Plan Your Family Getaways For Winter

Summer is not the only the most ideal time to have a family getaway. In fact, winter is the coolest season to enjoy various kind of family trip you can enjoy. There are many great destinations you can choose for your family getaway. Thus, you and your family don’t have to stay at home throughout the season just because the temperature is much lower. You will still have your fun during winter getaway with your family. December, January, and February will be the season of winter and you can make the most out of it. 

Plan Your Family Getaways For Winter

Recommended ideas to have family getaway for winter

There are many places you can choose as your family getaway destination during winter season. You can also choose either outdoor or indoor spaces. It depends on what your family prefer. If you want to indulge your kids, choose outdoor spaces since they most likely love the idea of being in the open space regardless of the weather. If you want to keep them warm and safe, choose indoor space that provide entertainment and fun activities your kids can enjoy to the fullest. 

School Breaks at Local Resorts

For the starter, you can have a relaxed time staying at family-friendly resort during your kids’ school breaks. It is a great time for bonding and start your getaway plan. You don’t really have to go overseas as soon as the school break starts. Booking a room in a resort can be a good idea since it can help relax and release some stress without strenuous activities. You can try activities recommended by the resort staff to loosen up. 

Visit National Park

Plan Your Family Getaways For Winter

Next idea for family getaway during winter is visit a national park. The best part of visiting a national park during winter is that you will be free from the crowd and the heat. You can have a fun tour to the wildlife that your family must love. There are many national parks recommended to fill in your winter family getaway. You can choose the one in your country or choose to pay a visit to the one located in foreign country. Zion National Park for example, is recommended because it is the loveliest during winter. It is located in southwest Utah. There are many things to see and visit such as colossal cliffs, high plateaus, the Virgin River, cottonwood, Ash trees, and deep canyons. 

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Go to Maui

Maui is also highly recommended destination for your family getaway during winter. This place is already famous for its beautiful beaches, paddle sports, as well as dormant volcano. Maui or often called the Valley Isle is great to visit during winter because you can see whales breed, calve, and nurse their young. This kind of interaction of the wildlife must make your family happy. It is such a fantastic experience. You can also take your family to the Maui Ocean Center to let them learn more. Or, take your kids can try a helicopter ride where they will get to see lush landscape and beautiful waterfalls. There is also an eco tour you can book to venture the Haleakala National Park.

Ultimate Guide to Be Good Guest in Komodo Diving Liveaboard

When the sun is out and all the works are done, it’s time to embark on a secluded diving holiday in the remote Komodo, Flores, Indonesia. The country is one of few countries in the world to make up the world’s Coral Triangle, and Komodo is just one of the best dive spot in Indonesia with incredibility rich ocean landscapes and brimming marine animals. And if you are into ocean exploration, the Komodo diving liveaboard would eventually come on the list. There’s no better way to enjoy Komodo diving holiday. No hassles of moving hotel rooms, finding restaurants around deserted islands, getting transports, and whatsoever. You will essentially be in a floating hotel that not only get you around best dive sites in Komodo, but also cater all the equipments you need for diving as well as providing the dive instructors. 

Ultimate Guide to Be Good Guest in Komodo Diving Liveaboard

Komodo diving liveaboard might be the best option you have for having the best of Komodo’s underwater. While most diving liveaboard passengers are descent, we have seen some divers that are just…not so cool. Some guests seemingly just forgot how to behave on dive liveaboard and cause discomfort to other people. Here we are giving some simple tips on being a good guest on liveaboard and having all the benefits of being one. Afterall, the vastness of the ocean should humbled you and help you become a better person. 

Say Enough Thank You to Komodo Diving Liveaboard Crews

Many divers and holiday makers alike nowadays feel entitled just because they pay for the vacation. Remember; you are paying for their service, not buying them as persons. Each crews in the Komodo diving liveaboard—the dive masters, captain, managers, chefs, and waiters are all sharing responsibility to give the best for you. They are often under appreciated as guest are taking their services for granted. One of the best thing you can do is showing your gratitude by saying thank you often. Have you said it to the guy who prepare your oxygen tank? Do you thank the staffs who attend you? Have you been appreciative to the efforts made on your behalf? 

