Here’s Why Surf Camp Spain Is Cool to Have This Summer

There’s nothing like catching cool waves in a bright day at sunny country. Across all Europe, Spain is one of the best country to enjoy a surfing holiday. Spain is blessed with beautiful sceneries, delicious delights, and long coastline boasting stunning beach breaks, shallow reefs, and long barrelling points. Surfing is a huge culture in Spain, where surf shops line up its popular beaches and surfing camps flourish along the coastline. If you are picturing some beach time and rolling waves to fill this summer, joining a surf camp in Spain could be a brilliant idea, and this is why. 

Here’s Why Surf Camp Spain Is Cool to Have This Summer

Surf Camp in Spain Actually Get You Into Surfing

How many times have you see yourself riding rolling waves? The truth is, maintaining balance on surfing board against leaping waves is not as cool as it seems. It requires a lot of hard works, skills, techniques, and in-depth knowledge of how the ocean works. Trying to surf by yourself doesn’t only potentially embarrass yourself in front of visitors of the whole beach, but also cause harms to yourself. At surf camp Spain, everybody is a learner and nobody will laugh at you if you flipped from your board. They will teach you all the basics, show you step-by-step examples, and guide you all the way. 

An Easy Mode of Surfing Holiday

Want to have a surfing holiday in Spain but too lazy to set up all the accommodations and other arrangements? Surf camp is the answer. No matter whether you are a total rookie or a skilled recreational surfer, surf camp can be your easy solution to enjoy surfing holiday. What you need to do is just booking the flight, pick which surf camp at which Spain beach you like, and you’re good to go. They will take care of your rooms, meals, best itinerary, airport pickup and even delivery to beaches with best breaking waves. They also provides surfboards, which is great cause it saves you a lot of hassles and money. If you have inseparable bonds with your surf board, you’ll be happy to find that most surf camps provides guest boards storage with proper care. 

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Get In Depth with New Skills

If you think surf camps are only for beginners, you are missing a lot of things. A lot of surf camp in Spain open their doors for intermediate to advanced surfers who are looking for more challenging surf skills to learn. You might find new insight on more efficient bottom turn and top turn, how to do safe cutbacks, how to perform duck dive, and many others. It’s a great place to hone your surfing skills and acquire a better wave-riding. Also, surf camps usually has many engaging side-activities that’s fun to learn. Expect to find yoga, beach cleanup, Spanish language class, and even cooking Spanish authentic cuisine!

Have you put Spain to your next surfing destination? 

Creating Positive Vacation To Reduce Stress

Lots of people take a vacation once in a while to reduce stress from work or mundane life. It is true that vacation or any type of travel can help you release some stress out of your body and mind. However, it doesn’t always work for some people. There are many who return with more exhausted body and stressed mind from their vacation. Of course, there are factors causing those to happen. The point, is, travel can help reduce stress but you have to know what kind of vacation that is. 

How to create positive vacation to reduce your stress

The reasons why vacation can be more stressing maybe due to poor preparation, and stressful factors such as overcrowd, delayed flights, etc. When you take a vacation with poor preparation, you will not be ready to face a hassle later even if it is such a minor thing. However, excessive preparation can also cause you to suffer more stress. So, what should you do to have positive vacation?

Do not hesitate to ask for help when necessary

Planning a trip can be stressful especially when it is in short notice or last minutes. Planning accommodation, booking transportation, and many details can stress you out. Instead of dwelling on the stressful details, you can ask for help from reliable travel agent instead. They are professional who are always willing to help travelers have the best vacation with their service. It doesn’t matter if you spend extra money if it is worth it at the end and you have positive impact from your vacation. 

If it is possible, plan your trip a month prior. This may sound exaggerated but a good trip needs good a good plan. You need to make your itinerary so you can anticipate possible hassles of the trip later. Last minute travel always leave travelers t not truly enjoy the moments because everything feels in a rush. Therefore, it is better to take time in preparing your trip. This also allow you to make some necessary arrangement and adjustment so you won’t miss anything necessary. 

