How to Find Bali Tattoo Seminyak for Professional Ink


The professional tattoo world in Bali is growing, and one of those areas in Bali that boast many reliable tattoo shops is Seminyak. However how is it exactly that you can find a studio or artist Bali tattoo Seminyak that suits you best? Tattooist professionals who will be able to do your tattoo? 

Bali tattoo Seminyak make sure to visit the place in person 

Take the time out of your Bali holiday to give the tattoo place a visit before you sign a deal and put down that deposit. Just like how you wouldn’t make a deal with a tattoo studio back home before visiting the place, you also shouldn’t do that in Bali. During your correspondence with the Canggu Bali tattoo what don’t make a tattoo appointment just yet. Instead, ask them when you can meet for a tattoo consultation. Most Bali tattoo Seminyak will be happy to talk to you first regarding what kind of tattoo you want. 

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Checking your tattoo artist portfolio is a must 

Going to Bali tattoo Seminyak without ever seeing y. our tattoo artist’s portfolio is like walking blindly and hope that you’ll arrive in your destination. It’s just not something you should ever do. When you’re getting a tattoo, even though at first your focus is in finding a good reputable tattoo Bali the one thing that you should never neglect is to research your artist. 

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Some of the most talented tattoo artists these days you can find their works easily online. Make sure that you do this before you’re deciding on a tattoo place in Bali.

  • Find the website of your chosen tattoo artist. Go to the tattoo studio’s website to check. 
  • Often times, tattoo artists are so much more prolific in posting to their social media, just like any of us. You’ll likely be able to find a much more varied portfolio compared to what you find on their website. Make good use of this too for your reference. 
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Tattoo studio Seminyak not all artists will do your design 

This is one of the reasons why checking your tattoo artist portfolio is a must. You must be informed that not all tattoo artist Bali will be willing to do your piece. This is largely related to the types of artworks your tattoo artist is comfortable doing. For instance, not all artists are willing to do tiny tattoos for whatever reasons your artists have the right to say no. Some don’t do realism, some don’t do symmetry tattoos, the list goes on. 

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Word of mouth: people are likely going to talk about bad experiences 

It’s in human nature to focus on the negatives compared to the positives of the experience. Our survival mechanisms dictate such. This, fortunately or unfortunately, also bleed through most of the experiences we have in our life. It’s one of the reasons why you should always take someone’s word with a grain of salt, as each individual can be vastly different. 

However, word of mouth so far remains as one of the most honest form of advertising. So make sure that you ask around your friend who’s had a tattoo done before. How is it like for them to get inked, how was their experience with Bali tattoo Seminyak or wherever tattoo studio they’re getting inked at. 

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