Tips To Explore Petra Smoothly and Safely


Petra is located in Jordan and it is understandable for some people to feel a bit nervous about visiting the ancient archaeological site. The main cause is its location and its neighbor countries. However, it is not as daunting as you thought. It is relatively safe city to visit. However, it is highly recommended to not travel alone especially if you are female traveler. As for the facilities around the sites are pretty sufficient. There are toilets, restaurants and other main facilities to keep you comfortable throughout your trip. 

Exploring Petra smoothly and safely

Exploring Petra can be one of the most unforgettable moment in your life because you will be presented with the most stunning archaeological site in the world. Aside from the excitement though, you still have to be aware of your safety and convenience. Here are tips to keep you safe and comfortable during your exploration in Petra:

Book a tour

It is highly recommended to book a tour travel if you want a smooth trip to Petra. They usually provide you everything you need started from accommodation, transport, and foods. You might have to prepare your budget more because it is relatively costly. However, it is worth it if you want a smooth journey without so much hassles. You don’t have to think about the ticket entrance, lunch, and transport. Almost everything is handled by your tour travel. Choose the one with high reputation to avoid getting scammed. 

Tourist ride

For some people, touring by walking is not their cup of tea. However, how could you explore Petra without walking? Is it possible? It is possible for you to explore Petra without walking. Some locals often offer tourists a ride using a horse and carriage, camel, or donkey. You might have to bargain the price before agreeing for the ride because it can be costly. It can cost from 20JOD to 40 JOD for a ride started from the entrance to the main basin area. If you are fit enough, it is highly recommended to walk because there are many things you can discover. You can use a slow pace so you don’t miss anything. Give yourself a time for breaks so you don’t put your health at risk. 

Wear something comfortable

For your comfort, make sure to wear comfortable clothes since the weather in Jordan can be extremely hot. Don’t forget to wear sunblock anywhere you go and reapply every two hours. It is recommended to cover up yourself even though there is no particular rule about how you should dress. Also, make sure to wear comfortable shoes that can keep you comfortable for walking. Avoid wearing sandals. 

Come early

It is highly recommended to come as early as possible to avoid the crowd. Lots of bog tour groups flock around the site the later you come. Early visit allows you to enjoy the tour more because you will not get stuck into large crowds. Visiting The Lost City of Petra during rainy days is not recommended because some valleys are more prone to flooding and it can risk your safety. 

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