Tips to Organize Travel With A Large Group

If you think travelling solo is too lonely, you can go for group travel. It is fun and you won’t run out of the ideas to enjoy the trip. However, organizing a travel with a large group can be challenging because it means you needs extra work with the preparation. It can be frustrating to travel with a large group of friends and conflict arise. Therefore, planning and organizing is truly necessary. Just imagine if you do group travelling spontaneously. Yes it can be fun but it generates more chance for conflict and clashes. 

Organize Travel

Organizing group travel efficiently

Travelling with a large group of friends or families can be frustrating sometimes especially when everyone wants different thing. Even if the group consist of adults, it doesn’t decrease the chance of problems. So here are some hacks to have smooth and fun group travels:

  • Pay attention on booking the accommodation. If you want to travel smoothly, you need the right accommodation. It is not only about the availability of rooms. You also need to make sure that the place you book have sufficient amenities such as bathrooms or showers. If you want to save money from excessive accommodation expense, you can rent a house to accommodate all the members of your group travel. Bathrooms and showers are important because you don’t want to waste time by being stuck in a line just to have your turn. 
  • It is more fun to have thematic clothing for your group travel. This may seem unnecessary but it will help you to have smooth travel in many ways. For example, you can easily spot your travel mates in the crowd so you don’t get to panic when someone is missing. Besides, it can make your group look cool during the trip. If not customized t-short, you can choose to have matching accessories such as hats, or bracelets. 
  • Agree to disagree. It means, you don’t have to be over possessive with your travel mates. If you or the others want to split up for a while then it is ok. Splitting up for a while into smaller group travel is not bad idea. It can make the travel less boring. It can avoid unnecessary conflict, and you will get to experience more. 
  • It is highly recommended to book restaurants or bars ahead because not all places have sufficient spaces to accommodate a large group of people. This can also help preventing from arguments you have planned it ahead which means everyone agreed. However, it is also fine to make different reservation if one or some of your travel mates have different preference in foods. For example, you can split up meet enthusiasts and vegetarian. 
  • Plan group activities to strengthen the bond of your group. You see, it is easy to have misunderstanding that can lead to unnecessary fight and arguments, however, remember that you travel to have fun. Through fun group activities, you can help lifting up the moods. You can play a game, watersport activities, and many more. 

Bali Villas Seminyak And How To Choose

Want to enjoy a small paradise with all the comforts, serenity and luxury? The Island of the Gods is not as big as Thailand, the Philippines, or even America. But every tourist who visits knows exactly the purpose of their vacation on this island. Accommodation on this island is infinite. No doubt if the development of accommodation both resorts, hotels or villas is getting higher. The holidays in Bali are in fact not only soaking on the beach enjoying the sun or playing in the sand. Bali villas Seminyak that are very visible in its development. Rural areas that offer tranquility and peace to those who want to rest during the holidays. Another fact is that most villas are perfect for taking pictures.

Bali Villas Seminyak

How To Choose Bali Villas Seminyak

Most tourists hold that cheap accommodation has limited services and facilities. During high season, prices for 4-star hotels will range in the price above $ 100. Imagine how much budget you need to prepare if you want luxury accommodation for your family vacation. Scary! Not infrequently many people fail vacation due to the large budget that must be prepared during a vacation. especially the accommodation budget. Did you know that you can get affordable accommodation with the best facilities and services?

It is common knowledge that the Seminyak area is popular among tourists. Vacationing and living in the Seminyak area at least increases prestige considering Seminyak is considered a luxurious and classy destination. No wonder tourists love the Seminyak area so much. Although popular as an expensive area, it is possible to get Bali villas Seminyak that fit your holiday budget. The solution that is widely used is vacationing during low season. Automatic all prices when the low season will be cheap compared to high season. What if time requires you to vacation during high season?

Finding information on cheap villas via the internet is the usual way for many tourists. Usually, they do it long before the holidays so that when they arrive in Bali, all holiday needs are available. Early bookings allow cheaper accommodation prices and really help save your holiday budget and enjoy Seminyak private villa Bali.

When many people are lulled by images of the website regarding the villa to be booked, not a few are fooled into seeing images from the internet. To prevent you from getting inappropriate accommodations, see previous guest reviews. You can see how satisfied the guests are with villa facilities and services of Bali Villas Seminyak. Guest satisfaction determines the appropriateness value of Seminyak villas as accommodation.

