As Alicia Keys Sings: “New York, the big lights will inspire you.”

Welcome to New York, the most populous city in the United States and the center of the New York metropolitan area, which is one of the most populous metropolitan areas in the world. A leading global city, New York exerts a major influence on world trade, finance, media, culture, art, fashion, research, and entertainment. As the headquarters of the United Nations, the city is also an important center for international relations. Tourism is one of New York City’s most vital industries, with more than 40 million domestic and international tourists visiting it each year in the past five years. Below are some tourist spots you can visit while on vacation in New York.

Statue of Liberty

tourist spots you can visit while on vacation in New York

One of the most famous landmarks in the United States is Liberty Enlightening the World, or Liberty, better known as the Statue of Liberty. This monumental statue is located in New York, on Liberty Island, south of Manhattan, at the mouth of the Hudson and near Ellis Island. The Statue of Liberty is a statue of a giant woman who wears a crown of thorns and lifts a torch. The statue was presented by France to the United States as a symbol of welcome for visitors, immigrants and Americans who returned after a trip.

Empire State Building

Like what Alicia Keys sings: "New York, the big lights will inspire you"

The Empire State Building is an Art Deco-style skyscraper located in the borough of Manhattan in New York. It is specifically located in the Midtown district at 350 5th Avenue, between 33ᵉ and 34ᵉ streets. Inaugurated on May 1, 1931, it measures 381 meters and has 102 floors. The Empire State Building is a more modern monument in New York. Even this building has been included in several Hollywood movies, such as King Kong, Independence Day, Percy Jackson and The Olympians and many others.

Rockefeller Center

Like what Alicia Keys sings: "New York, the big lights will inspire you"

The Rockefeller Center is a shopping complex built by the Rockefeller family consisting of nineteen buildings. It is located in Midtown, between 5ᵉ avenue and avenue des Amériques in the Manhattan borough of New York city. If you come here in the winter season, you will find a free ski spot for visitors.

Brooklyn bridge

tourist spots you can visit while on vacation in New York

The other monument that is emblematic to see in America is the Brooklyn Bridge where some scenes in Hollywood films are captured in this place. The Brooklyn Bridge, in English Brooklyn Bridge, in New York is one of the oldest suspension bridges in the United States. It crosses the East River to connect the boroughs of Manhattan and Brooklyn. It is not only motorized vehicles that can be driven, but also pedestrians and cyclists. As a tourist, you can enjoy the scenery around the East River from this bridge.

What Makes Home Furniture Sustainable? Is Yogyakarta a Good Place to Look?

What Makes Home Furniture Sustainable Is Yogyakarta a Good Place to Loo

Setting a lifestyle that’s better for the planet should start from home. It could be a perfect opportunity when you’re just furnishing your house and you’re looking for home furniture yogyakarta that meets what you consider ideal for what you support. Reclaimed wood, recycled pieces, or responsibly sourced materials; how do you define yours?

Home furniture yogyakarta: what to look for?

The term sustainable eco-friendly can apply to such a broad range of aspects that it could be difficult to discern whether a home furniture piece meets the criteria. Often, home owner’s term of eco-friendliness also differs. This is where you’d like to ask yourself; what would you consider eco-friendly?

Consider reclaimed furniture

What Makes Home Furniture Sustainable Is Yogyakarta a Good Place to Loo

Reclaimed furniture are often cheaper and of better quality than new ones that use particleboards or plywood. So the next time you’re considering hitting the nearest big box stores for your furniture needs, consider reclaimed furniture instead, especially if durability and build quality are your top concerns.

The process of shipping your residential furniture

Beyond the materials of the furniture itself, how your furniture reaches you matter more than you think in terms of sustainability. When it comes to interior furniture Yogyakarta, this is not something you should worry about. Indonesia is known as one of the largest exporters of timber; particularly high quality types of wood like teak. For sustainable furnishing your home or villa in Yogyakarta, with how accessible it is obtaining quality materials, using locally-sourced material should always be your first priority.

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Shop your home furniture Yogyakarta secondhand

What Makes Home Furniture Sustainable Is Yogyakarta a Good Place to Loo

Homeowners often overlook used furniture for fears of what bugs they’ll bring into your house. While this isn’t unfounded, with good research and keen eyes when buying, you likely will end up with great quality home furniture yogyakarta rather than new but poor-built furnishing at a similar price point.

