Financial Planning Tips During Crisis

Many business are suffering due to the pandemic that has caused economic downturn in global scale. The pandemic has brought the realization of a long-term business. You don’t know what will hit you tomorrow if you are not prepared in advance. Without long term plan especially in the financial aspect, business will get it hard when it hit with such unprecedented times. Financial and legal planning are crucial for business to survive and keep growing during crisis. 

The right financial plan for business to face crisis

Many business are now trying to fortify their their plans for covid-19. meanwhile, some others might be struggling to develop them. It doesn’t matter in what stage you are in now, you have to plan right for your finance so your business can still thrive even during crisis. Also, your business should be ready to face the post-pandemic reality. Here are some tips to hitch the best financial plan:

Gather your team to discuss important things. You can consult with your financial and legal team first to see what you can plan. It is even better if you have an ideal consisted of financial advisor, legal counsel, payroll expert, as well as accountant. If you don’t have a team ready, then you can start building one. You can your business partners to recommended you the right people to be in your team.

financial planning

Try to avoid being in a panic mode especially during crisis. If you fall into that state, it is easier for you to lose focus. Also, it will bring negative energy to the overall people involved in your business such as employees. Instead of panicking, you can try your best to communicate openly and transparently with your team. Thus, any questions and confusions can be cleared. Having confidence during crisis is not easy. However, you can do it if you trust yourself and your team to plan the right strategy. 

Building reserve from the beginning is necessary. It will be your live safe when you face unexpected things such as this pandemic. When you have reserves, your business will be more flexible in facing difficult times because cash offer more solutions. At least, your business will stay afloat while waiting for the situation to get better. 

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Calculate lowest operating cost so you already have more accurate numbers on hand. When making plan for your business especially for its finance, always plan something to face the worst scenario. Thus, you know what to do and what you need to survive when crisis hits you. The plan based on the worst scenario can be better developed and executed well since you know what you really need for your business to survive. 

If you have already a plan made based on worst scenario, what you need to do when facing crisis is to review them more thoroughly since you already have all necessary documents ready. Then, do not skip to review your exit plans or revise them if necessary. Be ready to develop a plan to avoid severe financial loss.

Bali Property For Sale Which Sell The Most

Huge demand covering bali property for sale, as the industry currently in peak season. Moreover, tourist are gathered in Bali from all around the world. The property and villa sector are in mass development to match the number of sales happening in Bali. Its undoubtedly that we will see this chart going bullish for few years ahead.

Bali Property For Sale

Align with the new construction of property and villas, the sales in market brings attention to the industry’s stakeholders. The total sales and property price index are constantly increasing from 2010 until this day. Unfortunately, last period was a turning point of property industry amid covid 19 pandemic as all sales, price index and inflation are going opposite. Perhaps, we will see a correction and recovery soon within the new normal period.

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What Sell in Bali Property For Sale

Its too broad to discuss the factor that mostly sell for a property unit. Theres a lot of aspect and factor going in and affect the markets. Furthermore, each of region provide an unique characteristic, behaviour which differentiate one to another.

For instance, here in Bali popular with the ambience and beautiful scenery of its nature. So each Bali property for sale that provide this value will add a significant sell factor to the market, since the demand are shaping to a more serene-luxury living.

Bali Property For Sale | Pool

More of the same, an independent organization surveyed various factors which sells for Bali property for sale. The result says that buyers are mostly consider the factor of local neighbourhood for up to 65%. Also a well presented garden and spacious exterior remain a favourite for 61%. Meanwhile local crime figures stand in 3rd position with 51%. Moreover the remaining factors are long term property’s potential, fast broadband and the strength of mobile signal.

How Is This Relevant?

It is believe that Bali property will make the most out of this when these factors are met. By the buyers point of view, these factors adds a significant value to external aspect of the property, which they are ready to pay more.

Bali Property For Sale | Kitchen

With the more shaping market towards behaviour and purchase intention, a property would not sell for only just a building. The external factor which now become a major aspect will affect the buyer intention. Further, the market of bali property for sale.

Property With Complete Selling Factor

To be honest its very easy to find a great property or villa in Bali, but to match the complete factor could be a tricky one. A more research must be taken into consideration before finally purchase the unit, otherwise a recommendation would be a good start.

For instance, like this stunning leasehold villa in the heart of echo beach. Cover with serene and peaceful 4 bedroom and 4 bathrom, provide the utmost comfortable and stylish living. Worth to mention, the great local neighbourhood, low crime rate and spacious exterior makes this villa more complete.

