Perfect Honeymoon Destinations For Newlywed Couple

After dealing with all the buzz and hassles of preparing your wedding ceremony, it is time for you and your life partner to get relax and enjoy a well-deserved holiday. Every newlywed couple has different preference when it comes to honeymoon trip. Some of them like leisure honeymoon where they get explore and stroll around their destinations in relatively slow pace. Meanwhile, there are also other couples who prefer more adventurous honeymoon where they do some extreme activities together and visit unusual destinations to satiate their travel hunger. Regardless, there are always choice you can make. 

Recommended honeymoon destinations for newlyweds

One of the most challenging parts of honeymoon is to decide destination. Sometimes, both husband and wife have different vision of ideal honeymoon. Hence, deciding destination is more difficult than it should be. And here are some recommendations of honeymoon destinations you can consider:

Santorini, Greece

This is one of the most recommended places for honeymoon since it has such a dreamy vibe. There are so many beautiful things to see here such as stunning views of the Agean Sea, or  the whitewashed buildings and domes surroundings the crater. There are almost 2 millions of visitors come to Santorini to enjoy their leisure getaway. And for newlyweds, it is such a perfect destinations since there are so many things to do together from watching sunset to grab a day cruise across the hot springs. 

Hossegor, France

France is well-known to be home to Paris, a city of love. No wonder it is often one of the most visited countries for romantic getaways. Instead of Paris though, you are more recommended to choose Hossegor for your honeymoon trip. It has amazing culture, foods, and wine. You can enjoy your romantic getaway at various spots such as sandy beaches, Hossegor Lake, and many more. There are plenty of adventurous activities you can consider as well here such as canoeing, surfing, snorkeling, or walking trails. 

Caye Caulker, Belize

Caye Caulker might not be as well-known as other tourist destinations but it definitely is a perfect place for honeymoon. It is tiny island located off the coast of Belize, situated next to the world’s second largest barrier reef in the Caribbean Sea. This tropical place is such an ideal destination because it is located remotely, away from hustle and bustle of big city. You will only find golf carts operating on the island. You can try some activities with your partner such as swimming with turtles and tropical fish, enjoying authentic delicacy of lobster and creole butter, and observing vibrant coral reef underwater. 

Knysna, South Africa

Knysna might be a bit unusual destination for honeymoon. However, it can give you different romantic getaway to experience. It is located remotely which is at the southernmost tip of the Western Cape Province. This place is also a  gateway to Garden Route, a great space full of charming nature ideal for honeymoon. It is bordered by the roaring Indian Ocean and separated by sandstone cliffs of its lagoon.

What to expect in a Komodo Sailing Trip

komodo island with hills and grass
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One way to have a great vacation in Indonesia is to book a sailing trip to the Komodo National park. You’ll discover many hidden gems of Indonesia thats has been conserved by the government. You can explore beautiful islands conserved with its natural beauty or meet unique beautiful creatures in their natural habitat. Here are some of Destinations you can visit in your trip Komodo National Park

Start at Labuan Bajo

If you’re going for a Komodo sailing trip, you can discover the beautiful islands of east Nusa tenggara. Your trip will usually start in Labuan Bajo, a harbor village full of boats and fish markets. Beside the sea, Labuan bajo has a great place to visit like the Rangko Cave. Rangko Cave is a great place to visit, with a cavern of blue water full of stalactites decorating the place. 

Explore the vast land of Sebayur

Beside Labuan Bajo, you’ll meet the wonder of Sebayur islands. Sebayur consisted of two islands which is Sebayur Besar and Sebayur Kecil which literally meant Big Sebayur and small Sebayur. Visiting the Sebayur islands will offer you the ultimate taste of what it’s like to live on an island; warm oceans thanks to the year-round sun, and exquisite beaches with white sands that meet crystal clear waters. Trekking on these islands is fantastic. It’s yet another fantastic location for exploring Flores’ dry hills and nature. After a day of trekking and touring, we like to treat ourselves by watching the sunset. 

Dive to discover what lies beneath the islands

There are many dive sites in the national park area like Batu Bolong that’s located between Komodo island and rinca island. This site is a home of many kinds of colorful fishes, colorful coral, lobster and eels. If you want to meet mantas, you can go to Karang Makassar where there you can meet them all year long. You can meet mantas swimming in big groups swimming around here.