Secondhand furnitures are also better for your home and your health for the fact that the chemicals used to treat the timber have already worn off long ago. Familiar with the “new furniture smell”? You don’t have to deal with it and the toxins it brings to your space if you shop secondhand.

Permanent fixtures of your home

Often times, going eco-friendly hardly starts from home furniture Yogyakarta. Any good interior designer would be willing to give you insights on how to make the best of what you have; but if you need improvement on some permanent fixtures of your home, they’ll tell you. A basic example of this is the natural light source that makes the house. When you don’t have any windows in your house, what designers like to do to give that illusion is use mirrors.

Looking at the overall aspects of your room instead of looking at furniture piece by piece is key to creating the most impact to your room. Sustainable home is all about bringing that life and love for the earth into your house; and it should be reflected strongly in your space.

Popular Countries by Nature But Less Known by Travelers

Traveling around the world can indeed be the dream of many people. There may even be many people who make these dreams come true. One of the interesting things that was done during the tour to go around the world was not just knowing the culture or the language of a country. In general, beautiful natural landscapes will mesmerize tourists to visit there, as these countries will be mentioned below!


Popular Countries by Nature But Less Known by Travelers

Australia is a country rich in beautiful natural landscapes. No wonder many travelers have visited the country with the best natural tourism in the world. One of the interesting tourist spots in Australia is the beach. As we know, Australia has a long coastline, reaching 16,000 miles. Thus, Australia has many beautiful beaches which can be used as tourist destinations. Also, you may have heard of “The Great Barrier Reef” that the Great Barrier Reef, located in Australia


Norway is the next country that has the best natural sites in the world and is worth your visit. This country has long been known as a country with amazing natural beauty. This country is well known by the aurorae that touch the sky almost all the year. In addition, mountains with flowing lakes and rivers can also be easily found. We must not forget the snow that covered the top of the mountains in Norway, personally, I would like to live there because the climate and the humanitarian condition make this country worth living!


Chile is a country with the best natural destinations in the world that are worth seeing. This country stretches from the equator to the sub-Antarctic. This makes Chile the longest country in the world according to its latitude. You can visit the Atacama Desert, a desert that looks like a planet Mars. In addition, the Torres del Paine National Park is also very beautiful for your photographic objects. Not to mention Rapa Nui National Park, a national park that has entered one of UNESCO’s cultural heritage sites.

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Popular Countries by Nature But Less Known by Travelers

Uganda is an attractive country in Africa for the best natural tourism in the world. This country is also known by a Nile river. What makes this country interesting is that there are so many natural conditions available. You can see wild animals in this country, for example by visiting Murchisson Falls National Park. Or, you can also enjoy the cool shades on Lake Victoria. This lake is a vast lake and is the largest lake in Africa, the one which is charming with blue views and has fresh and calm water.


Nepal is a country with the best natural landscapes in South Asia, especially for those of you who really love outdoor activities. Mount Everest is situated in Nepal. Each hiker who wants to try to conquer this highest peak must go to Nepal.

These 5 countries above less visited by tourists but essential to visit because of the beauty of natural sites!

Five Things to be Cautious of When Diving in Nusa Penida

With the Tyrannosaurus Rex looking cliff formation of Kelingking beach and turquoise sea water, Nusa Penida is easily Bali’s poster child. The remote and quite unspoiled island is located just at the tip of the south-east of Bali. Nusa Penida is famous for its impressive beaches, snorkelling and diving. The island is overridden with currents from the Indian Ocean with rich nutrients which contributes to the burst of life underneath its water. No divers would want to miss Nusa Penida. But before you go pack your dive gears, there are five important cautions you need to pay attention to.

Five Things to be Cautious of When Diving in Nusa Penida

Not All Diving Site in Nusa Penida is Suitable for Beginners

The Nusa Penida is undoubtedly the most famous dive destination in Bali after Tulamben’s USAT Liberty wreck site. It appears on many divers’ bucket list, mainly for the coral gardens and the rare duo, Mola Mola sunfish and Manta Rays. Both are gigantic and majestic ocean creatures that you cannot see just anywhere. However, Nusa Penida is not entirely friendly for diving beginners. Ocean currents in many sites are known to be strong and unpredictable. This also means good opportunity for drift diving, which excites advanced and pro divers. Beginners would enjoy Manta Point and North Shore as the currents is generally calmer. Always consult with your dive instructor before jumping into any site.

