Perfect Honeymoon Destinations For Newlywed Couple


After dealing with all the buzz and hassles of preparing your wedding ceremony, it is time for you and your life partner to get relax and enjoy a well-deserved holiday. Every newlywed couple has different preference when it comes to honeymoon trip. Some of them like leisure honeymoon where they get explore and stroll around their destinations in relatively slow pace. Meanwhile, there are also other couples who prefer more adventurous honeymoon where they do some extreme activities together and visit unusual destinations to satiate their travel hunger. Regardless, there are always choice you can make. 

Recommended honeymoon destinations for newlyweds

One of the most challenging parts of honeymoon is to decide destination. Sometimes, both husband and wife have different vision of ideal honeymoon. Hence, deciding destination is more difficult than it should be. And here are some recommendations of honeymoon destinations you can consider:

Santorini, Greece

This is one of the most recommended places for honeymoon since it has such a dreamy vibe. There are so many beautiful things to see here such as stunning views of the Agean Sea, or  the whitewashed buildings and domes surroundings the crater. There are almost 2 millions of visitors come to Santorini to enjoy their leisure getaway. And for newlyweds, it is such a perfect destinations since there are so many things to do together from watching sunset to grab a day cruise across the hot springs. 

Hossegor, France

France is well-known to be home to Paris, a city of love. No wonder it is often one of the most visited countries for romantic getaways. Instead of Paris though, you are more recommended to choose Hossegor for your honeymoon trip. It has amazing culture, foods, and wine. You can enjoy your romantic getaway at various spots such as sandy beaches, Hossegor Lake, and many more. There are plenty of adventurous activities you can consider as well here such as canoeing, surfing, snorkeling, or walking trails. 

Caye Caulker, Belize

Caye Caulker might not be as well-known as other tourist destinations but it definitely is a perfect place for honeymoon. It is tiny island located off the coast of Belize, situated next to the world’s second largest barrier reef in the Caribbean Sea. This tropical place is such an ideal destination because it is located remotely, away from hustle and bustle of big city. You will only find golf carts operating on the island. You can try some activities with your partner such as swimming with turtles and tropical fish, enjoying authentic delicacy of lobster and creole butter, and observing vibrant coral reef underwater. 

Knysna, South Africa

Knysna might be a bit unusual destination for honeymoon. However, it can give you different romantic getaway to experience. It is located remotely which is at the southernmost tip of the Western Cape Province. This place is also a  gateway to Garden Route, a great space full of charming nature ideal for honeymoon. It is bordered by the roaring Indian Ocean and separated by sandstone cliffs of its lagoon.