Tasty Fermented Foods Good For Your Gut Health

Fermented foods are the foods you should eat on regular basis because they contain good microbiome as to promote gut health. People from even ancient age have been fermented their foods in many different ways for many different purpose. But mostly, it is to make the foods last longer. Fermentation usually use microorganism such as yeast or bacteria. Many people still hesitate to eat fermented foods because of the unusual taste. However, they taste delicious and you should give them a try.  

Tasty Fermented Foods Good For Your Gut Health

Tasty and healthy fermented foods you should try

Each culture also has different method of fermenting foods. They use different tools as well to make sure that the fermentation process runs smoothly. Fermenting foods can take few days to months or even years. And here are some of the most delicious fermented foods you should try:


This is probably the most popular fermented  food nowadays due to the rise of popularity of Korean culture around the world. It is already known that Korean loves eating kimchi during their meal or snack times. They eat it with rice, noodles, meat, and almost everything. Kimchi is made from veggies such as napa cabbage, spring onions, or radish, to be then salted and added with mixed seasonings. To make kimchi, seasonings needed include garlic, gochugaru, ginger, shrimp paste, etc. It has unique flavor that makes it versatile to be paired with any foods.


Natto is fermented Japanese food made from soybeans. Many people say that Natto tastes really bad. Well, it can be for some people who are unfamiliar with the taste. Not to mention that people feel a bit off with its texture that is slimy, sticky, and stringy. Regardless of how weird its taste is for some people, this fermented is really good for your health since it can help reduce the risk of heart disease. It is best to enjoy with rice, green onions, and kimchi. 


Another Asian specialty is Bagoong, which is fermented food made from fish. This one fermented also has that ‘unique flavor’ to it. Maybe it is because the process of fermenting fish such as anchovies or perch in salt for several months. Even though it can taste ‘weird’ for some people, it has actually that ‘umami’ quality that makes it enjoyable to eat with other foods such as fried rice, stir fries, stew, etc. Some of the locals even love to put it on fresh mangoes to create delicious, sweet-salty treat. 


This particular fermented food is known to be originated in Germany. However, this fermented cabbages came originally from China. Sauerkraut is already used in variety of foods such as hotdogs and sandwiches. However, the authentic German Sauerkraut is usually made by adding juniper berries and caraway seeds. Meanwhile, in Poland it is usually made with shredded cabbage and carrots. The taste of Sauerkraut is not that extreme. It has that sourness but still has pleasant flavor to it that makes it compatible to be paired with many other foods. 

How To Maintain Your Health With Limited Resources

How To Maintain Your Health With Limited Resources

Maintaining health is something you need to do every day. However, there are times when the resources are limited due to various reasons, for example, during the pandemic, people are forced to stay at home to reduce the risk of contracting covid-19. Hence, they are not able to go to the gym, having regular check-up with doctor, etc. Meanwhile, health is something need regular maintenance. 

How to stay healthy even with limited resources

The key to healthy life is not to have access to expensive facilities. It is more about habits that you build. For example, there are many alternatives you can choose to keep your body in shape without going to the gym. You can use everything you have at home and maintain that ideal body of yours. And here are some tips to maintain your health even with limited resources:

Do regular exercises at home about 30 minutes a day

You don’t have to own equipment you usually use at the gym to do some exercises. You can even do some exercise without using any supporting tools. You can walk around while you read or answer emails. Or, you can do some leg lifts, knee lifts, toe curls, standing push-ups, etc. If you are too busy with works or something with taking care of family, you can do those exercising while taking care of your business. You can even do push-ups while watching your baby. 

Exercise in the nature

Exercise in the nature

If you cannot go to the gym because you don’t have money or the place is too far to reach. You can just go running or taking a walk in the morning. To speed up your heart rate, walk faster. Do some exercise in the park near your home so you get to breathe in fresh air instead of the AC. If your neighborhood has lake, forest, or river, you can go to those places regularly to exercise, do some yoga, or meditate. 

Watch video to help guide you

If you cannot meet your trainer  to help you do your regime, you can watch video that offer guide or tutorials. Or, you can also join online class for activities you like. This can help a lot to keep you motivated with your regime even when your resource or time is limited due to many reasons. 

Keep your healthy eating habit

To stay fit, pay attention more of what you eat. It is important to eat nourishing foods. However, keep in mind that nourishing foods don’t equal expensive price. If your city doesn’t have much resources of fresh produce, you can take supplement  so you won’t lack of important nutrients. If you have limited access to healthy snacks, make your own snack with ingredients you have at home. 

It is also important to nurture your mental health by keeping your stress level in check. Also, do activities that keep your mood happy such as watching comedy movies, listening to your favorite musician, reading your favorite books, or cooking your favorite meals. 

