Tourist Travel Trends 2019

As globalization happens, there are many shifts, including in tourist travel trend. These days, mobilization is not a problem anymore, as there are many cheap flights provided to visit foreign countries out there. When technology develops, you can also book the flights as well as accommodation easily. The focus of tourists also changes, from pleasure and entertainment only to those places that are instagrammable. The question is: what kind of tourist travel trend will take over 2019? Here are some tourism plans that you might want to take!

Tourist Travel Trends 2019

1. Solo Traveling

Nowadays, traveling does not have to come in groups to press down the budget. One of the tourist travel trends is co-living solo travel, a new trend of modern commune for young travelers which generates from both local residents and out-of-towners. It cannot be denied that going on backpack and staying in hostels might be a little bit lonely and rough for a solo traveler, since airbribs tend to isolate the guests. However, if you come across co-living providers, you will encounter a comfortable yet affordable apartment complexes with trendy look. In addition, co-living companies also offer for shared social spaces that is not too invading with a lot of seasonal events and other activities, such as yoga classes as well as hot tubs and others, depends on which city you visit.

2. Short-Term Vacations

Since globalization occurs, the competition between one company to another gets even more intense that you might hardly find yourself a long break. However, if you do not force yourself to have a break, you will be too worn out to work. Not only that, planning for a huge, extended vacation can be stressful. These days, another tourist travel trend you might need to get accustomed to is mini vacations. This way, you will be able to enjoy more frequent breaks, since there will be many chances to have a short break. You can opt for local staycations, such as yurts, airstreams as well as pods.  Another short-term break worth trying is Backstreet Walking Tour of Kowloon’s Mong Kok in Hong Kong. There, you will be able to see many dazzling street markets and try out local delicacies just by staying for a couple days over there.

3. B-Leisure Vacations

Forget about complicated family trips that will take up many bills in one go. The new tourist travel trend is to go on bleisure trips, in which people tend to mix leisure time with business trip. Studies show 87% travelers often bring up their family during their business expedition, where they split the bills for the company pay for them, and they need to only pay for the personal trip of their family. This is not something surprising, since more often than not business travel include high-end amenities in pretty places. You may try out a trip to Forbidden City, which is located in Beijing, the heart of commercial districts and business. There, you may also visit good local hotels and spas, relaxing around in the city of culture while expanding your business connection.

Travel Guides – What First Time Traveler Should Avoid

Everyone who finally set off to the new place will absolutely feel exciting but also little daunting that would lead them to make some mistakes. It’s true that you won’t get everything perfect with no flaws, but still, knowing the most common mistakes first traveler will do is worthy. Here some tips to make your traveling smoother and more ready.

Travel Guides – What First Time Traveler Should Avoid
  1. Over Packing

It’s sure worthy to take sleeping bag, but only if you are wishing to sleep outdoors. If you have planned hostels, then you shouldn’t take along the sleeping bag. Also, do not bring too many clothes because you are sure want to buy something local during your vacation.

Just like clothes, do not take more than two jeans since it needs more spaces no matter how you fold it. Rather than the big aid kit, you can select what you really need and left what you rarely use. Do not pack more than two pairs of shoes. But, you are suggested to bring enough soap because most hostels won’t supply it.

  1. Book for Everything

You may feel terrify since it’s your first time to travel overseas and think to have everything booked is more assure. However, booking for every hostels, transfer, breakfast, lunch and even every dinner would be really stiff that you won’t have flexibility to use your time. Don’t be ruled by the itinerary you’ve created and letting precious experience.

One of most essential things in traveling is to let you embrace every opportunity appears before your eyes. It’s surely great if you book your flights and accommodations previously, but booking for everything will only make your travelling tasteless. Try to find the rest by your own, it will mostly save you money.

  1. Get Panic Easily

As I’ve explained before that there’s no way everything would be perfect as you plan. There’s always something wrong and it doesn’t because you are not experienced yet.  You shouldn’t let yourself being fed up with everything goes wrong.

You should take easy if the hotel has missed your booking or you have lost some bucks. Just try to some other way to cope your problem and try enjoy every moment including the bad ones. Being freak or upset will only ruin your vacation right.

  1. Scam Target

Well, you realize that the world is not only consist of good people. There are also bad people who commit crimes easily including scam. Naïve traveler who has no experience will be their best target. There’s no easy way to detect and pass it since they all are professional. Just try to not let your guard down and do not easily hand big sum of money.

  1. Belittle the Expenses

You may have learnt through internet about how much you likely to spend in one certain area. But, everything is mostly going to be more expensive than you think. For safe estimation, you should double every cost and expenses you are going to spend. It’s wise to prepare more money before going on a trip.

Foods You Must Try When You Travel to South Korea

Visiting South Korea is a good choice for you who want to have a comfortable and beautiful nuance during your holiday. This K-pop country offers you clean environments and million of natural beauties. Besides, the tasty traditional and typical Korean foods make many tourists interested to visit South Korea. So, what are those foods that you should try when you visit South Korea?