Choose the right location

If it is possible, choose somewhere far away from home. It is better if you travel abroad for a few days. Of course, staycation can be fun as well. However, you will get more positive vibe when you travel to somewhere far from home because you totally feel disconnected to something that stress you such as pile of works. You will also get to experience new things and meet new people with different culture, language, or beliefs which can help open your mind. 

One of the reasons why you don’t get positive impact of vacation is due to stress of being unsafe. You are worry too much from the beginning and let the excitement die down instead. To overcome this, you should try meeting up with people who visited the same place as you are going to. Or at least, talk to someone who is knowledgeable about the place. This can make you feel safer because you know what you should anticipate to. 

Why Your Wedding Catering Services Can Make or Break Your Event

Your wedding reception is coming and there’s just a lot to plan and organize, and there are so many things to do. Wedding catering services is an integral part of your big day. Here are some of the reasons why research and effort put to find the best catering in Bali would pay off. 

Food is the one agenda that everyone looks forward to 

It’s obvious that food is going to be one of the most important aspects of your event. And while you can’t have the perfect menu that would please every single one of your guests, you can always have well-thought menu and delicious food. Do an in-depth search on several Bali professional caterer service until you come up with a shortlisted catering services that you can consult with. 

wedding catering services

Regardless of what type of food you’d like to have in your menu, the best thing to do is to brainstorm as soon as possible. Find some references by browsing what caterers near you provide. Here are some of the things you can do when you’re looking for inspiration for your catering menu: 

  • Browse for menu in image board sites like Pinterest, WeHeartIt, etc. Image-heavy social media sites like Tumblr and Instagram are also great for inspiration. 
  • Do a web search of wedding catering near you. Shortlist the ones that catch your eyes. 
  • Adjust the data you’ve gathered so far and see which ones will satisfy your needs and your vision. 

Wedding catering service is more than just food 

A catering service in your event is all about the service. Sure, you shouldn’t settle for sub-par food; dishes and desserts that are mass-prepared are often the downfall for many events, yes. Taste tasting and hiring a reputable catering company dedicated to bringing you high quality food and beverages for your wedding; be it a clifftop wedding, a beachfront wedding, or whatever venue you’ve chosen. 

bali wedding catering services

Some wedding venue has already included catering service. So it’s worth finding out what kind of package they’re offering when you’re surveying for venues. If you prefer a more specialized food and beverage (for particular cuisines like Japanese or Italian, for instance), then choosing a dedicated catering service for wedding in Bali is going to be your best bet. 

Services matters 

Don’t compromise on service and hospitality. Caterer staff plays a huge role in interacting with guests and keeping your event go smoothly and steadily. Don’t hesitate to have a lengthy, repeat consultation with your chosen catering services in Bali. Arrange phone or video calls that are convenient for both parties if you’re not currently in Bali.

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The help of staffing ready to assist you when there’s a bump 

Catering staff likely make up for the largest number of people working to ensure your event would go smoothly. It’s extremely important that you don’t compromise on service exactly for this matter. Trained staff would be able to handle crisis well and ensure that guests would still have an enjoyable experience at your event. The best catering in Bali will be able to give you insights based on the catering experiences they’ve done over the years. 

Presentation and consistency of your events 

Hiring professional caterers would ensure that your food not only taste good, but also looks superb. Many caterers also handle event decoration, particularly table decors. Ask your Bali catering services if this is something that’s included in the price or if you have to pay extra. Having a consistent look throughout your event is something essential in the overall visual of your special occasion. 

Less Touristy Cities in Europe To Visit

Europe is certainly one of the most popular places to visit for travelling. There are many cities you can go to with their beauty you can enjoy to the fullest. Europe also has that kind of classical vibe to it, making you feel more relaxed somehow. However, you are not the only one who love Europe. There are other people around the world who choose Europe as their travel destinations as well every year. Some cities are even more crowded by tourists than other. If you want to feel the calming and relaxing vibe during your travel in Europe, might as well visit less touristy cities. 