What to Pack for Slow Train Travel

Having slow train travel is a great plan because it is when you can enjoy your ‘free time’ to the fullest. Train travel is interesting because it has its own perks. You need to buy the ticket for the seat you will feel the most comfortable with. Most train for slow travel provide spacious cars so that you won’t feel like suffocated throughout the trip. What you have to do is enjoy the ride. It is even better if you can spend a night or two for your train travel so you can truly enjoy the ride during the nighttime. 

Packing for train travel

Packing is important for travelling so that you will be more prepared to enjoy your trip. The essentials you need to pack are basically the same as when you plan for a trip by plane or travel in general. However, you can go easy with packing for train travel though. You don’t necessarily need to pack many things especially if you don’t plan to stay the night. Here are basic necessities you will need for a slow train travel.

What to Pack for Slow Train Travel

Comfy Clothes

Wear comfortable clothes for the trip. If you plan to stay a night or two, it is highly advised to pack sweatshirt or blanket. The night on the train tend to be cool so you’d better be more prepared for that. Packing up a pair or two socks is also good idea so you stay warm during frigid conditions. Most trains are equipped with air conditioning and sometimes they set it high so it is just possible for you to feel like freezing at night.

Pack Toiletries on the Go 

Pack your toiletries because your hygiene is priority. You can wash up in the bathroom in the train. However, you also need basic necessities to stay fresh and clean. Pack toothbrush, toothpaste as well as soap. You may also need to pack your own skin care products to maintain your skin health. If shower is not in your plan during the travel, you need to pack wet tissue and toilet paper. Wet tissue is a great saver when you start feeling uncomfortable with the state of your skin. 

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Ready to Eat Foods

Pack some foods from home so you are sure that what you eat are healthy. Of course, you can also order some foods form the dining cars in the train. However, you don’t know whether or not the foods fit your preference and taste. At least, you can pack some healthy snacks just in case the trains cannot provide the meals on time. 

Handy Entertainments

Pack your own source of entertainment so you won’t grow bored throughout long ride. You can bring your own iPod or other entertainments to keep you entertained. However, it is highly advised to leave work-related stuffs behind and truly enjoy your ride. Train travel is a great concept of slow travel where you can fully enjoy and appreciate every little things in your surroundings including the people in your neighbor seats, the scenery outside, and the overall vibe during the ride. 

Everything You Need to Know About Bali Piercing Prices

Bali has obviously no shortages of places to get piercing done. Whether it’s for a small piercing on the ear or more complex body piercing, the island is rich in professionals to do the job. But how much do you need to pay for getting a piercing in Bali? What should you consider upon looking on Bali piercing prices? Don’t fret! Here’s our answers to ensure the cost of piercing in Bali match your wallet. 

Finding the Best Bali Piercing Prices

Look for Displayed Piercing Prices

Above everything else, you must have know how much Bali piercing prices would cost you. You don’t want to pay more than you get. It’s important to get to know the actual price of the piercing you are about to get before actually pierce the skin. Do some research. The tattoo and piercing parlour should list their prices on their website or social media page. If you can’t find any, call them. You could also physically visit the store and ask for their Bali piercing prices before making any appointment. 

Average Bali Piercing Prices

Just like in any other part in the world, cost of piercing Bali varies depend on the location of the body that’s being pierced. But you could divide them into three general parts. The earlobes, ear cartilage, and cheeks usually cost the cheapest. They cost around USD 100 to 150. Second most-popular body part to get pierced such as the eyebrow, nose, navel, and nipples cost medium prices. They might charge you around USD 250. Finally, the highest prices are charged at more complex part of the body, such as the upper of the lips (the medusa), tongue, and the surface of the body, such as the nape of the neck. The price could cost start from USD 320 and higher. 

Should You Negotiate the Bali Piercing Prices? 

Can you haggle for a lower price for piercing Bali? Well, it depends. Most shops who list their piercing prices do not open a room for negotiation. Their prices are fixed. However, they may make an exception if you are a returning customers. Some parlours have a membership cards where you can get a free or discounted service on certain returns. They might also give you a discount for your next visit if you sent some friends to them on your recommendations. Some studios also offer discounts on multiple piercings and group appointments. 

