Komodo Island Tour, Plan Your Worldwide Favorite Sailing Trip


The Komodo island boat tour takes you to see dragons, coral reefs, pink sand beaches, and rusty red volcanic hills. Many tourists are obsessed with visiting Komodo National Park, especially underwater lovers, and adventurers. Everyone visits Komodo National Park to see one thing, the endangered Komodo dragon. Komodo Island is the only place in the world to meet them. When they arrived at Komodo National Park, they realized that Komodo dragons were not the only ones they could see there. Taking the Komodo island tour package is the only way to get there and interact with Komodo. 

Located in padar island, near komodo islands in labuan bajo indonesia. Komodo island boat tour

How to plan your Komodo island boat tour?

Planning a Komodo island boat tour can be confusing. There are many suggestions that you can find for you to visit Komodo National Park, not only to meet rare Komodo dragons. Don’t try to see where Komodo National Park is, it will be very confusing. Komodo National Park is located in the Indonesian archipelago and is very easy to reach from Bali.

Komodo island tour, kelor island

Komodo National Park consists of 3 large islands, Komodo, Rinca, and Padar. The Komodo island tour allows you to visit all three and some small islands that are rarely visited.

When is the best time to take a Komodo island trip?

Indonesia has 2 seasons, the rainy season and the dry season, Flores is no exception. The dry season weather is perfect for you to visit there. You will rarely find any rain at all. You’ll find comfortable temperatures and cool and fresh air at night in April and June.

When is the best time to take a Komodo island trip?

July and August are high seasons. You will see the crowds on the way to see the sunrise on Padar island. Avoid the Komodo island tour during December. You’ll find it rains for days and makes the trail uncomfortable, muddy, and difficult to walk. Heavy rain, strong winds, and big waves are inevitable during the rainy season. A cruise to Komodo National Park in December is not a fun idea.

How long is the ideal Komodo sailing trip?

Many tourists with limited time take day trips to Komodo National Park. You will not find pleasure if it is only a day trip. 3 days 2 nights Komodo island tour is perfect to see sunrise and sunset from the boat. Many of the best dive spots that you can explore because each dive spot presents its own charm.

If you are a professional diver, you may have to spend more time doing day and night dives. Night diving will feel different than daytime diving.

How to get to Komodo National Park?

If you plan to visit Komodo National park, it’s a shame if you miss visiting Bali. Flights from Bali take around 1.5 hours with a variety of domestic flight options. You will be taken to Labuan Bajo which is the starting point for visiting Komodo National Park.

Labuan bajo Harbour

Your trip to the big and small islands there will start the next morning after you arrive in Labuan Bajo. This means that you have free time to explore Labuan Bajo. The gate to Komodo National Park is not wide, but you can enjoy beautiful views with rows of fishing and phinisi boats along the harbor. The charm of the sunset in Labuan Bajo is also no less beautiful if you visit Bukit Cinta which you can reach 10 minutes from downtown Labuan Bajo.