Tips When Buying Secondhand Home Furniture Yogyakarta

Tips When Buying Secondhand Home Furniture Yogyakarta

Considering to purchase secondhand home furniture Yogyakarta is certainly a good way to save money, among other reasons. Used furnitures are also an excellent way to reduce waste as you’re going to be reusing items and therefore minimizing what would be something that requires energy eliminate. Whatever reasons you’re looking to buy used furniture, we certainly encourage it for a variety of reasons. 

Home furniture Yogyakarta 

Obtaining used stuff is certainly not as s straightforward as it sounds. After all it’s unlike obtaining new furniture where you can expect accuracy on quality more or less. With used furniture, you may find yourself with surprises. So before you settle on any furniture Jogja that catch your attention, is there anything that you should do? 

Hunting for preloved stuff can be a lot of work. And that work can most certainly pay off. But what are the things you should do to ensure you have the pieces you’ll absolutely love? 

Pay close attention to the pieces you’re eyeing 

It’s the rule of thumb when you’re buying any secondhand pieces, whether it’s furniture or clothes or any other item. Make sure that you scrutinize the used home furniture in Yogyakarta pieces for any damage. And because you’re buying used pieces, do expect to see or “feel” some damages on the furniture as you won’t be the first one who’ll use the furniture. Here are some piece of advice on where to start: 

Tips When Buying Secondhand Home Furniture Yogyakarta
  • We don’t usually advise on purchasing secondhand beds. Just don’t. But if you really must, make sure that the bed you’re buying is pest-free, bed bugs free. 
  • Lookout for any water damage or mould. This is especially important for wooden or rattan furniture as they are particularly vulnerable due to their absorbent nature. 
  • Bring flashlight during your inspection for a thorough inspection. These days you can simply use the flash on your phone that acts as a flashlight. 
  • Ask the shopkeeper. They may not be knowledgeable of all furnitures especially if it’s a thrift chain stores, but if you’re obtaining your pieces from places like personal furniture sales like estate sales or craigslist, if your seller is honest they should be able to answer the damage on their items honestly.

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Don’t buy big box store labels 

When you’re in search of used furniture, you’d want to make sure you entirely avoid the big box stores like IKEA. These labels are known to be constructed out of plywood or particleboard and they clearly aren’t made to last. Not to mention, these furniture pieces are secondhand and most probably have seen some use and spent some years. It just isn’t in good practice looking for used home furniture Yogyakarta using those labels. When you’re looking for secondhand furniture, make sure that you only look for pieces made of solid wood materials. 

Look in various places 

Just as there are millions of people from all directions who could have sold their used furniture anywhere, there are varied ways in which you can obtain used furnitures. The most obvious option would be the thrift store chain like Goodwill. If you don’t find anything you need during your first visit then it’s worth it a second or third time, as people donate or sell their furniture and their stocks are updated. Other places to do your thrifting would be garage sales or yard sales, estate sales, or through websites like Craigslist and even groups in facebook or even instagrams. Be thrifty on your search! 

What Makes Home Furniture Sustainable? Is Yogyakarta a Good Place to Look?

What Makes Home Furniture Sustainable Is Yogyakarta a Good Place to Loo

Setting a lifestyle that’s better for the planet should start from home. It could be a perfect opportunity when you’re just furnishing your house and you’re looking for home furniture yogyakarta that meets what you consider ideal for what you support. Reclaimed wood, recycled pieces, or responsibly sourced materials; how do you define yours?

Home furniture yogyakarta: what to look for?

The term sustainable eco-friendly can apply to such a broad range of aspects that it could be difficult to discern whether a home furniture piece meets the criteria. Often, home owner’s term of eco-friendliness also differs. This is where you’d like to ask yourself; what would you consider eco-friendly?

Consider reclaimed furniture

What Makes Home Furniture Sustainable Is Yogyakarta a Good Place to Loo

Reclaimed furniture are often cheaper and of better quality than new ones that use particleboards or plywood. So the next time you’re considering hitting the nearest big box stores for your furniture needs, consider reclaimed furniture instead, especially if durability and build quality are your top concerns.

