How to Make Your Family Vacation in Bali More Memorable


If there will be one of recommended place to spend the family vacation, then Bali can also be great for that. Any types of travellers are welcomed in Bali including when you are bringing along all of your family members.

As one of the world popular destination, Bali is perfect for everyone to spend the holidays at tropical island enriched by the cultures.

Tips for family vacation in Bali

There is differences between traveling alone or with some friends and traveling with our own family. The older one that is responsible for all the family members should make sure that all the required preparations have been ready and there won’t any important things left behind when traveling to Bali.

Especially when it comes to talk about the comfort and safety side of a travel. Not only when visiting Bali with family, but when you are also planning to the other destinations, safeness is always the number one priority for everyone.

But, you should also think about the ways to make your family vacation in Bali being more memorable. Traveling is actually gaining more beautiful memories and experiences, so that, you should make sure that all of the family members are getting it all together.

But if you are confusing how to achieve them all, that’s when this post can be so much beneficial for all of you.

Tips to maximise your family vacation in Bali

Planning about the vacation itself is important no matter where you are heading. So that, you have to know which parts that become the most important things to plan about and get rid off the others that your family really don’t need them.

Here I will guide and give you hands to make sure that your family holidays are as beautiful as what you have been planned before. So, here are some of the tips you should know so your vacation with all the members won’t be disappointed.

1. Choosing where your family will stay in Bali

There are to main things that are related one another for this part. Both are knowing where the exact location your family to stay and to know which family’s accommodation will be used.

For the location itself, I am recommending you to finds one popular destination in Bali and take your family there. It is because you will save more money to access various interesting spots at the popular destination while you can get various experiences as well.

Or at least, finds the location where you can’t only stay there but you are also have been provided with several tourism spots or attractions so you can even experience them all for free.

Family vacation is spending more money since there will be more people are coming along whether you are coming to Bali or not. So that, choosing the location is getting more important to not breaking your bank while traveling in Bali.

My own recommendation for the location is the Seminyak village where it has been popular among the tourists and the area is crowded enough and comfortable to move here and there.

The next thing is the accommodation where this is actually the first important thing to think about. I won’t talk too much about this but I will recommending you to find only the villas located at Seminyak as the recommended place I’ve just told you about.

If there will be more people are coming along in your family, think about if all of the members can be fit when staying in a 4 bedroom villa Seminyak.

For your information, Seminyak is a village that has beaches so I think this will be the perfect location for your family to stay in Bali.

2. Rent a car or install the online transportation services on your phone

Regarding to the accessibility, you won’t move to another places in Bali comfortably by using the public transport. You can even considering that it is like there’s not the public transport at all in Bali.

Not only because the fleets are out of number, but you will lost much times when waiting for them. So, it is really not recommended to include the public transportation in your plan when you are spending vacation in Bali with the family.

So that, there are two things you can decide whether you can to rent the car or using the online transportation services that you can order through the apps on your phone.

There are 3 popular apps you can try to use which are the Grab, Go-Jek and Uber. The first two apps are really recommended since you can choose to be delivered by the motorbike or the car.

Surrounding Bali is also important to explore more of what your family can do during the trip in Bali, so that, the transportation will help you much in that.

You are also possible to rent the car since the online transportations are limited by the distance for certain kilometres and there are also the tourist spots in Bali that aren’t allowing the online transportation services operated on the destinations.

3. Think about getting the tour package

Tour packages will mostly accommodate most of what your family will need when traveling in Bali. It will included with the accommodation, things to do and destinations to visit along with the interesting attractions or what’s so called as the itineraries.

In your trip to Bali with your family, you can even get 2 tour packages such as the accommodation and the traveling package itself that are separated one another.

And so on.

All of the 3 tips above aren’t all what you can do to make to make your family vacation in Bali more memorable with beautiful experiences, but I think you will need to think about all of them since they are beneficial and can also help you save the budget.