There’s No Reasons to Be Abusive to Liveaboard Staff

Once again. Just because you pay for the diving liveaboard trip, doesn’t mean you own the crews. There’s no reason to yell or get nasty to get what you want. Be as humane as possible to the crews. They are the reason why you can see that cute pygmy pink seahorses or those majestic Manta Rays gliding on the ocean. 

Remember the Crews Are Working Long Hours 

Ultimate Guide to Be Good Guest in Komodo Diving Liveaboard

Once again, the crews of the Komodo diving liveaboard you are in are working long hours to give you great experiences. Another reason to give them the respect they deserve. 

Seek the Authority When You Have Issues on Komodo Diving Liveaboard

If you have a serious issues or complain, seek someone who has the authoritative to fix your problem. State your issues factually. There’s no need to put on a drama or accusing someone to blame.

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Ask Help Politely When You Need It

Being a diver in an unfamiliar dive site, you will obviously need help. And there will be a time you might get frustrated for staying in a confined space like Komodo diving liveaboard for an extended period of time. Restraint yourself from getting easily upset or yelling. Instead, tell the crews in calm calm manner if you need their help. Sometimes they’ll likely go out of their way to help—or even doing amazing things—to nice guest divers on the liveaboard. 

Must Try Dishes From Southern Thailand

Thailand is an exotic travel destination in Asia. There are many reasons why you should visit this place. One of them is their food. Thailand is known for their authentic foods that have been popular all over the world. In fact, you can even order Thai foods outside Thailand. Many countries in the world even infuse their dishes with Thai recipes. Therefore, it is worth travelling to visit Thailand and try various dishes. 

Highly recommended dishes to try from southern Thailand

In comparison, southern Thai foods are more underrated than their encounter, northeast Thai cuisines. There are delicious authentic southern Thai dishes you should try during your visit in Thailand. Food hunting is a must so you can truly taste the best dishes of the country, especially coming form their southern regions. One of the most distinctive characteristics of southern Thai dishes is its long-lasting spicy sensation. Here are several of them;

Fish dish Geing Tai Pia

Geing Tai Pla is a fish dish with thick soup consisted of complex flavor. It is thicker than regular soup and more similar to a stew. The ingredients aside from fish viscera include fermented shrimp paste, grilled fish, eggplant, string beans, pumpkin, and bamboo shoots. The ones that responsible for the complex flavor include garlic, chili, red onions, lemon grass, turmeric, galangal, and kaffir lime leaves.

Gaen Som Pla

Gaen Som Pla is also a very popular fish dish from southern Thailand. A fish is drowned in soup with delicious flavor. In Thai, this dish means sour curry. The consistency of this dish is thicker than regular soup. It taste in larger range as well. The soup itself is made with liquid fish base. It is then combined with turmeric and curry paste. It is cooked with bamboo shoots, as well as green papaya and slices of pineapple. Beware of its spiciness. 

thai food

Gaeng Sataw

Gaeng Sataw is quite unique dish from southern Thailand but worth a try. Sataw itself is a stunk bean popular in Southeast Asia. The beans is stink but create such unique flavor which make people get addicted to it. Not to mention that it is also healthy which is good to promote your overall health. This dish is made from stir-fried sataw along with various meats or seafood. They are infused with variety of curries resulted in rich flavors. It is spicy enough to excite your appetite. 

Tom Som Pla Krabok

Tom Som Pla Krabok is truly hard to pronounce but worth a taste. It is another fish dish since southern Thai cuisines is dominated by fish. It is sour soup fishy soup from southern Thailand. What you have to be cautious of is not its spiciness but the sourness. It is more sour than other fishy soups. The acidity is more intense but can brighten up your mood. This soup is fusion of shredded ginger, turmeric root, and tamarind juice. No wonder it taste sour. 

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There are many other southern Thai dishes you should try when you visit Thailand for your next trip such as Nam Prik Goong Siap, and Khao Yam. You can find various southern Thai cuisine within Bangkok’s local market stalls.

How to Find Bali Tattoo Seminyak for Professional Ink

The professional tattoo world in Bali is growing, and one of those areas in Bali that boast many reliable tattoo shops is Seminyak. However how is it exactly that you can find a studio or artist Bali tattoo Seminyak that suits you best? Tattooist professionals who will be able to do your tattoo? 