Enough Cash to Sustain Your Trip

Despite its popularity, Nusa Penida is still a remote small island where ATM machine is rare and sparse. And when it’s available, often times it only serves local bank cards. So don’t make it difficult for yourself. Take enough cash to last during your days diving in Nusa Penida.

Safe Place to Keep Your Money

While robbery is not a common thing in Bali, it never hurts to be cautious. Now that you bring lots of money in cash, better have somewhere safe to keep it.

Ethical Diving with the Manta and Mola Mola  

Five Things to be Cautious of When Diving in Nusa Penida

The majestic, gigantic Manta Rays and Mola Mola Sunfish which come in seasons are the number one magnet of Nusa Penida’s underwater. But here’s the ultimate caution when you decide to go diving in Nusa Penida to meet these amazing creatures; do not, for any non-rescuing reasons, touch them. A lot of irresponsible divers tried to touch them out of amazement while in fact it could hurt these fishes. Touching Manta Rays and Mola Mola could remove protective film layers from their skin which make them susceptible to infections. Treat every creature with respect. Never touch, never take, and never leave anything.

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Diving with Trustable Company in Nusa Penida

Solo diving in Nusa Penida is not advisable. We really recommend you to hire a diving company to help you having better experience. Not only that they will keep you safe from the unseen dangers of Nusa Penida’s depth and currents, they will also make arranging your accommodation and transportation better.

Padang Indonesia Cultural Heritage and Tourist Destination

The city of Padang is the largest city on the west coast of the island of Sumatra and the capital of the province of West Sumatra, in Indonesia. This city is the western gateway to Indonesia from the Indian Ocean. The city of Padang, famous for its legends Siti Nurbaya and Malin Kundang, is currently working for the development of tourism. For those who do not know who they are can read this article inclusively. The two imaginary characters in Indonesia where Malin Kundang is a devil who was cursed by his mother since he had abandoned his mother for a long time while Siti Nurbaya is a girl who was celebrated because of her family forced her to marry a son chosen by his family. Okay, then let’s mention a few rich tourist destinations in Padang for all of you!

Siti Nurbaya Bridge

padang indonesia travel

One of the tourist icons of the city of Padang in West Sumatra is the Siti Nurbaya Bridge. This bridge is a large bridge that stands on the Batang Arau River. The length of the bridge is approximately 100 meters long and up to 600 meters long. The bridge also connects the old town of Padang to Taman Siti Nurbaya, where Siti Nurbaya is buried.

Pantai Padang “Padang Beach”

Padang Beach or popularly known as Taplau is a beach located in the city of Padang, West Sumatra, Indonesia. This beach is located in a dense urban area of ​​West Padang district and stretches from Purus to the Batang Arau estuary. The best place to get rid of tired daily routines. On Padang Taplau Beach, visitors can enjoy the sun which slowly descends until dusk. Then start to touch the horizon and extend the last ray.

Pantai Pasir Jambak

Pasir Jambak Beach is renowned for its natural beauty, which makes visitors very happy to be able to enjoy the beauty presented by nature. This Pasir Jambak beach is one of the quintessential seaside tourist destinations for beach lovers. This beach is just 17 km from downtown Padang. So that the journey from the city is not too far away and short enough to enjoy the beauty of the sea, on the beach of Pasir Jambak.

Adityawarman Museum

The Adityawarman Museum was built in 1974 and inaugurated on March 16, 1977. The Adityawarman Museum deserves its name as “Taman Mini” in West Sumatra. The Museum is the most important cultural museum in West Sumatra. The Adityawarman Museum serves as a place of storage and preservation of historical objects such as cultural heritage. This Adityawarman museum displays elements of Minang culture, ranging from traditional clothing to traditional musical instruments. Located in the center of the city of Padang, this museum is the symbol in Padang that this city has full of culture and favorable destination.

