7 Brilliant Landscaping Ideas for Your Villa Seminyak

7 Brilliant Landscaping Ideas for Your Villa Seminyak

Building a villa Seminyak is not only about designing a house and choosing matching furnitures. Your surrounding space acts as the exterior of your house and that will be the first thing guests see when they find your villa. Enhance the value of your holiday home with thoughtful landscape design to create a perfect outdoor oasis that invites guests to stay in.

Spilling Bouganville to Brighten Your Villa Seminyak

Spilling Bouganville to Brighten Your Villa Seminyak

The quintessential tropical vines, bougenville is one of the staple of Balinese villa garden.  Their lavish, vivid and vibrant colour create dramatic backdrop for any walls and gate entrance. This flower is known for their drought-tolerance and is thriving on warm climates, which make it perfect for tropical island like Bali. They are rapidly growing and flowering all year-round while needing low to minimum maintenance. It’s the perfect shrub to plant in your Villa Seminyak especially if you want something that trouble-free, robust, and give the space an instant vacation vibe. 

Curving Your Landscape

You might love to arrange the villa furnitures in symmetrical harmony but when it comes to landscaping the garden, curving is the best. The right curving speaks volume for the entirety of your villa design. Instead of having a straight walkaway from the main gate to the villa’s front door, for example, you can wind it a way. Curving gives your landscape a unique touch that the guest would appreciate. 

Use Native Plants and Flowers for the Seminyak Villas

Use Native Plants and Flowers for the Seminyak Villas

What is Seminyak villas without the ever-present frangipani tree? From village houses to billionaire  dream house perching on top cliff, frangipani trees has become a mandatory part of every Balinese garden. These fragrant flower could also be a natural air freshener in your Seminyak villa as well as a natural decoration. Also, remember to always incorporate native plants and flowers when landscaping your vacation rental. Not only that they are easier to tend, they also gives unique Balinese vibe that’s hard to find anywhere else. Think about banana fan trees (Ravenala madagascariensis or Traveler’s Palm), jasmine, yellow Bamboo trees, palms, or even orange tree. 

Flower Walls or Greeneries for the Outdoor Bath

Flower Walls or Greeneries for the Outdoor Bath

No luxurious Seminyak private villa Bali is complete without outdoor baths. Create the perfect natural privacy that encourages relaxation and quiet bliss with wall of flowers or bamboo screens and brushwoods. Set up the shower with pebble-lined platform amongst the greenery. 

Stripes of Plants Lining Up the Pool 

A touch of lush greeneries can really spruce up your pool. Swimming in a hot day during vacation gets a lot better when you are surrounded by fresh tropical plants. Palm trees are huge deals but they create the epitome of tropical atmosphere around the pool. If your villa Seminyak is on the compact side and you need to push the pool against a wall, try to line up the wall with Hawaiian hibiscus, white cedar, Christmas palm, Anthurium, Chinese Evergreen, or Philodendron.

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Bush Hedges 

Having lush lawn in your properties? Create visual signifier with low hedges to separate each activity zones. Their thick bush makes great visual appeal to the garden, especially when combined with potted flowers. Don’t forget to regularly prunes your hedges to keep it in shape. 

A Living Archway

Create dramatic entrance to your villa Seminyak by growing a living archway. It gives a striking focal to your yard and enhance your vacation home with charming appeal. Garden arbors with blooming flowers or bushes of leaves also creates illusions as if the guests are entering a hidden house that shields them from the busy outer world. 

Weighing Your Options Before Starting A Business

Lots of new entrepreneurs are passionate about turning their hobby or passion into business. However, there are many considerations because it is not as simple as it sounds. Running a business is not supposed to be something you can just take lightly because you need to put your dedication and commitment. You need to give your all such as money and time. Therefore, starting business needs to be planned thoroughly. At least, take some considerations to truly know what your goals are, how to execute them, and how to gain profit. 

Starting a profitable business from passion

Passion and profit sometime overlap. Choosing to do what you are passionate the most and and something that will profit you for a long time is not an easy feat. Sometimes, you need to choose between doing your passion or reaching profit. The result might be different depending on many factors such as your goal, your strategies, and so on. 

