What You Need To Know Before Visiting National Parks

National park is one of the most favorite places to visit especially in the U.S and Europe. Also, it has become the most chosen destination of outdoor after the global pandemic. Lots of people feel the need to enjoy great outdoors after being restricted to travel for two years. Hence, national parks have become a great choice to visit. 

Online Reservation Enter Key

Keep these things in mind before visiting national parks

The perk of visiting national parks is that you get to see the nature at its fines and witness beautiful wildlife from close distance. However, visiting national parks in the U.S with some lingering COVID-19 capacity restriction can be a recipe for potentially crowded visitors. Hence, it is important to make plan and be more prepared before paying a visit and here are some useful tips to consider:

About reservation policy

Some of national parks in the U.S require timed-entry reservation and some others don’t. therefore, it is best to ensure it by confirming the information first before visiting the place. Aside from reservation requirements, visitors of national parks are also required to purchase an entrance pass to display on your vehicle’s dashboard. You may save time by asking if your park offers passes to buy online.

Reservation to tour attractions

One of the most exciting parts of visiting national park is when you tour various attractions. Some of national parks require reservation but some others don’t. Again, you need to find out more information about it in advance. Some of national parks require ticketed reservation that can be purchased in advance online. 

About camping reservation

Camping in one of your favorite national park can be a great idea to spend your next holiday. Some national parks offer reservation-only campsites that open for sale a year in advance and get booked a year in advance. Meanwhile, some other national parks are more first come first served type. There are also other national parks that are mix of both types of campsites such as Yellowstone National Park and Shenandoah National Park. If you want to try the first come first served campsite, you must come early in the day. 

Booking hotels and lodges

National parks’ hotels and lodges are available for visitors who are not into camping in the open. However, again, this might require reservation in advance especially if your destination is one of the most popular national parks such as Yellowstone, Glacier, Yosemite, Grand Teton, etc. It is best to get on the phone to get a scoop from a real person with access to more information than you. 

Taking pet with you to national parks

Dogs are allowed in developed areas of national parks such as along roads, campgrounds, parking lots, and picnic areas. However, dogs and other pet are typically not allowed on hiking trails or in the backcountry. Your dogs should always be leashed and you need to pick up your dog’s waste as its owner. You may also check out the National Park Service to know which parks allow pets.

How To Apply Green Sustainable Concept To Your Concrete Villa

When you make your villa more environmentally friendly, you help to improve the environment. But that isn’t all. Villa sustainability can reduce the cost of running your villa by conserving energy, water, and system and appliance maintenance. More importantly, applying a green sustainable concept to your concrete villa will create a healthier environment for yourself, your family, or even your renter.

Image Source: https://greenwiseconstructions.com/

What is a green sustainable concrete villa?

A sustainable villa is one that is built or retrofitted in a way that conserves resources, optimizes energy and water use, and is built to last longer with high-quality systems.

Low-impact, high-performance materials are used in sustainable building.

They are productive in terms of manufacturing, shipping, and installation. Furthermore, because high-quality materials and systems break less and last longer, they produce less waste.

What factors contribute to a villa’s environmental sustainability?

Consider every detail to make your concrete villa more sustainable:

  • Building materials and techniques
  • Decorating options
  • Insulation
  • Windows
  • Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning are all available.
  • Lighting
  • Appliances
  • Plumbing fittings
  • Use of intelligent systems
  • Solar and wind energy generation
  • Your routine maintenance, conservation, and green cleaning habits

Should you buy a new environmentally friendly villa or retrofit your current one for sustainability?

The decision between building a sustainable house and retrofitting your current home is not simple. Building new structures costs the environment. New buildings, on the other hand, incorporate cutting-edge technologies and approaches that benefit the environment over time.

However, there are other factors to consider when moving, such as cost, location, schools, and life disruption. Like many others, you may decide that investing in retrofitting to make your villa more sustainable is the most cost-effective option.

New building techniques for constructing a sustainable villa

Building a sustainable house from the ground up aims to reduce waste, increase long-term dependability, and improve energy and water efficiency over the life of the villa.

Think about passive solar design.

