Planning A Safe Road Trip With Seniors

Senior tourist couple looking at the map in the car

Having senior family members should not stopping you from taking them to a fun road trip. As long as you plan it well, you can have a seamless, safe road trip together. It is true that having seniors as your company for a road trip can be a bit more complicated especially if they have certain condition. Their safety and comfort should be your priorities. A road trip can be exhausting for them too so you need to know what plan to make to keep them comfortable throughout the journey. And here are tips for a seamless, safe road trip when you have seniors as your company:

Be realistic when creating your itinerary

It is essential to make itinerary because it can be your guide to have everything smoothly done. However, make sure to make it as realistic as possible considering you have senior company. You need to create time management based on particular condition related to your senior companion. Check everything such as the weather, traffic, etc. You also need to consider their condition such as how long does it take for them to get ready. Make thorough evaluation in advance to make sure everything is in control. 

Plan for rest breaks

It is a must to have breaks even if you yourself is in no need to rest because your senior companion might need it. Give them time to sit down, get their bearings, or simply stretch their limbs comfortably. Allow them to drink from time to time so they stay hydrated. Bathroom breaks are also important not only for senior travelers but also for you. You may also need to stop for food or simply appreciate the view. Do not be too tight with your schedule and always allow rooms for breaks. 

Keep a safety route in mind

Having a road trip with seniors should consider their comfort and safety. Hence, you always have to keep safety route in mind just in case there is emergency happening. It may need additional time and consideration to plan but it will be such a life saver during a road trip. 

Have everything your need on hand

It is better to be over-prepared because then you have everything you need especially when you travel with senior companions. Bring necessary clothes, medication, and toiletries. You can also plan activities between the trip to keep your companions happy and comfortable. It is also recommended to bring extra medication just in case you cannot find it in your destination or you get delayed, extending the length of your trip with your senior companions. 

Make the journey as comfortable as possible

You need to plan the trip according to your senior companion’s tendencies. For example, do not force conversation if they don’t like it. Just let them be if they feel content just by watching the scenery and sit quietly. Take extra precautions just in case your senior parents wandering around by getting them ID bracelets. It can be fatal especially if they have dementia. So always be alert and be prepared.