Things You Don’t Really Need For Your Trip


When you go into a store full of travel essentials, your eyes will be blessed by all those gadgets and sparkly thingy. Not to mention the handy little items that you think will be a must-thing to pack for a smooth trip. The fact is, sometimes a trip is not that complicated that you need to buy special gears and whatsoever. Sometimes, you just have to choose what you have at home and pack them into your bag then go with your trip. 

Credit card and vaccination passport for international travel in leather bag

Not-so-useful items for travel

Depending on the type of your trip, your packing list will be different. And if your trip is the type where you just visit museums, stroll around the streets, enjoy dinner at local dinner, visit beaches, and enjoy the nightlife at the local markets, you don’t really pack special gears. You might think you need all those items because they would come in handy while in reality, it is not strictly true. And here are some pointless items you don’t really need for travel:

Money belt

This is one of the items that most travelers baring because they think it is convenient and simple to wear around during a trip. However, money belt is like a big billboard to announce everyone that you are tourist. It is an open gate to invite thieves and pickpockets alike to take their actions. You will become the easy target because when you open your money belt to take out some money, everything inside it revealed. Everyone knows what’s inside and it will put you in more vulnerable situation. 

Passport wallet or passport case

It may look convenient to keep your passport and travel documents in a specialized wallet or case. However, it is not always true in reality. You need to take your passports and travel documents out of the wallet which takes more time than when you simply put them in your carry-on. You may just create a ruckus when trying to take them out and make the lines wait even longer at the security check. 

Bulky backpack

Unless you are going for a real adventure in the wild, you don’t necessarily have to carry around a backpack for travel. Even though for backpackers it is essential, you don’t really need it if you are going to have a leisure trip. You might think backpack is more convenient than a suitcase but it depends on the type of your trip and how you move around. Backpack is not a must, especially the bulky one when it takes the entire space of the seat you are sitting in. 


Packing too many gadgets for a trip is not necessary. You can leave them at home and bring only one or two that you really need. They will distract you from fully enjoy the trip. Not to mention that there is high risk of them getting damaged. Also, gadgets are expensive valuables so taking too many of them to your trip might put you in constant worry or fear of getting them stolen or lost.