The passive solar design harnesses solar energy to help heat and cool living spaces. The passive solar design relies on building materials that reflect, absorb, or transmit solar radiation rather than using mechanical or electrical equipment. Interior spaces are designed to allow sun-heated air to circulate without the use of fans. As a result, you may use less energy to heat and cool your concrete villa.

Install energy-efficient windows.

High-performance windows can make a significant difference. Windows account for up to 50% of lost energy. Double glazing, special coatings, nonconductive framing materials, and higher-quality, airtight construction are examples of new technologies.

Set up a cool roof.

A cool roof reflects the sun’s heat rather than absorbing it into your villa. The impact on your cooling bill can be significant.

Set up solar panels.

Solar panels produce electricity that can be used to power your villa. Customers can power their homes with a clean energy source that emits less carbon emissions than fossil fuels by using energy sources such as solar.

Plant an energy-saving garden.

Water consumption is reduced in an energy-efficient garden. Plant according to watering requirements and use plenty of mulch. Gather rainwater for drip irrigation.

How To Stay Safe During Your Full-Time Travel

How To Stay Safe During Your Full-Time Travel
Traveler in Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park, Indonesia

Being a full time traveler means you are not just travelling for holiday because you are not returning home for an indefinite period. It is exciting to be able to travel around the world without any time limit. However, not many people are ready to make this kind of decision. And one of the reason is safety. Being on the road for a very long time may expose you to variety of danger and risks. Also, losing something important such as travel documents will put you in difficult situation with your plan. 

Tips to stay safe for full-time travelers

It is true that travel can be unpredictable that you make mistakes or get involved in emergency situation even though you have been very prepared with your travel plan. And it is even riskier when you plan for a full-time travel where you don’t get to return to home anytime soon to take a breather. You need to take precautions to ensure your safety and how to be self-reliant. 

Consider double up on credit cards

Losing credit card or get it stolen by thieves is possible. In fact, many travelers have experienced it. If you lose your credit card while moving around a lot, it will be difficult to get a replacement card mailed to you. The process tend to be long and painful. Thus, it is recommended to travel with at least two credit cards with you. Place them in different or separate wallets so you still have a backup if one of them is compromised. 

Beware of various scams

Regardless of your travel destination, there is always risk of getting scammed especially when you are very obvious of being a tourist. It is important to do some research about your destination in advance so you know how to avoid them and stay safe. Also, try to blend in with the locals as much as possible so you won’t stick like a sore thumb and become a target. 

Avoid dangerous areas

It is understandable that you feel like you are invincible and have a freedom to do whatever you like during a trip. However, you always put your safety first and avoid risking it. Do your own research in advance to learn if there are dangerous areas you need to avoid in your destination. If you are not sure about the area and your gut feels funny, it is better to avoid that area and look for safer route. 

Get travel insurance

It is a must to get an insurance is if you plan on full-time travel. At least get your health insurance that will help cover your medical bills if you get injured or sick during your trip. In fact, it is highly likely that you get sick with how long you are on the road. 

To stay safe during the duration of your full-time travel, be flexible for some changes and always be willing to learn about the places you are visiting. Spend your first few days observing new place to learn safety ropes.  

8 Types of Property in Bali You Should Know Before Investing

Vacation rental properties are short term rental properties that many people use for vacationing in when they are at a spot away from home. It is basically renting out an apartment or other space, such as a house, condo or resort area to those that are visiting the area for a short period of time that need the space. They generally come fully-furnished with everything that a visitor would need during their stay. It is a great alternative to a hotel and it is also usually more upscale and private. Starting a vacation rental business is an investment that many consider undertaking, as the vacation rental can provide income year after year.

Types of Property in Bali You Need to Know

So you are interested in investing a property in the Island of God. Much than what you think, there are more types of properties in Bali to invest in than just a villa or vacant land. There are numerous varieties of holiday rental homes available in the market. There is no predetermined standard for what “kind” of vacation property you can invest in and then rent out because many of them are expanding across a broad variety of types. 

Regular and Luxurious Bali Villas

A holiday villa is one of the last categories of vacation residences. These homes can accommodate medium-sized gatherings of roughly 5-8 people, which would be both private and opulent. There are a sizable number of bedrooms and bathrooms in the villas. Private pools, gardens, large rooms, and other noteworthy features are also available. Vacation villa is the most popular type of property to own in Bali. 