It doesn’t hurt to ask! We suggest you to look for a room to negotiate, but don’t push it if you can’t find any. If you think the price is way out of your budget, just smile and say thank you before walking away. 

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On Tipping the Piercers

Tipping the piercers is one of the basic etiquette on piercing. Unless they are working on their own studio, piercers usually give some percentages of every piercing they do to the studio. The norms of tipping is about 15% – 20% of the actual price. You could tip more if your piercer did an amazing job!

The Cost of Jewelries

Most prices of piercing has include a basic body jewellery that you don’t need to pay separately. However, you need to pay extra for special jewellery, such as po-allergenic jewels, or upgraded jewellery. 

What If You Want to Learn Surfing But the Beach Has No Waves?

It almost impossible to talk about surfing without thinking about the beach with waves. One of the challenge right before start your surfing lesson is that, the beach that is close to you may have no waves at all. I mean, it is always pretty much calming the whole year and the required beach you have in mind is far than you think.

So, will you keep on doing surfing? Will you keep on motivating to start to learn about it ever since one of the most important thing in surfing is the waves?

Through this post, I will let you know why beach with no waves won’t be an issue for your surfing learning process and how you can still start your own lesson and practice no matter there will be a single wave or not.

1. Start practicing paddling with your surfboard

So, you have been got your surfboard before, right? And if the beach can’t really be your favorite one because of the wave, then you can start your paddling lesson. At least, it will be your way how to practice balancing your body on the surfboard and it will also brings the good benefits for yourself.

Paddling will be strengthening your muscles especially the back strength and the shoulders while it will also helpful in controlling your body on the surfboard as it is important in surfing.

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This will also a way for surfing itself to be enjoyed by the others even though they will only start to learn about it at the lake or big river with no stream. Because surfing itself should never be at the beach forever.

2. Bodyboarding is also important in surfing and is interesting to try

Bodyboard as way to start learn surfing at the beach with no waves

If surfing will mostly allow the surfers to balance their self on the surfboard, bodyboarding is allowing them to lay their body down and toward the board while searching the perfect curl waves that are carrying the surfers to the shore.

Bodyboarding itself perhaps the oldest form of surf riding and you will love it because you will get more things you can do while being at the beach with perfect waves one day. And just the same with paddling, bodyboarding is also the alternatives when you want to experience more fun exercises on your board.

The different of bodyboarding at the flat beach with no wave is, you will only try to swim around while waving your hands back and forth as well as your legs if possible to working out your hands and legs and make you ready for surfing since it all totally body workout.

3. Learn to balancing yourself on a surfboard

I have said that before that paddling can be helpful in balancing your body on the surfboard. But now, you are going to do it without any paddle. Simply just you and your board to test and learn how to balance.

Doing this is important ever since keep you stand on the surfboard when there will be the waves is even get more challenging. So, why not starting controlling yourself at the beach with no waves first?

Sport Holiday Package: Surf Camp Trip for Small Group Travelers

Thinking about the sport as a holiday package may have never been your concern before. In other hands, traveling is one of the investment for your health both physically and mentally. A surf camp trip is a travel package that will boost your body and mind where it is going to be more fun too especially when you are with the other small group of people.

It is usually interesting to travel with the others as a small group especially when you are going with your best friends. And when the destinations are at the pleasant beaches, learning to surf with your friends can be the unforgettable trip idea you have ever got.

Sport holiday package through surf camp trip for small group

Surf camp as it is how travelers and tour companies in the world are calling it is one of the surfing training program both for non-surfers and surfers in the world. It is a class at the beach with surfing lessons brought out by the professional and experienced surf instructors.

So, if you are thinking about learning to surf with your friends or other small group of travelers, there will always a camp for that. And as it is a sport travel package, you don’t always to exercising all the time at the beach even though it will keep on interesting, but there are more itineraries are waiting for you.

Be healthy exercising through surf sport holiday camp

Even though I am suggesting you to experience the healthy sport package through a surf camp, if you are requiring to be there alone, that will also be fine. There is not an obligation that you must doing it with your friends or family.

But if you are care with them, you can always suggesting the surf camp trip as their next idea to spend the holidays. It is because started from the 1st or at least the 2nd grade of children up to more than 50 years parents or grand parents are possible to be taught about surfing.