Meet the dragons in Rinca island

komodo of rinca island
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As one of the island that’s protected as Komodo National Park, Rinca has a larger Komodo dragon population than Komodo, despite being smaller and less well-known. The island houses roughly 1300 Komodo dragons. Beside the Komodo, Rinca is home to a variety of animals like wild pigs, water buffalos, Sumba deers, monkeys, wild horses, and a variety of snake species. Rinca has three types of vegetation: grassland along the coastline, which covers 70% of the island, monsoon forest, which is made up of a dry tropical forest between sea level and 500 meters, and quasi-cloud forest above 500 meters. Mt Ora, Rinca’s highest peak, stands at 670 meters high. Beside having higher population of komodo dragons than in komodo island, Rinca is also closer to Labuan Bajo which is perfect if you only want to see the dragons.

The beautiful Landscape of Padar island

magivcal view of padar island
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Can be found between Komodo and Rinca islands, and only accesible by boat thats usually is a part of a trip that visit the National park. Explore the vast landscape of green grass in padar island. On the top of the island, you have to see the wonderful view that its offer. With its view of steep hills and white sand beach decorating the bay you surely want to look at it with your own eyes. Climb the hills and take a picture of padar island from the top and enjoy the view of the sky meeting the land and sea. 

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Busting Most Common Myths of Holiday Villas in Bali!

Busting Most Common Myths of Holiday Villas in Bali!

As one of prominent holiday destinations, holiday homes in Bali are growing increasingly popular, and they come in many shapes and sizes. It’s one of the most cost-effective ways to find a home away from home. All types of travelers and any number of guests can stay in holiday houses. Many travelers find the perfect lodging that suits their budget, taste, and vacation style in one of hundreds holiday villas spread in Bali. Still, a few skeptics persist in their beliefs about the holiday rental sector. Some still thinks that private villas are just for the super rich—while other assumes that there will be 24-hour service. Continue reading to bust a few of these myths and find the real reason behind why individuals prefer to stay at home.

Holiday Villas in Bali are Very Expensive!

The truth is that holiday home rentals are actually much more affordable than your hotels. If you are someone who is looking to get maximum value for their money, then this is the best option for you. Since they cater to all kinds of travelers, you can find rentals suitable for different budgets.  

From affordable options to super luxurious ones, it all depends on how much you are willing to spend. Needless to say, you can save a lot of money if you are staying in a group or with a bunch of families.  

You Will Sleep with Strangers in the House

You Will Sleep with Strangers in the House

Private luxury villas are almost always offered to a single party for maximum comfort and seclusion. When you rent a private luxury villa in Bali, it is solely yours to enjoy with your invited guests! This includes all of its amenities, whether you are alone, with a partner, with friends, or with family.

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You Can Only Book Vacation Rentals in Bali for Long Stay

When vacation house rentals were first introduced as a concept in Bali, the norm was set as 7 night minimum of rent. However, this has changed, and you can now book your rental for as many of as few nights as you wish.

To attract more customers, most homeowners are willing to be flexible with their policies. In fact, you might be able to get a decent price on travel during off-seasons and save a lot of money. Always inquire before making a reservation if you are unsure.

It Doesn’t Offer As Many As Hotels and Resorts

This could hardly be more untrue. Many holiday rentals in Bali comes with private pool, and you will receive additional amenities at no additional cost. For the same price as a hotel room, imagine having a private pool, full kitchen, game room, laundry area, and separate bathrooms and bedrooms. Even a free continental breakfast, no matter how fantastic it tastes, can’t compare.

The Availability of 24-hour Private Service

The Availability of 24-hour Private Service

While most villas have 24-hour security, 24-hour service is rarely extended beyond that, unless a 24-hour butler is provided. Many villas have live-in personnel who will be on the grounds nearly 24 hours a day, seven days a week; however, they are only required to execute their tasks during regular working hours.

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Booking Villas is Risky and Unreliable!

The Internet brings with it the occasional scammer. This is something we all know to be true. When you hire a property through a reputable property management business, however, you can be confident that the property you book will be the property you receive, and that your reservation will not be given to someone else.

