Hammock Camping VS Tent: the Never-ending Debate

Hammock camping compared to the more conventional tent camping has been gaining popularity—and even a fanatic cult following—among outdoors enthusiasts.

And with good reasons.

Never ending debate between hammock and tent camping

Whether you’re a hardcore hammock camper or an occasional hammock user, these are some of the points that often resonate with people in the hammock community when it comes to the hammock vs tent comparison. 

The comfort of a hammock is nothing short of life-changing 

Hammock camping has long been referred to as the revolutionary means of camping.

In the recent decade, it has gained massive popularity and even gained its very own fanbase. For those who had committed themselves to hammocks, they would tell you that hammocks have changed their lives.

And it was through a myriad of ways.

Thanks to the avid community, hammock camping has also allowed people who share the same interests to meet each other and share their passion for nature and outdoor.

This sense of belonging is what made hammocking special for those who are members of the community, that is, aside from a number of technical advantages hammocks have over tents, such as:

You will be able to set up your hammock regardless of ground surface 

Whether it’s rocky hills or wet terrains, as long as there are trees that are decently spaced you will be able to setup your hammock everywhere.

Ground surfaces with a lot of sharp rocks is one of those places that make tent camping next to impossible. However, hammocks made all of this irrelevant. 

Extremely lightweight compared to tents 

Hammocks even with all of the accessories you can possibly imagine with a full-coverage, 4-season tarps, are likely to be so much lighter compared to a full setup tent.

Even the lightest setup tent is going to set you back quite a lot on weight compared to a fully equipped hammock setup.

This is also very beneficial for saving money on luggage when you’re backpacking and camping to other countries. In the long run, having the super lightweight setup is going to save you a lot of money. 

Changing to hammocks from tent is a learning experience 

The change to hammock from the conventional tent is always menacing.

It’s exciting to many, but there’s always that trickle of uncertainty; am I going to fail my hammock camping? Will I survive it? To succeed in hammocking, you need to be willing to go through trial and error 

Just like any other learning experience, including the experience of camping itself! Camping in a hammock is giving up the familiarity of a tent-camping.

And more often than not, giving up that familiarity is the issue to so many people.

And that’s okay. If you’re willing to give hammock camping a go, then be sure to.

If you’re thinking that everyone says hammock camping is so comfortable and therefore your first time hammocking is going to be stellar, then you’re gravely mistaken.

You need to take the time to get along with your hammock. Your first night sleeping in a hammock is probably going to suck.

Going Solo for Your Next Travel Plan Safely

Solo travelling is exciting both for women and men. Of course, women are at higher risk when it comes to safety matters. However, women can also enjoy travelling solo safely as long as they choose safe place and stay on guard throughout their trip.

Safe solo traveling tips

Solo travelling has become more and more popular throughout the years. For first-timers, going solo on a trip is like a religious experience.

Sometimes the excitement is hard to conceal for the first-timers. However, there are also other things solo travellers should aware such as loneliness and safety concern. 

Safe solo trip with these tips

Solo travelling is a must thing to do at least once in your lifetime. That is when you feel the real freedom of being alone on your own.

You don’t have to think about what your companion will think during the trip or how you share the rooms with others.

You can make your own decision and be responsible for that. It is the moment where you can learn of who you are and what you capable of. However, you also need to pay attention to your own safety and here are the tips:

  • Without companion during your trip, you are more exposed and vulnerable because nobody watching your back. The first rule for your safety during your trip is to blend in with the people around. When your existence screams ‘tourist’ so loud it brings the attention not only from good people but mostly from the bad ones. You can easily become a target of crime acts. Thus, make sure not to draw unnecessary attention to the public eyes.
  • It is highly recommended to book a 24-hour front desk hotel. This is safe type of accommodation for you. Thus, you don’t have to risk sleeping in a car even if you arrive late to the hotel.
  • It is also recommended to trust your gut feelings during your solo travel. Women are known for being good at their intuition. However, men can also use intuition during solo travelling. This intuition can help your conscious to become more aware of your surroundings. You will become more aware of dangerous situation. If you feel uncomfortable at one place, remove yourself immediately instead of holding back.
  • It is highly suggested to carry your identification in more than one place so when you lost it, you are not completely off guard. It is also best to stay at open and public places. Avoid wandering around secluded area since it has higher risk to put your safety at stake.
  • It is fine for you to interact with the locals. However, make sure to not reveal yourself too much. You can hang out with new friends during your trip. However, don’t trust them fully. You cannot just ask them to hold your bag or money even if you intend to leave it for a little while. Be open-minded during your travel but don’t let your guard down even a second so that you stay safe.

