Labuan Bajo Tour Package for Honeymoon

Labuan Bajo Tour Package

Labuan Bajo is a perfect place for a honeymoon to peace and serenity and an escape from the chaotic city life. In recent years, this town gradually turned into a busy spot because of the divers and the increased number of Labuan Bajo visitors. You can experience a memorable honeymoon by reserve Labuan Bajo Tour Package.  This package is a tour package to visit all the most visiting places around the Labuan Bajo area. Several activities to do in the Labuan Bajo can be seen from the tour package program, but you should get a glimpse of what to do while traveling here to pick the right tour packet for your honeymoon trip. There are many choices of places that you can include in your tour package.  Below are the must-visit spots and fun to do in Labuan Bajo

What places should be included in the Labuan Bajo Tour Package?

Rinca Island is located in the west part of Flores Island. The favorite activity for the traveler visiting this island is an exciting trekking adventure through the island to explore the island in discovering the Komodo dragon, other wildlife. Rinca Island has beautiful beaches and some hills. The beaches are spectacular, the water is stunning and warm, and there are some colorful small corals. With these nuances, you can have a great honeymoon here.

Explore Padar Island should be included on your list. The main highlight of Padar Island is its panorama. Padar island is formed by rolling hills that stretch out facing the blue sea. The favorite thing to do here is to climb the mountain on Padar Island to enjoy the panorama from the hill’s top.

Romantic Pink Beach is located in the west of Flores island in East Nusa Tenggara. Pink Beach is uninhabited; it becomes a nice place to relax. If you like the ocean, beaches, swimming, and nature, you should consider adding the pink beach to your Labuan Bajo Tour Package. Take a moment to appreciate majestic beauty beach views of turquoise seas, green rolling hills, blue skies, and fascinatingly pink sands.

Labuan Bajo Tour Package

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What is the thing you should not miss out on during your honeymoon?

Taking a liveaboard for a honeymoon trip is a must! Hello, Flores Komodo Liveaboard will give you unrivaled experience and take you to faraway lands that seem to fall from heaven itself. Once you have booked your liveaboard, tell the crew that you celebrate your honeymoon and request romantic decor for your cabin. Your honeymoon trip should be more than just an average holiday! You need to make it memorable, enjoyable, and full of love. Book now your next trip to Labuan Bajo with Hello Flores!