Pointless Items Many Travelers Pack In Their Luggage

Pointless Items Many Travelers Pack In Their Luggage

Packing is one of the most annoying things to do regarding to travel. However, it is one of the most important things to do because you need proper logistic that last your trip. There are many travel items you are going to need whether or not you like them, in contrast, there are also items you want to bring even though you know they are pretty useless or pointless. Packing properly is important to help you travel more comfortably.

Travel items that are often pointless to pack

Many seasoned travelers suggest to pack light. It means you only pack items you are going to need and leave those valuable items at home. However, it is often for travelers to also pack pointless instead that bring no use for their trip. Here are some of the most common items considered pointless for travel:

Travel clothes for leisure trip

You will absolutely need travel clothes that can help protect your body from harsh weather, mosquito bites, and and those environmental hazards if you are planning for outdoor travel that include adventurous activities such as climbing to the mount Everest or exploring inside the jungle. However, these kind of clothes is unnecessary if you are planning for leisure trip where your destination is mostly indoor. In fact, it is best to pack the most comfortable clothes for this kind of trip. 

Money belt

Money belt

Many travelers like wearing money belt during their trip. It is of course useful in some senses such as for keeping your money close to you. However, it is also such an easy thing to be noticed by thieves and pickpockets. It is very obvious that people who wear money belt put their money and other valuable things inside. Almost everyone knows what it is and what is inside. It is easier for you to be targeted. 

Passport wallet

It is useful thing in a way. You can keep your passport and important documents inside during travel. However, it is such an inefficient item to bring for travel because when you need to take them out at the custom, it takes longer time for you to do it. You need manoeuvre the passport in and out of the case. It is not practical especially when you need to do to it quickly due to the long line. 

A bunch of toiletries

Toiletries are necessities for your trip. However, you don’t really have to pack a bunch of them. You don’t need your 10 step skincare products either. Also, if you book a hotel for your accommodation then you don’t really need to bring much. Soap, shampoos, toothpaste and even toothbrush are already prepared by the hotel for every guest. 

Travel clock

The point of having a clock is to let you know the time. However for the trip, you don’t really have to bring travel clock. You have got your phone to tell you the time and any other information. It is useful but not so much for more efficient trip. 

Scuba Diving Essentials for Beginner Girls!

Scuba Diving Essentials for Beginner Girls

Many beginners didn’t know what to expect when they first have scuba diving. It’s a new thing to do in a completely new world! Especially for women, who needs to figure out a lot of things in this once male-dominated sport. Things like how to keep your hair from tangled after some dives, how to keep you warm, and other things. So, whether it’s your first dive or you’ve been diving for a long time, these are some of the gear that we believe are essential for everyone going on a dive adventure:

Essential Scuba Diving Gears for Beginners

Find Great BCD for Women

In terms of comfort, safety, and practicality, BCs have come a long way since their inception. Manufacturers have dedicated special attention in recent years to making them more comfortable for ladies. We no longer have to put up with a BC riding up over our ears since it’s cut for a straight up-and-down body shape, or a horribly fitting men’s x-small with imbalanced weight pockets (owing to our bigger hips). Many modern women’s BCDs have been created with us in mind. This is a great scuba diving investment for beginners especially if you see diving in the long haul.

Regulator for Women

Women’s-specific regulators with brighter colors are increasingly available in the gear sector. To aid alleviate jaw fatigue, the regs usually include a smaller, lighter initial stage and second stage. Not only that, you can also make your regulator colorful. Most dive shops sell affordable hose covers, so if you really want everything to be pink — or any color in the rainbow — you can do it.

Find Fins for Women

Fins that fit properly are also an important feature of any diving gears for beginners. Fins that are too small might irritate the skin, while fins that are too large can slip off or create cramping. Because women’s usually have smaller and thinner feet, finding the right fin can be quite a task on itself.