How to Make Your Family Vacation in Bali More Memorable

If there will be one of recommended place to spend the family vacation, then Bali can also be great for that. Any types of travellers are welcomed in Bali including when you are bringing along all of your family members.

As one of the world popular destination, Bali is perfect for everyone to spend the holidays at tropical island enriched by the cultures.

Tips for family vacation in Bali

There is differences between traveling alone or with some friends and traveling with our own family. The older one that is responsible for all the family members should make sure that all the required preparations have been ready and there won’t any important things left behind when traveling to Bali.

Especially when it comes to talk about the comfort and safety side of a travel. Not only when visiting Bali with family, but when you are also planning to the other destinations, safeness is always the number one priority for everyone.

But, you should also think about the ways to make your family vacation in Bali being more memorable. Traveling is actually gaining more beautiful memories and experiences, so that, you should make sure that all of the family members are getting it all together.

But if you are confusing how to achieve them all, that’s when this post can be so much beneficial for all of you.

Tips to maximise your family vacation in Bali

Planning about the vacation itself is important no matter where you are heading. So that, you have to know which parts that become the most important things to plan about and get rid off the others that your family really don’t need them.

Here I will guide and give you hands to make sure that your family holidays are as beautiful as what you have been planned before. So, here are some of the tips you should know so your vacation with all the members won’t be disappointed.

1. Choosing where your family will stay in Bali

There are to main things that are related one another for this part. Both are knowing where the exact location your family to stay and to know which family’s accommodation will be used.

For the location itself, I am recommending you to finds one popular destination in Bali and take your family there. It is because you will save more money to access various interesting spots at the popular destination while you can get various experiences as well.

Or at least, finds the location where you can’t only stay there but you are also have been provided with several tourism spots or attractions so you can even experience them all for free.

Family vacation is spending more money since there will be more people are coming along whether you are coming to Bali or not. So that, choosing the location is getting more important to not breaking your bank while traveling in Bali.

My own recommendation for the location is the Seminyak village where it has been popular among the tourists and the area is crowded enough and comfortable to move here and there.

The next thing is the accommodation where this is actually the first important thing to think about. I won’t talk too much about this but I will recommending you to find only the villas located at Seminyak as the recommended place I’ve just told you about.

If there will be more people are coming along in your family, think about if all of the members can be fit when staying in a 4 bedroom villa Seminyak.

For your information, Seminyak is a village that has beaches so I think this will be the perfect location for your family to stay in Bali.

2. Rent a car or install the online transportation services on your phone

Regarding to the accessibility, you won’t move to another places in Bali comfortably by using the public transport. You can even considering that it is like there’s not the public transport at all in Bali.

Not only because the fleets are out of number, but you will lost much times when waiting for them. So, it is really not recommended to include the public transportation in your plan when you are spending vacation in Bali with the family.

So that, there are two things you can decide whether you can to rent the car or using the online transportation services that you can order through the apps on your phone.

There are 3 popular apps you can try to use which are the Grab, Go-Jek and Uber. The first two apps are really recommended since you can choose to be delivered by the motorbike or the car.

Surrounding Bali is also important to explore more of what your family can do during the trip in Bali, so that, the transportation will help you much in that.

You are also possible to rent the car since the online transportations are limited by the distance for certain kilometres and there are also the tourist spots in Bali that aren’t allowing the online transportation services operated on the destinations.

3. Think about getting the tour package

Tour packages will mostly accommodate most of what your family will need when traveling in Bali. It will included with the accommodation, things to do and destinations to visit along with the interesting attractions or what’s so called as the itineraries.

In your trip to Bali with your family, you can even get 2 tour packages such as the accommodation and the traveling package itself that are separated one another.

And so on.

All of the 3 tips above aren’t all what you can do to make to make your family vacation in Bali more memorable with beautiful experiences, but I think you will need to think about all of them since they are beneficial and can also help you save the budget.

Shopping Spots You Should Explore During Your Trip in Bandung

One of the perks by traveling in Bandung is feeding your shopping desire. Yes, Bandung is the best place to shop.

This is where you can get cheap products with good quality. If you are hunting high-end brands, there are many spots you can hit during your trip in this cool city. If you are planning to visit Bandung, you should set aside of your time to have shopping day.

Shopping is not always a hectic thing to do. It can be fun and healing too especially if it’s something you like during your vacation.