Business goal is not just a term. It is important element you need to have before starting a business regardless of the size. Choosing a business based on your passion can help a lot in longevity and endurance. Running a business is full of challenges and obstacles. If you are not doing what you are passionate about, it is easier to give up due to lack of motivation. 

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Your care to your future customer should be on the list of your consideration before starting a business. No matter how good your product or service is, it won’t stay long if you don’t value your customers. Caring for your customer will result in more trust. You will be able to gain new customers and have loyal customer base. 


It is also important to know whether or not you are going to be hardworking. Even if you choose a business that can make you indulge in your hobby while getting paid well, there are still risks of downfall. Especially if you don’t work hard. Therefore, hardwork is one of the most critical element in business. Even if you are talented, you can maintain it if you work hard enough. 

Starting a business needs time. Hence, you need to commit to it. If you don’t have enough time to start a business based on your passion, it is highly recommended to start from small scale business. If you don’t really have a good start in the matter of finance, choose more profitable project first instead of doing what you are most passionate about. You can build your financial stability until you have funds to pursue your passion. 

Find out if your passion offer opportunities you can use to build your business. Sometimes, the market is not as providing as you thought. Hence, do your own research to see if what you are passionate about offer opportunities in the market. When there is demand, it is easier to know that you have a chance to sell well and gain success.

Ways to Protect Your New Villa Ubud Bali

When you purchase a new villa ubud bali, you surely want to handle it carefully. Theres various way you can do to protect your unit. It range from security system to preparing other miscellanious expenses. These multiple tips can guide you to ensure a protection in your new villa ubud bali.

Villa Ubud Bali Exterior View

Cover Your Villa Ubud Bali With Insurance

Home insurance is vital aspect for ensuring that your unit is guarantee with protection from any trouble. Furthermore, its a essential step to protect your finance against huge expense of damage and personal liabilities. However, not every home insurance is equal and same. Better knowledge on home insurance will help you decide the best option for your unit.

While not every owner need type of insurance, planning for the worst scenario is important. For instance, if you happen to live in Ubud, you wouldnt need any flood insurance, since the region is flood-free. But you may need it for several other areas.

Set a Security System

Damage inside and outside the unit isnt the only issues you have to handle with. Furthermore, finding the proper villa ubud bali security system will help the area against unwanted scenarios. Even a basic security in your unit may have a huge influence in your privacy. Burglars and other thief may target home that doesnt apply with a good security.

Villa Ubud Bali Swimming Pool

Meanwhile, Ubud area is considered safe to that kind of issue but we should still aware anytime. Many systems could also monitor for smoke and fire in your unit. This monitor subscription will ensure the protection for your family against many threats.

Maintenance Check Up

Similarly, maintenance is important to provide your home a protection against minor issue. Sometimes these minor issue could raise into a big one. A little crack in painting may not seem important to you. However, the painting indicate the structure underneath it. Fixing the issue early will save you against a bigger cracking in near future.

Villa Ubud Bali Comfortable Living

Again, it is more cheaper and easier to find out problems promptly. This is kind of aspect will suit the right warranty and insurance which come in handy. For example, if your air conditioner making noisy sound, you can apply your warranty to get checked rather than dismiss it.

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To Wrap Up

Now that you know the guide to protect the home, all you need is finding new villa ubud bali. Determining a protection in your Ubud property is important. You can search through the list of Ubud property that suits your demand. For instance, you can head to www.villabalisale.com as it offer a multiple type of villa in ubud. Enquire the best and luxury villa ubud bali in the platform with the best deal and best condition so you dont have to worry the ways to protect it

Leading Your Business Through The Crisis

The situation with covid-19 has put businesses under a threat. Being a leader, it is not easy to face such an unexpected situation that affects globally. Some business have been impacted from small to large-scale. Being a leader who has quick-thinking can help a lot to deal with consequences caused by crisis.

Business Crisis

Also, it is not only about your cash-flow or the future of your business but also about all the people work under you. Your whole team is affected just as hard. Hence, being fast in responding and taking the best decision is a must. This skill is usually gained not from seminar or business class you attend but from your previous experience in handling crisis. 