While surfing is challenging, being in a surf camp is also the better way to experience the safe and fun way to surf. For the children themselves, it will be a sport that will help them growing, close to nature, and surely will be fun. And for the grand parents, did you know that surfing itself can be everyone’s therapy method? Not to mention that doing it with the grand children will also a gift for both of them.

Today, investing on more healthier travel package should have been an important thing to consider instead of just playing around while getting more and more selfies through your phone. And now you have got at least an option on how to achieve the leisure at the beach while exercising along or with your small group travelers.

As a sport, you will know that surfing is take sometimes especially for the total beginners. Therefore, some sport packages are offered for days or at least a week to 10 days.

Knowing this, you should be grateful that you and all of your group members will keep on exercising while the bonds through togetherness for those days will be strengthen your friendship. And surely, you are actually increasing the chance to be more healthier in the future.

Through all of the lessons you will get from the first surf camp trip, you may also thinking about to takes the sport furthermore. The next time you will need a lonely moment in life, you can always go to the beach with your surfboard while enjoy the sunrise or sunset. And the next time you are mastering the surfing skills, it could be the reason for you to travel the world and searching for the waves at different countries.

What Things You Can Get From A Surfing Trip?

Many of us have not been realized that surfing can be the best trip idea to experience. Even though surfing is considerably dangerous for certain conditions and locations, but playing on your surfboard close to the beach where the sea have no rocky bottom is always exciting. Gives it a shot and you will know why there have been many people are addicting to it.

If you are interesting to experience a surfing trip, you are actually being more open to yourself about the new different way to spend the holidays. And, surfing itself is providing you more exciting things to do to help you get the unforgettable travel moments in your life.

Things to get from surfing trip

Besides that, there are more things you can get from a surfing trip if you will try it at least for once in your life, and some of those things are below.

1. Surfing trip is encourages you to explore the world

You have realized that most of our planet is dominated by the water. If you are in love with surfing trip, you are free to go to anywhere in the world to experience the different breaks or simply finding the different waves.

Name the country and you have been got an opportunity to surf there one day! If you have a dream to travel the world, surfing can also be the reason and a thing to do when you are traveling.

2. Meet new people and make friends

We are meeting new people everyday but most of them remain forgotten. So does when you are traveling, you can experience the same too. But since you are in a surfing trip, the surfers you’d likely to meet can be your long last friends and will keep in touch for long.

An interesting thing to know if you are going to learn surfing is you can be in a surf school or a surf camp. It’s kind of a surfing course so you will learn to surf with the others and that can be a great time to know each others.

3. Gain more health benefits of a surfing trip

A trip can be your self remedy while a surfing is a sport or an exercise from the beginning. Now, how can’t it be the healthier travel idea when you are go out for surfing? While you are surfing, all of your body parts from the lower to the upper are possible to have their own movements. That’s why surfing can also be exhausted since you are moving all the time when you are swimming and being on a surfboard.

4. Surfing has been a business inspiration and idea, too

Mostly, tourism business need more money to start. But, even only you can buy 2 or 3 surfboards, you can then decide where the beach to offering your surfboard rental. If you think that you will need a store for that, there are many people who just stick the tail end of surfboards to the sand beach and start offering them.

Keep in mind that different beaches may have different rules for that kind of business. But, at least you are knowing that you can make money through the surfing skills you have got from your surfing trips before.

You can also be a professional freelance surf coach if you want. It is a good money to get.

5. You can experience surfing with your friends, family or even your dog

Many of us have been traveling with our friends, family members, and even our pets, take the dogs as the example. Surfing surely will be fun when you are experiencing it with your friends and family and now you are even will have a special moment with your dog while spending the holidays or your spare time.

It seems like surfing is for everyone, isn’t it?

Anyway, have you been watched about the surfing competition for the dogs before? You will be surprised have more fun if only you are possible to watch the competition on YouTube right away.

6. Knowledge about the beach and the sea

Right before you start learning and practicing your surf skill, you are possible to enrich your mind with more references about the water and the sea, aren’t you? If you have your own surf instructor, you are even will be introduced on how to survive while surfing, preserving the beach environment, etc.