Renting a villa in Bali are a terrific opportunity to spend time with family or friends in a relaxed and comfortable setting, while hotel stays are more formal and lack the intimacy of a home. You can have a great time in a beach villa near Seminyak, swimming in the water or reading a book by the sea, or sleeping in a mountain house with views of the lush Kintamani forest and bright blue sky!

Your Child Is Travelling Alone, How To Stay Calm And Keep Them Safe

It is not easy for parents to let their precious child exploring the world on their own, especially if it is their first time. There are mixed of emotions involves ranging from pride, worry, fear, excitement, anxiety, and many more. Even for those seasoned travelers, they still worry to let their child go travelling alone on their own. It is inevitable for parent to worry about their children. However, there are ways for you as parents to stay calm while letting your child have their own adventure safely. 

Your Child Is Travelling Alone, How To Stay Calm And Keep Them Safe

Tips to stay calm while letting your child travel alone

It is a must that you have a conversation with your child about the logistics and everything related to the trip. Make sure that you reach an agreement of maintaining communication. Here are useful tips to help ease your stress in letting your child exploring the world on their own:

Sharing locations 

Ask your child to share their locations. Figure out the location sharing settings in advance. This way, you will always know your child’s whereabouts. Most of the times, parents are not worrying about the ability of their child in making decision on the road. Their worry rather lies on the unexpected situation and harms of the people or situation that their child possibly encounter with. 

Sending selfies from time to time

Ask your child to send selfies during their trip regularly. This way, you know if your child is okay. A selfie can be sufficient enough to grant a peace of your mind. Not to mention that it will be exciting to have a collection of your child’s selfies from many different places as they are exploring the world on their own. 

Scheduling regular contact

You and your child must agree to maintain good communication in any form. Ask your child to call you regularly even just to say they are okay. Hearing from your child is relieving when you are slightly panicking about your child being out there in unknown places. To make this plan, you need to have an international phone plan in advance. Then, set up regular schedule contact. 

Establishing code words

No one known what kind of situation you may face during a trip to unfamiliar places. There is always a possibility of encountering unexpected things that can be harmful and dangerous to deal with. For this situation, you need to establish code words with your child in advance. A code word can be anything not direct or suspicious. It can be regular word such as ‘paper’ or a simple ‘red’ for your child to notice you if they are ever in dangerous situation when they are incapable of saying it outright. 

Worrying over your child for their first time travelling abroad alone is normal for parent. Make sure you have the copy of your child’s itinerary so you know exactly their schedule. It is even better if you make the plan together so you can discuss more about travel safety, warnings, emergency contacts, etc. 

Tips On How To Successfully Build Your Confidence

Being confident and looking like one is different. Many people act like they are a confident figure who can conquer the world. However, they often feel doubt inside. Building confidence is indeed challenging. Not to mention that sometimes it is related with different personalities carried by each individual. Some people are confident like they were born with it. Meanwhile, some others must work harder to reach that level of natural confidence. 

Tips On How To Successfully  Build Your Confidence
Image Source: istockphoto

Building your self-confidence

There are many factors in why someone is more confident than others. It can be influenced by how they have been brought up, their social circles, personalities, certain circumstances and situations. However, confidence is something is possible to build within yourself. And here are several ways to help you build your confidence successfully:

Take care of your health

When you take care of your body, you feel good. Then with how happy you are with your health, you will look good. When you look after your health, you pay attention to what’s best for your body. In return, you will look your best. Your confidence will show regardless of what type if ideal weight or shape you prefer because you feel how good you are and look. Working out regularly and eating foods full of nutrients can bring significant impact to your overall health both body and mind. You don’t have to follow any unreasonable or extreme diet trends. Just stick to habits that will help improve your health in general. 

Wear your best clothes

You don’t have to wait until the date of special events to wear your best clothes. You can even dress up while you are at home or when you are going to meet with friends. What you are wearing can help in how you feel about yourself. Choose your favorite outfit you want to wear for the day and try not to think whether or not people will like it. Focus more on what you feel is great. Dress up for yourself and not for others. 