Inviting ambience in size of 257 sqm with total land of 3.3 are. Built in the highest quality standards with complete facility of 3x9m swimming pool, full set kitchen, lounge room, parking area, spacious garden and garage. Inquire this villa now for the best selling point you could find in Bali property

Building Your Courage During Economic Uncertainty

Facing the crisis, global economy has become more uncertain. Lots of businesses are suffered due to the impact of the pandemic. It is normal to worry about the future in the mids of economic uncertainties. However, fear can be your greatest enemy even if it has nothing to do with crisis. It can make you more hesitate in making the right decision. You will only focus on negative possibilities. Thus, it blocks you from success in your life. Fear is something you can overcome even during this crisis.

How to build your courage and save your business

There are many forms of courage. It can be in a form of daring pursuit of bold peaks. Some people also act courageous to defy their fear. Business leaders are facing economic uncertainties and fear for the future. Courage is something you can build just like your muscles. Here are things you can do to build your courage and save your business during this economic uncertainty:

The very first thing you can do to remove your fear is by acknowledging it. Keeping in denial won’t take you anywhere. By acknowledging the fear, your body and mind are more ready to respond. Remember that your body is smart. Your brain can execute thinking process that helps you overcome your fear. 

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Fear of challenges during economic uncertainty is something you can overcome by building your self-certainty. Even if the world is dying, you can still find courage to move forward if you have faith in yourself. Therefore, it is important to find your position during uncertainties. You can try to connect more with your strengths and get clear with your own anchor. This will help guide you to the right path. When you connect to your strength, you will feel more courageous.

Try to stop yourself from imagining negative things in your mind. It is easy for our mind to wander around to dangerous areas. There are so many ‘ what ifs’ arise in your mind while just casually thinking about the future of your business during the crisis. However, that way of thinking will only harm you. Thus, pull yourself together whenever you stat thinking negatively then refocus on what you want to do and what you can do instead. 

Practice rituals that can help you build your courage. Well, it is not a ritual where you go into a cave and meditate or something. Your rituals can help you build healthy, positive habits that affect your courage. Therefore, it is highly recommended to prioritize practices that physically, emotionally, mentally recharge and renew. 

Always remember that no matter how tough the time is currently, it won’t stay the same. Focusing on how bad it is won’t make you more courageous. Therefore, it is advised to focus more on your future-self. You can start planning where you want to be in a year from now. This can elevate your perspectives and unlock your creativity to find hidden opportunities even in the mids of crises. 

Buy Villa Bali With Price Request You Cant Refuse

In todays market buy villa bali isnt just an commodity, but its a lifestyle. Thousands of people from diverse background and countries have dreamt on owning one of these. Furthermore, they tend to pick and buy villa which suit their taste and personality. These aspect predicted to be a major influence on customer behaviour to purchase villa in bali.

Buy villa bali are made easy with current technology. With enormous option of payment for service and product, villa sales seek to achieve advantages from it. Align with the payment, there are numerous option of method to lease the villa itself. The lease method usually depends on the value of the unit. Some possess in economy price tag, middle class price and further higher class to suit dream lifestyle, with a price request.

Buy Villa Bali

The price request is commonly define as the price on asking for a classified advertisement or listing. This means that buyer must contact the buy villa bali agent in order to obtain the information.

The concept of this mostly to suit and match the demand of prospect customer and further maintain the privacy and information of both stakeholder. Perhaps, its the case of agent or owner feel uncomfortable with tag a price publicly. Moreover, they may want to prevent several trends in property prices with the given public information.

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To give an example, we provide information regarding villa bali with price request:

Luxurious Villa Bali With Price Request

Have you ever heard that theres such a place like heaven by the coast of Bali? You wouldnt believe your eyes when you have the chance to step a foot inside. This luxurious villa probably will convice you with that. Spacious, extraordinary interior design, near by the beach and provide anything you need.

Buy Villa Bali

Located near batu belig beach with the size of 1200m2 property, buy villa bali outstands the most in territory. 5 bedroom villa with deluxe bathroom, also part of boutique hotel complex with inclusion of 24 hour security and access to hotel amenities and facility.

Elegantly decorated of dining and living room with high quality material, as well with an open air interior design to give a calming environment. Equipped with a full kitchen set and several entertainment facility to make your every single day more better.