The process of shipping your residential furniture

Beyond the materials of the furniture itself, how your furniture reaches you matter more than you think in terms of sustainability. When it comes to interior furniture Yogyakarta, this is not something you should worry about. Indonesia is known as one of the largest exporters of timber; particularly high quality types of wood like teak. For sustainable furnishing your home or villa in Yogyakarta, with how accessible it is obtaining quality materials, using locally-sourced material should always be your first priority.

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Shop your home furniture Yogyakarta secondhand

What Makes Home Furniture Sustainable Is Yogyakarta a Good Place to Loo

Homeowners often overlook used furniture for fears of what bugs they’ll bring into your house. While this isn’t unfounded, with good research and keen eyes when buying, you likely will end up with great quality home furniture yogyakarta rather than new but poor-built furnishing at a similar price point.

Secondhand furnitures are also better for your home and your health for the fact that the chemicals used to treat the timber have already worn off long ago. Familiar with the “new furniture smell”? You don’t have to deal with it and the toxins it brings to your space if you shop secondhand.

Permanent fixtures of your home

Often times, going eco-friendly hardly starts from home furniture Yogyakarta. Any good interior designer would be willing to give you insights on how to make the best of what you have; but if you need improvement on some permanent fixtures of your home, they’ll tell you. A basic example of this is the natural light source that makes the house. When you don’t have any windows in your house, what designers like to do to give that illusion is use mirrors.

Looking at the overall aspects of your room instead of looking at furniture piece by piece is key to creating the most impact to your room. Sustainable home is all about bringing that life and love for the earth into your house; and it should be reflected strongly in your space.

Getting to Know French Style Living Room in Yogyakarta

Interested in the mixture of the charming combination of rustic and elegance that is the French style living room for your own? The French country concept has certainly survived the competition of style that is never-ending in the home design world. In the face of the interior design world that is constantly moving towards the minimalistic, opting for a classic French living room style is actually a bold move. But regardless of your motivation to own the style for your house, let’s take a short dive on how this concept works.  

joga furniture meja tamu

Getting to know French country design 

The words chic, elegance, and comfort is often used to describe  French style living room Yogyakarta and it couldn’t be more accurate. The French country design is one of the most classic, homey interior styles that you can enjoy today. Renowned for its elegance and feminine charm, this style is here to stay. 

It’s simply one of those home interior feel that just takes you back, maybe centuries before, perhaps it simply takes you into the middle of French Provence and engulf you in the soft beauty. No matter what the French country design makes you feel, let’s have a quick read on the French style living room especially if you’d like to have it in your Yogyakarta home or villa. 

kursi sofa ruang tamu jogja

French style living room furniture Yogyakarta 

The French style aesthetic is definitely no longer in as much demand as before in the interior design industry. However, this aesthetic is one of the classics and is here to stay. Unlike the modern style with its sharp and clear-cut design, the French style is charming in its curves and complexities. This interior style also favors warm hues over monochromes the current trends prefer. 

furniture ruang tamu yogyakarta

It’s time to start digging into the antiques and vintage decors. Get the Dresden style clock or that grandfather clock to complete the look of your French style living room Yogyakarta. 

Natural feel of home interior 

One of the key concepts of French style living room is that they feel lived-in; instead of shiny and brand new. And that’s certainly one of the most appealing draw of the French country concept that makes it stick. 

To achieve this look, make sure that you use natural materials for your home and your interior. Whether you choose the natural and lived-in look on the wood-planked floor or ceilings, or even the classic stone fire place, makes sure to keep things au naturel. 

french style living room in yogyakarta

A mixture of elegance and comfort 

While the streets of Paris is lined with intricate architecture and overarching pillars of the great cathedral, the French countryside is less gaudy and more homey. The French style living room Yogyakarta is something that embodies feminine and refined look. Find all sorts of intricate patterns; whether they’re in the plush sofa, pillows, the curtains, or even on the lamp shades. The classic French style often features some sort of gingham designs of all sorts. 

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Furniture Yogyakarta: The French loves curves 

Unlike the minimalistic trend that dominates the mainstream home designing market today, the classic French style loves curves. Furnitures have that curvy outline, many chair have circular backrest. As we’ve mentioned before, the feminine and elegant charm. They definitely add to that classic feel.