Explore more potentials in you

You might not know that you have a skill at cooking just because you don’t have time to do it regularly. Or, ou probably have a potential in music you have never try to dig more. Therefore, try out new things even though it is something you are unfamiliar with. Or just simply explore more things you love. The more skills and knowledge you build, the more confident you will become. Start believing in yourself and learn something new whenever you can. 

Practice positive affirmation

It is easy to have negative thoughts even for confident people. Negative thoughts can bring down your confidence in a flash. Hence, it is needed sometimes to give yourself a pep talk especially before you do something. Try practicing positive affirmations to yourself. Encourage yourself through nice and positive words every day. You can do it in the morning before going to work, in the middle of breaks from work, and before going to bed. 

Embracing Green Travel Practices For A Better World

Green travel or ecotourism concept is not as narrow as staying in treehouse in the middle of a jungle. Eco-adventure is kind of different from green travel even though it is still in the same spectrum. You don’t really have to go into the unknown place and have isolated adventure to embrace the concept of green travel. The most important point is not always about sacrificing your comforts but showing real efforts to preserve and protect the environment of the place you are visiting. Hence, it is so much easier than you think when you understand the concept and how to embrace the practices. 

The idea of green travelling

Green travel aims for more sustainable, responsible, eco-friendly travel. Hence, it doesn’t leave bad impact both to the locals and the environment. And here are practices you can embrace from green travel concept:

Choose eco-friendly accommodation to book

It is highly advised for you to book eco-friendly accommodation for your stay. There are sites where you can look for eco-friendly hotels, lodges, guesthouses all around the world. Even though the eco-friendly accommodation offer eco-friendly experience, they may apply different guidelines so make sure to do your own research. Therefore, you can find the accommodation that meets your standard as well. 

Make your stay more eco-friendly

During your trip, it is also important to embrace green travel practices. For example, keeping your shower short and don’t wast water unnecessarily. When you brush your teeth, shut off the water. Also, you don’t have to keep the AC, TV, heat, lights, or any electric devices on if you are leaving the room for exploring the places. Then, reuse the towels or sheets if they are still clean instead of letting the housekeeping staffs replace them for you. 

Get around places more responsibly

To get around the places, make sure to do it responsibly using the concept of green travel as well. For example in the matter of transportation. Air travel has one of the biggest environmental impacts. Hence, make sure to use it wisely to minimize environmental footprint. If you plan on shorter trips, take the train instead of flying. If you need to rent a car, choose one that has the least carbon emission. And to get around the city during your trip, choose public transportation such as buses or trains instead of car rental. It is even better if you can just walk or bike to get around places.

Sightseeing responsibly

During your visit to various sites, you still have to embrace green travel practice by not doing anything that can be damaging to the site. You can take only photographs and do not leave anything but your footprints. If you are joining the tour group, it is best to come in smaller groups to minimize environmental impact. Make sure the tour is led by the locals and find out more about how the operator gives back to the community. Also, buy souvenirs or crafts that are made by local artisans to support the local economy. 

Open Trip Labuan Bajo During Pandemic: What to Prepare

The natural panorama of Labuan Bajo is so beautiful. With the exoticism of the Komodo dragon, the culture becomes a magnet for tourists to come to Labuan Bajo. Clusters of islands such as Kelor Island, Rinca Island, Kanawa Island, and Padar Island are stunning like heaven. If you are a sunset lover, the open trip Labuan Bajo is a must include in your adventure list during the pandemic.

Open Trip Labuan Bajo During Pandemic: What to Prepare

Open Trip Labuan Bajo 2021 & New Protocol

Being one of the premium destinations in Indonesia, Labuan Bajo deserves the title of a super-priority destination. During the pandemic, Labuan Bajo tourism must improve a little to welcome back tourists from various parts of the country.

Since reopening in early July, Labuan Bajo has implemented Travel Health Protocol to ensure the safety and comfort of visitors.

Checking online

In the midst of the ongoing pandemic, the Tourism Authority of Labuan Bajo Flores plans to establish an online registration and membership system. Collaboration with the Komodo National Park Office, the local government, and tourism stakeholders in West Manggarai, East Nusa Tenggara (NTT).