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Nice Supporting Items for Diving

Quick Dry Towel

Quick Dry Towel for scuba diving beginners

A quick dry towel is a small gear that would be very helpful. See, you’ll be getting in and out of the water all the time, and it can be chilly if there’s a breeze. You’ll be toasty again if you wrap yourself in a quick-drying towel.

Reef-Friendly Sunblock

We can get a great sun tan or a nasty burn by spending lengthy periods of time on boats moving between dive sites and swimming at shallow depths. As a result, sunscreen is one of the most crucial scuba diving necessities. Despite the fact that most divers wear wetsuits, your arms, neck, face, and legs are still exposed to the sun. Sunblock is essential for anyone participating in water-based activities since it protects your skin from the sun’s rays, making your time in the water much more enjoyable.

Rehydration Salt

Not many divers especially beginners are thinking about this. When you dive all day, water won’t be enough! Diving can be a thirsty sport because you can be submerged for up to an hour without drinking. Now imagine if you’re diving three or four times a day on a liveaboard! Take rehydration salts in addition to drinking plenty of fresh water. These provide you with a boost of energy in between dives and help me feel more refreshed and renewed afterwards.

If these aren’t available and you’re near a store or food stall, drink coconut water with lime or an electrolyte drink to stay hydrated.

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Hair Care

Hair Band

Hair Band

Nothing is more aggravating than having your mask leak because your hair has gotten into it. Even when you keep your hair in braid, it can still getting mess up in the end! Bring a hair band with you to wear on your forehead to keep the hair out of the way of the mask.

Strap for Scuba Mask

When a mask becomes twisted in your hair and you spend what seems like hours carefully unraveling it from the straps, it may be aggravating. The industry has taken notice of our problems and has developed a solution for those of us who have long hair. It’s the mask strap! The mask strap will provide you with additional comfort!

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Hair Tangler

Another thing for long-haired ladies. Please bring a tangle teezer and hair conditioner. After scuba diving, many diver ladies find their hair became extremely tangled, and spent hours attempting to brush it.

Travel Safety For Senior Travelers

If you are considered senior citizens but still have passionate drive to travel to many different places then there are things you need to consider for safe trip. Travelling as a senior citizen is more challenging because not all travel companies are providing or catering to your needs. Hence, you need to be more selective in choosing travel agent or company. Your health and safety should be in your priority when making decision about travelling, especially with overseas destinations. 

Travel Safety For Senior Travelers - Doctor vaccinating a senior woman. Virus protection. COVID-2019.

Health consideration senior travelers should pay attentions to

There are many challenges to travel safely and comfortably for senior travelers due to difficulty seeing, hearing, or mobility. However, it should not discourage you from having such wonderful and meaningful travel. And here are things you can pay more attention to for safe and comfortable travel as seniors:

Be careful of what you eat

Foods are important for all of us to survive. As for seniors, it is common to have some restrictions to some types of foods to maintain health and not to trigger some illnesses. For example, seniors who have high blood pressure should watch what they eat to not increase their blood pressure even more. Being careful of what you eat it part of precaution you can do for safe travel. Try not to get into the temptation of trying every food you see when travel. Also, there is a risk of food poisoning during a trip overseas so it is safe to eat what you are familiar with. 

Your medication

You should not leave your medication behind because it is important for you to manage any of your medical issues. Talk to your doctor about your travel plan so they can give you the right advice for you to follow throughout the trip. Make sure you pack enough medications to cover the entire period of your trip. In fact, you can ask your doctor if you can pack extra just in case of emergency such as delays. Or, you can also ask if your doctor can prescribe you a substitute.

The legality of your medications

It is also essential to learn more about medical legality in different countries. Check if your medication is legal in your destination country prior the trip. Or, you might need a permit for the medications you are planning to take. Medications that are legal in our home country might be illegal in your destination country even though if it is being prescribed by your doctors. And it can cause you a hassle to deal with later.


