Most Recommended Spots To Take Spectacular Photos In Komodo Island


Having a great adventure to the lair of the dragons in the Komodo National park in Komodo Island is going to be such a spectacular moment in your lifetime. This is the literally the only place on earth where you get to see the deathly Komodo Dragons that are also known to be the largest lizard and reptile in the world. 

Best spots to take amazing photos in Komodo Island

Komodo National Park is secluded from the modern world, allows you to enjoy breathtaking nature at its most pristine. With the perfect settings and composition, this place is such an ideal site for taking spectacular photos. No matter if you are professional photographer or simply love taking beautiful pictures, these best places are highly recommended to shoot breathtaking pictures:

Pink Beach

Pink Beach of Komodo Island is one of only seven pink beaches that exist around the world. Visiting this island won’t be completed if you skip Pink Beach. This breathtaking beach has beautiful view of pink sand. The color itself is caused by the red coral resulting in one-of-a-kind scene. It is recommended to reach higher ground to capture the most exceptional views. 

Peak of Gili Laba Island

This place is situated about 4 hours from Labuan Bajo. It is small and but beautiful uninhabited island with spectacular setting. You will get to see a one-of-a-kind view over the Flores Sea from the top of its hill. Not to mention the soft pearly white sand that stretch over pretty beaches touching the pristine water of the sea. Surrounded by lush green savannah, this place offers such amazing setting for photography. 

Padar Island

Reach the summit of Padar Island and you will get to see beautiful beaches surrounding the island. This place has been dubbed as Haven for Photographers due to its perfect scene and setting. This place is also a great spot to catch sunrise and sunset that produce magical rays of light. You may need to trek and hike up to reach some vantage points but it will be such rewarding journey to take.

Kanawa Island

This site is known for its bed of coral reefs teeming with colorful fish. The pristine water is relatively calm and clear. Reaching the top of the hill located at the center of the island, you will get to see breathtaking views of sunrise and sunsets. With its rich marine life, this place is a favorite site for snorkeling enthusiasts. If you are into underwater photography or want to try it, catch the opportunity while visiting this place. 

Manta Point

This site is heaven for divers, snorkeling enthusiasts, and underwater photographers. Manta Point is the place where you get to have an encounter with giant Manta Rays. In addition, you get to see reefs lying only 2 meters to 9 meters depth. Other sea creatures you get to meet here also include sharks, turtles, huge clams, eagle rays, and various kind of sponges. Have your underwater adventure and immortalize into spectacular photos.