Travel to less touristy cities in Europe

There are many wonderful places in Europe that attract fewer tourists. It doesn’t mean the spots are not travel-worthy. They might not be as popular as others due to various reasons. Amsterdam, Paris, and Venice are already so mainstream today. So why not travelling to less tourist cities instead for a change. Who knows you will experience something greater instead. 

Norwich is located in England. This is a great place where you can find the most stunning medieval architecture in England. You can visit some pubs during your visit or even admiring Norwich cathedral with stunning architecture. There are many other spots you can visit to enjoy the most picturesque sites. Also, not to mention that you can also visit the oldest pub in the country, the Adam and Eve Pub. It was established back then in 1249.

The Hague is located in Netherlands. See, Amsterdam is already crowded with tourists and travelers alike. If you want to get some peace, this spot is highly recommended because hardly any tourists here. You still can feel the Netherlands’s architecture along with pretty network canals, as well as museum. The best part about this city is the location which is only 15 minutes away from Scheveningen beach resort. 

Pristina is the capital city of Kosovo. This place might not be as popular as other cities in Europe in regard of its tourism. However, this city has undergone major transformation that can put you in awe. You will get to enjoy the stunning buildings with beautiful designs. The most recommended spot to visit is Emin Gjiku Ethnographic Museum. It is the national museum of Kosovo. You can also have a leisure walk in Germia Park.

Abardeen is located in Scotland. This place is straight out of a fairytale because of its beautiful scenery.  This city is also called Granite City and you will find amazing building in every turn. You can also anticipate the reopening of Abardeen’s main art gallery this November. Explore the city more to nearby Speyside to experience more the local culture. This place is great to empty your minds and just simply relax. 

There are many travel destinations in the world to visit. You don’t always have to follow where most tourists go. You can choose your own destination that fits your preference and mood instead. Thus, the travel will be truly worth it. 

Reasons Why Falling In Love With Ubud Villas

There are many magnificent areas in the fascinating world of tourists. One of them is Ubud. Do not think that life in Ubud is not modern. When you travel to Ubud, you will see a row of traditional Balinese houses that are very unique. In fact, life in Ubud is no less modern than other areas, but the cultural roots of Bali are still well preserved. This makes Ubud very unique and offers a different feel. Spend a vacation in Bali and stop by to Ubud, then there will be many choices. Ranging from resorts, hotels, up to Ubud villas with international standards and varied prices.

Ubud Villas

Falling In Love With Ubud Villas

Falling in love with Ubud is one of the reasons why many repeat tourists come on vacation. There are many reasons why Ubud is very comfortable and offers a different experience. There are many websites on the internet that offer Ubud villas as exceptional unique accommodations. Ubud villas not only offer a stay experience but also enjoy the authentic and unique atmosphere of Ubud.

Ubud is Very Comfortable than other Areas in Bali

In some areas, there may be a slight resemblance to areas in Ubud such as Legian, Canggu, or Umalas. But, Ubud offers more peace for your vacation and you can get inspiration easily when walking around Ubud. Being at an altitude makes Ubud very cool. Staying at Ubud villas will obviously be very comfortable and offer a restful vacation.

Staying at Ubud villas is not just a relaxing vacation. There are many activities that make tourists really love Ubud. The tradition and culture in Ubud are very thick, where women gather in the “Banjar” area to make “canang” or prepare ceremonies.

The experience of seeing how the lives of local residents in Ubud provide knowledge that we should humans always remember our ancestors and always pray to God. No wonder that Ubud is very popular for lovers of yoga and meditation. Staying at Ubud villas gives your experience to practice yoga and meditation.