There are differences of physical conditions in different countries. Hence, you should learn what kind of vaccinations you are going to be required to take for visiting certain country. Vaccination is important to prevent you from catching infectious diseases during your trip with the risk of carrying it to your home country. Hence, always get vaccinated as required before the trip. Ask your doctor about the type of vaccination you need according to your travel plan.

Experience the Luxury Komodo Sailing Cruise With Phinisi

Labuan Bajo has developed into a gateway for tourists to explore the waters of Komodo National Park. Based on the information, many fishing boats in Bajo have turned into phinisi. Because Labuan Bajo and its surroundings are an attraction for tourists to meet directly with rare animals, the Komodo dragon, and enjoy the spectacular underwater scenery. Tourism, especially the Komodo sailing cruise, is the livelihood that is the pulse of the city of Bajo. 

Experience the Luxury Komodo Sailing Cruise With Phinisi

Luxurious Komodo Sailing cruise in Labuan Bajo

The phinisi ship is an authentic Indonesian ship, to be precise it comes from the Sulawesi area. Currently, in Labuan Bajo, many ship operators are competing to offer more facilities on phinisi ships. The phinisi boats available in Labuan Bajo come with various choices. The thing that distinguishes one from another is the facilities and size of the ship. Indeed, the price will vary.

Sailing with a phinisi is perfect for those who want to enjoy a relaxing holiday and not be in a hurry. On the other hand, if the vacation time is tight, fast boats are a more appropriate choice. Well, phinisi is suitable for island hopping activities, aka traveling from one island to another in a relaxed manner. These islands lie along the Sape Strait which separates the Bajo on Flores Island from Sumbawa. Rinca, Padar, and Komodo are the three main islands that you must visit when you are traveling to Labuan Bajo.

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Of course, not only sailing around one island to another, water tourism such as snorkeling or diving is also a holiday menu with phinisi depending on the facilities offered. For example, there are those who offer to swim among the stingrays that gather at Manta Point. Meanwhile, those who don’t really like water activities can enjoy trekking on the islands around Labuan Bajo such as Padar Island or Komodo Island. In fact, some offer both.

Komodo Boat Charter Facilities

Although the Komodo cruise facilities offered to vary depending on the level of luxury of the ship, in general, the phinisi boats offered for tourism in Labuan Bajo are quite comfortable. Usually, the crew consists of the captain, tour guide, cook, and several other crew members. The minimum Komodo sailing cruise facilities are cabins for sleeping with air conditioning, bathrooms and eating on board.

Most exciting, generally there is an upper deck to enjoy the atmosphere of the sea. The top-level on a phinisi ship is usually an empty deck filled with recliners and a number of bean bags. For boat dwellers who like to sunbathe, this is the most suitable place to relax and spend the day.

Komodo Boat Charter Facilities - double cabin

For those who do not like the sun is too hot, Komodo boat is also a favorite place to enjoy the sunrise in the morning or the sunset in the evening. At night, it’s also fun to chat while enjoying the sprinkling of stars in the sky or the sparkling lights of other ships.

The scenery that is served is usually in the form of the sea and views of the hilly islands around Labuan Bajo. Interestingly, the islands around Labuan Bajo have two contrasting colors that are equally beautiful. In the dry season, the islands and hills usually look yellow in the hot sun, while in May-June, Labuan Bajo has just finished the rainy season, so the scenery around the island will be green.

Tasty Fermented Foods Good For Your Gut Health

Fermented foods are the foods you should eat on regular basis because they contain good microbiome as to promote gut health. People from even ancient age have been fermented their foods in many different ways for many different purpose. But mostly, it is to make the foods last longer. Fermentation usually use microorganism such as yeast or bacteria. Many people still hesitate to eat fermented foods because of the unusual taste. However, they taste delicious and you should give them a try.  