Bali tattoo Seminyak make sure to visit the place in person 

Take the time out of your Bali holiday to give the tattoo place a visit before you sign a deal and put down that deposit. Just like how you wouldn’t make a deal with a tattoo studio back home before visiting the place, you also shouldn’t do that in Bali. During your correspondence with the Canggu Bali tattoo what don’t make a tattoo appointment just yet. Instead, ask them when you can meet for a tattoo consultation. Most Bali tattoo Seminyak will be happy to talk to you first regarding what kind of tattoo you want. 

bali tattoo seminyak

Checking your tattoo artist portfolio is a must 

Going to Bali tattoo Seminyak without ever seeing y. our tattoo artist’s portfolio is like walking blindly and hope that you’ll arrive in your destination. It’s just not something you should ever do. When you’re getting a tattoo, even though at first your focus is in finding a good reputable tattoo Bali the one thing that you should never neglect is to research your artist. 

mandala tattoo seminyak kuta

Some of the most talented tattoo artists these days you can find their works easily online. Make sure that you do this before you’re deciding on a tattoo place in Bali.

  • Find the website of your chosen tattoo artist. Go to the tattoo studio’s website to check. 
  • Often times, tattoo artists are so much more prolific in posting to their social media, just like any of us. You’ll likely be able to find a much more varied portfolio compared to what you find on their website. Make good use of this too for your reference. 
seminyak tattoo bali

Tattoo studio Seminyak not all artists will do your design 

This is one of the reasons why checking your tattoo artist portfolio is a must. You must be informed that not all tattoo artist Bali will be willing to do your piece. This is largely related to the types of artworks your tattoo artist is comfortable doing. For instance, not all artists are willing to do tiny tattoos for whatever reasons your artists have the right to say no. Some don’t do realism, some don’t do symmetry tattoos, the list goes on. 

tattoo bali

Word of mouth: people are likely going to talk about bad experiences 

It’s in human nature to focus on the negatives compared to the positives of the experience. Our survival mechanisms dictate such. This, fortunately or unfortunately, also bleed through most of the experiences we have in our life. It’s one of the reasons why you should always take someone’s word with a grain of salt, as each individual can be vastly different. 

However, word of mouth so far remains as one of the most honest form of advertising. So make sure that you ask around your friend who’s had a tattoo done before. How is it like for them to get inked, how was their experience with Bali tattoo Seminyak or wherever tattoo studio they’re getting inked at. 

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Indulging Your Kids During The Trip To Tokyo

Tokyo is like a paradise for kids to spend their holiday. There are so many things to see and spots to visit during a trip to Tokyo. Bringing your kids will only bring more joy to them. Japan is already a popular travel destination for any kind of travelers of all ages. Tokyo especially has everything you need to indulge your kids during the trip. From excellent robots to yummy foods, there won’t be a day you spend with boredom. The city itself is so vibrant and lively. It is a great city to spark the excitement of a journey. 

Where to bring your kids in Tokyo

Tokyo is a great family trip destination because there are various family-friendly things to enjoy. It is also a great city to let your kids learn more about modern life and traditional cultures on one setting. Not to mention that Tokyo is a great destination for your kids who are also a tech savvy enthusiasts.

Robot Restaurant is a great spot to visit where you can bring your kids. It is a family-friendly restaurant located in Shinjuku. It has stadium seating in a basement for the guests who visit. The most interesting part is the robots that roam around the place freely. They dance to a variety of music blazing through the sound system. There are varieties of foods and drinks your kids will enjoy including sushi bento boxes. The entertainment is the main attention here. 

If your kids prefer nature, it is recommended to visit Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden. It is not surprising that access to nature is so easy when it comes to Tokyo regardless of its label as an urban city. This green space is full of towering trees, winding paths, wildlife, as well as three vast gardens. Each garden has a different concept. There are English Garden, French Garden and of course, Japanese Garden. You and your kids can have a relaxing time by laying down in the grass. 

The Harajuku District is also highly recommended especially if your kids are fashion lovers. This is a place to indulge your kids’ fashion sense. There are colorful makeup, clothing, unique fashion items, and more. Not to mention that you can treat your kids to some interesting sweets. There are various shops and eateries you can visit during your exploration in the district. Not to mention that there is the Harajuku Bridge you and your families should visit as well. 

