Scuba Diving Hacks for Beginners: Secret of Better Diving

Scuba Diving Hacks for Beginners

Scuba diving is amazing. But it can be a little troublesome sometimes, especially with little inconvenience like difficulties to do a wetsuit or getting a foggy mask. Divers who have extensive experience might know the hacks, but beginners would likely be puzzled with many little diving problem. So here we give some essential scuba diving hacks for beginners to make your dive trip easier. 

Invest in Mouthpiece

The first scuba diving tip for beginners: buy yourself a mouthpiece. If you don’t have your own regulator, just buy a mouthpiece. Sometimes the rental ones don’t fit or you might not feel comfortable using a shared mouthpiece. 

Easily Defog Dive Mask with Baby Shampoo

We all know how troublesome a fogging mask during a dive. This is one of the most important diving tips any beginners need to know; defog your mask with baby shampoo. 

Before applying a few drops to the lens, make sure your mask is dry. Dilute the baby shampoo with water to a 50/50 ratio and rub a few drops inside the lens. Let it dry. It can also be used to lubricate wetsuits! Give the mask a quick rinse before you enter the water. 

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Easy Slide to Scuba Diving Wet Suit for Beginners: Use Plastic Bags 

Before you put on your wetsuit, wrap your hands and feet in plastic bags. This is especially useful if your wetsuit is still moist from yesterday’s dive. Don’t forget to store the plastic bags securely to prevent them from ending up in the ocean!

Scuba Diving Hacks for Beginners- Secret of Better Diving

Or Use Baby Oil for Eco-Friendlier Option

Alternatively, get some baby oil. You don’t want to bring your plastic bags to the beach? To get inside your wetsuit, use baby oil as a silicone lubricant.

Lubricate Wetsuit’s Zipper with Wax

Wetsuits are quite delicate. Keep your zipper from shredding your wetsuit by lubricating it. To keep it smooth, use candle stubs or other waxy household item.

A Mix of Alcohol & Vinegar for Ear-Cleaning Solution

Ear infections is the infamous enemies of every divers. You need ear-cleaning solutions at all times, but sometimes you run out of it. Make the cheaper alternatives with a mix of alcohol and white vinegar. Mix 50% rubbing alcohol and 50% white vinegar (acetic acid). This solution helps dry up excess water in the ear and keep infections at bay, and is especially handy if you’re doing several dives a day in a muck diving destination (where the waters are usually pretty dirty

Switch Dive Gloves with Wool or Work Gloves

Have you forgotten your diving gloves at home? Wool can keep you warm even when it’s entirely wet, so it’s a terrific last-minute backup. You can also buy a pair of work gloves in the nearest DIY store. They’re less expensive, more durable, and offer the same level of protection as more expensive diving gloves.

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Scuba Diving Hacks for Female Beginners: Ditch Tampons and Switch to Menstrual Cups

If it’s that time of the month for you, you don’t have to skip dives or use tampons. Menstrual cups, unlike tampons, do not need to be removed and changed for long periods of time because they only collect blood and do not absorb it. They’re reusable and cost-effective, as well as taking up little room in your suitcase and being zero waste, eco-friendly item!