What to Look for in Resorts When Travelling to Bali with Kids

What to Look for When Travelling to Bali with Young Kids

When you come to Bali for a gateway with your young family, all you want is a nice, peaceful vacation in the sun, playing with the kids. But we know kids—sometimes it’s hard to keep them happy especially in a new surrounding. So if you are thinking about a family vacation in Bali, it’s best to stay at a family resorts in family-friendly neighborhood like the Benoa or Nusa Dua. 

We want to help moms and dads planning their best vacation in this tropical island. Be sure to bookmark this page, because a successful family vacation starts from choosing the best hotels and resorts for the kids.

Stay at Small Family Resorts in Quieter Area Like the Nusa Dua

When you’re looking for family-friendly, safe resorts in Nusa Dua, keep this in mind. When it comes to watching your kids closely, smaller is better.

Stay at Small Family Resorts in Quieter Area Like the Nusa Dua

Although large resort complexes may have more restaurants or amenities, getting around on them might be more difficult and take longer. When the resort is small, it’s simpler and quicker to travel anyplace you want to go. It means you can get to the restaurant quickly to feed the kids when they’re hungry. Finding something that has been left behind isn’t a big deal. It also eliminates the need for me to spend the first half of your trip studying the resort map in order to avoid getting lost repeatedly.

Why A Not-Too-Busy Area is Perfect for Young Families

When you were young and travelling to Bali, we bet you’ll love the big crowds. Trying the hippest café in Seminyak, going to party in the most-talked night club in Kayu Aya, riding a wild night in Kuta, or just seeing what’s the latest in Canggu. All the places that meant for fun!

But when you are travelling with young kids, you will want somewhere quieter—somewhere easy where you won’t worry that the busy roads and loud sounds upsetting your kids. This is why the Nusa Dua and Benoa are perfect for a peaceful family getaway in Bali. 

Consider Rooms at the First Floor

There are various things to think about when searching for family resorts in Nusa Dua. Do you like a room with a view of the ocean, a garden, the pool, or the beach? The resort will often provide two queen-size beds, but always ask if there is a cot, pull-out bed, or crib that can be used to accommodate children and infants.

If you have young children or a baby in a stroller, think about booking a room on the first level so that climbing stairs won’t be a problem.

Opt for Family Suites if You’re Travelling with Multiple Kids

If you are travelling with a toddler, one room with a baby crib or extra bed is enough. After all, you want to stay as close to your baby as possible in case they need anything, anytime. However, if you are travelling with two or more kids—especially if they’re no longer a toddler—you might want to have a room for yourself. Try to look for family suites, so both parents and the kids can have their own space. 

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Any In-Room Entertainments ? 

Many resorts provide kids’ entertainment earlier in the day so they can participate fully on stage. This is ideal for earlier bedtimes and gives parents something to do.

Check out the resort’s wifi options to discover what’s available. When it’s time to wind down, you’ll need a safe internet connection to watch anything on your child’s tablet. Some resorts provide free wifi throughout the property, while others charge per hour and occasionally just provide it in the lobby.

See If There’s Any Amenities for Kids

ee If There’s Any Amenities for Kids

A lot of Bali family resorts offer fantastic attractions for kids, such as playgrounds or water parks. Kids in toddler, preschool, and school age will find this to be very helpful. We find this Nusa Dua family friendly resort even prepare special toiletries for babies and giving away milk carton, colouring pencils, and activity book for kids at the receptions! They also have playstations and games to keep the kids happy during the stay.

It is more likely that this kind resort is welcoming and enjoyable for families if there are numerous children’s activities listed for that resort. Additionally, it’s much less likely to be packed with smokers and young people since those groups typically don’t appreciate the presence of a lot of young children.

Check Out the Daycare/ Kids Club

Leave the kids with the resort’s kids club for a few hours. In order to give Mom and Dad a respite while on the vacation as well, this is something to look for in a resort. In the end, a trip isn’t truly a vacation if you don’t get some time away from the kids!

The kids’ club is essentially a playground/classroom where they frequently offer toys, art and craft materials, video games and movies, and other fascinating kid-related items that young children might like. They frequently have a planned schedule of activities for kids based on their age.

Beach at the Backyard

We value the beach greatly as a family. I frequently research the beach area before I book a resort because we enjoy hanging out there more than we do anywhere else on the property. I try to assess the sand’s cleanliness and how simple it is to locate shaded spots. When the shore area is regarded as smooth and secure, I also find it to be lot more tranquil. Another thing I learned to read into was the ocean’s waviness. In the past, we’ve visited a few places where the ocean was so rough that we were unable to let our kids swim there.

Food for the Kids

When reading or watching reviews of resort meals, if you think adults are picky, you had better assume that your child will be the worst critic while you’re there.

Make certain there are numerous family-friendly choices available. Your youngster will feel completely at home while you’re away if you provide them with simple foods like oatmeal, toast, cereal, and miniature mouse pancakes.