How To Sleep Better During Your Stay At Hotel Room


Staying at hotel during your vacation can be a nightmare if you choose the wrong one. It is common for travelers to feel uncomfortable during their stay due to the rattling ice machines, constant elevators dinging, parties, etc. Those can make you feel restless and lack of sleep. It may ruin your travel plan because instead of feeling recharged in the morning, you feel even more exhausted. 

How To Sleep Better During Your Stay At Hotel Room

Sleep better at your hotel room when in a vacation

Some travelers find it difficult to sleep in the hotel room because of the constant noise and many other causes. Not getting enough sleep when on a vacation can make you feel more exhausted and less energetic. These are some tips to get better sleep at hotel during your stay on a vacation.

Choose the right hotel to book

Also, the room you get to book determines the level of your comfort later. Choose a quiet room that is free from any unwanted or constant noises. You can choose a room on the upper floor and a bit far from the elevators. Also, avoid a room that is too close to the ice and vending machines since they produce constant noise all the time. 

Choose non-facing pool rooms

It is also wise to avoid room facing a pool since it will be riskier for you to encounter unwanted noises from late-night gathering or such. The noise can be worse because it echoes off the water. Also, avoid room that is close to any banquet rooms bars, or any other public spaces. The thumping bass or music can resonate and penetrate through the walls, causing you harder to fall asleep. At least, get a room two or three levels above those public spaces. 

Is it undergoing renovations?

How To Sleep Better During Your Stay At Hotel Room

When booking a room, ask if the hotel is currently undergoing renovations. There might be some sections of the hotel that are affected by the noise of the renovation process. Avoid those rooms. You can also ask particular room that has blackout shades to keep the light out. A non-smoking room is also more comfortable to stay with especially if you are non-smoker. 

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Things To Prepare Before Travel

Do you need eye-mask or earplug?

Do something that can make you feel more comfortable for bedtime. For example, you can bring eye-mask and earplugs to use for sleeping better. Eye mask will be very helpful especially if your room doesn’t have any blackout shades. The earplugs can help cancel out the noise. If you cannot sleep because you worry about the cleanliness of the bed or pillow, bring your own sleep sack. Or, you can also spray the room with your perfume to reduce the smell of the hotel that makes you uncomfortable. 

Try to relax yourself when it’s time to sleep

Avoid drinking too much alcoholic beverages. Empty stomach can make you have difficulty to fall asleep. Thus, try not to skip your dinner. A warm bath before going to bed will help relax you. Try to adjust the temperature of the room as well to your own comfort. Try breathe exercise to help you relax and ready to sleep.