More adventure stories for you in Indonesia: The Ideal Benoa Resort for All Types of Vacations

The Ideal Benoa Resort for All Types of Vacations

benoa resort

Tanjung Benoa offers some of the best luxury hotels and resorts. As one of the most-visited destinations in the world, Bali has numerous accommodations to choose from – enough to make you feel overwhelmed by the options. If you’ve set your eyes on Benoa resort then congratulations – it’s one of the best locations you can choose from, away from the crazy hustle bustle of places like Kuta, but close enough that you won’t miss anything should you choose to venture to the busy tourist places. But according to what type of traveler you are, what kind of resort should you choose during your Bali vacation? 

Benoa resort favorite destination

The Tanjung Benoa peninsula is technically a part of Kuta, the South Kuta to be precise, yet the atmosphere is severely different from the busy, popular streets Kuta is known for. Benoa boasts beautiful beaches as well, where you can even enjoy snorkeling and scuba diving. 

Bali resorts for couples

nusa dua family resort

Whether you’re on a honeymoon or celebrating anniversaries for your significant other, there are plenty of options for you. Options are quite versatile, depending on you and your partner’s preference. Trying on the luxury accommodations is certainly an option. Staying at Benoa resort when celebrating your anniversary and honeymoon, you’ll get a tailored experience just for you. Tanjung Benoa is also known as a tranquil place where beaches with white sand are abundant. Watersports experiences are in store for you as well. Choosing Bali family resort in Benoa should be high up in your consideration. 

Best resorts for family vacations in Bali 


When it comes to family holidays, convenience is one of the most important considerations for anyone planning it. Whether you’re having your Bali vacation with your kids or the whole family including your parents, the accommodation you’re staying in is going to make a whole world of difference. For the ultimate convenience, going for all-inclusive hotels is something that’s worth considering. Entertainment, all meals and snacks, some alcoholic beverages, as well as kids activities in Benoa resorts are all included in the price. 

Accommodation for the adventurous solo travelers 

You might want to stay away from the all-inclusive resorts and those that come with the label luxury. While money is sometimes not an issue, the tailored experience all-inclusive resorts offer can often feel like you’re staying in your own bubble of luxury, instead of going out there and experience your destination. Venturing out solo to faraway lands like Bali means that you care more about experiencing the destination; afterall, despite the emerging popularity, most people still prefer traveling by companions. So go book some other place that gives you the taste of the local life. Where you’re staying in can contribute to your overall travel experience, after all. 

Adventures in Indonesia: Secrets of Booking Exclusive Bali Villas

Best Spot to Ski in France for All Level

France has the best skiing site in the world, conceding an incredible 30% of the world surface devoted to this sport. Traveling to France for a winter vacation is absolutely perfect especially if you are a ski fan. The reason is unavoidable: the French Alps offer the best variety of ski resorts in all the countries of the world. Counting that there are 357 ski resorts within seven massifs, many of which enjoy great international renown, such as Courchevel, Morzine, Méribel, Chamonix. Many ski resorts are linked by ski lifts and shuttles that bring together hundreds of kilometers of slopes that can be conquered with a single package.

Indeed, staying in lesser-known resorts, or lower villages which are linked to a large area of ​​names (the Carroz join the Grand Massif region, it shares with the more well-known Flaine), are attractive means of reducing costs. . The winter season covers great importance for the tourism industry in France, with 18% of total consumption. Although the mountain ranges of the Alps, Pyrenees and Jura are surprisingly beautiful, it takes more than natural charms to attract tourists. So where do you go to ski in France then?

Beginner level


Where to ski in France?

It is located at one end of the gigantic Trois Vallées ski area which includes Méribel and Val Thorens, its smartest and most expensive village is Courchevel 1850. The Moriond ski area in Courchevel is ideal for beginners, who can take their time on gentle slopes for nurseries and beginners, without being cut by the rapids.


It offers wide and gentle slopes separated from the main ski traffic, while staying on the main mountain track, which is ideal for building confidence on your skis.

Intermediate level

La Plage

Where to ski in France?

Extensive “blue” and “red” trails offer a wide variety and the feeling of exploring new places every day without leaving your comfort zone.


The Grand Massif ski area is located at the gates of Flaine. It offers 141 runs over 265 km, which is ideal for improving your stay.

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Expert level

Valley of Isere

Where to ski in France?

