Tourist Travel Trends 2019


As globalization happens, there are many shifts, including in tourist travel trend. These days, mobilization is not a problem anymore, as there are many cheap flights provided to visit foreign countries out there. When technology develops, you can also book the flights as well as accommodation easily. The focus of tourists also changes, from pleasure and entertainment only to those places that are instagrammable. The question is: what kind of tourist travel trend will take over 2019? Here are some tourism plans that you might want to take!

Tourist Travel Trends 2019

1. Solo Traveling

Nowadays, traveling does not have to come in groups to press down the budget. One of the tourist travel trends is co-living solo travel, a new trend of modern commune for young travelers which generates from both local residents and out-of-towners. It cannot be denied that going on backpack and staying in hostels might be a little bit lonely and rough for a solo traveler, since airbribs tend to isolate the guests. However, if you come across co-living providers, you will encounter a comfortable yet affordable apartment complexes with trendy look. In addition, co-living companies also offer for shared social spaces that is not too invading with a lot of seasonal events and other activities, such as yoga classes as well as hot tubs and others, depends on which city you visit.

2. Short-Term Vacations

Since globalization occurs, the competition between one company to another gets even more intense that you might hardly find yourself a long break. However, if you do not force yourself to have a break, you will be too worn out to work. Not only that, planning for a huge, extended vacation can be stressful. These days, another tourist travel trend you might need to get accustomed to is mini vacations. This way, you will be able to enjoy more frequent breaks, since there will be many chances to have a short break. You can opt for local staycations, such as yurts, airstreams as well as pods.  Another short-term break worth trying is Backstreet Walking Tour of Kowloon’s Mong Kok in Hong Kong. There, you will be able to see many dazzling street markets and try out local delicacies just by staying for a couple days over there.

3. B-Leisure Vacations

Forget about complicated family trips that will take up many bills in one go. The new tourist travel trend is to go on bleisure trips, in which people tend to mix leisure time with business trip. Studies show 87% travelers often bring up their family during their business expedition, where they split the bills for the company pay for them, and they need to only pay for the personal trip of their family. This is not something surprising, since more often than not business travel include high-end amenities in pretty places. You may try out a trip to Forbidden City, which is located in Beijing, the heart of commercial districts and business. There, you may also visit good local hotels and spas, relaxing around in the city of culture while expanding your business connection.