Foods You Must Try When You Travel to South Korea


Jokbal is boiled and salted pig legs. When it is served, Jokbal is already ovally cut. Jokbal is cooked with leeks, gingers, garlic, and rice wine. This menu is usually served in a big portion. One portion can be eaten by 4 persons. This menu is served with a bowl of rice and side dishes such as kimchi and soup.

Dwaeji Gukbap

Dwaeji means pork and Gukbap means rice with broth. This food is very typical because of its delicious smell and it is suitable for lunch and dinner. Korean people usually mix rice directly with the pork soup. Dwaeji Gukbap is best served when it is hot.

Kimchi Jigae

Kimchi Jigae is a menu in the form of a bowl of spicy soup boiled with kimchi. Various food ingredients are also put into this spicy soup, such as tofu, meats, leeks, seafood, and many others.


Jjampong is noodles mixed with seafood, vegetables, and meats. This menu has a spicy and savory taste. Jjampong is similar to Ramyun. But what makes it different with Ramyun is that Jjampong has a lot of seafood including clams. For you who love seafood, you must try this menu when you visit South Korea.


This one typical Korean food is the favorite of many tourists who have visited South Korea. Samgyeopsal is pieces of porks which are roasted in a pan. When you eat this menu, try to eat it like locals. Wrap the pork in lettuce, add spicy paste, garlic, and eat it. You will be able to taste various delicious taste in your mouth. A portion of this menu is usually eaten by several persons. So that it is not rare that many restaurants in South Korea serve Samgyeopsal as all you can eat menu.


Jjajangmyeon is noodles covered with a black sauce that is made from black bean paste. Jjajangmyeon is a must-taste menu when you visit South Korea because this menu is pretty affordable and easy to find. You are also able to make a delivery to your hotel.

Sundubu Jigae

Sundubu Jigae is a soup made from soft tofu, meats, and onions cooked in a beef broth. This soup is served with kimchi and very suitable during winter. Sundubu Jigae has a quite spicy taste.


Gimbab is so popular around the world. This menu is most commonly found in South Korea. You do not need to go to a restaurant, you can find Gimbab even in convenience stores. The price is also affordable. Gimbab is made from rice wrapped in seaweed and filled with cucumbers, tuna, meats, eggs, and other food ingredients. Make sure you try this menu when you are visiting South Korea.

Fun Tourist Spots in Australia

Tourist spots in Australia are a lot. Many people are preferred to travel to Australia because this country offers many fun places to explore. The wild nature in this country is also very interesting. From forests, seas, and beaches. For you who are looking for references of fun tourist spots in Australia, here are some of them.

Fun Tourist Spots in Australia

Adelaide Central Market

In Adelaide Central Market, you can interact with the locals and shopping food ingredients. One of the interesting things that you should try when traveling to foreign countries is living like the locals. This is why Adelaide Central Market is a must-visit place in Australia. In this place, you can see the locals do various daily activities. By shopping fresh food ingredients, such as fruits, vegetables, meats, seafood, cheese, bread, snacks, and healthy foods.

Adelaide Beach

Driving around 20 minutes away from Adelaide city, you are able to have fun swimming with dolphins in Adelaide beach. Try to visit Temptation Sailing which offers a private sailing and swimming expedition along the coastline of South Australia. This way, you will surely have a fun and unforgettable vacation in Australia.

The Fleurieu Peninsula

In Victor Harbor which is located in the area of The Fleurieu Peninsula, there is a historical tram. This tram crosses Causeway to Granite Island. For your information, this historical tram has been operating since 1894. This tram is one of the two which are left in the world. When you arrive in Granite Island, the Oceanic Victor will offer you unique experiences such as swimming with tuna. Moreover, you can also join a penguin tour in the evening while exploring its natural habitat.

Still in Victor Harbor, you are able to witness whales freely swimming in the sea. You can join The Big Duck Tours in Victor Harbor that can accommodate 24 persons in maximum. The boat will get you closer to whales, dolphins, and walrus. You are able to have this fun experience in Australia from May to October.

Kangaroo Island

You are not officially visiting Australia if you do not visit Kangaroo Island. In this tourist spot, you will be able to closely interact with this typical animal of Australia. There will be guides who will tell you interesting facts and information about Kangaroo. Moreover, there is also Flinders Chase National Park that shows iconic landmarks such as Admirals Arch and Remarkable Rocks.

Mount Gambier

Do not underestimate natural views in Australia. Because in this country, you will witness outstanding natural charms in Mount Gambier which is located in the area of Limestone Beach. There is Blue Lake with its clear and bright blue color during summer. Do not forget to come to Umpherston Sinkhole which is more known as The Sunken Garden. In this place, you will be able to see the original natural charms of Mount Gambier.

Australia is definitely an interesting country to travel to. This country will give you unforgettable moments during your holiday. Those are the attractive and fun tourist spots in Australia.