Beachfront Villas

Beachfront Villas in Bali

The more premium version of villas in Bali is the beachfront villa. It could be quite expensive, but this type of property is always quick to sell. A beachfront villa in Bali is the embodiment of a tropical dream; savoring the cool summer air and taking in the magnificent panorama of golden-hued sand, vibrant blue sky, and crashing waves.

There are many beach property alternatives available at various price points to match any budget, whether you’re searching for an opulent beach home or a stunning coastal condominium. They provide seclusion, a plethora of opulent amenities, and proximity to the ocean, which families and couples may utilize to enjoy various activities and just relax and unwind amidst lovely nature.

Vacation Apartments

Vacation Apartments

Studio apartments are often smaller, but they may be quite beneficial for someone wishing to stay for a shorter amount of time because they are made in a highly practical and efficient fashion. Their room-like design gives you a feeling of having a “home away from home” and allows you just enough room for some “me time,” as well as the option of relaxing in the common area where you can socialize with other residents.

Additionally, serviced studio apartments include all-inclusive rent, a coin-operated laundry facility you can use anytime you need it, and a fully functional kitchen where you can prepare quick, wholesome meals. A bonus is having access to the rooftop, where you may relax and take in the scenery.

More Vacation Rental & Investment Business Tips:

What Guests Wants from Staying at Bali Holiday Villas



The most common and smallest types of vacation rentals are thought to be condos. There are typically two types of bedrooms in condos available for vacation rentals. Condominium is perfect if you are looking to market it to smaller parties as well as couples looking for a more private stay.

City Townhomes

Consider renting a city townhome if you want a rental home with all the amenities of a full-sized house but don’t want to spend a lot of money. Townhomes are compact but fully furnished, share side walls with the townhomes next to them, and typically (but not always) have numerous stories. They may include a number of bathrooms and bedrooms depending on the floor layout, which makes them especially practical for families.

They can be found near the city’s center or in the outskirts, which is where they are frequently seen. They have all the amenities found in a typical single-family home, only they are much more affordable to reside in.

Residential House

Residential House

Houses are standard residential structures with one or more stories. They may be in cities, rural areas, suburbs, farmland, or even right on the ocean. While vacation villa in Bali are usually located in touristy area, a regular house are usually build in the residential towns. They might come just like a regular house without swimming pools or any fun amenities. It’s a good investment alternative especially if you plan to live like a local. 

More Vacation Rental & Investment Business Tips:

Important Things to Choose a Location Villa Bali

“Villa” Bungalows

“Villa” Bungalows

There are numerous varieties of holiday rental homes available. There is no predetermined standard for what “kind” of vacation property you can invest in and then rent out because many of them are expanding across a broad variety of types.

Other Property Unique to Bali

Other Property Unique to Bali

Sometimes, you want to look for the “it” factor when looking for property investment. You can now also make an alternate property investment through special houses that’s unique to Bali. There are some truly bizarre options available that offer visitors the most strange but enjoyable stay. Some of the most popular ‘unique houses” in Bali includes the bamboo house, “glamping—glamour camping” semi permanent tent house, yacht house, container house, and more! When investing in vacation rental properties, the sky is the limit.

Should You Book Your Travel In 2022?

After the global pandemic hit two years ago, travel industry has been struggling to get back to normal. And though the situation has been progressively contained, there are many people who are still reluctant to leave their house. There have also been various changes to travel regulations that make some people lose interest because they’d rather stay at home than dealing with so many papers just for a trip. 

Should You Book Your Travel In 2022?

Booking your travel in 2022, is it better choice?

it is also more common for people now to become more conscious about their travel plan. Some travelers would rather make spontaneous travel rather than booking in advance because they worry about the unexpectedness just like how the covid-19 hit so suddenly ruining almost everyone’s travel plan. Many travel experts recommend not to book travel in 2022 with reasons as follow:

COVID regulations keep changing worldwide

Many international borders are already open now, welcoming back visitors and tourists alike for a visit. However, the protocols and requirements are still changing daily. Also, each country may have their own policies for a foreign travelers who want to enter their border. With so many changes and updates about the protocols regarding to COVID, it is more challenging for you to plan your trip, let alone booking your trip in advance. If you still have to plan a trip in 2022, then make sure to find information daily and stay updated with it for a seamless travel experience.

