Dive trips Bali: How to dive sustainably?


Dive trips Bali? Is that really worth trying? I heard that there are a lot of ocean rubbish in Bali. Well, if you think so, then you need some ecotourism guidance here. Plastic pollution is one of the biggest global problems to face. One cannot avoid this problem but must try to solve it. Since a few years ago, environmental issues are getting more and more attention. As someone who really loves to dive or just beginning to become one, there are a lot you can do to fight this problem and together with other divers you can conserve the ocean. 

Clean the ocean during dive trips Bali

There is a famous saying in Indonesian that goes like this: “sambil menyelam minum air”. This saying literally means “diving while drinking water”. However, there is an English proverb that can perfectly match that and worded as follows: “kill two birds with one stone”. The meaning of both proverbs is doing two things at the same time. This is exactly what an eco-friendly diver like you must do when having dive trips in Bali. As diving with rubbish will so much bother you, why not diving to clean the ocean? In fact, it is one good little thing to do and will be so much fun when doing it with other fellow divers. Imagine you can do your hobby while contributing to the environment at the same time. Isn’t that perfect?

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Educate the local communities

Who does not want to do good things? The answer: people who do not know that the thing is good and people who do not know what the good things are. If you know some good steps to conserve the ocean, why don’t you share the knowledge to the local communities during your dive trips Bali? Come on, everyone can contribute and try to solve this complex global problem together. It is perhaps a cliché thing to say but it is indeed true that one person can change the world. And this one person can be you! Try to start a conversation with local people and direct the topic into this environmental issue. Or else, you can attract their attention by start collecting rubbish on the shore, for example. There are three possibilities to see as the result: first, somebody will come to you and offer to help; second, nobody will approach you, but it will inspire somebody to do it someday and somewhere; and third, they will stare at you, just like the habit of many Indonesian, but it shows that you can attract their attention anyway.