Best shopping spots in Bandung to visit

Bandung is famous for its fashion. This fashionable city is always the best destination to shop.

Nickname of Bandung is Paris Van Java and it has been given by the Dutch since colonial time. You can find everything in Bandung.

Be it luxury hotels, restaurants, or factory outlets, you can get everything during your visit. Here are most recommended place to shop in Bandung you should not miss:

1. Rumah Mode

When you visit Bandung, you will see that there are tons of factory outlets in almost every corner of the city. This fashionable city is famous for that. One of the most recommended factory outlets to visit in Rumah Mode.

This is not your ordinary factory outlet. It is designed like a park which gives you different experience in shopping. You can find various brands such as Mango, Billabong, Zara, H&M, etc.

If you are hungry during your shopping journey, you can stop by the restaurant. It is recommended to visit Rumah Mode during weekdays to avoid long line.

2. Tegep Boots

This is a heaven for leather lovers. This is where you can find leather products in good quality at low price. Don’t worry about price too much because it still within the 3-figure range.

There are also high quality handmade leather boots you can buy. For your information, they use only cow skin and crocodile skin for their products.

3. UNKL 347 Headquarters

Shopping at UNKL 347 Headquarters in Bandung

This is one of the trendiest place to shop in Bandung. In fact, this brand has reached international customers in Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, and Germany. This growing brand sell various products such as printed tees, caps, wallets, jackets, bags, and many more.

The main theme of UNKL is surfing, skateboard, and music. This screams youth a lot.

4. The Heritage Factory Outlet

This is a shopping place with Dutch architecture. However, this is also where you can find the trendiest products of fashion with high quality. You can find both local and international brands here from accessories to souvenirs.

This shopping place is for everyone from all age and sex.

5. Gallery Baruni Batik

You may have known about Batik being trademark of Indonesia. There is Batik in various products here to find whether hand drawn or printed. The variety of patterns of Batik is authentic.

The stunning colors and perfect materials are also the reasons why Batik is loved so much by people from Indonesia and other countries.

My Own Recommendation On Photography Studio In Bali

We are always trying to get the best services especially when we are spending amount of money in getting them. So does in photography where there may a chance for you to find the studio in Bali and start using the services.

For some reasons, people are visiting the photo studio in Bali for various needs. They want to take a cultural clothes they are wearing from an event, getting together in a frame after the religious rituals as there are so many of them in Bali, heading to studio to hiring the photographers for certain special event, or simply just want to rents one and start dealing the photo project like capturing the product images, etc.

Myself recommendation on the photography studio in Bali

In the other hands, taking pictures in a photo studio has its own benefits than shooting at outdoor especially when the photographers themselves are able to control everything inside from the lighting, model and many more without being disrupted by the wind, shiny sun or even the weather (rain).

If you are interested to know more about the photography studio in Bali, here I will inform you one where you could go and getting all the available services to fulfill your needs personally or even for business purposes.

Before that, I’d like to tell you that one of the reason why I am suggesting you to find the photo studio is because you can choose whether you want to rent the studio, hiring the photographers, or even getting the services you are looking for.

Where you can go for a photography studio in Bali?

Although you can find the photography studios in Bali easily, you can still finds one or some that may are interesting.

We have to admit that a studio is not like a souvenir shops in Bali where you can see them almost anywhere you go. It may can reaches up to 2 or more than 5 km from where you are living or staying right now.

I myself don’t often seeing the photography studio since there aren’t many of them. Even though there will be one, the location can be hidden in the aisles or at the back of the main street so they can be challenged to be noticed.

But, I have found one of the photo studio Bali located at Seminyak where I think it will be more accessible from almost anywhere.

Why a photography studio in Bali located at Seminyak is what you are looking for?

The first reason why you will need to heading to Seminyak and visit your chosen photo studios is that there are actually some of them where you can compare which one will be your favorite.

Secondly, the local people and the tourists can take advantages of them if there will be one that needs that. Tourists can get the pre-wedding photo shoot in case they are traveling to Bali for that or any other occasions.

The businessmen can actually make use of the photo studio for their products or services especially for those who are locating at Seminyak where many people have been knowing it as where the tourism related businesses are running by various of people.

It all yours which purposes will be suit you when it comes to talk about the photography studio in Bali where the recommended place to go is at Seminyak for this post.

Even if you will need one located at the other spots, your next choice can be around the main street of Kuta where you can also see the photography studio you are looking for. Feel free to decide where the most possible place you need to go and let me know if you meet an obstacle.

