitors in 2017. Tourism has generated a record historic 61.3 billion USD economic impact for New York City in 2014, 2015 statistics pending. About 12 million visitors to New York came from outside the United States, the largest number from the United Kingdom, Canada, Brazil, and China. New York City is home to hundreds of cultural institutions and historic sites, many of which are known around the world. Museum Mile is the name of a section of…

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    Tips When Buying Secondhand Home Furniture Yogyakarta

    Considering to purchase secondhand home furniture Yogyakarta is certainly a good way to save money, among other reasons. Used furnitures are also an excellent way to reduce waste as you’re going to be reusing items and therefore minimizing what would be something that requires energy eliminate. Whatever reasons you’re looking to buy used furniture, we certainly encourage it for a variety of reasons.  Home furniture Yogyakarta  Obtaining used stuff is certainly not as s straightforward as it sounds. After all it’s unlike obtaining new furniture where you can expect accuracy on quality more or less. With used furniture, you may find yourself with surprises. So before you settle on any…

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    Visiting Yemen! What to See?

    Yemen, in long form the Republic of Yemen, is an Arab country located at the southwestern tip of the Arabian Peninsula. It has a land border with Saudi Arabia to the north and Oman to the northeast, and a maritime border with Djibouti and Eritrea to the west and Somalia to the south. Many monuments like ancient fortresses and castles that you can find here. Some buildings have architecture and a mixture of interiors between the cultures of the Middle East and the West, as well as old buildings located in tourist sites in Turkey. Not only the beauty of its old buildings, the natural panorama of Yemen is also…

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    Learning the Fishes on Diving for Beginners

    Have you ever been fascinated by cute, vibrant, and sometimes weird-looking marine creatures of all shapes and colour under the water? Some divers even start their underwater adventure from their curiosity towards the fishes, turtles, unique octopuses, and other creatures. This is the perks of being a diver; to be able to interact with the fishes and be among them. Divers are also known to documents their dives in the logbooks and will often records marine animals they see during the dives. But in order to be able to documents the marine wildlife properly, a diver need to know their fishes. Marine animals identification is one of the lesson on…

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    What You’ll Learn on Holiday with Partner

    Have you ever imagined going to a foreign country with your loved one, enjoying time in the city or the calm outdoors, different from what has always been before your eyes? Normally Through a short trip, you and your partner can discover new things in your relationship.  Couple who travel together stay happy together Holidays together with our partners are always somehow delayed by various situation. Having not enough paid leave in the office, having the thought of separations, or other factors. If you let it be, the two of you will never go to any vacancy at all. This is the time to make it happen! Many studies found…

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    This is How Komodo Cruise Travel Would Be in the New Normal

    Many of us has spent months and months at home due to the global pandemic; the coronavirus that has been haunting us all. The deadly virus has take toll on many lives and forced countries to imply strict restrictions upon their people. That requires locking down people at their home, cancelling events, and close borders. Travelling was thrown out of the window completely—anyone who travels automatically put themselves and their loved ones at risk. Travel industry and anything related begin to nosedive—not knowing when the ban can be lifted up or when everything return to normal. The Komodo National Park also took the hit. Labuan Bajo emptied out its tourists…

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