Yoga and meditation are very beneficial such as delaying aging, fostering a love for yourself, helping with a tolerance of pain and having a better quality of sleep. When you decide to stay in Ubud villas it is possible to learn the training well from the experts. There are many other reasons why Ubud villa is so loved by many tourists. You can find dozens of reasons when you are on vacation and staying at Villa Ubud Bali.

How Travel Can Help Improving The Way Your Brain Works

Travel is always unpredictable no matter how meticulous you are with the preparation. However, the unexpected is not always bad thing. Sometimes, it can be something good for yourself. Through travel, you can improve your personality development to the better. Through travel as well, you can get to know a person better because people tend to reveal their true colors when they are exposed to new things. There is a lot of benefits when it comes to travel. It is more than spending your money to stay at the secluded cabin in a private island or enjoying expensive, authentic foods. Travel can also change the way your brain works somehow. 

Travel improve the way your brain works

Changing your brain work through travelling

Every individual has different passion and desire to explore things. Some of them indulge their desire to explore by travelling to places they want to visit. However, some of them are unable to do so due to some factors such as financial situation, health condition, or lack of motivation. However, travel is good for you because it gives particular impact to your life. How?

Your brain never stops working. It is a hardworking part of your body so it deserves a reward once in a while. You cannot let your brain to be filled with stress only. Thus, you need to feed it fresh air once in a while. Fresh air is good for your brain to switch off negativity from your brain. Instead of taking drugs, travelling can be more effective to remove negative psychological ailments in your brain. During your travel, you walk more and do more physical activities which can lift up your mood as well. It is good activity to fight against psychological illnesses and stress related troubles. 

Travel can help changing the way your brain works for the better because you will be exposed to new things throughout the journey. You will face the unexpected which force your brain to think creatively. It is even better when you switch off your phone and find the solution of the problems you face without using it. It can help increasing your creativity which impact on your problem-solving skills. It is also one of the reasons why people who are in a rut of finding new inspiration go travelling. Travel lead you to new challenges so you have chances to finding solution. Lots of travelers found their creative epiphanies through their journey. 

Travel can change the way your brain work because it helps increasing your open-mindedness as well as intelligence. During travel, you are exposed to new experiences, new people, and new environment. Travel will force yourself to survive in new environment. That’s why you are eager to learn new language so you can blend in with the locals. You also try different things you may have never experienced before in your life which can drive your brain to work differently. Learning something new to adapt can help improving your intelligence. A simple thing such as learning new language can boost your brain.

Villa Jimbaran Bali, Perfection for Enjoying Serenity, Sunset, and Seafood

Bali is indeed a destination with a stunning array of beaches. Not only the beach, in fact, but you can also find a comfortable, cool and calm atmosphere. Ubud? Ubud is located in the highlands and must be taken approximately 2 hours from the International Airport. Another one that includes in the plateau or more call “hill” which is the Jimbaran area and its surroundings. Rows of villa Jimbaran Bali offer you to enjoy the tranquility of a vacation. No need to worry because there are many choices of villas with attractive promos. If your vacation budget is limited and wants to enjoy a quiet vacation, why not choose the Jimbaran area as a resting place?

Villa Jimbaran Bali

Some Tips If You Stay At Villa Jimbaran Bali

Apart from the hustle and bustle of Kuta, Seminyak and surrounding areas, Jimbaran offers travelers more space to relax. Although it has developed into a crowded area filled with 4-star hotels, as well as villa development, it does not make it lose its charm that is the view of the beach from a height.

Jimbaran is very famous for its seafood which uses coconut fiber as a substitute for charcoal and gas. The aroma of coconut fiber makes the food more delicious, especially when enjoying it at sunset. Staying at villa Jimbaran Bali is perfect when you want to enjoy the chill area and the pleasure of seafood while watching the sunset.

Most villas offer complete facilities like a luxury home. If you are on a solo vacation, of course, you need to provide a higher cost than the hotel. If you are on a family or group vacation, rent villa Jimbaran Bali as accommodation will be very wise in saving budget.