Choosing Japanese Food Catering for Your Events

Japanese food catering for celebrations

Sushi upon sushi trays Japanese food catering for all occasions—sushi is undoubtedly one of the most popular options for events of any kind. Japanese cuisine is often said to be incomplete without the appearance of sushi or sashimi. The presence of sushi in the midst of your celebration gives it an authentic Japanese taste. It’s a very versatile food that can be served for both a formal occasion and a casual get-together. Sushi catering is definitely a solid choice for any events. Do some digging to find a specialty catering nearest to you, ask what Japanese wedding food catering menu they have and see whether it’s going to suit your upcoming event. 

Japanese food catering for celebrations

Japanese food catering: have some okonomiyaki!

The savory Okonomiyaki is originally a dish created to use up all kinds of leftovers. This makes okonomiyaki one of the most versatile food that you can cook up using many kinds of ingredients. The Kansai style okonomiyaki (Osaka) is the type of dish that’s most popular. Having a counter with a diner-style with chefs preparing the food immediately in front of the customers is also an excellent way to entertain your guests. 

delicious okonomiyaki japanese cuisine

Savor some takoyaki to take it easy 

This ball-shaped dish is easy to enjoy as you stand and move around. Thanks to this, takoyaki is an excellent choice for your guests to enjoy during snack time. The dish is also a great choice for an all-day catering menu. It’s delightful to munch on and thanks to the ingredients, it could be very filling. Give your Japanese food catering a call and ask whether they serve takoyaki as one of their menus. 

Japanese food catering: Winding down with some sake 

Sake is undoubtedly obligatory for some people when it comes to celebrating events of all kind. The Japanese always celebrate with their sakes. So make sure to have some if you’re organizing a Japanese-themed event. Along with the usual sake, some other alcoholic beverages much-beloved in Japan are soju (popular in Japan but of Korean cuisine origin), yuzushu (this can be considered as a type of sake), and the Suntory whiskey. 

japanese sake for special occasion and events

Enjoy some kakigori for that summer vibe 

Kakigori is a type of dessert made of shaved ice. People of all age loved having their cups of shaved ice resembling a mountain, with syrup and some sweetener as a flavoring. This is also a type of “festival food”, but it can be found everywhere in Japan during the summer months. The texture of the ice is fluffy and lighter compared to the common shaved ice. For a Japanese food catering in events, the kakigori is usually served in a fancy manner; slices of fresh or frozen fruits are used mixed with the ice or on the surface. 

Piercing Bali and 5 Factors Frequently Asked

Piercing has become a part of everyone, especially women. Normally, piercing is done in the ear to pin earrings accessories to make them look beautiful and attractive. At present, piercing is always associated with tattoos and is the most popular trend, especially piercing Bali.

As demand grows more and more perpetrators of tattoos and piercing are unprofessional. Of course the loss is not small. Many things must be considered if you want to piercing Bali, starting from safety, cleanliness, professionalism and price.

Is Piercing Bali Safe?

Piercing studios are usually inseparable from tattoo studios. When looking for piercing studios, you must know the good and bad of piercing. Do not underestimate the action of piercing because the selection of a technique that is not clean and professional will cause bad side effects. Similar to tattoos, piercing tools or unclean techniques pose a risk and transmission of several diseases such as hepatitis B, hepatitis C, Tetanus, or the worst is HIV. Even if you feel you have been pierced in a safe way, there is a constant risk of allergic reactions to piercing, bleeding, nerve damage, bleeding, and chronic infections.

How Much the price for a piercing?

The cost of piercing is certainly cheaper than making a tattoo. What is the price for piercings? Bali piercing prices depend on several factors such as location to be pierced, security, cleanliness, and professionalism of a piercing Bali studio.

How to find a safe and sterile piercing place?

What needs to be considered before doing it at the Bali piercing studio is.

  • Business people wash their hands with antiseptic soap
  • Use new gloves every time
  • Ensure the location of the Bali piercing studio that you visit is clean
  • Make sure the piercing equipment is sterilized or just disposable
  • Make sure the piercing needle is used new

How to treat the wound well?

There are things you can do and you shouldn’t do after piercing. Treatment after piercing:

What you should do

  • Make sure your hands are clean before cleaning the piercing location
  • Clean the piercing location with antiseptic soap
  • Soak the piercing with salt water to clean the piercings
  • If the location of the piercing on the lips or mouth clean it with an antibacterial mouthwash without alcohol

What you should not do

  • Don’t touch the pierced part or location of the body because it increases the risk of infection
  • Don’t use alcohol to clean the wound of the piercing
  • Don’t swim in a public swimming pool before the wound is healed

What if your wound is infected?

Pain or swelling is a normal reaction after piercing. But, when the pain at the piercing location is prolonged and does not improve, it is likely that your piercing is infected. Some piercing locations are very at risk of infection such as in the mouth. A sign if your piercing has an infection?

  • Continuous pain and does not improve
  • Unreasonable pain and swelling
  • There is yellow pus and smells bad
  • Prolonged bleeding occurs