How To Stay Safe When Travel In Chennai


Chennai, the capital city of Tamil Nadu is also known as the gate to South India. It is a great place for your travel destination. There are historical and cultural values you can learn during your visit. It is an old city formerly known as Madras. From being a trading post to the most metropolitan city in India, Chennai has played important role to the economic growth including in tourism. Chennai is also considered as the safest place to visit in India. Thus, choosing Chennai for your travel destination is not bad idea. 

Travelling safely in Chennai

No matter where your travel destination is, your safety should be your top priority. Heavy crimes such as kidnapping or mugging might be rare in Chennai, however, there are other threats you should always be aware of. Here are tips to stay safe during your visit in Chennai

Most petty crimes happen in Chennai include theft and pickpockets. It usually happens in a crowd. Therefore, you need to stand your guard when you are in the middle of a crowd. Keep our belonging next to you. Also, it is highly recommended to not bring too much money when you stroll down the street. Try to dress like a local so you won’t be easily targeted. Even though Chennai is considered a safe place for travelling, it is highly recommended to not go solo for women. It is better to travel in group. Also, avoid wandering around at night especially to suspicious alleys. 

Yes, Chennai is hot and humid. The climate can be very uncomfortable especially if you are not used to intense heat. You can do some research to find out more the best time to visit Chennai because the city can reach extreme heat with 42 degrees Celsius. To stay safe during your visit, always wear sunscreen, sunglasses and hat so you won’t get direct exposure to the heat. Also, avoid visiting beaches in mid-day. The locals usually drink coconut water to help them cool down from the extreme heat. During your visit, always carry your own water bottle to stay hydrated. 

Food travelling in Chennai is great and all. However, make sure to eat only in a clean vendor. Do not easily tempted by street foods if you are not really sure whether or not the foods are clean. If you are going to buy fresh vegetables or fruits, make sure to wash them with bottled water before eating them. You can choose local restaurants to taste various authentic foods in Chennai. There are many of them you can choose if you are unsure about street stalls. 

Travelling to Chennai can be a great idea especially when you are bored of mainstream destinations. Chennai will give you new experience for travel. You will also learn many things in different aspects such as their unique culture, architecture, and arts. Cholamandal Artist’ Village is highly recommended place to visit if you are art lover. It is where excellent, independent artists live and work in their houses, studios, or gallery.