Tasty Fermented Foods Good For Your Gut Health

Tasty and healthy fermented foods you should try

Each culture also has different method of fermenting foods. They use different tools as well to make sure that the fermentation process runs smoothly. Fermenting foods can take few days to months or even years. And here are some of the most delicious fermented foods you should try:


This is probably the most popular fermented  food nowadays due to the rise of popularity of Korean culture around the world. It is already known that Korean loves eating kimchi during their meal or snack times. They eat it with rice, noodles, meat, and almost everything. Kimchi is made from veggies such as napa cabbage, spring onions, or radish, to be then salted and added with mixed seasonings. To make kimchi, seasonings needed include garlic, gochugaru, ginger, shrimp paste, etc. It has unique flavor that makes it versatile to be paired with any foods.


Natto is fermented Japanese food made from soybeans. Many people say that Natto tastes really bad. Well, it can be for some people who are unfamiliar with the taste. Not to mention that people feel a bit off with its texture that is slimy, sticky, and stringy. Regardless of how weird its taste is for some people, this fermented is really good for your health since it can help reduce the risk of heart disease. It is best to enjoy with rice, green onions, and kimchi. 


Another Asian specialty is Bagoong, which is fermented food made from fish. This one fermented also has that ‘unique flavor’ to it. Maybe it is because the process of fermenting fish such as anchovies or perch in salt for several months. Even though it can taste ‘weird’ for some people, it has actually that ‘umami’ quality that makes it enjoyable to eat with other foods such as fried rice, stir fries, stew, etc. Some of the locals even love to put it on fresh mangoes to create delicious, sweet-salty treat. 


This particular fermented food is known to be originated in Germany. However, this fermented cabbages came originally from China. Sauerkraut is already used in variety of foods such as hotdogs and sandwiches. However, the authentic German Sauerkraut is usually made by adding juniper berries and caraway seeds. Meanwhile, in Poland it is usually made with shredded cabbage and carrots. The taste of Sauerkraut is not that extreme. It has that sourness but still has pleasant flavor to it that makes it compatible to be paired with many other foods. 

Busting Most Common Myths of Holiday Villas in Bali!

Busting Most Common Myths of Holiday Villas in Bali!

As one of prominent holiday destinations, holiday homes in Bali are growing increasingly popular, and they come in many shapes and sizes. It’s one of the most cost-effective ways to find a home away from home. All types of travelers and any number of guests can stay in holiday houses. Many travelers find the perfect lodging that suits their budget, taste, and vacation style in one of hundreds holiday villas spread in Bali. Still, a few skeptics persist in their beliefs about the holiday rental sector. Some still thinks that private villas are just for the super rich—while other assumes that there will be 24-hour service. Continue reading to bust a few of these myths and find the real reason behind why individuals prefer to stay at home.

Holiday Villas in Bali are Very Expensive!

The truth is that holiday home rentals are actually much more affordable than your hotels. If you are someone who is looking to get maximum value for their money, then this is the best option for you. Since they cater to all kinds of travelers, you can find rentals suitable for different budgets.  

From affordable options to super luxurious ones, it all depends on how much you are willing to spend. Needless to say, you can save a lot of money if you are staying in a group or with a bunch of families.  

You Will Sleep with Strangers in the House

You Will Sleep with Strangers in the House

Private luxury villas are almost always offered to a single party for maximum comfort and seclusion. When you rent a private luxury villa in Bali, it is solely yours to enjoy with your invited guests! This includes all of its amenities, whether you are alone, with a partner, with friends, or with family.

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You Can Only Book Vacation Rentals in Bali for Long Stay

When vacation house rentals were first introduced as a concept in Bali, the norm was set as 7 night minimum of rent. However, this has changed, and you can now book your rental for as many of as few nights as you wish.

To attract more customers, most homeowners are willing to be flexible with their policies. In fact, you might be able to get a decent price on travel during off-seasons and save a lot of money. Always inquire before making a reservation if you are unsure.

It Doesn’t Offer As Many As Hotels and Resorts

This could hardly be more untrue. Many holiday rentals in Bali comes with private pool, and you will receive additional amenities at no additional cost. For the same price as a hotel room, imagine having a private pool, full kitchen, game room, laundry area, and separate bathrooms and bedrooms. Even a free continental breakfast, no matter how fantastic it tastes, can’t compare.