The most popular ski resort among the British, “Val” is suitable for intermediate skiers thanks to its wide range of high altitude runs, which also offer an exciting variety of challenges for those with advanced skills. The resort stretches over a distant high valley and shares the giant ski area formerly known as Espace Killy with its neighbor Tignes. It has now changed its name to reflect precisely what is inside the tin: Val d’Isère-Tignes. Val d’Isère is divided into several sectors, from the central pole at the foot of the main Solaise and the Bellevarde ski lifts to the quieter outposts of La Daille, Le Laisinant and Le Fornet.

Stay Healthy, Seasick-Free on Komodo Liveaboard Journey!

Stay Healthy, Seasick-Free on Komodo Liveaboard Journey!

Summer is approaching and many travelers are know planning for a holiday retreat in the new SE Asia hotspot—the Komodo National Park. Travelers and divers alike love the opportunity to walk with the ancient Komodo dragons, hop into gorgeous islands within the park, plunge to the fascinating underwater, and sail with the gorgeous Komodo liveaboard phinisi during teh adventure. However, this sailing trip could actually not working for some people. Those who couldn’t tolerate motion sickness and see the sailing trip with love-hate relationship. But you don’t have to give up the liveaboard journey to Komodo just yet. Here’s the secret on how to stay healthy and seasick-free onboard. 

The Bigger the Komodo Liveaboard is, the Better

Do you know that larger boats are significally more stable than smaller boats? If you have seasick problem, make sure to choose 30m and up long Komodo liveaboard. Larger phinisi boats are usually equipped with better stablizier, too. You’ll feel almost nothing onboard. 

Take the Comfiest Cabin You Can Afford

Stay Healthy, Seasick-Free on Komodo Liveaboard Journey!

If sleeping in real spring bed helps you feel better than sleeping in ship’s bunkbed, then it’s worth to wait a little more ans save up for nicer and comfier cabins. A lot of luxurious liveaboard in Komodo offer premium cabins with real king/ queen size beds and a lot of room for movement. 

Choose Your Warrior

Never embark to phinisi liveaboard sailing without bringing in seasickness combat. Choose what’s effective for you; motion sickness medicine, accupunture bands, gingers, or peppermint tea. Motion-sickness pills are generally more effective if taken in 24 hours prior to sailing. Some people also swear on gingers; whether on pure whole ginger tea or in its other form; powder, candied, or instant tea. Studies has proven that ginger could keep yout digestive function and blood pressure stable, which reduce nausea. It’s also quite a sedative which makes you more relax. 

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Lie on Komodo Liveaboard Upper Deck for Some Fresh Air

Stay Healthy, Seasick-Free on Komodo Liveaboard Journey!

The majority of Komodo liveaboard (especially the mid to luxurious ones) are equipped with vast upper deck and beach beds. Whenever you start to feel suffocated and dizzy, escape to the upper deck, lie down on the beds, and get some of those refreshingbreeze. In fact, lots of travelers as well as first-time voyagers find the open-air upper deck provide more comfort and relieve for their seasickness. Especially as they ae also indulged on beautiful scenery of the islands and the sea around. 

Upon Seasick Attack: Focus on the Horizon

You have done all the prevention but sometimes the motion-sickness just come without warning. Whenever that happens, seek the line of horizon and keep your focus on it. Having a solid point of reference helps your body to regain balance and fight the seasickness feeling. 

Prepare Yourself For A long Flight

Long-haul flight can be a terrifying nightmare especially to those who don’t do it frequently. Even for frequent travelers, long-haul flight is always exhausting. It is such a challenging part of travel that some of travelers may have experienced. Long-haul flight affect travelers in so many ways like exhaustion, fatigue, stress, etc. However, it doesn’t have to be like that. You can make it more bearable by preparing the long flight in advance. 

Prepare Yourself For A long Flight

Surviving long-haul flight

A long-haul flight can be a very demanding experience both physically and mentally especially when you don’t prepare it well from the beginning. Preparing for a trip is necessary to avoid any unnecessary hassles. As for a long flight, it is a must that you are more prepared so you can survive it and the effects don’t really bother you or your trip. 

Pick the most comfortable seat

Hearing a long-haul flight alone often makes travelers feel less spirited. It can be worse if the seat choice is bad. Thus, it is highly recommended to pick the seat selectively. Choose seats that can make you feel more comfortable for a long flight. Sometimes, the price discourage you to book a better seat for your long-haul flight. However, more comfortable seat with good food and better entertainment system are worth it. You can consider the amenities with the price and pick your option. 

