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    Embracing Green Travel Practices For A Better World

    Green travel or ecotourism concept is not as narrow as staying in treehouse in the middle of a jungle. Eco-adventure is kind of different from green travel even though it is still in the same spectrum. You don’t really have to go into the unknown place and have isolated adventure to embrace the concept of green travel. The most important point is not always about sacrificing your comforts but showing real efforts to preserve and protect the environment of the place you are visiting. Hence, it is so much easier than you think when you understand the concept and how to embrace the practices.  The idea of green travelling Green…

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    Open Trip Labuan Bajo During Pandemic: What to Prepare

    The natural panorama of Labuan Bajo is so beautiful. With the exoticism of the Komodo dragon, the culture becomes a magnet for tourists to come to Labuan Bajo. Clusters of islands such as Kelor Island, Rinca Island, Kanawa Island, and Padar Island are stunning like heaven. If you are a sunset lover, the open trip Labuan Bajo is a must include in your adventure list during the pandemic. Open Trip Labuan Bajo 2021 & New Protocol Being one of the premium destinations in Indonesia, Labuan Bajo deserves the title of a super-priority destination. During the pandemic, Labuan Bajo tourism must improve a little to welcome back tourists from various parts…

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    Keeping Tourism Alive By Travelling More Responsibly

    It is already known by general public that 2020 is the year where people around the world travel the least due to the global pandemic that hot almost every place all around the world. It is like a sudden break for everyone because it feels like the world stops. There have been many issues caused by the pandemic and travel industry is also affected by them. Lots of people are getting worried about tourism that wouldn’t be able to bounce back. However, it is believed that tourism will be able to bounce back but there’s a need for positive changes to support more sustainable future for all of us.  How…

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    Triton Bay: A Hidden Treasure in the Far Eastern of Indonesia

    Located in the Kaimana Regency, West Papua New Guinea, Triton Bay is a secluded area that presents a diving experience with exquisite underwater scenery and multi-colored marine biodiversity. Approximately a two-hour boat trip from Kaimana is what it takes to witness the white sand beach and shady coconut palm trees of this bay. Though its remote position makes it somewhat underrated by the wider public, Triton Bay is well-liked by the adventurous intermediate divers and famous among marine biologists. Few worthwhile things that can be found here are as follow: Gigantic whale sharks The legendary inhabitants of Triton bay that only gorge themselves on anchovies and krill or plankton are…

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    Find Out What Constitutes A Safe Travel For Pregnant Women

    You are a pro traveler, know what you need, what to pack, and what to plan for a smooth travel. Then add pregnancy into the mix and it can throw you out of the loop. Travelling is for everyone who can and want to do it including pregnant women. If you are pregnant, it is still possible for you to have safe travel by taking some precaution and well-planned preparations.   Tips for pregnant women to have smooth travel experience When you are pregnant, you are more cautious about things that can harm your pregnancy such as food poisoning, long-haul flight, etc. Those can make you experience constant fear and doubt…

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    Komodo Sailing Trip, Exploring Remarkable Dive Spots

    Komodo sailing trip is one of the most favorite tourist options, especially for lovers of snorkeling and diving. Your activities will certainly be a lot on the ship. Komodo boat trip operators usually have equipped with cabin sharing and private, bar, dining room, deck for sunbathing, bathroom, air conditioner or non. You can adjust the ship’s facilities to your Komodo liveaboard budget.  Komodo Sailing Trip, Meet The Komodo One of the land activities that you will do while on a Komodo boat trip is to visit the island of Komodo. Komodo Island is the habitat of the Komodo dragon, a rare animal that is almost extinct. To see Komodo dragons…

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    Planning A Safe Road Trip With Seniors

    Having senior family members should not stopping you from taking them to a fun road trip. As long as you plan it well, you can have a seamless, safe road trip together. It is true that having seniors as your company for a road trip can be a bit more complicated especially if they have certain condition. Their safety and comfort should be your priorities. A road trip can be exhausting for them too so you need to know what plan to make to keep them comfortable throughout the journey. And here are tips for a seamless, safe road trip when you have seniors as your company: Be realistic when…

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    Prevent Negative Reviews to be the Best Villas in Seminyak

    Reviews are essential if you want to be the best villas in Seminyak and be a successful vacation rental business. In fact, according to studies, up to 92 percent of tourists want to read reviews before making a reservation*. Also, reviews might be beneficial in both directions. You may post evaluations for travelers in the same way that passengers can leave ratings for vacation rental owners and property managers. However, sometimes you get bad reviews and sometimes, it cannot be helped. Why Guests Leave Bad Reviews on Your Vacation Rental First and foremost, bad reviews stem from guests’ dissatisfaction or when you fail to meet their expectations. Keep in mind…

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    Planning For A Safe, Hassle-Free Solo Trip

    Travelling is such an enlightening and quite addictive experience. That is why lots of people decide to travel over and over again. People travel with different purposes. Sometimes, they just want to escape from daily stress that has been piled up. Or, they want to learn more about diversity through different cultures. And many seasoned travelers suggest that you take solo trip at least once in your lifetime because it is such a liberating experience.  Make a plan for a hassle-free solo trip Solo travel is something fun to do because it gives you a sense of freedom in some ways. There are many things you can learn from it…

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    Best Komodo Liveaboard Budget & Luxury Tips

    Komodo liveaboards are popular among foreign tourists and the best way to dive in the Komodo National Park area. Komodo National Park is one of the best dive spots in the world. Spectacular underwater scenery and various types of fish are in the spotlight of diving lovers. If you are a diver, Komodo liveaboard diving is a must on your vacation list. How much is the Komodo liveaboard budget? Komodo Liveaboard Budget & Best Time To Visit April to December is the best time to do Komodo diving. Where To Star Komodo Boat Trip Tourists can start their Komodo island diving trip from the main city in Flores and the…

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