High possibility for paying more

It is likely that travel cost is getting higher now after the the global pandemic hit. Hotels and other tourist attractions start offering promotions based on age, occupation, state of residency, etc. Hence, it is more challenging to find the best deals for your travel plan. Planning your travel in 2022 will require you to spend more money for accommodation and transports. 

Miss out on price drops after booking

If you book your own travel in advance, there is possibility for you to miss out on price drops after booking. Throughout wave season, the prices can fluctuate. Yes, it is possible for you to get your trip rebooked your trip if you find the price drop. However, it can be done by travel agents only. 

Spending much time searching what and where to book

Booking your own travel in advance is good choice but not the most efficient if you are looking for a seamless travel experience. It may take long for you to find what and where to book your travel, how to get cheap tickets to a tourist attraction fast, or what details you should pay attention to when making choices. 

Consider using travel agent service

You can plan for seamless travel experience with the help of trusted travel agent. They know what to offer based on your needs and budget. They can even help you rebook your travel accordingly. And of course, they will notify you the updates or changes regarding to the protocols, regulations, and requirements needed for your trip.

How To Find The Best Deal Open Trip Labuan Bajo

Who does not know the world tourist destinations of Komodo National Park? To explore the small and large islands there it is recommended to use a boat. 3 large islands ranging from Komodo, and Rinca, to Padar island can not be reached on a one-day trip. Of course, you will not satisfy exploring the three large islands and other small islands. Live on board is highly recommended, but the budget for renting a phinisi boat is not recommended for solo traveling. Another very possible option for solo traveling is the open trip Labuan Bajo.

How To Find The Best Deal Open Trip Labuan Bajo

How many days are ideal for an open trip to Labuan Bajo?

Offers available are one-day trips, 3D2N to 5D4N. How long is the ideal time to explore Komodo National Park? The best way is to surf to find package deals from several trip operators. The trip agency has a different itinerary, phinisi boat, and price. It will take at least 1 month to find an open trip Labuan Bajo package that really makes your trip unique and memorable.

Open trip Labuan Bajo for solo traveling is very flexible. You can choose the type of boat, facilities, and prices which certainly vary. If you are the type of solo traveler who doesn’t like to join other participants, you can take a private cabin which is definitely more private. 

If you are a solo traveler who prefers to join other participants, you can take a cabin with 2-3 beds. Prices for private cabins and sharing cabins will certainly be different.

You can choose the type of boat and facilities according to your budget. Even if you are solo traveling, it is possible to get a sailing trip Labuan Bajo package with a luxury boat.

You need to remember, that an open trip means that you will sail according to the schedule set by the trip operator. You cannot choose a destination outside the itinerary that has been prepared by the operator.

The top destination for your sailing trip Labuan Bajo

Paying attention to your open trip itinerary is important. The itinerary is subject to change without notice when weather conditions are unfavorable. Some of the tourist destinations that should include in your Labuan Bajo open trip list:

Komodo Island

The location is at the very end of NTT, where you can see ancient animals without or by trekking. On Komodo Island, you can climb Mount Ara as high as 538 meters above sea level. But for solo traveling, it is not possible to climb Mount Ara considering your tight travel schedule. If you visit in May and August and are lucky, you can witness the Komodo dragon mating season. 

Rinca island

On Rinca Island, you have to do trekking for 1.5 hours. If you’re lucky, you can see Komodo dragons attacking their prey, fighting, or walking slowly along the road. You have to be careful during your exploration of Rinca island because the Komodo dragons on Rinca Island also have a more vicious nature. 

The location of Rinca Island is very convenient as a trekking place that will not be forgotten.

You will be lulled and immersed in the stunning natural panorama and see Komodo dragons up close. Rinca Island is really like a wild island with amazing beauty.

Padar island

Padar Island is not inhabited by Komodo dragons due to the broken food chain. You can climb the hill on Padar Island to enjoy the beautiful panorama from above.

