Going Solo for Your Next Travel Plan Safely


Solo travelling is exciting both for women and men. Of course, women are at higher risk when it comes to safety matters. However, women can also enjoy travelling solo safely as long as they choose safe place and stay on guard throughout their trip.

Safe solo traveling tips

Solo travelling has become more and more popular throughout the years. For first-timers, going solo on a trip is like a religious experience.

Sometimes the excitement is hard to conceal for the first-timers. However, there are also other things solo travellers should aware such as loneliness and safety concern. 

Safe solo trip with these tips

Solo travelling is a must thing to do at least once in your lifetime. That is when you feel the real freedom of being alone on your own.

You don’t have to think about what your companion will think during the trip or how you share the rooms with others.

You can make your own decision and be responsible for that. It is the moment where you can learn of who you are and what you capable of. However, you also need to pay attention to your own safety and here are the tips:

  • Without companion during your trip, you are more exposed and vulnerable because nobody watching your back. The first rule for your safety during your trip is to blend in with the people around. When your existence screams ‘tourist’ so loud it brings the attention not only from good people but mostly from the bad ones. You can easily become a target of crime acts. Thus, make sure not to draw unnecessary attention to the public eyes.
  • It is highly recommended to book a 24-hour front desk hotel. This is safe type of accommodation for you. Thus, you don’t have to risk sleeping in a car even if you arrive late to the hotel.
  • It is also recommended to trust your gut feelings during your solo travel. Women are known for being good at their intuition. However, men can also use intuition during solo travelling. This intuition can help your conscious to become more aware of your surroundings. You will become more aware of dangerous situation. If you feel uncomfortable at one place, remove yourself immediately instead of holding back.
  • It is highly suggested to carry your identification in more than one place so when you lost it, you are not completely off guard. It is also best to stay at open and public places. Avoid wandering around secluded area since it has higher risk to put your safety at stake.
  • It is fine for you to interact with the locals. However, make sure to not reveal yourself too much. You can hang out with new friends during your trip. However, don’t trust them fully. You cannot just ask them to hold your bag or money even if you intend to leave it for a little while. Be open-minded during your travel but don’t let your guard down even a second so that you stay safe.