Connecting flight

Another thing most travelers find one of the most uncomfortable thing is the connecting flight. Long-haul flight sometimes requires you to choose a connecting flight. You have to transfer to another flight on foreign soil and deal with other tiring things such as picking up your luggage, clearing customs, searching another terminal, clearing security, and more. If it is possible for you to choose a connection that the airlines offer, choose the right connecting flight that gives you times to do all those necessary processes without being in a rush. 

Keep the luggage simple

Prepare Yourself For A long Flight

Try not to overload your luggage for such a long-haul flight. Well, it seems difficult because a long flight means long destination which also means long duration for the trip. It means you need to bring something more to make sure you have everything you need for smooth travel. However, travelling with heavy luggage will also make you suffer especially if you have to transfer to another flight. Try to pack light and use durable and sturdy bag. 

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Choose the right airlines

Choosing the right airlines also affect how good you will be in surviving such a long-haul flight. Every airline is different and they offer different things to their passengers. If you are planning for a long-haul flight, choose airlines that offer the best foods, comfort, and entertainment. Thus, you can survive the long flight better because those factors can make it more bearable. However, it is also suggested for you to bring your own foods or snacks if you are quite picky. This way, you won’t risk yourself getting starved through the entire flight because you cannot eat the airline’s foods. 

How to Do Better Scuba Diving for Beginners

It’s always amazing to take a plunge to the world beneath the water and see the wonder that lies deep in the ocean floor. To get surrounded by million of fishes, to wait in thrill as sharks pass by, or to immerse yourself on brightly coloured coral formation to see a glimpse of wandering eels and critters—the ocean always has something to drop anyone’s jaw. This is one of the prominent reason why we take our PADI license. But diving is more than breathing underwater. It’s about appreaciating and protecting the fragile nature. A good diver know how to dive responsibly and prioriize sustainability during the dives. An important part of scuba diving that even beginners need to understand. This is how you can protect the sea while admiring its utter beauty.

How to Do Better Scuba Diving for Beginners

Scuba Diving Beginners or Professionals, Everyone Should Respect the Marine Life

Do you agree if marine life was seen to flourish the best where human touch is minimal? Take example of the Raja Ampat Papua, the Banda Island, the Bunaken, and the Komodo National Park. These are some of Indonesia’s best dive sites—and the remotest. It’s important to leave the marine life as it is. Let them flourish naturally without interference. All beginners to professionals in scuba diving needs to understand how to respect the marine life. No touching anything. Never ever attempt to pick a piece of corals. Stay naturally buoyant so you won’t disturb the current. Dive against debris and always be totally aware with your surrounding.

Use Only Reef Safe Sunblock

Any marine-enthusiast should already understand this. Divers, snorkelers and surfers alike must wear only reef-safe sunblock. Regular sunblock can left harmful residues in the water that can stick to reefs and cause bleaching and further damages. Sticking to only reef-safe sunblock ensures the corals and other micro organism stay healthy.

The Single Use Plastic Is Our Common Enemy

How to Do Better Scuba Diving for Beginners

This should apply everywhere, but it get even more important when you diving, sailing, or basically staying near the sea. Always use reusable bottles for your drink. This should’ve been taught on your scuba diving for beginners class but we feel the need to stress is again. Never buy bottled drinking water from supermarket and minimise your plastic waste. Be mindful on what you throw to the bins cause it would end up in the ocean.

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Scuba Diving Beginners on Touching the Animals

Some dive operators don’t really know what they are doing and we’ve seen packages where they blatantly offer the opportunity to touch marine animals. Turtles, manta Ray, and whales are common victim of this promotion. Whenever you come across these packages, know that this is not right and no diver should support such conduct. Beginners to pros on scuba diving should understand the implication of touching (or even worse, feeding) the marine life. You can accidentaly strip their protective layer of mucus. Feeding them can lead animal dependency to human. Fishing them to force a interaction can cause animal to stay under the surface longer than it should. In short, you probably will disturb their natural beahviour and it’s harmful to the marine life itself. A good diver know how to appreciate from afar.