Padar Island is the best spot for instagramables. To get beautiful photos, of course, you have to be at the top in the afternoon. Enjoying the sunset at this peak is an extraordinary moment and a beautiful photo canvas.

European Travel Destinations With The Best Art Scene

If you are an avid fan of art scene such as museums, or art galleries, European countries are one of the most recommended places to find those. In fact, Europe is home to the most magnificent museums and art galleries in the world. You will a plethora of places to visit if you are really into art. It won’t be hard to find world-class artworks in Europe. In fact, it is hard to narrow down the lists of the best European travel destination for art enthusiasts. Here are several of them you can consider putting in your bucket list:

Panoramic view of famous Gendarmenmarkt square with Berlin Concert Hall and German Cathedral in golden evening light at sunset with blue sky and clouds in summer, Berlin Mitte district, Germany

Berlin, Germany

Of course, this place is like a must-visit travel destination in Europe regardless what type of travel you seek out for. The German capital caters to every taste of art lovers. There is Museumsinsel (Museum Island) as the center of of Berlin’s art scene. The entire island is in fact a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There are five museums on the island. They include the infamous Gemaldegalerie and the Alte Nationalgalerie (Old National Gallery). the former is  a place with impressive collection of art from he 13th through the 18th centuries. The latter is home to Neoclassical, Romantic, and Impressionist art. 

Paris, France

This city might be overrated but it is highly recommended for art enthusiasts. Paris is home to artists and art lovers alike. This city is a world art capital due to its medieval monuments, impressive museums, and inventive art galleries. There are more than 1,000 of them you can choose to visit. The Louvre is with no doubt the most popular museum that is already known worldwide. It is the biggest museum in the world and home to the infamous Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa painting. This museum has the most impressive entrance with its 68-foot-highglass pyramid.

London, The United Kingdom

London is such an interesting city to visit especially for art enthusiasts. It is where you get to enjoy the most artistically diverse art scenes in the world from grand galleries to small pop up places with impressive installations. The city’s most visited tourist attraction is The Tate Modern, which is said to be the mecca for modern-art enthusiasts. This place is home to the famous artwork from Picasso and Warhol. Another popular place to visit is the Saatchi Gallery that houses cutting-edge contemporary art pieces. Or, head to the National Gallery to find something more traditional.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

This is such a feast for the eyes, especially of those art lovers. This is where you get to see Van Gogh’s Sunflower and also Rembrandt’s Night Watch. This city offers both age-old museums and world-class contemporary art galleries. It is recommended to visit the Rijksmuseum and see works by Rembrandt, Hals, Vermeer, and Steen among its collection. If you look something more quirky, head to the heart of Amsterdam and visit De Nieuwe Kerk (New Church). No longer used for church services, this place has turn to become an exhibition space for art, culture, and photography. 

Komodo Boat Trip & What You Need To Know

The secret has been revealed, and visitors from all over the world are flocking to one of Indonesia’s premier diving destinations: the Komodo Islands. Many visitors spend time exploring the vibrant marine life in addition to its beautiful rolling hills, stunning beaches, and fiery dragons. Komodo National Park is a premier dive destination, with crystal clear waters teeming with sharks, manta rays, corals, and large fish. While you can spend your time doing day dives, liveaboard diving is the best way to explore the many world-class dive sites. Komodo liveaboard budget is the crucial point before choosing your sailing package. 

Komodo Liveaboard Budget & What You Need To Know

Where to start & How much is your Komodo Boat Trip budget?

Labuan Bajo is the capital of Flores and the closest city to the Komodo National Park. There are direct flights from Bali that take approximately one hour. There are several airlines to choose from, and a return ticket costs around 1.000.000 IDR. Considering that the pandemic has ended, the price of plane tickets is getting higher and higher. The best way is to plan a sailing Komodo trip and look for ticket prices during the low season.

Make sure you know the best season to go before choosing the best Komodo boat trip package. In the Komodo National Park, you can dive all year. The dry season lasts from April to December, while the wet season lasts from January to March. 

Komodo liveaboard budget depends on the type of ship you choose. The cruise options to Komodo that you can choose from, are boat charters and group tours.

