Tasty Fermented Foods Good For Your Gut Health


Fermented foods are the foods you should eat on regular basis because they contain good microbiome as to promote gut health. People from even ancient age have been fermented their foods in many different ways for many different purpose. But mostly, it is to make the foods last longer. Fermentation usually use microorganism such as yeast or bacteria. Many people still hesitate to eat fermented foods because of the unusual taste. However, they taste delicious and you should give them a try.  

Tasty Fermented Foods Good For Your Gut Health

Tasty and healthy fermented foods you should try

Each culture also has different method of fermenting foods. They use different tools as well to make sure that the fermentation process runs smoothly. Fermenting foods can take few days to months or even years. And here are some of the most delicious fermented foods you should try:


This is probably the most popular fermented  food nowadays due to the rise of popularity of Korean culture around the world. It is already known that Korean loves eating kimchi during their meal or snack times. They eat it with rice, noodles, meat, and almost everything. Kimchi is made from veggies such as napa cabbage, spring onions, or radish, to be then salted and added with mixed seasonings. To make kimchi, seasonings needed include garlic, gochugaru, ginger, shrimp paste, etc. It has unique flavor that makes it versatile to be paired with any foods.


Natto is fermented Japanese food made from soybeans. Many people say that Natto tastes really bad. Well, it can be for some people who are unfamiliar with the taste. Not to mention that people feel a bit off with its texture that is slimy, sticky, and stringy. Regardless of how weird its taste is for some people, this fermented is really good for your health since it can help reduce the risk of heart disease. It is best to enjoy with rice, green onions, and kimchi. 


Another Asian specialty is Bagoong, which is fermented food made from fish. This one fermented also has that ‘unique flavor’ to it. Maybe it is because the process of fermenting fish such as anchovies or perch in salt for several months. Even though it can taste ‘weird’ for some people, it has actually that ‘umami’ quality that makes it enjoyable to eat with other foods such as fried rice, stir fries, stew, etc. Some of the locals even love to put it on fresh mangoes to create delicious, sweet-salty treat. 


This particular fermented food is known to be originated in Germany. However, this fermented cabbages came originally from China. Sauerkraut is already used in variety of foods such as hotdogs and sandwiches. However, the authentic German Sauerkraut is usually made by adding juniper berries and caraway seeds. Meanwhile, in Poland it is usually made with shredded cabbage and carrots. The taste of Sauerkraut is not that extreme. It has that sourness but still has pleasant flavor to it that makes it compatible to be paired with many other foods.