Travel Tips to Bandung for Young Travelers

Bandung is one of the most popular and desirable cities amongst tourists. Located in West Java, Bandung offers many thing travelers could ask for. There are various shopping centers, nature-oriented tourist attractions, as well as various happening foods especially for the youngster. If you are young and passionate about travelling to new place, Bandung is the right destination to go. This is a safe place to visit both for solo travelling or travelling in group. The temperature in Bandung is also great for the entire year. There is no time when you cannot visit Bandung. The climate is little bit chilly but not in extreme level.

Travelling in Bandung with fun activities to do

Bandung is perfect for young travelers because this is one of the trendiest cities in Indonesia. Lots of youngster choose Bandung as a place to hang out and chill. There are also many young communities in Bandung you can find. Bandung is perfect combination of modern and cultural city. The people are friendly and like to make some jokes. You will feel welcomed once you visit this city. Here are fun things to do when young travelers visit Bandung:

–        Visit trendy cafes where you can hang around the locals while enjoying your favorite coffee. There are tons of coffee shops in Bandung designed in unique theme to attract visitors. Most cafes in Bandung are Instagram-worthy. For example, there is a café where it showcases exhibitions of arts by local designers.

–        Learn more about the culture of Sundanese by exploring Saung Angklung Ijo. This is one of the biggest Sundanese communities where visitors both from local and international are welcome. You can learn more about Sundanese instruments and how to play it. You will also find handmade crafts made by the locals.  There is also performance by kid you are going to love to watch.

–        Inexpensive and fun thing to do during your vacation in Bandung is to visit parks in various themes. There are Taman Musik (music park), Taman Jomblo (Single Park), Taman Film (Movie Park), etc. each park is designed following the theme and equipped accordingly. You can just hang around the locals and enjoy the facilities in the park freely.

–        If you are young and seek for the thrill, you should try visiting Trans Studio Bandung, this is one of the biggest indoor amusement parks in Indonesia you must try. There are tons of rides you can try to feed your adrenaline. Besides, you can also book a room of since it is still in the same area. There is also shopping center you can explore to.

–        Eat delicious foods while enjoying the view of Bandung in Lembang. This is one of the most popular spots for tourists. There are various restaurants, hotels, and attraction in Lembang you can visit. You can enjoy your lunch in a restaurant overlooking the view of the city. However, Lembang tends to be chilly so you’d better prepare your sweater or jacket. Lembang is the best place to have peaceful getaway.

Bali Villas Seminyak Location for Happy Adventure in Bali

When it comes to Bali, Seminyak is one of the most popular spots where you can find main attraction of Bali at its finest. There are many spots you can visit and enjoy your time venturing around. For accommodation, there are many Bali villas Seminyak you can rent during your stay in Bali. In fact, those who have travelled to Bali suggest you to not only visit Seminyak but live in. well, it is not enough to stay in Bali only for a day or two. Staying longer won’t do any harm and in fact, you will gain more fun and happiness. The positive vibe of the locals will bring you the most memorable vacation. That’s why it is highly recommended to choose a villa for your accommodation instead of others.

Options of Bali villas Seminyak location

There are many hot spots at Seminyak you should explore started from restaurants, spas, bars, to shopping center. It is recommended to rent a villa that has great walkability so you have more access to essentials places. Around Seminyak, you can find Nyaman Gallery, Revolver, Bali Gift Spa, Potato Head, and many more amazing places.

  • One of the most recommended management companies providing villa rentals is Luxury Seminyak Villas. This is where you can find 12 villas with different number of bedrooms.  Besides, the villas here are affordable. You can book your villa started from $150 per night. This is great option if you bring your entire family to Bali for vacation. During your stay in one of the villas, you will experience Balinese vibe combined with modern elegance. Every villa is beautifully decorated. Besides, the locations are only minutes away from the heart of Seminyak. Thus, you can go any places within walking distance.
  • Next recommended villa rental is Bali Villas. This is where you can find the finest villa to stay in during your holiday in Bali specifically in Kuta, Seminyak. Some villas here include The Layar, Lakshmi Villa, Villa 1880, Villa Shinta Dewi, Villa Issi, Villa Lulito, Villa Cendrawasih, Casa Brio, Villa Jajaliluna, and many more. You can choose villa that meets your need and budget. Most villas have in-house staffs and located near important places like restaurants, beaches, and bars. Every villa has garden and private pool so you won’t get bored even if you decide to stay for a day or two in the villa.
  • Villa Seminyak estate and spa is also recommended because here you can book one of luxurious villas such as Lagoon villa, Garden villa, deluxe pool villa, Royal pool villa, Executive pool villa, and Presidential suite villa. Every villa has different number of bedrooms. Thus, you can choose the one that meet your needs. All villas here are spacious and private. Thus, you can bring your friends, families, and beloved ones. The villas have Balinese style for their interior design. They are also located near the beach or about 5 minute drive away. From Ngurah Rai International Airport, it is just 25 minute drive away.