All of these benefit and facility are only for few lucky buyer to buy villa bali. With the current status of free hold property, it is organised to give lucky buyer a new heaven living. Enquire buy villa bali with a price request, as this would give you a deal you cant refuse.

Boosting Your Business Through Instagram Contents

Today, business can take advantage of digital approach when it comes o increase revenue and gain more customers. There are many platforms you can use to boost your business such as social media platform like Instagram. It is where people enjoy spending their time scrolling though interesting posts and contents. 

Posting engaging contents in Instagram to increase your business

Using Instagram can be considered as low-cost marketing strategy to promote your business and raise brand awareness. When you have many followers on your Instagram account, you can also direct them to your blog or website. Therefore, it is seen as effective marketing strategy in this digital era.

Gaining followers on Instagram can benefit your business because it means more engagement and the higher your chance to bring more customers. However, it is important to pay attention to the kind of contents you share on Instagram. 

The first thing to remember that is that not all your content will be such a hit or viral when posted. Sometimes, a content gets viral due to unexpected thing, by accident, or simply just lucky. However, sharing quality content is a must if you want to build your credibility along that can beenfit your business in the long run. 

To deliver interesting contents, you need to find out what’s trending. You can easily search current trend by exploring your niche in your tab. You may find some inspiration by scrolling through the posts on Instagram itself. You may begin to think what kind of post you want to deliver that is interesting enough for your audience.

Finding out who your audiences and what they like is also essential so you can post something that catch their interest. You have to find their preferences, motivations, fear, dislikes, etc. It can be a guide to help you create contents that resonate well with your audience. It can create more engagement when you hit the right spot because you post a content that is relevant with your audience and not something too generic.

Be more fun when it comes to creating content. Social medias are often a place for people to find some humors to make them laugh or simply smile. Therefore, you can incorporate some humors when appropriate. Even if your business is a very formal-like, there is always space where you can insert some funny materials to engage more with your audience. It may attract your audience to even share the content when they find it funny or interesting enough. 

Creating interesting content is challenging because just posting something funny might not be helpful in the long run. Thus, you need to share actionable and useful contents on your Instagram. When you create a content, you need to determine its purpose. You can also insert something that your audience find it useful to share or repost. However, always stay authentic and original in creating contents even if it is inspired from what’s already posted by others. The way you deliver and how you formulate the content says a lot. 

Why are Ubud villas for sale the perfect choice for retirement?

What do you want when you retire? Certainly enjoy a quiet life with a comfortable atmosphere. Where can you find the perfect retirement home regardless of one’s age and country of origin? Have you ever thought about living in Bali? Definitely! Who does not want to settle on the Island of the Gods? Ubud is one of the permanent destinations for pensioners from various countries. Certainly, Ubud villas for sale have become the perfect choice that you can’t miss.

Ubud villas for sale with affordable price | Kibarer

Find Ubud villas for sale with an affordable price

Is it possible for foreigners to own property in Bali? Very possible! Indonesian government regulations alone do not allow ownership of a property for foreigners. Then how is it done? There are some rules and processes that you need to complete to be able to find villas for sale in Ubud. The existence of foreigners who want to settle in Bali is indeed not easy. To be able to get KITAP, they must pass strict requirements and rules. Those who get KITAP are at least 55 years old and stay temporarily for 15 years in a row.

In addition, they are required to have sufficient retirement savings or deposits. This is a guarantee as long as they live and live permanently in Bali. Ubud offers all the dreams of foreign pensioners to be able to enjoy the rest of life. Naturally, the row of Ubud villas for sale offers dreams come true.

The villa is still considered by some to be an expensive property. In fact, many villas for sale in Ubud at affordable prices. The most important thing is to ensure the type of villa you want. How many bedrooms do you need? Many aspects can bring you to find Ubud villas for sale at affordable prices.

Land area differences provide a significant difference price. Do you need a fully furnished or nonfurnished villa? Bali offers everything, you can look for furniture at affordable prices. The benefits? You get villas for sale in Ubud cheap and decorate the house. Most villas are equipped with private swimming pools. The question is, do you need a swimming pool? If you choose a villa with a swimming pool facility, calculate how much maintenance costs each month.

There are many ways to find and trim villas for sale at affordable prices. When the desire to settle in Bali to spend your retirement, then all must be calculated carefully. Ubud indeed offers tranquility for foreign retirees. The friendliness of the locals, the natural beauty, and the atmosphere of Ubud have attracted many foreigners to stay on.

