Effective Packing Tips for Holiday in Komodo Boat Charter


What do you feel when you are about to sail with Komodo boat charter? Elated? Happy? Too excited to even pack your luggage? In the midst of excitement, it’s easy to overpack things—or maybe even under pack and forget essential things. When it comes to packing for a tropical holiday, you might think of the basics: sunglasses, sunblock, shorts, swimsuits, flip flop, and maybe sundresses. If this is your first time to go to sailing trip, there are some items that you might not think to pack in your bag. Below, we have gathered few essentials that would make a great help during your holiday in Komodo. 

Effective Packing Tips for Holiday in Komodo Boat Charter

Things to Pack to Komodo Boat Charter Trip

Pack Light

The most important packing rules for a sailing trip to Komodo: pack light without throwing out the necessity. Though you are booking the whole Komodo boat charter for your family (or friends), doesn’t mean that you can move half of your bedroom to the boat. Put into consideration that cabins on sailboat can be pretty conservative in size, and you don’t want to feel cramped by culturing up your space with necessary travel items. When you are heading for a sailing trip, stick to one suitcase and be aware with how much you pack. Actually, we rather prefer a duffel bag or a backpack than a suitcase. Bags without hard case are a lot easier to fit into tight spots—suitcase could take too much space in the floor. Also, think about dragging the suitcase along the dock and lift it through narrow staircase to the boat. 

Quick-Dry Towels

If you have traveled a lot, you might have been familiar with quick-dry towels. This item has been a live saver for many campers, sailors, travelers, basketball warrior, and even yoga enthusiast. They make traveling (and sports) much easier as these towels dehydrate themselves very quickly. Sure, you can relieve some space by not taking any towel and rely on the one that your Komodo boat charter provides for you. We, however, don’t think that this wise and, surprise surprise, quick-dry towels are actually very thin; they could rolls up to compact size and are crazily absorbent. With so much beach play and water activities going on in Komodo, you gonna need these towels. 

Motion-Sickness Help

Not all people are ready for motion-sickness when they hop onboard Komodo boat charter. Most of them are too focused on the tropical holiday and forgetting the motion movement of being in the sea. Pack a strip of seasickness tablets or, if you are not keen on swallowing medicine, purchase those motion sickness wristband; the one that’s using acupuncture pressure on the wrist to combat nausea. Take some ginger chew, ginger tea, and peppermint tea, that have long known for their calming properties and relieve nausea symptoms. 

Dry Bag

Dealing with a lot of water activities could result on damp clothes and damp bags. Bring along a dry bag to protect your personal items—especially electronics like smartphone, kindle, and delicate accessories such as necklaces and bracelets. 

Power Banks

Komodo boat charter tends to have limited power outlets, and that means you would be competing with other people (though they’re your own family/ friends) to charge your electronics. In this time, you will thank yourself for bringing your power banks along. You can charge your phone and cameras at your convenience.