Things You Need to Know about Flores before Visiting

Flores is exotic travel destination you can find in Indonesia, specifically in East Nusa Tenggara. When you are craving for travel destination that offers you wildlife, distinct culture and something beyond imagination, you should visit Flores. This place is considerably safe for travelling even if you are going solo. Well, not everyone is willing to travel solo especially to the unknown destination. It can be terrifying and intimidating in some ways. However, Flores is for everyone that you can travel solo or with group of friends or families. There are many things to enjoy and you won’t regret.

Everything about travelling in Flores

Things You Need to Know about Flores before Visiting

Flores is a place where there are hidden gems you can find and explore. This place is perfect for adventure seeker, adrenaline junkies, or romance suckers. Travelling to Flores, you need at least know what to do to prepare such as how to get there and where to go. Here is brief information about it:

Always prepare to double your budget travel.

No matter where your destination is, preparing your budget in double amount is necessary to help you in case of emergency. Unexpected cost is something you need to take into account when it comes to budgeting for travel. To travel to Flores, you need to exchange your currency to Indonesian currency, Rupiah (Rp). You can change your money at the airport or draw cash from ATMs.

Which port of entry to choose should be known if you are travelling to Flores?

You can take a flight to Denpasar, Bali first. Then you can go to next destination, Moni Village. Form this place, you can depart to the iconic Kelimutu Lake. You can also choose other destinations and pay a visit such as the town of Bajawa, Bena traditional village, Wae Rebo, and many places.

You can also opt for island hopping around Komodo Island.

To do this, you need to take a flight to Labuan Bajo from Denpasar. There, you can go island hopping and explore various places such as Komodo Island, Gili Laba, Pink Beach, Padar Island, Manta Point, and Kanawa Island. Since Flores is a vast island, it is more recommended to consider air travel. Thus, you can go from one place to another simply by hopping on a plane. You can choose land travel such as driving around rental car. However, it is more time consuming and less cost efficient. If you have only short time to explore Flores and its surroundings, air travel will be good idea. However, you can choose land travel if you have relaxed and leisure travel.

You can also opt for island hopping around Komodo Island.

To do this, you need to take a flight to Labuan Bajo from Denpasar. There, you can go island hopping and explore various places such as Komodo Island, Gili Laba, Pink Beach, Padar Island, Manta Point, and Kanawa Island. Since Flores is a vast island, it is more recommended to consider air travel. Thus, you can go from one place to another simply by hopping on a plane. You can choose land travel such as driving around rental car. However, it is more time consuming and less cost efficient. If you have only short time to explore Flores and its surroundings, air travel will be good idea. However, you can choose land travel if you have relaxed and leisure travel.

To explore more hidden attractions, you can count on Ojek, Indonesian motorcycle taxi.

You can get around island faster. Besides, some areas are road less such as hills, slippery roads, bends, etc. Ojek is usually the locals who know the area better than anyone. It is also recommended to switch your SIM card from different providers where you go exploring more hidden areas because signal sometimes are hard to get.

Frontier Comfort: Finding Home in Komodo Cruises Labuan Bajo

When we are comparing Komodo cruises Labuan Bajo with a temporary home, we are not in slightest bits exaggerating. When you are off for sailing in Komodo National Park, Labuan Bajo, Flores, you will be much or less confined within the boat that take you to the sailing trip. Liveaboard cruises are basically a full-board accommodation for going in and around the holiday destinations. Accommodation would include cabins equal to hotel rooms, full meal for the duration of the trip, means of transportation (obviously!), and sometimes even inboard diving facility.

Frontier Comfort: Finding Home in Komodo Cruises Labuan Bajo
Yes, this is inside one of Komodo Cruises Labuan Bajo; the Alexa private cruise/ image source: instagram/ alexaprivatecruises

Once you got onboard, you would have no option to shop around and look other liveaboard with better value. Especially when some of the most luxurious liveaboard cruises could cost a year worth of saving. But there will always be the budget backpacker version of liveaboard. The boats that doesn’t put comfort on their highest priority; when a mattress for sleeping and modest meals are enough to last a sailing trip. 