A Guide to Find Trustworthy Villa Agency in Bali

Say you already decided to find a villa to stay in Bali and proceed to browse for villa online. Then you see there are tons of real estate agents on the internet who promised you a great villa with the price and location that you want. But as you expected, there are some of those so-called agencies is a fraud and just taking advantage of the potential buyer. Let me help you by giving some info about whether a Villa agency in Bali can be trusted or not.

find a luxury one through villa agency in bali

Villa agency in Bali is the current main source of searching decent villas

Check their website

In this digital era, a website can be said to be the second home of the person behind it. So in a business context, the website can be treated as their second store. That means the quality of the website can be said equal to the professionalism of the business owner. A villa agency with an optimized and up to date site will definitely more convincing than those with a terrible website.

A villa database with search function and filters, a list of testimonies, provide detail contacts and social media links, and good interactive UI design can make a pretty professional villa agency site.

Consult market prices first

A bit of standard advice, whenever you intend to purchase something that you never did before always check for the market price as well. Especially when it involves a lot of money like property. Do research about how much your type of villa’s worth, then compare it to the price that your agency offers.

A great villa agency in Bali may give you a beneficial guarantee

Warm up with the agent

Well, their website is awesome and the prices are legit but both of them are only good on paper. In order to judge the villa agency in Bali properly is by meeting one of their agent him/herself. Make sure to ask for a business card, discuss the villa thoroughly and have a friendly chat with him/her long enough to be able to tell if he/she is really honest about the deal. 

Inspect the villa in details

check your property if buy from villa agency in bali

After the agent gives you a tour, you might have wanted to go back to observing the property again. Check for flaws in walls, floors or furniture that may become inconvenient later. If you’re not sure just ask the agents again about the villas, they will gladly explain everything. Don’t rush, take your time, ask your friends or family’s opinion about it if you still have a doubt.  

And that’s about it, good luck in finding your trusted person! Hopefully, you can find a great villa agency in Bali to avoid getting scammed!  

Villas in Seminyak Give You Easy Access to These Locations!

Seminyak is an area located north of Kuta and can be considered a quieter version of it, despite having similar atmospheres. There are many high-end places in Seminyak, such as branded stores and fancy eateries. That’s why many villas in Seminyak are also quite sophisticated to complement the area, accommodation in Seminyak is also quite high compared to other places in Bali.

Villas in Seminyak with a private pool

Seminyak being a popular luxury vacation area, there are many interesting places that you can find around the area to satisfy your desires. Here are some of them:

The Magnificent Villas in Seminyak

Starting out, let’s talk about the villa first. Just like how the surrounding area filled with glamorous life, villas in Seminyak tend to be more high class and targeted towards wealthy people. Some of the villas even look like a mansion with its size and the facilities that you get while staying,

But you always get something worth that you spend on, for these villas are wonderfully built without sparing expenses. From the garden, swimming pool, living area, and the outdoor lounge are there to accommodate you and your companion.

The Shopping Area

Jl. Raya Seminyak is filled with fashion and designer stores in every corner of the street. Kind of similar to Malioboro in Jogja but more up class. The street is often crowded though, so I suggest park your bike or car somewhere close by and start walking to browse every single store there. From suits to jewelry, you can find many apparels collection to spice up your looks.   

The Art Galleries

Although not as great as Ubud, Seminyak also offers a nice selection of art galleries around. Most of them are made by the local artists, and some even came from Ubud to sell their pieces in here to avoid huge competition. Folk Art Gallery and Kebbath Studio are one of the few nice examples of art galleries in Seminyak. Interestingly though, most of the artworks in Seminyak have Buddhist designs as opposed to traditional Balinese Hinduism.

Spa and Massages

Now, this is probably the one Seminyak famous for some people. The spa and massage area in Seminyak is one of the best in Bali if not Indonesia. Foreigners often say that the service there can be compared to where they are coming from but with way less cost. The cheapest spa in Seminyak is around IDR 300.000 and can go up to IDR 1 million depending on the service quality and place.

Every hotels and villas around Seminyak is already facilitated with spa service. For hotels, you can just go to the spa room, while in the villa you can contact one of the masseurs assigned to each villa and they will provide you with everything that you need.

Is it Worth it?