This policy was put in place to prevent an influx of tourists to Labuan Bajo. In addition, the Komodo National Park region is protected by this system. Tourists can still visit Komodo National Park and enjoy a memorable open-air trip in Labuan Bajo.

Travelers visiting Komodo National Park (TNK) will be able to register online starting July 6, 2020. Testing taking place in a number of tourist spots in Labuan Bajo. Tourists who want to go trip to Labuan Bajo can sign up at

Rapid Test/PCR

Air or aircraft travel is the most convenient way to reach Labuan Bajo. Special airlines fly directly from Labuan Bajo to a number of Indonesian cities, including Denpasar, Kupang, Ende, and Mataram.

During this pandemic, however, there are additional steps to follow while boarding a plane. following the Travel Health Protocol and attaching documentation from the COVID-19 fast test or PCR examination. So, don’t show up at the airport without bringing confirmation of your quick test results.

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Find Out What Constitutes A Safe Travel For Pregnant Women

You are a pro traveler, know what you need, what to pack, and what to plan for a smooth travel. Then add pregnancy into the mix and it can throw you out of the loop. Travelling is for everyone who can and want to do it including pregnant women. If you are pregnant, it is still possible for you to have safe travel by taking some precaution and well-planned preparations.  

Tips for pregnant women to have smooth travel experience

When you are pregnant, you are more cautious about things that can harm your pregnancy such as food poisoning, long-haul flight, etc. Those can make you experience constant fear and doubt if you have to travel. The most important key is to talk with your OB-GYN in advance to get some useful advice. And here are other important things you need to do to stay safe travelling while being pregnant:

Know when you should and should not go travel

Considering the right time for you to travel is necessary because it relates to the risk of your pregnancy. For example, travelling in the first trimester can put your pregnancy at higher risk and also, you may not be able to stay comfortable due to morning sickness, nausea, vomiting, etc. Meanwhile, travelling in the third trimester may be a bit uncomfortable physically with how heavy your stomach is, swollen feet, etc. Hence, it is more recommended that pregnant women travel on the second trimester. However, remember that every pregnancy is unique and you still have to talk with your doctor if it is possible for you to travel while pregnant. 

Know what to pack

Packing is one of the most unappealing things for many travelers. However, it is necessary for smooth travel. And packing for a travel you are going to take as pregnant woman is even more crucial. Make a check-list to remind you of items you need to pack such as anti-nausea medicine, compression socks, water, enough snack, etc. Also, do not forget to bring your prenatal record and put in in a bag that can be accessed easily. You may also need a doctor’s certificate that states you are fit to fly especially when you travel close to your due date since most of airlines will ask for it. 

What to pay attention to

During travel, always remind yourself that you are not alone, and that you have a baby with you. It means, you cannot be careless about what you eat. Be careful when choosing street foods and drinking local water especially when you travel abroad. It is safe to stick to bottled water and bring your own snacks for travel stock. About your meals, just follow the advice your doctor gave you about what you can and cannot eat during pregnancy. You need to check the travel advisories before booking your trip so you know what to expect and anticipate. Also, choose the most suitable transport for you, be it by plane, car, or cruise ship. 

Komodo Sailing Trip, Exploring Remarkable Dive Spots

Komodo sailing trip is one of the most favorite tourist options, especially for lovers of snorkeling and diving. Your activities will certainly be a lot on the ship. Komodo boat trip operators usually have equipped with cabin sharing and private, bar, dining room, deck for sunbathing, bathroom, air conditioner or non. You can adjust the ship’s facilities to your Komodo liveaboard budget. 

Komodo Sailing Trip, Meet The Komodo

Komodo Sailing Trip, Meet The Komodo

One of the land activities that you will do while on a Komodo boat trip is to visit the island of Komodo. Komodo Island is the habitat of the Komodo dragon, a rare animal that is almost extinct. To see Komodo dragons you have to pay an entry fee and trekking will be accompanied by a ranger. You can choose fast, medium, or long-distance trekking. You can adjust the type of trekking to the time you are on the island of Komodo. If possible, you can do long trekking.