One of the first decisions to make is whether to join a regular tour or charter your own boat. Both options can be excellent, and it all comes down to your budget and availability. Based on the experience of travel in endemic times, the availability of boats to Komodo is somewhat difficult. You should really need to search and book Komodo liveaboard 1 month in advance.

If you are involved in the scuba diving community, you can also inquire directly with diving shops to see if they offer liveaboard trips. This may save you money because it is easier to negotiate rates and get a better deal. 

Komodo island liveaboard agency

However, not all liveaboard agencies will provide detailed information to you. We recommend the Komodo boat trip agency with a good rating with premium service even though you have to pay more. Remember that you can’t change ships during a cruise like changing hotel rooms. 

Some ship recommendations range from standard to luxury Komodo liveaboard that you can adjust to your budget.

Ultimate Komodo liveaboard

Amandira liveaboard

Amandira is a 52-meter traditional phinisi with 5 cabins, 14 crew members, and Aman’s signature hospitality. Amandira has five luxurious cabins spread across the main and lower decks. The spacious and supremely comfortable master suite is located aft of the ship and offers guests a panoramic view.

Amandira liveaboard deck

Its private terrace is ideal for a romantic sunset and luxurious privacy. The lower deck has two double bed suites, and the bow has two additional bunk bed cabins.

Leisure equipment:

  • 4 Paddle board
  • 2 Sea Kayaks
  • Nitrox
  • Wakeboards
  • Fishing Gear
  • Complete diving equipment
  • Complete Snorkeling equipment
  • 2 speedboats

Silolona liveaboard

Silolona, with 5 cabins and 17 crew members, provides the ideal blend of service, modern amenities, and exquisite Indonesian touches, delivering an unforgettable experience. A total of 5 cabins, 3 of which have king-size beds with a sofa and two of which have a double bed. Air conditioning and ensuite bathrooms are standard in all cabins.

Silolona liveaboard deck

Leisure equipment:

  • Water skiing
  • wake boarding
  • kayaking
  • donut
  • stand up paddle
  • snorkeling gear
  • 3 tenders
  • sport fishing
  • Diving Equipment

Luxury Yacht

Aliikai Voyage

Aliikai is a 40-meter-long wooden phinisi that was built in Bulukumba. With up to 15 guests aboard, Aliikai will explore the jewels of the Indonesian Archipelago. Its dedicated 12 crew members and expedition leader will cater to all of your needs in order to create lifelong memories for you.

Aliikai Voyage

On three decks, there are seven cabins. Aft of the vessel are two master cabins, each with a large private terrace. The upper deck has two double bed cabins with sea views, while the lower deck has two double bed cabins and one double bed cabin with an additional sofa. All cabins have an ensuite bathroom, wardrobes, and remote air conditioning.

Leisure equipment:

  • Snorkeling set
  • Nitrox
  • Diving Equipment
  • 2 Kayaks
  • 2 Standup Paddle
  • Beach games
  • 2 speedboats
  • Wakeboard

Magia II liveaboard

Magia II will thoroughly delight and cherish its visitors. Its fantastic master suite, complete with a private Jacuzzi on the terrace, is worthy of the best five-star hotel! Magia II will create unforgettable memories by sailing from Raja Ampat to Komodo at only the best times!

Magia II liveaboard

Leisure equipment:

  • Paddle board
  • Fishing equipment
  • Snorkeling & dive equipment
  • Speedboat
  • Water scooters
  • Kayaks
  • Floaties

Most Recommended Spots To Take Spectacular Photos In Komodo Island

Having a great adventure to the lair of the dragons in the Komodo National park in Komodo Island is going to be such a spectacular moment in your lifetime. This is the literally the only place on earth where you get to see the deathly Komodo Dragons that are also known to be the largest lizard and reptile in the world. 

Best spots to take amazing photos in Komodo Island

Komodo National Park is secluded from the modern world, allows you to enjoy breathtaking nature at its most pristine. With the perfect settings and composition, this place is such an ideal site for taking spectacular photos. No matter if you are professional photographer or simply love taking beautiful pictures, these best places are highly recommended to shoot breathtaking pictures:

Pink Beach

Pink Beach of Komodo Island is one of only seven pink beaches that exist around the world. Visiting this island won’t be completed if you skip Pink Beach. This breathtaking beach has beautiful view of pink sand. The color itself is caused by the red coral resulting in one-of-a-kind scene. It is recommended to reach higher ground to capture the most exceptional views. 

