A Couple of Things to Note for Your Komodo Sailing Trip


Traversing through Komodo Islands via water is a favorite trip that tourists usually go for. Whether it’s by a small boat or a luxurious cruise, sailing through the seas around Komodo Islands area is sure can bring an unforgettable experience. For your convenience, I’m going to share some info about taking Komodo sailing trip for those who have never done it before.

A Couple of Things to Note for Your Komodo Sailing Trip

Embarking on Komodo Sailing Trip needs extra preparations…

The trip duration varies, from a 1-day trip to 3 days and 2 nights and even longer depending on requests. The guest can choose to explore whether Komodo or Rinca island, you can actually choose to visit both but usually it takes longer than 3 days and therefore need special arrangements. Also, there’s no hotels or any place to stay the night at all throughout the Komodo islands so you are forced to sleep on the boat if your trip is longer than a day.

One thing that you should prepare before joining the Komodo Sailing Trip is your stamina and physique condition. There’s going to be a lot of outdoor activities like swimming, diving, exploring the island itself. Trekking the island especially can be really exhausting, and usually, the guide makes the guest go early in the morning to catch the sunrise. SO you should definitely get plenty of sleep before departing.

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Sailing in Komodo, under the yellow sun…

A Couple of Things to Note for Your Komodo Sailing Trip

There are numerous things that you should bring yourself while taking Komodo Sailing Trip, some of it is pretty obvious like extra clothes, swimsuit, trekking shoes, and a large backpack. And if you intend to join diving as well, you should bring your own gear. There is some trip charter that provides diving gear onboard but it usually costs a fortune.

Other things you should bring is camera, don’t want to move your feet for miles but can’t save it to your memories. Sunglasses and sunblock for protection, and bug spray to get rid of pesky bugs that might appear on the boat or on the island. Bring snacks and drinks if you wanted, since a minimarket won’t suddenly appear in the middle of nowhere.

Nothing beats Komodo Sailing Trip venturing the blue ocean…

And with that being said, I basically covers the basics of what you going to do and need to know when participating in Komodo Sailing Trip. Plan your adventure carefully and book your trip form a trusted party. Happy Holiday!