Travel Tips to Bandung for Young Travelers


Bandung is one of the most popular and desirable cities amongst tourists. Located in West Java, Bandung offers many thing travelers could ask for. There are various shopping centers, nature-oriented tourist attractions, as well as various happening foods especially for the youngster. If you are young and passionate about travelling to new place, Bandung is the right destination to go. This is a safe place to visit both for solo travelling or travelling in group. The temperature in Bandung is also great for the entire year. There is no time when you cannot visit Bandung. The climate is little bit chilly but not in extreme level.

Travelling in Bandung with fun activities to do

Bandung is perfect for young travelers because this is one of the trendiest cities in Indonesia. Lots of youngster choose Bandung as a place to hang out and chill. There are also many young communities in Bandung you can find. Bandung is perfect combination of modern and cultural city. The people are friendly and like to make some jokes. You will feel welcomed once you visit this city. Here are fun things to do when young travelers visit Bandung:

–        Visit trendy cafes where you can hang around the locals while enjoying your favorite coffee. There are tons of coffee shops in Bandung designed in unique theme to attract visitors. Most cafes in Bandung are Instagram-worthy. For example, there is a café where it showcases exhibitions of arts by local designers.

–        Learn more about the culture of Sundanese by exploring Saung Angklung Ijo. This is one of the biggest Sundanese communities where visitors both from local and international are welcome. You can learn more about Sundanese instruments and how to play it. You will also find handmade crafts made by the locals.  There is also performance by kid you are going to love to watch.

–        Inexpensive and fun thing to do during your vacation in Bandung is to visit parks in various themes. There are Taman Musik (music park), Taman Jomblo (Single Park), Taman Film (Movie Park), etc. each park is designed following the theme and equipped accordingly. You can just hang around the locals and enjoy the facilities in the park freely.

–        If you are young and seek for the thrill, you should try visiting Trans Studio Bandung, this is one of the biggest indoor amusement parks in Indonesia you must try. There are tons of rides you can try to feed your adrenaline. Besides, you can also book a room of since it is still in the same area. There is also shopping center you can explore to.

–        Eat delicious foods while enjoying the view of Bandung in Lembang. This is one of the most popular spots for tourists. There are various restaurants, hotels, and attraction in Lembang you can visit. You can enjoy your lunch in a restaurant overlooking the view of the city. However, Lembang tends to be chilly so you’d better prepare your sweater or jacket. Lembang is the best place to have peaceful getaway.