Tokyo is a great place to introduce your kids to Japanese culture. There are many things they can learn during the trip which can make them understand more about the concept of diversity and tolerance. It is highly recommended to visit the Imperial Palace which is only 10 minutes away from the Tokyo Station. The palace is the residence of the Emperor of Japan. Aside from the main residence, there are also the private ones used for the Imperial family. There are also museum, the Kyoko Gaien National Garden, the East Garden, and Kitanomaru Park you can visit.

Spice up Your Holiday with These Selections of Canggu Villas

If you ever visit Bali and in search of a remote area far from the crowd with many vacation sites as well, look no more because Canggu is the answer that you’re looking for. Canggu located north of Kuta and has been developed into a tourist area for a couple of years because of its strategic area. One of the most favored facilities is without a doubt a villa, so here’s our pick of some popular Canggu villas for consideration:

Canggu villas with a private pool

Canggu Villas are your gateway through miraculous experience…

Villa CVA1132, Jl. Babadan

Let’s start with beachside villa. This villa is located near ocean hills and have a stunning view of the sea from its window. It’s just about a minute away from the beach, and 2 minutes from the local market. This villa offers some of the luxurious features such as home cinema, wine cellar basement, a music studio, security room on parking area and 5 spacious bedrooms. The private pool also has a small gazebo in the middle of it. 

Judging by the quality of the villa, it would be a no brainer to assume a high-end price. Well, this villa is on leasehold for 25 years with 610.000 as the cost.

Villa VL0980, Jl. Pantai Berawa

This villa has a really unique architecture among Canggu villas. The entire building is designed as a giant joglo with wooden folding doors to cover the main entrance. The walls, floors and even the furniture is also using traditional style to make it look like an Indonesian antique house. But, despite the appearance this villa still offer high-end technology to meet the standard villa accommodation.   

With only a walking distance to the beach, this villa cost 395.000 USD on leasehold for 22 years. Extension is also possible to discuss with the land owner. 

For every adventure in Bali, Canggu Villas is there to accommodate you…

Villa VL1037, Jl. Pantai Berawa

Another villa located in Pantai Berawa street, although not with traditional architecture this villa is certainly as interesting as the others. The architecture and interior is quite artistic, and you can see this villa is built with great attention to detail just by looking at the design. 2 living areas, 2 kitchens,  4 exquisite bedrooms and 5 elegant bathrooms probably enough to tell you that the owner spared no expense in building this villa.   

Another villa on leasehold, this time cost 595.000 USD for 22 years. Just like the joglo villa, it is also open for extension.

For further information, you can check the details of the villa on our site by typing the villa codes in the search bar.

Maximizing The Power of Your Brand Using Technology

Running a business today can be considered easier at some points compared to the past. Technology plays important role in business industry. Lots of tasks can be automated using high-tech devices and tools. Lots of people worried about the possibility of Artificial Intelligence replacing human job. However, it is only the possibility and assumption. There are many fields in business that cannot be replaced even with the most advanced technology such as delivering customer service with empathy and attentiveness. Human touches will always be needed in every aspect in life regardless of how advanced the world would become. 

Maximizing The Power of Your Brand Using Technology

Technology to boost the brand’s power

It is already known that the brand is one of the most important aspects for successful business. Your business will be most likely to stay stagnant if your brand is invisible to the audience and potential customers. Raising brand awareness is necessary to make sure your business is on the roll. You can also do it by using artificial intelligence or advanced technology. It is considered to be efficient and effective. 

AI for brand awareness

Lots of business owners now are using Artificial Intelligence to boost their business growth. They are using AI to help raise brand awareness as well as develop positive relationships with customers. Previously, there had been people who doubted the effectiveness of AI in customer service department, it is true that AI may not be able to deliver thorough service. However, they can help improve the quality of service you want to provide to your customer. Therefore, it can help build deeper and healthier relationships. They can help your business by using data to be more welcoming, kind, and even playful. Thus, it makes your customers even happier. When they are happy, they have deeper trust to your brand. 

