Simple Things You’ll Love on Your Trip to Banda Neira


Have you ever heard about Banda Neira? Well, you probably haven’t. Banda Neira is one of little island in Banda Islands archipelago, Indonesia. Yes, the Banda is yet another Indonesia’s hidden gems. Not many talks about Banda Neira despite of being an amazing travel destination it is. All this time, off beaten paths destination is focused on Komodo and Raja Ampat Papua. Whereas, if you go a bit north from Komodo towards the Raja Ampat, you will find Maluku. A tiny, isolated island which was the only nutmeg source during the Middle Ages. Trip to Banda Neira will reveal the beauty of this little archipelago. 

Just like in Komodo, you are expected to embark on boat trip to be able to visit Banda’s eleven, isolated island and explore their beauties. Behold, you are about to embark to the one of the path less visited. And here are 5 reasons why you’ll absolutely in love with this trip.

Simple Things You’ll Love on Your Trip to Banda Neira

Postcard Perfect Coastal Scenery 

Imagine crystal clear translucent water, soft white sands, breeze of fresh air, and all postcard perfect scenery that won’t ever set you to boredom. From the very start, you will see the majestic Mount Api rise high from the sea, looming in its grandeur. The landscape past Gunung Api will keep you awake from a long sleep on the boat. The blueness of ocean set in contrast with bright sky, while set of emerald green islands continue to make appearance one after another. The trip to Banda Neira will definitely spoil you with mesmerising terrain. 

Trip to Banda Neira Opens Another Side of Indonesia

Indonesia is so diverse and one mere island won’t be enough to represent the whole culture. You might have a taste about Balinese, Javanese, or Komodo’s culture before. However, you will learn an entirely new culture again once you set a foot in Banda. You will learn how nutmeg and exotic spices shape their history and culture. You will learn to eat their main dish. Instead of rice like the majority of Asian, they have Papeda—thick and gluey sago mixture to eat with meats and side dishes. You will see a whole ew set of dances, songs, and tribe attire. There are just so much to see in Banda that won’t be found anywhere else. 

Another Amazing Island Hopping

Simple Things You’ll Love on Your Trip to Banda Neira

If you’re keen on Indonesia tourism, you might now that the most popular island hopping destinations are Komodo and Raja Ampat. Or the very least is Bali to Nusa Islands or Bali to Gili Islands. Trip to Banda Neira offers another amazing island hopping with plenty of clean beaches and breathtaking underwater life! 

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The Pleasure of Not Doing Anything

At remote islands where not many things are happening, it’s refreshing to not do much here. All that keep you busy is exploring the island’s terrestrial beauty, snorkelling the underwater, and diving the deeper water. It’s time to take a break from fast moving cities and burdens of responsibilities. The distraction that comes with modern life fades into the open seas and blue skies. Trip to Banda Neira, with all of its simplicity living, can turn to be a wonderful meditation. Spend time doing nothing but paying attention to the nature, following its rhythm, and let it flow inside you.