Handling your business through the crisis

For those who are seasoned in entrepreneurship, they may have experienced in dealing with various crisis that cause them major financial downturn. However, the situation with covid-19 is like never before. Not even the most seasoned business owners expected such situation to hit so hard. Here are things you can do as a leader to lead your business and team through the crisis:

Build more positivity and show gratitude. Do not be afraid of showing your vulnerability especially during crisis. It doesn’t show how weak but how human you are. Try to seek positive points even when you are facing crisis. You can start by expressing gratitude to the people who have been supporting you worked just as hard. When you show your gratitude, the people around you will feel more appreciated and motivated even under such harsh situation. It can help you to go through the hard times together. 

Be more innovative so you can still deliver your products and service even under tough situation. Many businesses have tried to adapt into new situation due to the global pandemic. For example, businesses are now more active in online interaction. Products are displayed in online website using different approach of marketing strategy so customers still get what they need. Meeting and conferences are held through online platform so everyone can still work efficiently even from home. 

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Add more value for your customers so you show them that you care. You can also ask yourself what kind of help you can give to your customers to help them through this crisis. You can open an online platform where your customers can share their experiences and strategies in getting through difficult times. It can help them feeling more connected with the people who are experiencing the same struggles. 

Try an idea of collaborating with others. It doesn’t have to be a collaboration with your usual partner. It is possible for you to collaborate with your competitors as well. You can share best practices to deal with the situation. You can also do it by attending online seminars where other leaders even your competitors engage in open communication to have valuable conversation. When you do it with positive intent and mindset, it encourages you to lead through the crisis well.

5 Advantages Villas Bali Than to Other Accommodation

Is there something villas bali could offer to us? While projecting a vacation, we usually consider the type of accommodation that we prefer. Any of the type brings a different advantages and satisfaction for your personalised vacation.

Villas Bali Spacious Garden

In addition, we would need to allocate amount of time to do a research for best possible option to support our vacation. From various type from a bali holiday villas, hotels, luxury villas bali, private unit and cottages are all available to provide an intimate gateway experience. Every of these accommodation have develop the tourism industry in Bali and further take the next level of leisure experience.

But whatever plan you might take, we advice to give a chance picking a villas bali than to a hotel. The unlimited advantages are available to match your preferred holiday and needs, while other seems inflexible to the plan.

Here’s Top 5 Advantages of Villas Bali Than to Other Accommodation :

Superb for Group

The vital aspect of vacation is get a fun and memorable experience with the loved ones along with close friends. Its important to guarantee that each of the individual experience a full happiness in the vacation. This is where Villas Bali makes an astounding choice and fit the group vacation criteria.

Villas Bali Kitchen Set

You could plan a group event with huge amount of party that fit to the villa capacity. This way, the event will run smoothly and the group are accommodated in one place with no boundaries to them.

Exclusive Privacy

Plan on a private means you will be secure with a privacy. None of people have the right to interrupt your agenda, which makes you feel more safe and guarded. Moreover you could set your additional terms, whenever you prefer in crowded area or a secluded ones. This will boost your vacation into a deluxe and peaceful one.

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Ease on Budgeting

Budgeting is very important when it comes to determine your expenses in a holiday. Somehow, getting a list and itinerary might be a tricky one. The budgeting often swell everytime a new item or participant added in the notes. Thats because most expenses adjust to the number of participant. Also about the tax, it will increase more numbers to the budgeting.

The best solution is the approach of allocating number of pax into a whole group, including accommodation. By affording Villas Bali as a whole package rather than single expense room in a hotel are much better option. Furthermore, it could save a lot of your fresh money and decrease the number of taxes include. The end of the day it will cost you less and you could point it to another budgeting which more important.

Personalized Experience

Have you wonder having a villa unit by yourself? How exciting is that to you? By owning one, you could personalised the details and every facility to match your desire. Any of these personalised experience gives you an unlimited space to freedom. Unlimited of excitement are waiting for you and group to explore during the vacation time. The more satisfaction, the more excitement will come to you.