AI for data collection

Maximizing The Power of Your Brand Using Technology

Using Artificial Intelligence to boost the power of your brand can also through data collection. Keep in mind that AI has the ability to collect data of your customers and potential consumers more effectively. Thus, AI will be able to sort out every segment. AI will be able to know specific dreams, hopes, and interest of every customers. Thus, you can leverage AI to to keep thousands of potential consumers in sync with shared experience and emotions especially in large scale. Therefore, using AI is one of the most effective strategies to help your brand rise. 

Creativity aside of AI

Aside from leveraging AI, it is also important to use your creativity. Using creativity, it will be easier to plan strategies of how to make Artificial Intelligence work properly to give the best result. You should find a way to make your brand more approachable to consumers. Therefore, building friendship between your brand and consumers is important phase. It will give you many benefits. Therefore, Artificial Intelligence can be a huge contribution for your brand to become more powerful in the market. However, you need to make it work with your strategies made by your creativity. The collaboration of those aspects result in high opportunities to reach the kind of success you aimed for.

A Couple of Things to Note for Your Komodo Sailing Trip

Traversing through Komodo Islands via water is a favorite trip that tourists usually go for. Whether it’s by a small boat or a luxurious cruise, sailing through the seas around Komodo Islands area is sure can bring an unforgettable experience. For your convenience, I’m going to share some info about taking Komodo sailing trip for those who have never done it before.

A Couple of Things to Note for Your Komodo Sailing Trip

Embarking on Komodo Sailing Trip needs extra preparations…

The trip duration varies, from a 1-day trip to 3 days and 2 nights and even longer depending on requests. The guest can choose to explore whether Komodo or Rinca island, you can actually choose to visit both but usually it takes longer than 3 days and therefore need special arrangements. Also, there’s no hotels or any place to stay the night at all throughout the Komodo islands so you are forced to sleep on the boat if your trip is longer than a day.

One thing that you should prepare before joining the Komodo Sailing Trip is your stamina and physique condition. There’s going to be a lot of outdoor activities like swimming, diving, exploring the island itself. Trekking the island especially can be really exhausting, and usually, the guide makes the guest go early in the morning to catch the sunrise. SO you should definitely get plenty of sleep before departing.

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Sailing in Komodo, under the yellow sun…

A Couple of Things to Note for Your Komodo Sailing Trip

There are numerous things that you should bring yourself while taking Komodo Sailing Trip, some of it is pretty obvious like extra clothes, swimsuit, trekking shoes, and a large backpack. And if you intend to join diving as well, you should bring your own gear. There is some trip charter that provides diving gear onboard but it usually costs a fortune.

Other things you should bring is camera, don’t want to move your feet for miles but can’t save it to your memories. Sunglasses and sunblock for protection, and bug spray to get rid of pesky bugs that might appear on the boat or on the island. Bring snacks and drinks if you wanted, since a minimarket won’t suddenly appear in the middle of nowhere.

Nothing beats Komodo Sailing Trip venturing the blue ocean…

And with that being said, I basically covers the basics of what you going to do and need to know when participating in Komodo Sailing Trip. Plan your adventure carefully and book your trip form a trusted party. Happy Holiday!

Wildlife Travel For Your Next Travel Plan

There are so many travel ideas you can come up with. There are so many places you can visit to fill in your holiday. You can decide the place based on your interest. If you have strong interest to the wildlife, might as well consider visiting national parks or sanctuaries. They are great place to explore. You can see many beautiful things that the nature present you. Various flora and fauna are there in their own habitat which make them look interesting. Not to mention that you can also enjoy scenic view that frame the place perfectly. Visiting national forest for example, allows you to experience different kind of travel. It makes you feel closer to the nature.

Wildlife Travel For Your Next Travel Plan

The idea of wildlife travel

There are so many things you can learn from the trip such as what you can do to preserve nature, or how animals live peacefully in the forest. However, it is also important to remember that it is different from any type of travel you might have experienced before. Here are what you need to know about wildlife travel.

It Must Be Planned. Thoroughly

Wildlife travel cannot be done spontaneously because you have to book a reservation in advance. During your reservation, you have to give detail information about how many people you bring with, what kind of travel you expect to, your health information, etc. Those are necessary especially if the place is national parks or conservation. There are rules you have to follow to make sure that you will have a safe trip without endangering the nature either. 