In general, there is a big chance for you to find more knowledge about the environment as well. This can also be the reason why you will love surfing trip, it is not only a good way to spend the holidays, but it is also one of the fun educational trip you can experience.

7. Start connecting with the new community

Surfers have their own lifestyle. Even, being a surfer means that you have an alternative lifestyle too. Through the surfing trip, you will know what it is.

I have told you that you can also make friends through surfing trip. And did you know that there have been many surf communities in the world that you can take part with them and you will be welcomed with big warm heart? You can make more friends through the community.

Main Reason Why Online Store Will Need Web Development Agency

One main way to start selling your products on internet is by building your own online store. That’s how you are diving into an internet or digital marketing world to reach more audiences and getting the customers. You have been knowing the reason why is that, everyone seems to be on internet all the time.

But building an online store itself won’t be an end of what you will need to do, some business owners or internet marketers are even recommended to start learning about how to develop a website so they will have a professional custom website.

Reason to hire professional custom web development agency for online store

What you have just read is the main reason I am talking about why an online store will need the web development agency or services since learning it yourself will really takes a lot of time and I am afraid you will lost a track about your own main business.

The important of web development agency to help you get your professional online store’s custom website

Professional custom online store website has more benefits than you think especially when you are getting help from the web development agency. First, you will get the unique site design where all of its appearance will be based on your own specifications and seems like there is no limitations on how your online store will look.

Not to mention that your online store will also responsive in most of the devices. When you are checking its responsiveness and need to change some parts, then you have the website developers that can help you with that.

In this point, dealing with site’s responsiveness can even take a lot of time and challenging for the web development agency to meet the clients requirements.

It is also important that the online store’s architecture and all its structured data will also referring to the search engines guidance to ensure that your online business site will be search engine friendly and that will really a good start for your own site optimization.

The web development agency will also investing their time to build the professional custom online store that will be powerful when it comes to the security system. This topic has been the main one since years ago and will keep on going since security is always the main concern for everyone (search engines, site owners, customers).

Even, the web development agency should have the web developers that are knowing about internet and site security system to minimize the vulnerabilities that are effecting the platform and mainly the customers.

And we all have been knowing that security system itself is not just about installing the security plugin or extension for your site, you will need the professional web developers that can write their own custom codes to your site and that will only be achieved when you have some people to ask that they know how to develop a site.

Last but not least, experienced web development agency will also help you in dealing with all of the errors you have made by yourself accidentally or any other reasons that can cause your site to get any kind of errors such as 404, 403, 500 error etc.

To get the professional custom website for your online store from professional agency, you can gives the Bali web development a trust for that. You can ask any of customization you have in mind to their web developers so you will really get the professional custom site that meet your specifications.

There are more benefits you can get through the professional custom web services from an agency. Not to mention that they will help your online store to setting up the safer payment process, automatic cart calculation, all the site database and distribution, and many more.

Disadvantages of Travelling to New Trending Destinations

Sometimes, when you are scrolling down your social media feeds, many of your friends may are sharing the same thing about the favourable new travel destinations of the week. You will also possible to see the ads that are showing the same destinations as what your friends are talking about.

That’s what the new trending travel destinations are. Many people are talking about the same things that are actually can affecting our travel references in choosing the destination.

Disadvantages of visiting new trending travel destinations

Even, the more trending the travel destinations are, many people are wishing to visit them one day while the others have been made a plan to visit them in the days to come.

But honestly, I have found that visiting the new trending destinations can be your fail and won’t help you at all in spending your quality holidays or weekend. So, the next time you are knowing about the kickin’ in destinations in your area, you’d better think twice about visiting them because of some reasons.

1. Jostling with the crowd

The new trending destinations are usually possible to attracting more people to come. And you know what? You are not the only one! There could be hundreds of even thousands of travellers or people that also have the same thought and imagination about what to do over there.

So, if you are ready to visit the new trending travel destinations right after they got viral on social media, just make sure that you are going to go to one of uncomfortable travel destinations.

2. Infrastructure and attractions are mostly have not been ready for many visitors

The interesting thing about the new trending travel destinations is that, they may have not been ready for serving the visitors in high quantity. The more people are coming, the more resources will be used and needed.

Do you think that the new travel destinations are trending if they only have been finished all the infrastructures, attractions to be prepared and many things? There are more travel destinations in this world that are even trending without all of those.