Full Facilitated Unit

Every villa unit offers diverse kind of facility to match our plan. But majority of them are accessible to various leisure, entertainment and activities. With the available facility, visitor have the privilege to access any activities without any restrictions.

Villas Bali Bathroom

Any other facility available in Bali villa could also bring an eventful day. Several favourite ones are the facility to a private cinema, smart home technology, infinity pool, spacious garden, etc. If this interest you, you could research the unit that provide any one of these facility.

To wrap up, villas bali indeed pose a more valuable and beneficial point rather than other accommodation unit. And with todays emerging market in property industry, its more easy for you to find a desired unit. Find more on www.villabalisale.com to enquire one for your dream living and get maximum vacation experience.

Social Video Ads To Optimize Small Business

In the matter of marketing, there are many things entrepreneurs can do to optimize their small business. However, it is also important to choose the one that can boost business significantly and effectively. One of them is social video ads. It has been proved that the digital marketing has important role in the business industry. Now with how pandemic has been affecting business industry, digital marketing strategies are seen as the most effective ways to reach customers out.

Small Business

Optimizing your social video ads

There have been many reports showing how social video ads helping in raising the number of new customers for a brand. However, it is also important to know what kind of social video that needs to be used for marketing strategy because irrelevant content won’t result the same impact. 

First thing first, it is crucial for entrepreneur to know which social video type fits which platform. Also, it will be beneficial if you know what kind of video convert to use. Not to mention that no matter how good the content is, if it is not relevant to what the viewers then it won’t result positively. Social video ads look simple and effective. However, you still need to do preparation.

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Surely, big brands can do well in creating social video ads that looks fabulous and professional because usually they have the team and money. However, small business can also use quality social video ads to optimize their marketing. There are things you can pay attention to in order to deliver high quality social video ads on your platform. 

Relevancy is the first factor you need to consider when it is about social video ads no matter which platform you use. Make sure that you post social video ads that truly reflects the viewers already owns or are interested in. You can discuss first with your sales teams and customer service departments to know your target’s problems, behaviors, pain points, desires, etc. 

High quality social video ads are not always indicated by the length. The longer the video, the boring the viewers might be. Hence, always keep it simple and short but clear and to the point. What you have to pay more attention to is the relevancy and engagement of the content. Also, short videos are easier to digest than the longer ones. 

You can also split the videos into different categories. For example, the first category is for brand awareness, the second category is for product information, the next is for strategic offers. This kind of strategy can be effective to attract more new customers. This is also great in the matter of customizing audience as your target. 

Optimize your social video ads by using the right tools and implementing variety of important elements such as duration, call to action, informational hierarchy, sound effects and music, imagery, phrasings, style, etc. You can twist and tweak these elements to make sure that the content is high quality, engaging, relevant, and to the point.

Private Villa Ubud Unexpected Ways to Add its Values

Private Villa Ubud are seemingly amazing for its tranquil and serene environment. Its territory enclose to great nature ambiance and tourism attraction that will left its visitor amazed. Various type of visitor from local traveler, investor to a businessman are seeking the hidden value of its experience. For instance, Ubud property market, since the uprising trends in tourism and hospitality. We could see if the property market gonna have drawback in a long run. So its a time in a life to capture the moment and get the best value of private villa ubud.

Private Villa Ubud

Moreover, when it comes to sell a private unit, there are several consideration that everyone argue. Re-decorating kitchens and bathrooms are just common things. But theres other significant ways and unexpected to seemingly add value to the private villa ubud:

Outdoor Garden Area

Everybody can inform you that a pool in garden will add significant value to the villa. However, little things could also make a big impact. Arranging trees in the garden often increase a villas value, as similar as adding unique decoration around the fence of gardens.

Living with an outdoor garden that takes advantage of every square meter of your villa isnt just build a value. Instead it also raise the curb appeal. The more visitor attracted by the outdoor area, the more visitor will visit you frequently.

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Private Villa Ubud Storage

Developing more space to store things should be everyones concern in order to sell a property unit. Buyer are demanding a more storage than ever, as they want to implement their visualization to real life.

