Reasons Why Solo Travelling Is Not Bad Idea for Women


Solo travel is not new in tourism. Lots of people have done it occasionally and even routinely. It is not only for men to enjoy but women have equal opportunities to do the same. Of course, there is safety issue which often caused by women being in more vulnerable situation when they are alone. However, it should not change the fact that women can also go travelling solo as they want. There are safe places on earth where women can travel solo comfortably and safely.

Why traveling solo is also good for women

There are solo female travelers out there who have proven themselves they can do it freely. Of course, you should not ignore safety matters because some places make women travelers more vulnerable to attacks and other threats. That’s why preparation is necessary. Choosing safe places for travel destination is also a must especially if it’s the first experience for solo traveling.

Solo travel is good for women because it can bring out new potential. When you travel solo, you face problems arise during the travel by yourself. It means you will have to solve it yourself. Instead of worrying, you should be positive in knowing this because every problem has a solution and you will grow to become a more experienced person after solving variety of problems on your own. It also increase your independency.

Traveling solo doesn’t mean you will always be alone all the time. It also doesn’t mean you will feel constantly lonely throughout the journey. The world is full of wonderful people you can meet. You can even meet other female solo travelers during your vacation. You can share stories and exchange advice. Sometimes, you can even find flexible travel companions temporarily. It can give color to your journey.

Traveling solo is not as terrifying as it sounds. It can be nerve-wrecking, yes. However, it mostly feels like that in the initial phase. When you feel extremely scared and nervous for solo traveling, remember what you can gain when you arrive in your destinations. You will gain love and freedom. You will realize that it is not as scary as it looks to travel solo.

Solo travel is not a bad idea even for women because you can trust your instinct. You can listen to your instinct when you have to make a decision during your travel. For example, you can remove yourself from a situation if you don’t feel safe or uneasy. If you have the urge to change the plan spontaneously then you can just follow your feelings. Remember that solo traveling allows you to make your own decision.

Solo travel is a good outlet for you to balance your caution with curiosity. Sometimes, you are too cautious always thought people approaching you as bad people. However, you can trust your intuition and judgment to let you decide what can make you stay safe. When you balance your caution with a dose of curiosity, you will experience new things which will be valuable for your life.