The Important of “Things to Do” in Your Traveling


For most of the travel operators, “things to do” is so much important to inform their customers about the services that are possible to be experienced. So do for the travelers themselves that will needs it to know whether they are interesting about the things they will do or not.

But as what I have thought, I am not actually interesting about what the “things to do” is that I have seen becoming services for most of the travel operators. For example, when the tour operators are offering to visit an island at Maldives, are you sure you will be enough seeing the island while taking some selfies? I mean, what actually the “things to do” over there. I know that seeing an island can be the attraction for some travelers, but I think that it should never included into “things to do” in the tour operator’s itinerary.

Different between the attraction and things to do when traveling

If you are making traveling as your business and offering services or packages, you’d better make it crystal clear about the things that your customers can do. Not just as simple as seeing the things.

Seriously, what is actually the things to do mean to you

Let me get this simple! For me, it is about being active at the destination. Siting while seeing the beautiful panorama is great, but it surely will not be experiencing at most of the destinations you have taken your customers. Bring them more than that! Tell them what they actually can do there.

Even if the things that are possible to do have to rent items or gears, tell them where they can get them all and try to also informing them about the estimate prices.

You have to realize and differentiate what the tourist attraction is and what the “things to do.” For that purpose, let me give you simple examples for the various cases below.

Tourism attractions:

  • Viewing the scenery
  • Watching the dolphin
  • New statue in town

Things to do based on above attractions:

  • Lunch at the restaurant on the hill
  • Swimming around with the dolphin or taking images
  • Learning about what and why there is a statue, what for, etc.

See? It is really different to know what the attraction your travel operator is offering and how you are telling your guests about what the things they can do over the destinations that will be visited.

I am telling you this ever since many of the destinations have becoming the selfie spots for many of us. There are not actually things we can do rather than photographing the objects or locations. We get less things to do than before since selfie is taking over your things.

Why don’t we just planting seed of tree when visiting the beautiful hill than just talking about many things with your guide? Or what if there will be volunteering thing when you are visiting a village in your trip? That’s what I mean about “things to do” that you have to actually do, literally. Am I telling you this the right way?