The Availability of 24-hour Private Service

The Availability of 24-hour Private Service

While most villas have 24-hour security, 24-hour service is rarely extended beyond that, unless a 24-hour butler is provided. Many villas have live-in personnel who will be on the grounds nearly 24 hours a day, seven days a week; however, they are only required to execute their tasks during regular working hours.

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Booking Villas is Risky and Unreliable!

The Internet brings with it the occasional scammer. This is something we all know to be true. When you hire a property through a reputable property management business, however, you can be confident that the property you book will be the property you receive, and that your reservation will not be given to someone else.

Renting a villa in Bali are a terrific opportunity to spend time with family or friends in a relaxed and comfortable setting, while hotel stays are more formal and lack the intimacy of a home. You can have a great time in a beach villa near Seminyak, swimming in the water or reading a book by the sea, or sleeping in a mountain house with views of the lush Kintamani forest and bright blue sky!

Your Child Is Travelling Alone, How To Stay Calm And Keep Them Safe

It is not easy for parents to let their precious child exploring the world on their own, especially if it is their first time. There are mixed of emotions involves ranging from pride, worry, fear, excitement, anxiety, and many more. Even for those seasoned travelers, they still worry to let their child go travelling alone on their own. It is inevitable for parent to worry about their children. However, there are ways for you as parents to stay calm while letting your child have their own adventure safely. 

Your Child Is Travelling Alone, How To Stay Calm And Keep Them Safe

Tips to stay calm while letting your child travel alone

It is a must that you have a conversation with your child about the logistics and everything related to the trip. Make sure that you reach an agreement of maintaining communication. Here are useful tips to help ease your stress in letting your child exploring the world on their own:

Sharing locations 

Ask your child to share their locations. Figure out the location sharing settings in advance. This way, you will always know your child’s whereabouts. Most of the times, parents are not worrying about the ability of their child in making decision on the road. Their worry rather lies on the unexpected situation and harms of the people or situation that their child possibly encounter with. 

Sending selfies from time to time

Ask your child to send selfies during their trip regularly. This way, you know if your child is okay. A selfie can be sufficient enough to grant a peace of your mind. Not to mention that it will be exciting to have a collection of your child’s selfies from many different places as they are exploring the world on their own. 

Scheduling regular contact

You and your child must agree to maintain good communication in any form. Ask your child to call you regularly even just to say they are okay. Hearing from your child is relieving when you are slightly panicking about your child being out there in unknown places. To make this plan, you need to have an international phone plan in advance. Then, set up regular schedule contact. 

Establishing code words

No one known what kind of situation you may face during a trip to unfamiliar places. There is always a possibility of encountering unexpected things that can be harmful and dangerous to deal with. For this situation, you need to establish code words with your child in advance. A code word can be anything not direct or suspicious. It can be regular word such as ‘paper’ or a simple ‘red’ for your child to notice you if they are ever in dangerous situation when they are incapable of saying it outright. 

Worrying over your child for their first time travelling abroad alone is normal for parent. Make sure you have the copy of your child’s itinerary so you know exactly their schedule. It is even better if you make the plan together so you can discuss more about travel safety, warnings, emergency contacts, etc. 

Komodo Island Trip & Visit Incredible Jurassic Park

Consider yourself on one of Indonesia’s 17,000 islands. The Komodo dragon’s habitat is one of the most well-known and fascinating islands in the area. It is the world’s largest lizard, and Komodo Island is its home. But don’t worry, the Komodo dragon isn’t the only animal that roams the Komodo Islands. This East Nusa Tenggara territory is home to more than 2,000 people. The Komodo island trip provides an opportunity to see rare reptiles that are well preserved. 

Komodo National Park Pulau Padar Island Panorama. - komodo island tour

Komodo island trip & how to get there?

