Diving and Leisure Itinerary in Amed

Diving and Leisure Itinerary in Amed

There are two type of people who come to Amed, a snaking coastline in northeast part of Bali. Those diving aficionado who have heard the beauty of underwater life in this seemingly sleeping village, and those who come just for pure relaxation. Or those who want both. Either way, the quiet Amed indeed has this tranquil vibe that would cure any anxious and tired soul—and one of the best marine life in Bali. Everything in Amed is about reconnecting with the nature and, in a sense, the history of Bali. From the unpaved roads to the sloping shore, from the lush paddy fields to centuries old water palace, here are several things you can do for diving and leisure in Amed, Bali. 

First Diving in Amed: The Japanese Wreck

The Japanese Wreck is a must diving site to visit in Amed. In one of the coast of the village, lies an unnamed, unknown ship wreck which have a Japanese toilet intact on the remains—thus the name. The shipwreck lies just in 5-10 meters deep from the surface, make it accessible even for beginners. Moderate currents and blooming corals followed with bursts of macro life means a perfect chance for amazing underwater photo opportunities. 

Second Diving in Amed: The Phenomenal Pyramids Reefs

Diving and Leisure Itinerary in Amed

When you google Amed diving, you will definitely stumble on pictures of coral-lined Balinese pyramids in the depth of blue. This is the Pyramids. Probably the most famous dive site in Amed. Its a series of three meters tall concrete Pyramids with hollow bodies, made for coral reef restoration. The pyramids are now home for thousands of reef fishes, snappers, pipefish, puffer fish, and many more! Diver or snorkeler, this is a heaven for any marine life enthusiast. 

Trekking in Mount Batur

From the bottom of the sea to the peak of the world, now it’s time to trek the magnificent Mount Batur. The active volcano gives the best scenery during the sunrise. Head to crater lake with a guided tour or hike up (or drive up) independently. Breathe fresher airs and indulge in the greener scenery to replenish your inner soul.

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Dive in USS Liberty Shipwreck

This is yet another underwater landmark of the region! Though it’s actually located in neighbouring village, Tulamben, the USS Liberty shipwreck definitely need to make it to your list. The once dignified US war ship was torpedoed by Japanese forces during the World War II and now lies in the sloping sand of Tulamben shore. The shipwreck is accessible from just three meters deep below the surface, where it tilt down to 20 meters deep below. It’s now home to millions coral reefs, fishes, macro life, and even patrolling sharks. 

Chill in Tirta Gangga Water Palaces 

Diving and Leisure Itinerary in Amed

Enough with the diving? It’s time to take a stroll and do nothing but watching gigantic koi fishes swimming in gigantic pools in Tirta Gannga Water Palace. The water palace was remains of the Royal Karangasem Kingdom which last until 1950. This is a great place to just  enjoy the verdant scenery, play with the water, and admiring the peace of forgotten times.