How To Maintain Your Health With Limited Resources

How To Maintain Your Health With Limited Resources

Maintaining health is something you need to do every day. However, there are times when the resources are limited due to various reasons, for example, during the pandemic, people are forced to stay at home to reduce the risk of contracting covid-19. Hence, they are not able to go to the gym, having regular check-up with doctor, etc. Meanwhile, health is something need regular maintenance. 

How to stay healthy even with limited resources

The key to healthy life is not to have access to expensive facilities. It is more about habits that you build. For example, there are many alternatives you can choose to keep your body in shape without going to the gym. You can use everything you have at home and maintain that ideal body of yours. And here are some tips to maintain your health even with limited resources:

Do regular exercises at home about 30 minutes a day

You don’t have to own equipment you usually use at the gym to do some exercises. You can even do some exercise without using any supporting tools. You can walk around while you read or answer emails. Or, you can do some leg lifts, knee lifts, toe curls, standing push-ups, etc. If you are too busy with works or something with taking care of family, you can do those exercising while taking care of your business. You can even do push-ups while watching your baby. 

Exercise in the nature

Exercise in the nature

If you cannot go to the gym because you don’t have money or the place is too far to reach. You can just go running or taking a walk in the morning. To speed up your heart rate, walk faster. Do some exercise in the park near your home so you get to breathe in fresh air instead of the AC. If your neighborhood has lake, forest, or river, you can go to those places regularly to exercise, do some yoga, or meditate. 

Watch video to help guide you

If you cannot meet your trainer  to help you do your regime, you can watch video that offer guide or tutorials. Or, you can also join online class for activities you like. This can help a lot to keep you motivated with your regime even when your resource or time is limited due to many reasons. 

Keep your healthy eating habit

To stay fit, pay attention more of what you eat. It is important to eat nourishing foods. However, keep in mind that nourishing foods don’t equal expensive price. If your city doesn’t have much resources of fresh produce, you can take supplement  so you won’t lack of important nutrients. If you have limited access to healthy snacks, make your own snack with ingredients you have at home. 

It is also important to nurture your mental health by keeping your stress level in check. Also, do activities that keep your mood happy such as watching comedy movies, listening to your favorite musician, reading your favorite books, or cooking your favorite meals.