Komodo island boat tour is the only method of seeing rare reptiles and other national parks.

As the crow flies, the islands are roughly 40 kilometers from Bajo, and the trip takes around 3 hours with a slow boat or less than half that with a speedboat.

You may visit all of the highlights of Komodo National Park in a single full-day tour, or you can stay on a liveaboard boat for many days to see everything!

Every day, various airlines operate flights from Bali to Labuan Bajo airport (LBJ), with a one-hour travel time and ticket rates as low as $30 USD.

You may take a Komodo island boat tour in the harbor once you arrive in Labuan Bajo, or you can reserve one online.

What Is The Best Way To Get Around The Islands?

Slow boats, speedboats, and liveaboard boats are the three boat kinds available for exploring the islands.

The cheapest choice is the slow boat, but you’ll lose a lot of time on a journey because it’s so slow. A speedboat is significantly quicker and more efficient, but it is also significantly more expensive.

A liveaboard trip can be costly, but it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to sleep in a cabin and spend many days sightseeing and taking in more of the park’s treasures.

Best things to see & do during Komodo island tour

On the little island of Padar, Komodo Indonesia’s most stunning viewpoint is located. It’s only a 30-minute trek to the summit, and you’ll be rewarded with one of Southeast Asia’s greatest views.

This looks like something out of Jurassic Park. The island is shaped like a big X, with three bays including white, black, and pink beaches.

Each of the sand colors is unique in its own right, but seeing them all together is incredible. This is most likely the only site on the planet where you can see that!

Komodo island trip trekking

Of course, seeing the dragons in their natural habitat is the main draw of Komodo Indonesia. The only area in the world where you can do this is in the Komodo National Park.

You’ll go ashore on one of the two main islands in Indonesia where dragons live (Rinca or Komodo Island) and go on a short trek hunting for dragons while supervised by a park ranger for this leg of the program. The hike is level and suited for people of all ages.

You’re almost certain to see at least a few dragons, and you can even take pictures with them with the guide’s help! Seeing these animals up close and personal in the wild is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

How To Maintain Your Health With Limited Resources

How To Maintain Your Health With Limited Resources

Maintaining health is something you need to do every day. However, there are times when the resources are limited due to various reasons, for example, during the pandemic, people are forced to stay at home to reduce the risk of contracting covid-19. Hence, they are not able to go to the gym, having regular check-up with doctor, etc. Meanwhile, health is something need regular maintenance. 

How to stay healthy even with limited resources

The key to healthy life is not to have access to expensive facilities. It is more about habits that you build. For example, there are many alternatives you can choose to keep your body in shape without going to the gym. You can use everything you have at home and maintain that ideal body of yours. And here are some tips to maintain your health even with limited resources:

Do regular exercises at home about 30 minutes a day

You don’t have to own equipment you usually use at the gym to do some exercises. You can even do some exercise without using any supporting tools. You can walk around while you read or answer emails. Or, you can do some leg lifts, knee lifts, toe curls, standing push-ups, etc. If you are too busy with works or something with taking care of family, you can do those exercising while taking care of your business. You can even do push-ups while watching your baby. 

Exercise in the nature

Exercise in the nature

If you cannot go to the gym because you don’t have money or the place is too far to reach. You can just go running or taking a walk in the morning. To speed up your heart rate, walk faster. Do some exercise in the park near your home so you get to breathe in fresh air instead of the AC. If your neighborhood has lake, forest, or river, you can go to those places regularly to exercise, do some yoga, or meditate. 

Watch video to help guide you

If you cannot meet your trainer  to help you do your regime, you can watch video that offer guide or tutorials. Or, you can also join online class for activities you like. This can help a lot to keep you motivated with your regime even when your resource or time is limited due to many reasons. 

Keep your healthy eating habit

To stay fit, pay attention more of what you eat. It is important to eat nourishing foods. However, keep in mind that nourishing foods don’t equal expensive price. If your city doesn’t have much resources of fresh produce, you can take supplement  so you won’t lack of important nutrients. If you have limited access to healthy snacks, make your own snack with ingredients you have at home. 

