The Life You Can Have on Labuan Bajo Cruise


The Komodo National Park is famous for its rugged beauty, but travelling there doesn’t exactly come in easy mode. You need to book a liveaboard tour which will essentially be your sailing hotel to take you to destinations within the park. But if you are drawn to the more luxurious side, you might want to try booking Labuan Bajo cruise ship instead of the regular Komodo liveaboard. And here’s the life you can get on this deluxe sailing ship. 

The Life You Can Have on Labuan Bajo Cruise

A Peaceful Journey with Likeminded Fellows on Labuan Bajo Cruise

On upscaled Labuan Bajo cruise, you will likely sail with 4 to 8 people at most. One of the biggest difference between cruise and budget liveaboard in Komodo is the amount of passengers. Budget liveaboard with shared cabins (and sometimes open deck as sleeping quarter) can take up to 15 – 20 passengers in one sailing. Medium-level liveaboard usually pick 8 – 12 passengers, depend on the size of the boat. In Labuan Bajo cruise, the passengers and crew ratio is almost 1:1 or higher, which means more exclusivity in terms of services and exclusivity. For more intimate journey, you can ever hire the cruise for charter if you want! 

Breakfast on the Seaside

While most hotels and villas charges very high price for breakfast lounge with ocean view, you can practically get it for free in Labuan Bajo cruise. This is one of the thing that we love in the cruise; the opportunity to have sumptuous breakfast right by the ocean. Just imagine yourself sipping a delicious morning coffee (or tea, if you like) while gazing to the Komodo’s marvellous landscape in the horizon. Such a great way to start the day. 

Sleeping in Floating Suites

The Life You Can Have on Labuan Bajo Cruise

Now, there are several sleeping arrangements in budget to medium Komodo liveaboard. The standards are shared cabins with twin beds or double bunkbeds. But in Labuan Bajo cruise, almost all cabins are suites with indoor bathrooms. You could either choose the deluxe suites, or if you feel like splurging, the Master cabin. The Master’s usually have these beautiful wraparound windows that allows you to indulge in Komodo’s panoramic landscape while you lie leisurely in the bed. All cabins in these luxury cruises have hot showers and ample storage spaces, so you can travel with ease even in this far-flung destination. 

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A Day Trek with Komodo Dragons

But what is Komodo holiday without walking with the majestic beasts themselves? The world-famous, prehistoric Komodo dragons can be found in two largest island in the park; the Komodo Island and Rinca Island. You could pick one of them to meet the dragons. You will have a ranger with their mysterious wooden stick accompany you during the dragon trip—to make sure you can come back alive!

Living the Slow Life in the Sundeck

Oh, yeah. The sundeck. That place in the boat when you can just lie down idly in the sun beds or topping up some summer tan. The only deck to have flooded with warm sun light in the morning—which is just perfect for a yoga session. Probably also the most romantic spot to catch beautiful sunsets with your other half. This is the place to totally get disconnected from the real world and just get immersed in the beauty of Komodo and all its simplicity.