Private Villa Ubud

Seek for spaces that looks a little empty, and rather than just keeping it, its more wise to create a whole storage in it. Moreover, by adding shelves in laundry room and kitchen spaces, extra closets, or garage space are great to engage to potential buyer in terms of marketing. Furthermore, its easier for them to stash away any unneed object or storage.

Smart Living Facility

Perhaps one of the finest way to raise a private villa ubud valuation is to give it a smart touch. Exquisite to press utility costs or only for pure satisfaction, various of smart home devices could make the villa look astounding rather other one in the market. It can hold as your value proposition to compare with other option while negotiating with potential buyer.

Private Villa Ubud

Ranging from video doorbells that include safety and security, and also smart thermostats which can reduce any heating costs. These kind of items are a small move of investment for the return payment you can achieve for future.

Selling a private villa ubud could be a tricky task, but these unexpected ways can help to boost the valuation of property. It also make you feel more comfortable when asking the amount of price to the buyer. So, if you willing to seek a villa for investment with this unexpected ways, head to the real estate listing. Theres unlimited of offer and deal designed only for the type of buyer like you. Dont miss the November deal as this is an ideal time for investment.

Financial Planning Tips During Crisis

Many business are suffering due to the pandemic that has caused economic downturn in global scale. The pandemic has brought the realization of a long-term business. You don’t know what will hit you tomorrow if you are not prepared in advance. Without long term plan especially in the financial aspect, business will get it hard when it hit with such unprecedented times. Financial and legal planning are crucial for business to survive and keep growing during crisis. 

The right financial plan for business to face crisis

Many business are now trying to fortify their their plans for covid-19. meanwhile, some others might be struggling to develop them. It doesn’t matter in what stage you are in now, you have to plan right for your finance so your business can still thrive even during crisis. Also, your business should be ready to face the post-pandemic reality. Here are some tips to hitch the best financial plan:

Gather your team to discuss important things. You can consult with your financial and legal team first to see what you can plan. It is even better if you have an ideal consisted of financial advisor, legal counsel, payroll expert, as well as accountant. If you don’t have a team ready, then you can start building one. You can your business partners to recommended you the right people to be in your team.

financial planning

Try to avoid being in a panic mode especially during crisis. If you fall into that state, it is easier for you to lose focus. Also, it will bring negative energy to the overall people involved in your business such as employees. Instead of panicking, you can try your best to communicate openly and transparently with your team. Thus, any questions and confusions can be cleared. Having confidence during crisis is not easy. However, you can do it if you trust yourself and your team to plan the right strategy. 

Building reserve from the beginning is necessary. It will be your live safe when you face unexpected things such as this pandemic. When you have reserves, your business will be more flexible in facing difficult times because cash offer more solutions. At least, your business will stay afloat while waiting for the situation to get better. 

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Calculate lowest operating cost so you already have more accurate numbers on hand. When making plan for your business especially for its finance, always plan something to face the worst scenario. Thus, you know what to do and what you need to survive when crisis hits you. The plan based on the worst scenario can be better developed and executed well since you know what you really need for your business to survive. 

If you have already a plan made based on worst scenario, what you need to do when facing crisis is to review them more thoroughly since you already have all necessary documents ready. Then, do not skip to review your exit plans or revise them if necessary. Be ready to develop a plan to avoid severe financial loss.

Bali Property For Sale Which Sell The Most

Huge demand covering bali property for sale, as the industry currently in peak season. Moreover, tourist are gathered in Bali from all around the world. The property and villa sector are in mass development to match the number of sales happening in Bali. Its undoubtedly that we will see this chart going bullish for few years ahead.

Bali Property For Sale

Align with the new construction of property and villas, the sales in market brings attention to the industry’s stakeholders. The total sales and property price index are constantly increasing from 2010 until this day. Unfortunately, last period was a turning point of property industry amid covid 19 pandemic as all sales, price index and inflation are going opposite. Perhaps, we will see a correction and recovery soon within the new normal period.