Finding Comfort in Liveaboard

For travelers who worship best experience more than anything, backpacker liveaboard is obviously out of questions. The best boat trips around Komodo usually make you instantly feels like home—if not better. Cabin comfort is one of the important factor to decide the cosiness level of the liveaboard. Is it spacious enough for moving around and storing all your luggage? Does the bed feel comfortable to sleep on? Is it bunkbed or double bed? Does it have ensuite bathroom and large windows? 

Another things that makes a comfortable Komodo cruises Labuan Bajo worth booking is the communal facility. Air conditioned communal lounges, sundecks with patios, Wi-Fi connection, and dive platform are often on the seeks. Jacuzzi and onboard pool are sometimes often appears in high-end liveaboard, though their presence feel more like a bonus than necessity. If you are really looking for high level of creature comfort to maximise the Komodo sightseeing trip experience, you will be glad to know that some liveaboard cruises even have on board spa & massage services, rooftop restaurant area, fine dining, and of course, lavish interior in every corner. 

Absorbing Komodo’s Best Landscape from Komodo Cruises Labuan Bajo

Despite being a small and kinda isolated region from the rest of the country, the Labuan Bajo of Flores has everything. Komodo National Park, being one of UNESCO World Heritage and the New 7 Wonders of the World is blessed with magnificent nature creations. The beauty of the park includes Jurassic-esque jagged mountains, breathtaking viewpoints, beautiful coastline, a number of rose-hued beaches, all completed with picturesque series of islets rising from deep blue ocean. Aside from the rare dragons that roams two of the biggest islands of the park,the magic lies right over the sea. And your chance to get a perspective and admire the beauty of the park beset on the contentment of the Komodo cruises Labuan Bajo facilities. 

Are you ready for an undeniably unforgettable sailing trip? 

Most Recommended Beachfront Restaurants to Enjoy in Bali

Aside from great marine life and distinctive cultures, Bali has many other things to offer for more enjoyable and memorable holiday. Bali is a paradise for everyone regardless age and occupation. Everyone can have their own fun during their holiday in Bali.

Surely, oceans and sparkling beaches are main attraction in Bali.

However, there are also other activities you can do to make the most of your holiday such as dining at fine restaurants while looking over the view of magnificent ocean in front of you.

There are many restaurants as the best spot to enjoy your lazy days in Bali. 

Best beachfront restaurants to visit in Bali

Holiday in Bali means you have many things to enjoy. The time to challenge your adrenaline and indulge your leisure time can be full-filled with ease.

To indulge your eyes and appetite, you can visit beachfront restaurant with not only great foods but also great view to enjoy.

This can be relaxing activity after venturing around in Bali. You can also have romantic dinner with your significant other in one of these beachfront restaurants:

One Eighty

This is where you can enjoy your meals at cliff top infinity pool overlooking the Indian Ocean.

The cliff is at 500 feet high and it might be dizzying if you are not used to height. This sophisticated bar and restaurant will make you feel like floating in mid-air. You can even feel the intensity of waves crashing beneath you.

Aside from magnificent view, the foods are also great. You can chill in the VIP deck while enjoying one of Indonesian cuisine on the menu. Of course, you can also just enjoy your cocktail if you don’t feel like eating.

Sake No Hana

Sake No Hana as one of the recommended beachfront restaurants in Bali

In Bali, you can enjoy Japanese delicacies at this beachfront restaurant. You can dine while enjoying the view of beautiful sunset.

You can choose indoor or outdoor seating to enjoy the meals and the view. Both are super comfy and provide you great view. This is the best place to enjoy your favourite seafood served with cocktail.


The name of this beachfront restaurant is catchy. This is great place to enjoy delicious foods, beach, as well as live music.

B9B stands for Blue 9 Beach which represent the place where this restaurant stands and how the environment fits perfectly. The list of foods in the menus is varied. You can order Western foods to authentic Indonesian cuisines.

You can also just order some fries and cocktail and enjoy your time looking over the beach.

Oceana Restaurant 7 Bar

This is a place where you cannot only enjoy the view of the beach but also really experience it.

Here you can sink your toes in the sand while enjoying the foods and the view. You can even feel the crash of the waves on your feet. If you come at around 6 to 7 pm, you will be able to watch fire dance performance and Balinese traditional shows.

This is where you can experience the finest of Bali.