Peak of Gili Laba Island

This place is situated about 4 hours from Labuan Bajo. It is small and but beautiful uninhabited island with spectacular setting. You will get to see a one-of-a-kind view over the Flores Sea from the top of its hill. Not to mention the soft pearly white sand that stretch over pretty beaches touching the pristine water of the sea. Surrounded by lush green savannah, this place offers such amazing setting for photography. 

Padar Island

Reach the summit of Padar Island and you will get to see beautiful beaches surrounding the island. This place has been dubbed as Haven for Photographers due to its perfect scene and setting. This place is also a great spot to catch sunrise and sunset that produce magical rays of light. You may need to trek and hike up to reach some vantage points but it will be such rewarding journey to take.

Kanawa Island

This site is known for its bed of coral reefs teeming with colorful fish. The pristine water is relatively calm and clear. Reaching the top of the hill located at the center of the island, you will get to see breathtaking views of sunrise and sunsets. With its rich marine life, this place is a favorite site for snorkeling enthusiasts. If you are into underwater photography or want to try it, catch the opportunity while visiting this place. 

Manta Point

This site is heaven for divers, snorkeling enthusiasts, and underwater photographers. Manta Point is the place where you get to have an encounter with giant Manta Rays. In addition, you get to see reefs lying only 2 meters to 9 meters depth. Other sea creatures you get to meet here also include sharks, turtles, huge clams, eagle rays, and various kind of sponges. Have your underwater adventure and immortalize into spectacular photos. 

How To Implementation of Bali Architecture in the villa

Indonesia’s incredible diversity of stunningly beautiful, comfortable, and functional architecture is shaped by the country’s unique cultural richness in harmony with nature. This is similar to the Bali architecture. Balinese architecture, as a well-known area in Indonesia, is a representation of the richness and distinctiveness of Indonesian architecture, which is frequently combined with modern style. So, how do you blend Bali architecture with modern design in your home?

How To Implementation of Bali Architecture in the villa

Implement Main Aspects of Architecture 

Beginning with the organization of space from the gate to the layout of the space, Bali architecture is heavily influenced by Hindu elements. For good air circulation, Bali architecture employs large windows or space between the roof and walls of the building. 

Design a bedroom with a carving-filled wall on the head of the bed and a large window overlooking a small garden. Natural stone is used to make the floor less slippery and as a symbol of harmony with the tropical environment.

Implement Main Aspects of Bali Architecture 

Bali builders will pay attention to harmonization when building a house. Harmonization with nature requires a yard that is large enough to be able to communicate with the natural surroundings. Trees with unique trunks blend beautifully with concrete road patterns interspersed with grass and huts along with a dumb bale of wood.

In Balinese architecture, the wall serves a spiritual purpose in addition to providing security and privacy from the outside. The shape of a box made of natural stone decorated with palm trees, banana trees, and rows of decorative bamboo on the entrance wall can be tried by combining Balinese house architecture with a modern style.

Actually, the goal of modern and Bali architectural styles is to provide human users with functional comfort.

Implementation of Bali architecture in the villa

In fact, many villas in Bali offer a calm and pleasant atmosphere with a go-green concept and a semi-open building. Bali architecture brings aspects of Bali which is the main attraction for domestic and foreign tourists. Architecture in Bali is very distinctive carrying aspects that are adjusted to the beliefs of the local peoples to get harmonization.

If we look at the concept of a traditional Balinese house, it will usually be broken down into bale-bale buildings. One yard can contain four to six main buildings, so traditional houses require a large area of land.

traditional house in bali

However, traditional houses are usually not inhabited by one family head, but one big family. In every Balinese architecture, there is always a small temple and a statue at the front of the residence.

This was deliberately done as a form of respect for their deceased ancestors. In addition, the temple is presented to uphold the human relationship with the Creator.

Villas in Bali take the concept of traditional houses with bale-bale whose function is more to relax with family.