Things To Enjoy During Your Visit To Budapest


Budapest is underrated travel destination in Europe. This city is full of wonder from its history. This is a classic city where you can learn more about its history and culture. Budapest is the capital city of Hungary with many beautiful streets to venture to. It is not hard to find restaurants, thermal spas, and even breathtaking views in Budapest. This city is even a more perfect destination to spend with during your winter getaway. The transportation in Budapest is also so sufficient. You can explore the city via the cog railway or Zugliget chairlift. 

Things worth exploring for when you visit Budapest

Budapest is home to 1.7 millions residents. This city is so lively yet peaceful at the same time. If you are looking for urban getaway, Budapest is a perfect destination to visit during cold or warm weather. Here are things you can enjoy during your visit:

The Danube is a must visit spot when you are in Budapest. It runs basically through the center of Budapest. The hilly Buda is on the west and the flat pest is on the east. It is highly recommended to take a walk along the banks. There are beautiful sights you can enjoy during the stroll such as the Buda Castle, The Neo-Gothic Parliament, Shoes on the Danube, and Gellert Hill. Aside from taking a walk, you can also explore the spot via tourist boat rides. 

Franz Liszt Academy of Music is a concert hall and music academy in Hungary. It was founded in 1875 by Franz Liszt, a Hungarian composer. It is considered as the most prestigious music school in the country. You don’t have to attend a concert to know what’s inside the hall. You can go and take a peek inside to see beautiful Zsolnay tiles, crystal chandeliers, murals, and mosaic. It is a perfect destination for music and art lovers. The classic vibe inside the building is worth visiting for. 

Margaret Island is a must visit spot in Budapest. It is a Danube isle between Buda and Pest where you can enjoy the most scenic park in Budapest. Not to mention that the park owns two swimming pool complexes, a petting zoo, a padded jogging path, a musical fountain, an open-air theater, restaurant, and many spots for picnic. The location of this beautiful park is between Margaret Bridge and Arpad Bridge. It is not hard to spot this park. 

Heroes’ Square is located between the Museum of Fine Arts and Mucsarnok on either side. The building of Heroes’ Square and the Millennium Monument was built to commemorate the millennium of the Magyars. You can also see statues of Hungarian historical figures when you visit these places. Not too far from the Heroes’ Square, you can visit the City Park which considered as the largest park in the city. There are many spots to explore in this park such as the Circus, the Zoo, Thermal Baths, a pond, and the Museum of Agriculture.