Pretty much if you wanted to experience a luxurious life in Bali while still enjoying the beach and the culture. There’s also an iconic bar/restaurant called Ku De Ta which is famous worldwide for a place to party, only a few minutes away from villas in Seminyak if you do decide to stay there.

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Secrets of Booking Exclusive Bali Villas

The Growth of Luxury Bali Villas, is it Good?

Have you ever been to Bali? Guaranteed most of you already have the experience visiting at least once. The land of culture and gods, Bali offers tons of beautiful beaches and forests spreading across the island. With the increasing number of visitors each year, the tourism business has become the fastest growing economy in Bali. One of the examples is the villas, many luxury Bali villas are built to accommodate tourists for their holiday.

a luxury bali villas with a remarkable swimming pool

One can find luxury Bali Villas even in remote areas…

When you visit Bali, did you book a hotel to stay the night? If you did, then you missed out on an opportunity to enjoy Bali’s finest accommodation. You might be wondering why staying in a villa is way better than a hotel in Bali. That’s because Bali has such a beautiful environment and unique architecture so with a villa you can experience the authentic Bali residence. Some luxury Bali villas can be found near beaches or public area for easy access.

Villas in Bali can be rented or bought. There is also some real estate who develops a villa and invites people to invest in it. Day by day, Villa business is slowly overtaking any other residence in Bali especially on vacation areas such as Canggu or Ubud.

Bali Villas can be a double edged sword…

This phenomenon is not without side effects though; many locals live around the area voices their opinion against the growth of villa business. Their complaints are varying, from the unsettling noise from the guest to disrupt the local business around the area. Granted, some of the villa owners tend to build their villa close to local’s residence.

With that being said, what we can learn is that luxury Bali villas can be a huge market for tourists around the world but we must also be considerate towards nearby locals as well. Aside from the paperwork required, make sure we also cooperate with the locals to avoid unnecessary conflict that may happen in the future.

That’s probably covers everything that I need to share. So, in conclusion, luxury Bali villas is a great growing business and can bring positive effects as long as the owner be able to cooperate with the local inhabitants. Tourism business may be the hots in Bali, but that doesn’t mean it may trample other businesses. Who knows maybe local businesses like food stalls or small art galleries can be beneficial as well to villa guests.

Spice up Your Holiday with These Selections of Canggu Villas

If you ever visit Bali and in search of a remote area far from the crowd with many vacation sites as well, look no more because Canggu is the answer that you’re looking for. Canggu located north of Kuta and has been developed into a tourist area for a couple of years because of its strategic area. One of the most favored facilities is without a doubt a villa, so here’s our pick of some popular Canggu villas for consideration:

Canggu villas with a private pool

Canggu Bali Villas are your gateway through miraculous experience

Villa CVA1132, Jl. Babadan

Let’s start with beachside villa. This villa is located near ocean hills and have a stunning view of the sea from its window. It’s just about a minute away from the beach, and 2 minutes from the local market. This villa offers some of the luxurious features such as home cinema, wine cellar basement, a music studio, security room on parking area and 5 spacious bedrooms. The private pool also has a small gazebo in the middle of it. 

Judging by the quality of the villa, it would be a no brainer to assume a high-end price. Well, this villa is on leasehold for 25 years with 610.000 as the cost.

Villa VL0980, Jl. Pantai Berawa

This villa has a really unique architecture among Canggu villas. The entire building is designed as a giant joglo with wooden folding doors to cover the main entrance. The walls, floors and even the furniture is also using traditional style to make it look like an Indonesian antique house. But, despite the appearance this villa still offer high-end technology to meet the standard villa accommodation.   

With only a walking distance to the beach, this villa cost 395.000 USD on leasehold for 22 years. Extension is also possible to discuss with the land owner. 

For every adventure in Bali, Canggu Villas is there to accommodate you…

Villa VL1037, Jl. Pantai Berawa

Another villa located in Pantai Berawa street, although not with traditional architecture this villa is certainly as interesting as the others. The architecture and interior is quite artistic, and you can see this villa is built with great attention to detail just by looking at the design. 2 living areas, 2 kitchens,  4 exquisite bedrooms and 5 elegant bathrooms probably enough to tell you that the owner spared no expense in building this villa.   

Another villa on leasehold, this time cost 595.000 USD for 22 years. Just like the joglo villa, it is also open for extension.

For further information, you can check the details of the villa on our site by typing the villa codes in the search bar.