Scuba Diving Essentials for Beginner Girls!

Scuba Diving Essentials for Beginner Girls

Many beginners didn’t know what to expect when they first have scuba diving. It’s a new thing to do in a completely new world! Especially for women, who needs to figure out a lot of things in this once male-dominated sport. Things like how to keep your hair from tangled after some dives, how to keep you warm, and other things. So, whether it’s your first dive or you’ve been diving for a long time, these are some of the gear that we believe are essential for everyone going on a dive adventure:

Essential Scuba Diving Gears for Beginners

Find Great BCD for Women

In terms of comfort, safety, and practicality, BCs have come a long way since their inception. Manufacturers have dedicated special attention in recent years to making them more comfortable for ladies. We no longer have to put up with a BC riding up over our ears since it’s cut for a straight up-and-down body shape, or a horribly fitting men’s x-small with imbalanced weight pockets (owing to our bigger hips). Many modern women’s BCDs have been created with us in mind. This is a great scuba diving investment for beginners especially if you see diving in the long haul.

Regulator for Women

Women’s-specific regulators with brighter colors are increasingly available in the gear sector. To aid alleviate jaw fatigue, the regs usually include a smaller, lighter initial stage and second stage. Not only that, you can also make your regulator colorful. Most dive shops sell affordable hose covers, so if you really want everything to be pink — or any color in the rainbow — you can do it.

Find Fins for Women

Fins that fit properly are also an important feature of any diving gears for beginners. Fins that are too small might irritate the skin, while fins that are too large can slip off or create cramping. Because women’s usually have smaller and thinner feet, finding the right fin can be quite a task on itself.

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Nice Supporting Items for Diving

Quick Dry Towel

Quick Dry Towel for scuba diving beginners

A quick dry towel is a small gear that would be very helpful. See, you’ll be getting in and out of the water all the time, and it can be chilly if there’s a breeze. You’ll be toasty again if you wrap yourself in a quick-drying towel.

Reef-Friendly Sunblock

We can get a great sun tan or a nasty burn by spending lengthy periods of time on boats moving between dive sites and swimming at shallow depths. As a result, sunscreen is one of the most crucial scuba diving necessities. Despite the fact that most divers wear wetsuits, your arms, neck, face, and legs are still exposed to the sun. Sunblock is essential for anyone participating in water-based activities since it protects your skin from the sun’s rays, making your time in the water much more enjoyable.

Rehydration Salt

Not many divers especially beginners are thinking about this. When you dive all day, water won’t be enough! Diving can be a thirsty sport because you can be submerged for up to an hour without drinking. Now imagine if you’re diving three or four times a day on a liveaboard! Take rehydration salts in addition to drinking plenty of fresh water. These provide you with a boost of energy in between dives and help me feel more refreshed and renewed afterwards.

If these aren’t available and you’re near a store or food stall, drink coconut water with lime or an electrolyte drink to stay hydrated.

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Hair Care

Hair Band

Hair Band

Nothing is more aggravating than having your mask leak because your hair has gotten into it. Even when you keep your hair in braid, it can still getting mess up in the end! Bring a hair band with you to wear on your forehead to keep the hair out of the way of the mask.

Strap for Scuba Mask

When a mask becomes twisted in your hair and you spend what seems like hours carefully unraveling it from the straps, it may be aggravating. The industry has taken notice of our problems and has developed a solution for those of us who have long hair. It’s the mask strap! The mask strap will provide you with additional comfort!

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Hair Tangler

Another thing for long-haired ladies. Please bring a tangle teezer and hair conditioner. After scuba diving, many diver ladies find their hair became extremely tangled, and spent hours attempting to brush it.