Getting to Know French Style Living Room in Yogyakarta


Interested in the mixture of the charming combination of rustic and elegance that is the French style living room for your own? The French country concept has certainly survived the competition of style that is never-ending in the home design world. In the face of the interior design world that is constantly moving towards the minimalistic, opting for a classic French living room style is actually a bold move. But regardless of your motivation to own the style for your house, let’s take a short dive on how this concept works.  

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Getting to know French country design 

The words chic, elegance, and comfort is often used to describe  French style living room Yogyakarta and it couldn’t be more accurate. The French country design is one of the most classic, homey interior styles that you can enjoy today. Renowned for its elegance and feminine charm, this style is here to stay. 

It’s simply one of those home interior feel that just takes you back, maybe centuries before, perhaps it simply takes you into the middle of French Provence and engulf you in the soft beauty. No matter what the French country design makes you feel, let’s have a quick read on the French style living room especially if you’d like to have it in your Yogyakarta home or villa. 

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French style living room furniture Yogyakarta 

The French style aesthetic is definitely no longer in as much demand as before in the interior design industry. However, this aesthetic is one of the classics and is here to stay. Unlike the modern style with its sharp and clear-cut design, the French style is charming in its curves and complexities. This interior style also favors warm hues over monochromes the current trends prefer. 

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It’s time to start digging into the antiques and vintage decors. Get the Dresden style clock or that grandfather clock to complete the look of your French style living room Yogyakarta. 

Natural feel of home interior 

One of the key concepts of French style living room is that they feel lived-in; instead of shiny and brand new. And that’s certainly one of the most appealing draw of the French country concept that makes it stick. 

To achieve this look, make sure that you use natural materials for your home and your interior. Whether you choose the natural and lived-in look on the wood-planked floor or ceilings, or even the classic stone fire place, makes sure to keep things au naturel. 

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A mixture of elegance and comfort 

While the streets of Paris is lined with intricate architecture and overarching pillars of the great cathedral, the French countryside is less gaudy and more homey. The French style living room Yogyakarta is something that embodies feminine and refined look. Find all sorts of intricate patterns; whether they’re in the plush sofa, pillows, the curtains, or even on the lamp shades. The classic French style often features some sort of gingham designs of all sorts. 

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Furniture Yogyakarta: The French loves curves 

Unlike the minimalistic trend that dominates the mainstream home designing market today, the classic French style loves curves. Furnitures have that curvy outline, many chair have circular backrest. As we’ve mentioned before, the feminine and elegant charm. They definitely add to that classic feel.