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What Sell in Bali Property For Sale

Its too broad to discuss the factor that mostly sell for a property unit. Theres a lot of aspect and factor going in and affect the markets. Furthermore, each of region provide an unique characteristic, behaviour which differentiate one to another.

For instance, here in Bali popular with the ambience and beautiful scenery of its nature. So each Bali property for sale that provide this value will add a significant sell factor to the market, since the demand are shaping to a more serene-luxury living.

Bali Property For Sale | Pool

More of the same, an independent organization surveyed various factors which sells for Bali property for sale. The result says that buyers are mostly consider the factor of local neighbourhood for up to 65%. Also a well presented garden and spacious exterior remain a favourite for 61%. Meanwhile local crime figures stand in 3rd position with 51%. Moreover the remaining factors are long term property’s potential, fast broadband and the strength of mobile signal.

How Is This Relevant?

It is believe that Bali property will make the most out of this when these factors are met. By the buyers point of view, these factors adds a significant value to external aspect of the property, which they are ready to pay more.

Bali Property For Sale | Kitchen

With the more shaping market towards behaviour and purchase intention, a property would not sell for only just a building. The external factor which now become a major aspect will affect the buyer intention. Further, the market of bali property for sale.

Property With Complete Selling Factor

To be honest its very easy to find a great property or villa in Bali, but to match the complete factor could be a tricky one. A more research must be taken into consideration before finally purchase the unit, otherwise a recommendation would be a good start.

For instance, like this stunning leasehold villa in the heart of echo beach. Cover with serene and peaceful 4 bedroom and 4 bathrom, provide the utmost comfortable and stylish living. Worth to mention, the great local neighbourhood, low crime rate and spacious exterior makes this villa more complete.

Inviting ambience in size of 257 sqm with total land of 3.3 are. Built in the highest quality standards with complete facility of 3x9m swimming pool, full set kitchen, lounge room, parking area, spacious garden and garage. Inquire this villa now for the best selling point you could find in Bali property

Building Your Courage During Economic Uncertainty

Facing the crisis, global economy has become more uncertain. Lots of businesses are suffered due to the impact of the pandemic. It is normal to worry about the future in the mids of economic uncertainties. However, fear can be your greatest enemy even if it has nothing to do with crisis. It can make you more hesitate in making the right decision. You will only focus on negative possibilities. Thus, it blocks you from success in your life. Fear is something you can overcome even during this crisis.

How to build your courage and save your business

There are many forms of courage. It can be in a form of daring pursuit of bold peaks. Some people also act courageous to defy their fear. Business leaders are facing economic uncertainties and fear for the future. Courage is something you can build just like your muscles. Here are things you can do to build your courage and save your business during this economic uncertainty:

The very first thing you can do to remove your fear is by acknowledging it. Keeping in denial won’t take you anywhere. By acknowledging the fear, your body and mind are more ready to respond. Remember that your body is smart. Your brain can execute thinking process that helps you overcome your fear. 

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Fear of challenges during economic uncertainty is something you can overcome by building your self-certainty. Even if the world is dying, you can still find courage to move forward if you have faith in yourself. Therefore, it is important to find your position during uncertainties. You can try to connect more with your strengths and get clear with your own anchor. This will help guide you to the right path. When you connect to your strength, you will feel more courageous.

Try to stop yourself from imagining negative things in your mind. It is easy for our mind to wander around to dangerous areas. There are so many ‘ what ifs’ arise in your mind while just casually thinking about the future of your business during the crisis. However, that way of thinking will only harm you. Thus, pull yourself together whenever you stat thinking negatively then refocus on what you want to do and what you can do instead. 

Practice rituals that can help you build your courage. Well, it is not a ritual where you go into a cave and meditate or something. Your rituals can help you build healthy, positive habits that affect your courage. Therefore, it is highly recommended to prioritize practices that physically, emotionally, mentally recharge and renew. 

Always remember that no matter how tough the time is currently, it won’t stay the same. Focusing on how bad it is won’t make you more courageous. Therefore, it is advised to focus more on your future-self. You can start planning where you want to be in a year from now. This can elevate your perspectives and unlock your creativity to find hidden opportunities even in the mids of crises.