But, if the new trending travel destinations are need all of those infrastructures and other things, many visitors will be disappointed because they all have not been well prepared.

3. Especially for the nature destinations, they are risky to be visited by many

We have been knowing that preserving the nature is our duty. But I have seen some of the gardens with beautiful flowers were trending in the past. Later, many people are visiting it but since everyone is a big fan of selfie and we-fie, then many of the visitors are even laid their back on the flowers that make them wilted.

That’s why I won’t contributing in visiting the new travel destinations especially when they are still viral. Is is hard to see such things while I can’t do anything.

4. Sometimes, the destinations can be too expensive

Trending will also contribute in define how much money to get into the destinations. The more viral the destinations, are possible to make the visitors to spend more money on them. That’s how the basic economy is occurring. The high the demand is and the places are limited, the higher the cost will be.

5. You are mostly visiting the new trending destinations just for the selfies

I am not judging people here and I am not saying that selfie is bad, not at all. But don’t you think that you are possible to be attracted by the visually appealing images or videos you have been watched before and decided to visit the destinations right away? That won’t be a travelling if you will only end up with some captured images on your phone while wondering around what to do to experience the destinations at their best.

3 Basic Knowledge of Social Media Marketing You Should Know

I think that I won’t need to remind you that social media platforms today have been used by businesses especially for marketing purpose. You do have known about it right? But are you sure that you can also use them for your business just like the others?

Some people have been enjoying how good to make money on social media while the others are still struggling and wondering how can they achieve the same good results. And there is you, the one that just started a new business awhile ago and have been included social media as one of your digital business strategy.

Basic knowledge of Social Media Marketing to know

To help you starting out on using social media marketing, it is recommended that you are enrich your mind with some of the basic knowledge you should know about social media marketing.

There are some popular social media platforms you have been knowing and using have had their own ads platforms

If you have been heard or read about a businessman were spending out a lot of money on Facebook, then mostly it is about the Facebook Ads platform. Some other social media platforms that are also possible for businessmen to put ads are Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.

Many are believing that to get successful ads campaign on social media for your e-commerce site, then you will know how to target your business audiences. The thing is that, it is not about “how” but “who.”

That’s what all the ads platforms is all about including on social media, you will only need to know who the perspective ones that can be your business customers. I am sure that setting up and preparing the ads will also need knowledge and experiences. But if you don’t know who your business is for, then you will lost a lot of money on ads.

To know who can help you to prepare the ads, makes it live, optimizing it, and reaching out the audiences that are likely to buy your products or use your service, you can simply hire the social media management Bali for all of your social media needs. If you think that you can really do all things yourself, make sure that you aren’t out of your focus to some other important things about your business.

Social media business presence; you’re likely need to spend more time than you think

To optimize your social media business pages, then the more you are active the better. One of the main benefits why you will need to active like all the times is because you should show your audiences that they can always contact and interacting with your business at anytime.

It will encourage them to ask, share, and do the other types of social media engagement that can make your business accounts statistics increasingly high.

Even if you can’t be on social media all the times, you still need to create the editorial calendar to keep on tracking of what you are going to do on your business pages so you are not really lost your audiences.

Social media presence is not just about creating an account and post regularly. You will also need to get the insights from your audiences. And keep in mind that business itself is also about take and give, and interaction will be the main part of how all things are happening.

Another one beneficial thing your business can get through its online or digital presence is how to make the others more often to talk about your business, it will really helpful for building your brand as well.

Anyway, in marketing world itself, the more your business is seen, mostly the sales will also be good, right?

Social media accounts are your business assets

It may forbidden to sell the social media accounts, but there have been many people are doing it all the times. Seriously, just find them on Google! You will be surprised of what you are going to read.

It is because social media account with so many real human followers can be used to share about your business information or your e-commerce product.

So do all the social media accounts you have got and built, they all are your online business assets as well. Therefore, make their passwords more complicated and not just included about when the business is started or your children birthday. Secure them by activate various verification method and then keep on optimizing them especially in increasing the followers as well as the engagements.

Building the better business social media accounts feel like as if you are building and optimizing your main business site as well, so you should considering them as the professional optimized social media accounts. You have to do that because you are using all the accounts for marketing purposes as well.