Visiting Rinca Island

Visiting Rinca Island

Rinca Island is one of the largest islands in the Komodo National Park and is also a habitat for the endangered Komodo dragon. The geographical condition of this island is different from the island of Komodo, where you will find a beautiful savanna that is perfect for your photo background. You can reach Rinca Island in 2 hours from Labuan Bajo. You will be immersed in the stunning natural panorama and see the Komodo dragons up close. Take pictures with the Komodo dragon up close after following the directions from the ranger.

Important things you should know when visiting the islands of Komodo and Rinca

  • Follow the ranger’s guide and instructions
  • Walk behind the ranger
  • Don’t make sudden movements
  • Do not run
  • Don’t wave anything that can make the dragons approach you
  • Avoid visiting during menstruation because Komodo dragons can smell blood from a distance of 5km
  • It’s best not to visit Komodo National Park during the rainy season because the climbing route is slippery

Komodo island diving 

Diving activities are mandatory if you do the Komodo sailing trip. For diving lovers, dive spots in Komodo are familiar. Each dive spot offers a unique and spectacular panorama. Manta point is a diving icon and a dream spot for domestic and foreign divers.

Komodo island diving - padar island

Batu Bolong

Batu Bolong is the best dive spot in the world and must be included in your dive spot list. You will be presented with beautiful views of thousands of fish with different types. Rows of beautiful coral reefs are able to fascinate divers. This one dive spot is not only for professional divers, but allows beginner divers to dive here, provided that they are accompanied by professional divers. The current in Batu Bolong is very strong and fluctuating, so always obey your guide’s instructions.

Tatawa Kecil

Tatawa Kecil is located in the north of Komodo Island, offering the charm of coral reefs that are pristine and undamaged. This spot should be included in your liveaboard Komodo diving trip list. This dive spot is very popular with professional divers because of its beautiful scenery.

German Flag

The German flag is one of the many diving spots offered by Komodo boat trip operators. The location is south of Komodo and is difficult to reach during the dry season due to bad sea conditions. The German flag spot is the perfect spot to see mantas either from sea level or when you are diving.

Planning For A Safe, Hassle-Free Solo Trip

Travelling is such an enlightening and quite addictive experience. That is why lots of people decide to travel over and over again. People travel with different purposes. Sometimes, they just want to escape from daily stress that has been piled up. Or, they want to learn more about diversity through different cultures. And many seasoned travelers suggest that you take solo trip at least once in your lifetime because it is such a liberating experience. 

Make a plan for a hassle-free solo trip

Solo travel is something fun to do because it gives you a sense of freedom in some ways. There are many things you can learn from it such as building confidence, learning to be more independent and adventurous, empowering your self-strength. However, not everyone is excited to have their solo trip. Most of them concern about their safety to wander around strange places alone. And here are some tips to help you plan a safe, hassle-free solo trip:

Do your own research

If it is your first time solo travelling, make sure that you do your own research in advance. Being more prepared is always better so you know what to expect or anticipate. Learn more about your destination, the people, the culture, the language, etc. Also, learn about where to stay, what kind of transportation is the safest and most efficient, etc. You can do your own research through many ways such as browsing from trusted sites, asking to experienced travelers, or watching some vlogs. 

Plan our itinerary

It is essential to make an itinerary consisting your schedule and your spending. You don’t have to be too specific to plan out everything in every minute. You can just write vague or general ideas of what you are going to do on your daily during the trip. It can be your guide you can get back to when you don’t know what to do so you won’t waste your time. During the trip, it is easy to feel overwhelmed because so many destinations to visit. A well-planed itinerary will be such a useful guide for you. 

Keep your connection with people at home

Just because you are travelling, doesn’t mean you should cut off all connection with your family at home. In fact, it is better to keep it connected so they know that you are safe. Let them know your itinerary so they know where you are about precisely. Inform them that you will call regularly to let them know you are safe so when you don’t call them, they know what to do to help you. However, be mindful when using free WiFi so that your personal information won’t be easily breached by hackers.

Be smart and trust your intuition

When travelling solo, it is crucial to trust yourself and intuition. When you feel the place you visit is off or something, remove yourself from the area and find safer place to mingle. Avoid sketchy places or off-beaten path especially if you ware exploring the places. Always be cautious but not paranoid.