Booking a Wedding Vendor in Bali: Where to Start?


Hiring a wedding vendor in Bali can be a complex affair as there are a lot of things to weigh down and consider. Not to mention, the sheer varieties of wedding vendors themselves can send you into a headache. So where can you start? 

Wedding vendor in Bali: Decide your venue 

Deicing a venue in Bali can be one of the most fun part in planning your destination wedding. Bali is known for its abundance of gorgeous places; amazing beaches, awe-inspiring clifftop scenes, and many more. Would you love a clifftop wedding or a beachfront one? Whichever you end up choosing, it’s also wise that you start with deciding for the location early on. Where in Bali you’d like your event to be?

  • Seminyak. Well-known for its many boutiques and stylish cafes, Seminyak is an upscale district in Bali perfect for those seeking luxury-themed weddings. The area also offers you convenience if you decide to hire a wedding transpiration vendor and would like to stay in the area. 
  • Ubud. This area is just perfect for those who are nature-loving and would love to host their wedding outdoor. Gorgeous gardens or swiping rice field view? Take your pick.  
  • Sanur. Arguably the oldest tourist district in Bali, Sanur has everything you need from beachfront weddings to luxury indoor weddings. 

Booking your wedding venue in Bali

While it’s clear that a venue is not something you can skimp on when planning a wedding, booking a venue in itself is certainly one of the first things you should do when planning a wedding. 

The reason why deciding your venue is high up on the list is also because of the fact that a venue needs to be booked well in advance. Some in-demand venue in Bali even require you to book them more than a year in advance. Your venue is one of the wedding vendors in Bali that you’re going to have so scour early. Make sure that you have visited the venue yourself before you book and speak to experienced wedding vendor in Bali to handle your event for your own peace of mind.

Hiring a wedding designer 

While you’ve probably heard of the term “wedding decor” better than a wedding designer, a designer for your wedding handles so much more than just the decor itself. A wedding designer is sometimes referred to as a “stylist” as well. A wedding designer is among one of the most valuable wedding vendors for you to hire. They are in charge of: 

  • Aesthetic concept of your event 
  • Creative planning as well as the executions 

wedding venue in bali

As a wedding vendor in Bali, what does a designer do?

This includes, but not limited to: 

  • Flowers in your wedding 
  • Lighting design 
  • Room arrangement 
  • Outdoor design
  • Furnitures 
  • Stationery (wedding invitations, etc.) 

Consider your venue as a canvas; in order to bring your chosen venue to life for your celebratory occasion, you’re going to need to transform the venue to fit your theme and concept. And that’s what a wedding designer is for. 

Define a budget for your wedding vendors 

This is something that you’re going to need to decide early on. Make sure that you discuss everything with your partner well in advance regarding how much money you can afford to spend. There are various wedding vendors so take into account that there are a lot of aspects you’re going to have to consider. 

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