Villa Jimbaran Bali is also the choice of some expats who want to enjoy a calm day. For long term stays, villas are an ideal choice. You will find a villa with a Balinese atmosphere but also equip with modern facilities. For internet connections, the owner usually provides WiFi access so you are free to skate on the internet.

Walk a little upward by renting a car or motorbike, you will find tourist destinations such as Garuda Wisnu Kencana, Dreamland Beach, Pandawa Beach, Padang-Padang Beach, Uluwatu Beach and many more beaches in the Uluwatu area. You need 2-3 days to explore all destinations in the Jimbaran area and surrounding areas.

Nightlife aren’t just in Seminyak, there are popular clubs that are currently being visited a lot. Jimbaran and its area offer a lot of fun and atmosphere that is not inferior to other areas such as Kuta, Seminyak, Ubud, and others. But overall, staying at villa Jimbaran Bali is remarkable for everyone to satisfy the desire for sunset, waves, and seafood.

Uncovering Your Purpose through Travel

Travelling gives you many benefits physically and mentally. As for physical benefits, your body will get more exposure to sunlight which means you will get enough vitamin D. during travel, you also explore various places by foot so your fitness will be improved eventually. As for mental benefits, you can heal your soul by travelling. Visiting places with soothing effect can help reducing stress in your head. Travel can also bring more happiness to you because you get to visit new places, meet new interesting people, and taste new foods. Experiencing something new is exciting which in the end can level up your index of happiness. 

Finding your purpose through travel

Another benefit of travel is to find purpose. Finding something you really want might be easy for others but not for you. Feeling stuck in a situation which leaves you in more confusion can be daunting. To help you uncovering your purpose in life such as career path or relationship, travel can be good tool. How?

Travelling girl in a lake

Understand what is normal

Travel, no matter how well you take precautions can be unpredictable. It is highly possible for the unexpected to happen. While this can be nerve-wrecking, this can be good thing for you because through travel, you learn to makes you ok with uncertainty. Through travel, you will learn that uncertainty is normal. It makes you feel alright to be uncertain or less confident until you are ready. 

Travel can help you to slow down your pace

With the way people live today in rapid pace, it is hard for you to calmly sit down and think. How can you find your purpose if you keep bouncing here and there. Instead, you can go slow travelling. It is when you travel in a slow pace to truly enjoy every detail of the place you visit. By slow travelling, you have time to truly think what’s best for you and what purpose you need to pursue. 

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Uncover things inside the self

Through travel, you will get the chance to uncover hidden talent or desires. Travel exposes you to new experience which means you are forced to learn something new and solve different problems. These help changes in your brain somehow which result in surprising output. If you want to truly uncover your purpose, you need to experience new insight. However, it can only come from new environments and new people. Travel allows your brain to face a hard time in predicting what will happen which benefits your way of thinking. 

Rediscovering what you truly loves

Travel also reveals what you truly loves. During travel, you decide what activities to stay happy such as choosing the spots that can make you feel comfortable the most or choosing coffee shops that can make you feel happy to meet the locals. During travel, you will think that you only have one chance so you must pick something that will never make you regret. You will choose something that makes you happy the most. In the end, you will go to things you love. This can be a way to uncover your purpose in life. 

How to Truly Appreciate Your Komodo Boat Trip

After all the hassle of booking, now you are finally going to your dream Komodo boat trip to cruise the wild and wonderful Komodo National Park. Everything has been prepared. The only thing you need to do is waiting for departure and embracing wild possibilities in this isolated destination. Don’t think too much. Here’s some simple way to enjoy your time in a boat trip across the national park. 