It is also important to nurture your mental health by keeping your stress level in check. Also, do activities that keep your mood happy such as watching comedy movies, listening to your favorite musician, reading your favorite books, or cooking your favorite meals. 

Travelling with Kids in Family Resorts Benoa Bali: 7 Lifesaver Hacks!

Travelling with Kids in Family Resorts Benoa Bali: 7 Lifesaver Hacks for Parents!

It’s always a parent’s delight to be able to take their babies to a sunny family holiday in Bali. However, traveling with your family is always an adventure. Even if you decide to stay in the most family-friendly resorts in Nusa Dua, Bali. 

If you’re going on a long trip and will be spending a lot of time in a hotel room, there are a lot of ways to make the most of having the family in a small area while maintaining your sanity. From finding ways to keep kids engaged in the room to whip up quick and delicious meals in hotel room without kitchen. Here’s every simple hacks of staying with kids in family resort that will save your vacation. 

Choose A Family Suite with Kids Room or Connecting Family Room in Your Nusa Dua Family Resorts

Choose A Family Suite with Kids Room or Connecting Family Room in Your Nusa Dua Family Resorts
A kids room inside family suite in Holiday Inn Nusa Dua family resort

Most children require enough room to spread out and sleep properly. When looking for resorts in Nusa Dua, it’s better to opt for a suite with a separate room with bunk beds, particularly if you’re traveling with more than two children. Kids room inside a family suite is perfect for young kids who might not be easy to sleep far from their parents but need their own space to play, stretch, and nap. Meanwhile, the connecting room is great for families with teen kids or multiple children. They can maintain their own privacy while still getting connected with the parent’s room. 

Ask for Baby Items Ahead

Make arrangements for baby items ahead of time. You don’t have to bring everything from home, because many hotels have some of the larger stuff you might require. Most family-friendly hotels and resorts around Nusa Dua and Bali in general frequently have cots, baby baths, dust mite covers, and even blinds. So, before your vacation, phone the hotel to see what you can obtain.

Pack Kids’ Bathing Suite in Your Carry On

When you’re packing for change of clothes for the kids, pack their bathing suite in your carry on, their own bag, or on top stack inside the suitcase. Therefore, the kids can jump immediately into the pool when you arrive at the resort! It’s also a great way to spend time if you come before your room is ready.

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Make Use of Ironing Board as Dining Table for Kids

A desk or a huge table is not available in every hotel room. Not to mention that there is frequently just one armchair or desk chair, which will not accommodate everyone’s thighs. Using the hotel room’s ironing board at the foot or side of the bed as a makeshift dinner table is a simple and convenient solution. This is a terrific alternative for having a perfect, child-height surface for meals and/or playtime because the ironing board height is changeable.

Bring Activity Books for the Kids

Bring Activity Books for the Kids

Activity books are the hero of every travelling moms and dads. These quiet activities keep your children occupied and stimulate their imaginations emerge. There’s something for everyone in these range of travel-friendly activity books: coloring, stickers, games, and more.

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Keep the Coloring Pencils in A Drinking Cups

Aside of gaming gadgets, bringing a sketchpad or coloring books to the hotel room is a fun way to pass the time. Use drinking mugs as holders to keep pens, markers, colored pencils, and other creative tools from rolling off the desk (or makeshift ironing board table). This also makes it much easier for the kids to see and select the colors they require for their fantastic vacation crafts.

Make A Play Space for Your Children

Because hotel furniture isn’t fixed to the floor, you may move it around to give it a more homey feel. To create a separate play place for the youngsters, Gorman suggests rearranging chairs, tables, and even sofas. An extra bed sheet can even be used as a baby’s play mat. You can create a quiet space by turning a chair away from the room if you’re nursing. You may also use pillows to create a natural border in your children’s shared bed.