Does It Allow Visitor?

Wildlife Travel For Your Next Travel Plan

It is highly recommended to do your own research in advance to make sure the place you want to go to allows for visitors. There might be different rules from one place to another. Thus, you cannot just generalize them. Make sure you know what kind of danger and warning you should be aware of as visitors.

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It’s Not As Scary!

Wildlife travel is not as scary as you thought. You can see wild animals in their habitat walking leisurely. It is such a thrilling experience. Make sure that you don’t go into panic mode. As long as you follow the rules and led by the appointed guide, you will be safe throughout the trip. 

Know the Difference of Wildlife Travel

There are different type of wildlife travel from one place to another. Some places offer safari trip where you can explore the place by specialized car. Therefore, you will get to explore the place more thoroughly. You will get to visit a place where animals are flocking. But of course, you will be in safe distance as to not disturb the animals. Make sure to follow the rules while you are in the car. Do not get down the vehicle unless you are allowed to.

Wildlife travel is such a good idea to do for your next travel plan. It is not bad idea to have a wildlife travel. You can even bring your friends or families along to enjoy the trip together. Even if you are going to do it alone, you will still end up in a group of people.

The Life You Can Have on Labuan Bajo Cruise

The Komodo National Park is famous for its rugged beauty, but travelling there doesn’t exactly come in easy mode. You need to book a liveaboard tour which will essentially be your sailing hotel to take you to destinations within the park. But if you are drawn to the more luxurious side, you might want to try booking Labuan Bajo cruise ship instead of the regular Komodo liveaboard. And here’s the life you can get on this deluxe sailing ship. 

The Life You Can Have on Labuan Bajo Cruise

A Peaceful Journey with Likeminded Fellows on Labuan Bajo Cruise

On upscaled Labuan Bajo cruise, you will likely sail with 4 to 8 people at most. One of the biggest difference between cruise and budget liveaboard in Komodo is the amount of passengers. Budget liveaboard with shared cabins (and sometimes open deck as sleeping quarter) can take up to 15 – 20 passengers in one sailing. Medium-level liveaboard usually pick 8 – 12 passengers, depend on the size of the boat. In Labuan Bajo cruise, the passengers and crew ratio is almost 1:1 or higher, which means more exclusivity in terms of services and exclusivity. For more intimate journey, you can ever hire the cruise for charter if you want! 

Breakfast on the Seaside

While most hotels and villas charges very high price for breakfast lounge with ocean view, you can practically get it for free in Labuan Bajo cruise. This is one of the thing that we love in the cruise; the opportunity to have sumptuous breakfast right by the ocean. Just imagine yourself sipping a delicious morning coffee (or tea, if you like) while gazing to the Komodo’s marvellous landscape in the horizon. Such a great way to start the day. 

Sleeping in Floating Suites

The Life You Can Have on Labuan Bajo Cruise

Now, there are several sleeping arrangements in budget to medium Komodo liveaboard. The standards are shared cabins with twin beds or double bunkbeds. But in Labuan Bajo cruise, almost all cabins are suites with indoor bathrooms. You could either choose the deluxe suites, or if you feel like splurging, the Master cabin. The Master’s usually have these beautiful wraparound windows that allows you to indulge in Komodo’s panoramic landscape while you lie leisurely in the bed. All cabins in these luxury cruises have hot showers and ample storage spaces, so you can travel with ease even in this far-flung destination. 

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A Day Trek with Komodo Dragons

But what is Komodo holiday without walking with the majestic beasts themselves? The world-famous, prehistoric Komodo dragons can be found in two largest island in the park; the Komodo Island and Rinca Island. You could pick one of them to meet the dragons. You will have a ranger with their mysterious wooden stick accompany you during the dragon trip—to make sure you can come back alive!

Living the Slow Life in the Sundeck

Oh, yeah. The sundeck. That place in the boat when you can just lie down idly in the sun beds or topping up some summer tan. The only deck to have flooded with warm sun light in the morning—which is just perfect for a yoga session. Probably also the most romantic spot to catch beautiful sunsets with your other half. This is the place to totally get disconnected from the real world and just get immersed in the beauty of Komodo and all its simplicity.