A Komodo boat trip under pink sky

Things Could Change in Komodo Boat Trip. Be As Flexible as You Could

You gonna need a lot of patience and flexibility when it comes to sailing in a remote frontier. If you are used to have things precisely your way and don’t have any room for a slight change, you gonna have a bad time. Be prepared to have things changes on Komodo boat trip, sometimes even on last minutes. The sea might suddenly get too rough too pass. Some dive site might experience changes in currents—which get too dangerous to dive in. You might come during Komodo Dragons’ mating season, and get lesser spotting of these beasts than what you have pictured in mind. Maybe the breakfast doesn’t come as what you usually have at home. If you want to truly enjoy a trip to Komodo, don’t bring too much emotional baggage. Have a big heart and you’ll be okay. 

The World is So Big, So Open Your Mind!

Unless you book a whole Komodo boat charter, you are going to have an open trip with other travelers. That means you are going to share the boat with people from all over the world. Don’t be offended if a couple of the passengers (or the crew) is not talking in English! Also, respect their personal beliefs, custom, and tradition that they may bring to the boat. Between the limited space of Komodo boat and the laid-back life, there’s no room for intolerance!

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Take A Quiet Break Between Excursions for Yourself

The Komodo liveaboard boat trip would definitely take you to breathtaking places. The rugged rugged habitat of wild Komodo Dragons, the scenic Padar Island, the rare and charming pink beach, and other beautiful islands under and above the water. While all the diving and islands excursions are definitely satisfying, they could quickly drain your energy. Make time between the trip to have a moment of solitude. Find a quiet place on the Komodo boat to just read a book, watch passing sceneries, or sipping drink to replenish your inner energy. 

Have A Talk with Komodo Boat Trip Crews

Want to have deep insider insight about the mysterious Komodo? Go to talk with the crews! Spending time with the locals are one of the best way to have authentic, memorable experience at a new place. While most places on Komodo national park is devoid of local residents, the closest thing you can do is having some chit chat with the boat crews. Talk about local Indonesian dish you have on the boat, some local customs in Komodo, or the nature of Komodo waters—if you are a keen diver. Who knows, maybe they could offer rare stories that you’ve never heard in official guides!

How To Know If Travel Is Good For You

Travel is not something new. In fact, it is already part of lifestyle. There are so many blogs about travels, as well as books, Vlog, journals, and many more. Lots of people say that travel is good for you physically and mentally. However, it might be personal from one person to another because even though you go through the same trip, you may experience different thing. That is what’s so special about travel. You experience your own journey through your own perspectives. For some travelers, a certain might be boring but that doesn’t mean you will feel the same. 

Travel is good for you in so many ways

Deciding destination for your travel plan is essential because you need to know what kind pf place you are going to visit. Besides, you also need to ensure your own safety. Reading travel blogs or channels can be good for you so you know what to expect and what to prepare. Preparation aside, how to know if travel is good for you? Here are the reasons why travel is good for you and you must consider it.

How To Know If Travel Is Good For You

By leaving your home and visiting new places, your sense of adventure is boost. Thus, it will also highlight your other senses such as sense of direction. It is good for your body to leave your safe zone for once in a while. You don’t have to go for such a long-term travel. You can just travel for a few days. You will be back with fresher mind and more motivation.

Improve your independence and self-confidence is why travel is good for you. If after travel you feel less dependent to others and feel better about yourself then you did well. Travel can bring out the best of people. While travelling, you will face various obstacles you may have never experienced before. It will require you to think differently and solve the problems independently. This can help improving your personality development somehow because you get more and more creative and reliable throughout the trip.

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Travel is good for you because you will get to experience new things such as language, foods, cultures, social behavior, and many more. When you are more exposed to variety of things, you will be far from being narrow-minded because you learn many things in different perspectives throughout the journey. You also meet new people with different cultures, personalities, and beliefs. This will help improving your tolerance towards differences. 

Travelling can make you a more interesting person. Why? Because you have tons of stories to tell to others about your experiences. You will never run out of stories when you interact with people. You don’t have to try to be funny. However, your stories might inspire others to do what they like as well. The more you travel, you meet new people and get to interact. Your social communication will improve eventually. You will be more confident in socializing with new people because you are getting used to it and your confidence is increased.